Dear Ephraim 5 BCH
  • Dated 5 BCH, not yet post-marked

Dear Ephraim,

I suspect it'll be awhile before I actually get a chance to send this. I missed getting it on the last supply ship and we're black for awhile right now. Standard Secret Squirrel nonsense. Nothing worse than an annoyance, I suspect. By the time this is sent off it'll be lifted and we'll be back to just everyday weird.

How are you? From your last letter, it seems like business at your shop on the Persius is going well. You always did love playing battlestar nanny. Keeping the Marines from raiding the Quartermaster's office? Good luck to you. I don't know how you Logistics boys do it. I'd tear my hair out if I had to keep those ledgers straight. I suppose it evens out, though. You guys are the ones who actually run the ship. The rest of us just pretend we know what's going on.

Reece seems to be adjusting to life out here all right. There aren't many kids his own age out here but he's made some friends. Mostly with the civilians. There aren't many other military brats. He misses Picon. And that damn dog. But he's hanging in. He convinced me to order new rollerblades for him from Caprica. Your spawn is a born horse-trader. Jesse pops in on him now and then. It's good to have him out here. Makes it feel like you're not quite as far away. And it makes me feel a little less alone. It gets solitary out here in the stars. But, you know that as well as I do. The doctor's hooked up with one of the civilian contractors, who I'm sure he'll describe to you in all sorts of disgusting masculine detail when he gets around to writing. I like her. I hope she sticks around for awhile. The bimbos are almost easier the deal with. The good women break my heart when it's time for them to go.

I don't suppose I could tempt you into transferring? You'd like it, I suspect. There's a collection of nerds you'd fit right in with on Reece's home-away-from-home. You could straighten out the CO's books and then, after hours, run off and play little Mathlete games. It'd be love at first sight.

I miss you. A year seems like such a long time on this end of space. The work keeps me busy, but my head keeps going back to Picon, and everything we talked about. I can't believe it's been so many months since I saw you last. Well, a few more won't kill either of us, I guess.

All my love,


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