Department Head Meeting
Department Head Meeting
Summary: The Department Heads have a quick meeting to bring things up to date. Afterward, Regas has a talk with Salin.
Date: 65 ACH - 2009-01-17
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Ward Room Genesis - Deck 11

65 ACH 23817 Souls

The Ward room is used for meetings. Carpeting covers the floor in a muted gray/blue color. Colonial flags line along one wall, representing all the colonies. A sideboard for refreshments is along one wall and a large conference table sits in the center with a dozen, comfortable chairs around it.

Fotilas comes in from Corridor 11C.

Rhea comes in from Corridor 11C.

Zaharis changed into his nice clean blues, white coat left in his office. Carrying his usual black folder with his reports in it, and his handheld, he heads into the ward room and taps off a salute before moving to a chair. His favourite chair. Don't be takin' the CMO's chair.

Regas is seated, this isn't his dog and pony show today. He's looking to Fotilas at the moment, with a quiet nod to let him get started once every one is here and ready.

Rhea strides into the ward room, blues on, clipboard in hand. She salutes as well, getting the protocol stuff out of the way before seating herself. Taking her customary spot next to Zaharis.

Reed enters, all kinds of decked out for this one. He carries a large flat black case and taps off a salute as he moves to take a seat, setting the case beside his chair.

Fotilas is already seated with some rather delicious smelling coffee. Not the usual Navy brew. There's a legal pad in front of him and a pen absently spun in his left hand. The man nods to Reed and Zaharis as they enter, but he stays quiet for the moment.

Zaharis does smell that coffee, and Fotilas gets a minor stink eye. He opens up his folder, giving a slight smile to Rhea and then sitting back, getting a cigarette out for the story hour.

Rhea's nose twitches as well. The ChEng doesn't miss the scent of good coffee. An eyebrow is arched at the XO and she offers him a half-playful smirk. Hopefully he'll be sharing at some point.

Regas has had some dark roast delivered here for the Staff. They can't keep it all to theirselves. That would be selfish. Glancing to Reed, he gives a nod to the man. "All right, I'm going to let this start with the XO and then move to Major Carter, who is now the CO of the Hera. And just so everyone is aware, my aide has been moved to the Hera also and will be under Major Carter from now on." He looks to Fotilas now, "Colonel."

Reed is settled, his large, obvious black portfolio case sitting beside him on the deck. He sits back to see who kicks things off. He nods to Regas, and the others before focusing on Fotilas.

Fotilas nods to Regas. "Thank you, sir." He lifts the mug and takes a sip before he begins. "Alright. Ammunition. We're down to emergency stocks and we wouldn't have much left over if we got into a major engagement. Thus? We need more." He leans forward onto the table on his forearms as he looks around. "Early last week I ordered a recon of the Colonies. It was executed late last night. Our Raptors brought back photo recon on our next target: Markham Airbase on Virgon." He flips up a few pages in the legal pad and passes around a high-gloss photo on the area. "This location is a Viper training base that is closed four months out of the year due to a few different factors. It was just reopening when the Cylons hit us." He clears his throat, pausing while some get a look at the shot. "There, we'll find enough twenty millimeter and small arms ammunition, as well as medical supplies, to last us the better part of four months of prolonged conflict. /Much/ longer if we pick our battles. We're scheduling the strike for tomorrow." Once more the XO pauses, waiting for questions before he continues.

Zaharis reaches out for the photo as it comes around, looking at the picture of the Virgon base. Strikes not being his area of expertise he stays quiet for now, making a quick note on the legal pad inside his black folder.

Regas turns his chair slightly as he listens and then glances to the recon photos when they reach him, "What kind of resistance are we looking at here?"

Reed considers, "A Viper Training base. If we can control it briefly." He looks at the base, nodding, "This is exactly the type of base the Hera is designed to use, stock up at and exit." He considers, "Be a hell of a lot faster than shuttling supplies up."

Rhea's brows arch at the bit about Regas' aide. She flits a look to Reed. Curious. But she doesn't voice any questions about it just now. Probably best to leave the gossip until after the meeting. Before anyone starts talking, to gets herself a cup of coffee. With ninja-like speed. You blink, she's sitting again. Her focus is on Fotilas, pen-to-clipboard. For note-taking purposes. She jots down some as she follows all that. "Will you require any support from Engineering on this mission, sir?" Other than that, she's quiet. Also not the expert on groundpounding tactics.

Fotilas flips a page on his pad to one covered with numbers and notes. "We're looking at six Raiders on the tarmac plus a surface to air site six miles west. Nothing the Air Wing can't handle. Ground opposition, considering the Raiders on site? Between ten and twenty walkers patrolling." He then glances to Reed. "If the Hera can land on a runway, you're welcome to the risk. However for now I am planning to use the Sula to land and pack up what it can. The Hera would probably extend our capacity for ammunition and supplies, though." Then to Rhea. "Possible, Major. Keep your people on standby. If we have problems gaining entrance to someplace that explosives can't handle, you'll be the first to get a crack." The XO then continues along. "The Viper Squadron will be the first in and essentially plow the road for the Sula.. or Hera.. and the Raptors. They'll then go into top cover and provide support for operations." He lifts his mug once more. "The Marines will do most of the fighting and grunt-work on the ground to on-load ammunition. And there is one other thing: Lieutenant Bayless recieved a Colonial burst transmission from the ground. We believe it to have come from the base. Six survivors claim to be holed-up in the bases Air Raid bunker. I believe they picked-up the Raptors transponder somehow and sent the transmission the one time."

Zaharis makes a few more marks on the papers. Calculations, probably for number of medics and starting supply hookup they're going to need from the sound of this. He looks up from his papers as Fotilas says survivors, one arm folding on the table. When he speaks it's quiet. "Colonel, given what we know about the cylons' ability to mimic us in body…" He clears his throat. "…I assume it's been considered that these survivors may be a trap?"

Reed nods to Zaharis at his question, then looks to Fotilas, "Hera is capable of planetary landing. Might be able to use both ships in smash and grab Ops, if we have the groundspace for it." He then falls quiet, watching, leaving the option open and letting the facts on the ground determine the plan.

Rhea nods to Fotilas. She seems faintly amused by the 'if explosives don't work' bit. "I'll keep a technician on stand-by for it, sir. My people aren't Marines, but we know how to handle ourselves in a ground situation. You might be surprised how much you could save on explosives." She nods a little at Reed, as to the Hera. "It'd give you more force to punch in with, too. The Sula's built to haul cargo. It's not outfitted with weaponry. The Hera has some teeth of her own."

Regas does that command pondering look well as he listens to what goes on around the table. "Contact to us while being held in a bunker near there, just gave them away. They probably won't even be alive and if they are, then we could be tipped off also." A glance to Reed then, "We can't afford the chance of losing the Hera. Since the Marines have decided the Pandora is taking up space instead of what it is supposed to be used for. I think people seem to forget, the Genesis is not a full support battlestar like the Galactica or the Pegasus."

Fotilas dips his head to Zaharis. "I've considered that, yes. The transmission claims that among them is a female pilot as well as two other male pilots. If I recall, the ones recovered from the other ship were listed as flight officers in the Navy, correct? We'll be quaruntining the survivors. Initially on a Raptor following the strike while we run fingerprints and DNA checks. Once they are brought aboard we can conduct further questioning." He then looks to Rhea. "The problem is that explosives are faster. Speed will be key on this operation. But you're correct." When Regas speaks, Fotilas' brow rises. "So then you would prefer to land the Pandora at this airstrip, sir? Is that what you are saying? At the very least, we will have to jump the Sula and Genesis back there to launch the strike from."

Zaharis still looks awfully wary about these 'survivors'. Matter of fact he looks wary about the whole darn thing. But then again the last ten days of his life have revolved around the two dead clones in their autopsy freezer, so the CMO's a little twitchy. He nods to Fotilas' question and sets his pen to paper again, marking down Sula and Pandora, and scribbling quick notes.

Reed listens to the plans, looking at each in turn. "Options are pretty fluid. If the Pandora is used, the Hera can stay with the fleet." He shrugs, seeming perfectly willing to place his ship wherever it's decided it's needed. Final fleet asset dispersion is left to the CO and XO of the Genesis.

Rhea has put in her piece on the matter. The rest is out of her area of expertise. She listens and takes notes.

"This is your call, XO," Regas decides. "Everyone is chomping at the bit to go kick some butt. Just don't get ours in a wringer trying to do it. The last thing we'll worry abot is survivors though. Ammo, medical. In that order."

"As for the transmission giving away their position?" Fotilas shrugs. "Its possible. But considering what the Raptor crew went through, I find it unlikely the Cylons would think us to consider jumping back to the Colonies. I would give it about 50/50 odds they are alive when we find them. As well, the comm was an encrypted burst. If they even picked it up. But given my discretion sir, we can land the Pandora. The Sula can stay back with the fleet." He leans back into the chair then, turning the pen. "That's all I have for the strike. Tomorrow, we'll be going to Condition One at fourteen hundred and jumping five minutes later." He then looks to Reed, waiting for the man to begin if nobody has anything else.

Zaharis continues to smoke and make notes on details as they talk. He's as far as he can go until they get hard numbers and plans from the Marines.

Whereas the CMO smokes, Rhea drinks her coffee. It's dueling vices.

Regas glances to Reed now, ready to listen to the other information.

Reed nods to the XO, and after glancing about to move on to the next point, rises, "I am putting forward the proposition of leaving Colonial space altogether, taking the remnants of humanity into the Galaxy to establish a new human homeworld to rebuild civilization proper." He moves to the front of the room, where everyone generally looks and lifts his portfolio case, the casing splitting along its width and opening, four metal legs sliding out to lock ingo place, as Reed opens the front of the case, unfolding it, and suddenly there's a sandwich board style stand with a large screen on the front. On the screen is the Battlestar Genesis emblem depicted in beautiful high definition display quality. Reed reaches out snagging a remote control from the device and moves back.

Reed nods to the XO, and after glancing about to move on to the next point, rises, "I am putting forward the proposition of leaving Colonial space altogether, taking the remnants of humanity into the Galaxy to establish a new human homeworld to rebuild civilization proper." He moves to the front of the room, where everyone generally looks and lifts his portfolio case, the casing splitting along its width and opening, four metal legs sliding out to lock ingo place, as Reed opens the front of the case, unfolding it, and suddenly there's a sandwich board style stand with a large screen on the front. On the screen is the Battlestar Genesis emblem depicted in beautiful high definition display quality. Reed reaches out snagging a remote control from the device and moves back.<repose>

Zaharis looks less than surprised that Reed would be presenting something like this. He says nothing, ashing his cigarette and resting an elbow on the table, his closed hand pressed against his mouth as he watches.

Rhea finishes her coffee guzzling, focusing her full attention on Reed. Her eyes widen slightly as he gets into the prelims of his proposal, but she seems intrigued. A half-smile tugs at her lips. "A brave new world…" she murmurs. It's a comment more to herself than the room at large, murmured under her breath.

Regas swings his chair so he can view this better. Some of his Staff is into major-geekdom, some tech, some needles, others shooty things. "How far…"

Reed clicks the remote as a flowchart starts to appear on the screen, listing the points Reed talks about. "Okay, project: Visser was a sister project to the Project: PAS, with both were the main components of Project: StarSeed. The PAS tested Jump technologies, range extention through fuel conservation with the Rings, development of Terraforming technologies to make a planet suitable for human habitation." He looks around, "Basicly, the PAS project made the ships possible." He clicks the screen again, and artistic renderings of the ships come up.

"But that doesn't help the project face the same problem we face with the idea of leaving Colonial space. Where do we go?" Reed nods, "That's the task of Project: Visser. The PAS FTL was a test of jumping large objects normal distances. The Visser project went the opposite way." He clicks the remote as an image of a probe comes up. "Using modified probes about two meters long, Visser developed a way to transit these devices Intra Galactic distances. Jumping them to different points in our Galaxy. The remarkable part is that with the Fukiarma Faster Than Light inducer, and the modified probes, they left a residual FTL field in the probe itself, which would invert itself, maintaining cohesion and orientation for a period of time. Allowing the probe to jump back." Reed looks around, "This completely eliminated the Red Line alltogether. No limit on jump distances and return jumping. But it can only be done with small objects, and in order to jump back they have to do so within a limited time period." Reed shrugs. "So the Visser project did the following."

Reed clicks the remote, and the screen changes to an overview of the Galaxy. Spiral arms stretching out from the center, as lines begin to shoot out from a central point in Colonial space, shooting out to different parts of the galaxy. They continue to shoot out as Reed says, "they launch probes from there, the probes take data from their positions. Astrogation, sensors, telescopic, even material sensors off Raptors are included in probe sensor packages. They then collected the probes on a return and started charting out the data." He clicks the remote and the images freeze. "Project Visser is designed to Map the Galaxy, from right here at home. That's what we go after. The Galactic Map.

Zaharis gets lost at the more technical places in the lecture, but he's listening. "This technology wasn't lost with the PAS?"

Regas sits up straighter in his chair. "I had put the project on the back burner, once the PAS was lost. It was supposed to be years in the making. Right now, we're just surviving. But we can't go home, that's for certain. And it is going to be hard to fight a war, with civilian ships hanging off our apron strings." His gaze goes to each one.

Rhea's eyes widen as she takes all of that in. Her brain racing to absorb the technical details. Mind a little blown. "If I'd seen any of this a year ago, six months ago even, I'd have thought it impossible. But the PAS jump shifted by view of FTL theory quite a bit. Still, the work is remarkable. Revolutionary, in terms of hyperlight technology. And exploration. So we'd use these probes to find ourselves a planet, then."

Jesus. Fotilas just stares at the screen as Reed makes his presentation. "And this galactic map is going to give us a direction on where we can go.." The XO sips at his mug finally and steeples his fingers. "Any estimates on possible sites? The probes must have come back with something. Or was all the information stored purely on-site? And are we planning to run our operations off this base?"

Reed nods to Regas. "This Map will give us tactical advantages out in the Galaxy. the one thing we must make sure of is the Cylons do NOT get this map." He looks at Rhea, and nods, then looks at Zaharis, and clicks the remote and a schematic of an underground base appears. "This is Project Visser Base, located inside a dead moon. the Base is shut down and perishable supplies removed. We go in, and take what tech we need, but most importantly we go in with a Computer team and download the Galactic Map database, which is located.." He points at a lower level of the base. "Here." He looks around. "The base is completely devoid of people. Has been for six months before the war. The project moved into empirical testing phase." He clicks the remote and a Battlestar shows on the screen. "Battlestar Pacificia II Olympia class, Commander Monk in command. Sent out on long range Deep Space Exploration mission." Reed looks back to the people, "In actuality, they were sent to scout points that Visser found. Assets that they would find, and report back on. To keep the test double blind, all Monk knew was he had to scout certain Nav points. The base was shut down for this year due to some loss of Visser funding during the testing phase." He waves a hand, "Political reasons. Point is, the Base is in hiding and we're the only ones who know where it is and how to get in."

"That's…quite handy," Zaharis sounds just a little amused at the explanation, sitting back as he looks over the screen.

Gaelan eyes watch the presentation quietly. Glancing around the room briefly then back to the presentation he finally comments, "So we are now looking for a planet to drag our rag tag fleet to for colonization? And how do we know for sure we are the only ones aware of this establishment? I mean if we found it how do we know for certain the Cylons don't know about it either?"

Regas has to wonder that too as he glances to Reed. "I realize this project was your baby Major Carter, but that is a big leap of faith you have going on there. We don't honestly know if it is still top secret or blown up."

Rhea smiles. Mmmm, tech. "My snipes will be quite…pleased at the opportunity to crawl over that base," she says. To put it mildly. She jots down some quick notes, adding only, "The PAS project was top secret. Off the grid, so to speak, and it seems it avoided detection by the Cylons. It's a fair hypothesis this did as well."

Fotilas just remains quiet for now, letting the others toss around questions and ideas. His main concern was covered by Gaelan.

"Avoided detection, hm?" Zaharis glances at Rhea. "So that's how they found it and attacked it." He shakes his head slightly. "I don't think anything's safely 'avoiding detection'. Nobody knows how deep their infiltration's been over the last decades. I don't think it's something that can be written off."

Reed looks at Gaelan, "We didn't find it. We've always known this. The information was shelved as part of StarSeed. The Cylons didn't find us at all, not in the TER system where the PAS was constructed. The Cylons never attacked the fleet proper there, not till we jumped to the Muskeg system." He looks at Regas. "Sir, even if the Base is a nuclear crater, we should know that. My proposal is an alternative to staying, and fighting a war of attrition protecting the fleet while making gurella strikes waiting for our luck to run out. The data in that map was made for the purpose of finding humanity new homes. That's what all of StarSeed was meant to do. The PAS is gone, and that limits what kind of worlds we can settle on, but this is, in my opinion, sir, a better chance." He straightens, "either way, it's the job of everyone in this room to present you with information to make informed decisions. That's what I'm doing."

Regas nods after a moment, "Once we get this ammo, we're going to need to move off this rock we're on. It's just a matter of time before they find us here and I'd rather not be here when they jump in. We'll continue heading into the northern most quadrants and send out some Raptors to probe this area."

Gaelan eyes glance around briefly then look up to Reed, "I know we are planning to colonize a planet, but we need to thin out our fleet if we can. Right now we are a pretty large presence and when a fleet our size makes jumps into a system someone is bound to notice. Especially if one of our ships misjumps and a scout or something sees it. Then we won't even start about the security issues that are presented with this avenue and the current situation."

Zaharis looks over at Gaelan as the Marine speaks, stubbing out his dying cigarette. "Do you have any ideas of what to do with the non-combat ships until a place is found and colonised?"

"It's a calculated risk, but even staying in this spot for another hour is a calculated risk," Rhea replies, to Zaharis and the room at large. A little nod to Regas, at his addition about moving off this rock. "Nothing we do is 'safe,' the way things stand. As for the plan itself…well. We need to go somewhere. Ships don't fly forever. Even if you keep them stocked with fuel, they wear down. They can fly for years, of course. I'm not giving any kind of immediate concern. But the future of humanity isn't going to be carried out on space ships. We need to go somewhere." Her brows arch at the prospect of thinning the fleet. But, like so many matters that aren't mechanized, she voices no opinion on it.

"I believe I understand what Major Gaelan is saying. Its a military concern on the strategic level. The more ships we have, the higher the probability of something going wrong." Fotilas leans forward once more. "I'm not sure what, if anything, we can even do about it. However its a concern worth voicing."

Gaelan eyes slowly slide over to Zaharis as he responds tapping his pad of paper with his fingers, "I am not a naval aviator, Doctor. I do know what we do with a ground force though and we run across non-combatants. We move them to a secure defensive position, leave them with a small concentrate guard and advance the main assault force forward to clear the route to the next defensive position and we move them up to join us. Lather, rinse, and repeat until successfully out of a hostile environment." Glancing to Fotilas he nods, "All I am saying is that we can't abandon them, but we sure as frak can't keep dragging them around and make them unnecessary targets of opportunity for our Air Wing to have to deflect should we get surprised."

Reed looks around, "My plan is once we have the map, we strike out into the Galaxy, moving from resource to resource, moving to a final destination, a prospective new world. We'll have to analyze the data of course, but we get away from the Cylons, bringing the civilian ships with us. We go, and get out of the combat zone and start looking to rebuild. This is a long term plan. We're not going to reach a habitable planet next week." He nods, and looks at Gaelan, "I would feel much better about this large fleet jumping -away- from the Cylon forces rather than dodging around inside the areas where they have been looking for us. The Galaxy is large enough to do that in."

Zaharis is now out of his depth with talk of ground tactics and assault forces and whatnot. His job is at the other end of the ship. he folds his arms on the table and goes quite, his brows slightly drawn as he just listens now.

Regas nods a little. "I realize that. We could bunch them up even tighter, if we left a ship or two behind. That however, could be asking for trouble also. Start putting further pressure on living conditions."

"Question is, to my mind, are they any safer stashed away than they are with us?" Rhea says. It's not one she can answer, but she feels the need to voice it.

"Interesting point, Major Zimmermann." Fotilas sips at his coffee as he ponders it. "In purely antispetic terms? Its a cost benefit balance. We cost the civilians by drawing attention to them. However they need us for protection. Overall, I'd say they are safer with us. We don't HAVE to conduct military operations - which is what brings attention to us."

Gaelan nods slowly as he leans back in the chair, "I just know it's something that needs to be considered as we move forward in these missions is all."

Reed nods, turning to his Geek-O-Vision screen and clicks it off, racking the remote.

Regas nods again finally, "Need to make sure the Air Wing and the Marines work together on some things, especially what is coming up tommorrow. We could all end up losing more than we gain." He begins to rise then, "If there is nothing else, we should be done here."

Rhea leaves for Corridor 11C [O].

Zaharis is thinking. Easy to tell, because he's started spinning his pen around his fingers, the repetitive motion letting him get lost in his mental screen for a minute. He looks back up as Regas speaks and glances at his notes, then closes his own folder.

"Major Gaelan, I'll need a few words after this." Fotilas nods to him after Regas finishes, standing. He retrieves the photo from the table and tucks it back into his legal pad.

Reed looks to Rhea leaving, salutes, then starts folding up his presentation screen.

Gaelan looking to Fotilas the Major nods, "Of course Colonel. Just will need a moment of both your and the Commander's time once we clear out. Then we can discuss what you need." A glance goes to Regas as he mentions that.

Regas picks up his own folder and was going to take steps to the hatch. He didn't get out in time. He looks up and over to Gaelan, "All right."

Zaharis clicks his pen closed and stands, gathering his things. Salutes given, etc. etc., he steps out into the hallway.

Zaharis leaves for Corridor 11C [O].

Reed finishes his folding of his screen and lifts it, heading out.

Reed leaves for Corridor 11C [O].

"I'm all yours until then, Major." Fotilas sets the legal pad down again, pushing the chair in. He waits patiently as he folds his hands behind his back.

Gaelan pauses briefly as he waits for everyone to vacate as he looks to Regas and calmly comments, "Commander. It has been brought to my attention a renewed interest to return to Leonis to retrieve one of our AWOL Marines. I am going to ahead and voice my opinion on this mission idea. I do not believe it is in the Corps best interest to pursue a mission of this caliber. I have turned down all requests by my SST squad for this mission type and I will continue to do so until they can give me a better reason than chasing down a potential traitor. So I ask that I have both of your backing in this decision I have executed to my men." Eyes watch Regas then a brief glance to Fotilas as he seems more interested in the Commander's response.

"The CAG is way ahead of you, Major. Consider it forgotten." Regas responds, glancing from the Marine CO, to the XO and back again.

Fotilas listens quietly as Gaelan speaks. No need for interruption. Once the Commander has finished, Fotilas nods. "The matter is closed. There's no need for concern with it. I believe the denial of operations for your men was a good judgement call." Simple and to the point.

Gaelan nods slowly as he continues, "My final matter is that I would like to submit a formal request for the decommission of the Assaultstar Pandora. Since she is classified as a Marine vessel, that means she falls partially under my command scope and area of responsibility. With the recent realignments and sacrifices my Corps ahs made I feel that the Pandora will fare better to this fleet in sacrifice of her equipment and parts to keep our fleet functioning than consuming already valuable and scarce items at our disposal." Glancing down to the legal pad he closes his portfolio and picks it up before looking back to the Commander and Colonel.

Regas is silent for a long moment, "It makes me have all kinds of goosebumps that you feel as Marines, you don't need that ship," He looks to Fotilas, "Your thoughts on this?"

Fotilas' brow rises with Gaelan's suggestion. He crosses his arms on his chest and he glances to Regas with the man's answer and offering. There's a long breath. "Well sir, we aren't using the ship much at all. It offers a distinct tactical advantage during the conduction of military operations. Having two platforms to launch attacks from is beneficial. However, its important to consider our imperative.. as it seems to have shifted during this last meeting. If we are now concerned more with settlement and long-term survival, I would reccomend we follow the Major's suggestion - or at least explore the option. The biggest problem, as I see it, is the expenditure of scare resources. It requires fuel and crew - and lots of both." Fotilas settles his gaze on the Major. "What did you have in mind for it if we were to decomission it?"

Gaelan shrugs slowly as he looks to the Commander and answers his comment first, "Frankly sir the Pandora has not offered any advantage to my men that a good Raptor pilot and Air wing has not been able to compensate for in the past." A glance over to Fotilas as he responds, "She can be retrofitted into close quarter living arrangements. Moreso she can be completely stripped of all her necessary equipment by the Engineers. Right now though it's running a skeleton crew and is basically a boat we are just tugging along because it looks pretty. That to me, with our current focus in survival, is an added weight we don't need. If anything consolidate what we can into the Hera along with her experienced command crews dispersed among the fleet. This is not a small undertaking but I think it's one that needs to be heavily considered for the safety and future of our fleet and her security."

"You both realize, this is the ship that should be jumping in to drop vipers and Raptors on missions like the one on Virgon correct? It has more of recon range than this one." Regas has lost his good mood again, even if he had one. "XO, take her to Virgon, vent her and explode her over the cylons before you leave. Atleast that is one place we won't have to worry about them gaining control of any longer." His look to both, "If you are done with me…"

"Sir.." Fotilas volunteers. "The Pandora will be off-loading our ammunition stores from the planet by your suggestion. We can't just blow her up right then. We'll be launching our strike from the Genesis, which will provide naval gunfire and tactical air support for the operation. But if you want us to have the ship destroyed, I'm sure the Major and I can come up with a use for it." He quirks a brow and glances to Gaelan. "But that's all I have for you, Commander."

Gaelan watches the Commander his eyebrows raising a little at the sudden decision, "With all due respects Sir, that not's my intention at the moment. Pandora has excellent technology we may be able to combine with the Genesis. I think it's something we need a final opinion from our Engineers to make sure we get what we can use off her before scuttling her over a planet." Glancing down to the padfolio he is picking up he looks between the two, "It was simply a request for a consideration. It does not need a final ruling at this time." Looking over to the Colonel finally, "I am ready when you are, Sir."

"I don't want it destroyed, but it is Marine property. Not Navy. It's his choice, which he's also taken from Major Desusa," Regas begins heading out of the room. "I just hope he can live with it afterward." Seems to be done with that little point of contention between Marine and Navy, even if it was backtracked some.

You head towards Corridor 11C.


Corridor 11C Genesis - Deck 11

65 ACH 23817 Souls

This corridor runs Fore and Aft, or front and back. The corridors curve with the ship structure and are low-lit with halogen. Crew and personnel of the Genesis move along on their daily routes and duties around the ship.


Reed nods to Zaharis, "Yep, I'm ready. I get the feeling I'm missing most of this, so, I'll just stick around for the food."

There's an arch of a brow towards Zaharis, but Salin gives a nod of his head, "Alright. Thanks." He's looking over towards Reed, chuckling softly before nodding, "See you two shortly. I shouldn't be all that long."

Regas walks out of the Ward Room. People always seem to stick him with a few pins before he leaves that place. He barely even looks up to see who is lurking out here, before he is moving down the corridor.

Zaharis nods to Salin and heads for the stairs with Reed. Flee, flee!

Zaharis leaves for Corridor 11D [A].

Reed leaves for Corridor 11D [A].

Salin obviously had to deal with a client or something, for he's lounging outside around the Ward Room and as Zaharis and Reed move off, he's looking up to catch Regas making his way out of the room, "Commander. A moment of your time, please?"

The second voice of DOOM in his day. As Reed and Zaharis skitter like roaches, the Commander does a pause and turns slowly. "Major Altair." There is some finality to that, as if he has been expecting him at some point.

There's a soft smile on Salin's lips and when Regas turns, the Major is lifting a hand to motion down the hallway, "Do you mind if we take this to your quarters, Commander? I don't think the hallway is going to serve as the most … adequate of meeting grounds."

Regas doesn't say anything, he just continues on, heading toward his quarters.

You head towards Commanding Officers Quarters.


Commanding Officers Quarters Genesis - Deck 11

65 ACH 23817 Souls

The CO's quarters are rather expansive. A large desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are kept neat and tidy.


Salin comes in from Corridor 11E.

Following the Commander through the halls and into his quarters, Salin moves forward a bit, but doesn't claim a seat. Rather, he remains standing, hands clasped behind his back as he waits for Regas to get settled.

Regas drops the leather folder on the desk and moves to his chair, "I'm listening, Major." He reaches up and unbuttons the top button to let the flap fall open.

Salin allows the smile to remain on his lips and he's giving a nod of his head towards Regas, "Thanks." There's a pause and a very slight clearing of his through, "I'd like to discuss two things with you, Commander. First, this supposed rumor of indiscretion during my confinement to sickbay and second, your discussion with Major Zaharis and Ensign Peters."

"Your confinement to Sickbay was just that. Broken ribs? Which don't tend to heal within a few days," Regas sits down behind his desk now and looks up, "As for my discussion with the Major and the Ensign, which one went running to tell you?"

"No, broken ribs take quite a bit longer to heal." Salin offers before pausing slightly. His brow lifts at the second question and he's giving a slight shake of his head, "I'm afraid I can't answer that, Commander, and it doesn't have a baring on the conversation at hand. But neither one went -running- to me."

"Enlighten me," Regas waves a hand to have him go on with his speech.

There's a slight nod and Salin begins to speak, "On the first point of this 'indiscretion' during my time in Sickbay, I hope you realize that this is nothing more then a simple rumor." He's pausing, taking a slight breath, "While it is true that both Ensign Maru and Ensign Peter's visited me, there was nothing inappropriate. Ensign Maru came to discuss a few personal matters and Ensign Peters came to deliver some work as well as discuss some things related to work."

"I'm glad for her," Regas responds. "Was there anything else?" He doesn't seem to be in much of a mood for discussing this little problem again.

"Yes, there is." Salin's pausing again and his hands begin to slip from behind his back, coming to rest lightly at his sides, "Permission to speak freely?"

"If you feel it has some bearing here, Major Altair," the Commander tells him and then waits again to see what else is going to rain down on his desk.

Another slight nod of his head is offered and he's taking a soft breath, "Listen, Commander. I have the utmost respect for you and what you're doing here, holding this fleet together. It's a Hell of a time and can't be easy." He's giving his head a slight shake, "But you need a relax a little and take a deep breath from time to time. The way you handled this situation was entirely inappropriate. And I'm not using that as an excuse for the conduct of Ensign Peters, for I certainly don't condone the level of insubordination that she displayed." So, he's at least aware of the facts. "Let me put it to you this way, Commander. It would be similiar to me hearing a rumor about you and Major Rue and then me going off on a tyrid on Major Rue about things, without knowing if the rumor was anything more then that .. a rumor." Another pause and his hands are slipping behind his back, "We're worried about you, Commander. I know you need to be the face of the fleet, but even you need to step away from things for a bit. To relax and take some measure of enjoyment."

"Unfortunately, for you, Major Rue and I aren't usually sitting on the same bed together. Nor am I old enough to almost be her father. I also remember standing on the Obs deck, when I asked if you wanted to watch my Ward, and you balked like someone who had been given something sour." Regas undoes another button, "From this point on, if you have anything to say about Ensign Peters, besides can I have her hand in marriage" — and he smiles some — "You'll need to take it up with Major Carter, she has been transferred under him."

The first portion of that statement has Salin's brow arching, ever so slowly and he's giving his head a shake, "I don't appreciate those off the cuff remarks, Commander. It's apparent that this conversation was over, before it began." He's coming crisply to attention. "I recommend, Commander, that you issue an eddict that states that Major Rue, effectively immediately, reports directly to Colonel Fotilas or Major Carter. Permission to be dismissed."

"And why would you have me issue such an edict, Major?" Regas has that amusement of someone who is learning far too much in one seating.

"With all due respect, Commander, that's for you to figure out." Salin offers, quite simply. He doesn't move to leave yet and his body remains rigidly at attention. Any trace of a smile has since faded from his visage.

"It's pretty easy to figure out, Major. You are dismissed," Regas tells him finally.

Salin's arm lifts in a salute and when it's lowered, he's turning toe and heel and making his way out of the quarters.

Salin leaves for Corridor 11E [O].

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