Desperate Times - PAS Evac and Sickbay
Desperate Times - PAS Evac and Sickbay
Summary: The PAS is evacuated and detonated.
Date: 31 ACH
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Medical Bay Support Station PAS - Deck 2
31 ACH 6735 Souls

Rather than the normal sickbay found on most Colonial ships, the stations medical facility is more reminiscent of a full hospital. The front area is a cool blue color with several on duty staff here organizing patients and logistics of medical supplies. Areas branch off into full wards including, surgical, emergency treatment, quarantine, and others. The facility is quite advanced and while still quite new, can be said to still be having work done to make final adjustments to get everything working.

[Intercom] All hands, this is the CO. Centurion boarding parties on the PAS. Evacuation plan is engaged. Repeat, all hands abandon station.

The evacuation call has just come over the intercom, and has pushed the medical facility into overdrive. The hallway outside is chaos despite best efforts, the military medical crew pulling up every patient they can that can even barely walk on their own to start hustling at top speed towards the docking bays. The injured and very sick are another matter, unable to move quickly and supported on the arms of personnel and crutches.

Zaharis is directing the evacuation out to the hall as best he can with the help of his CO here, a young Captain who's taken on the right side of the facility to clear it out. "Leave that!" He shouts at a nurse who's trying frantically to grab a chart from behind the reception desk. "Leave it and go, come on let's move."

[Colonial] This is Genesis Actual, Abandon that ship and quit frakking around! — Weapons crew, keep those basetars away from us.

With a screaming eight year old under one arm, Ramiro skids to a stop near the door, Ramiro is almost knocked off his feet by someone passing by. He grips onto the kid. "COME ON!" He yells, doing a quick glance to see if any wounded need to be evacced.

A severe shudder rocks the medical bay. Up in the ceiling, a section of the panelling explodes in a spray of sparks and metal that showers down on the evacuating crew and civilians, raising a wave of screaming. Through one of the glass windows leading to a treatment room, light flares suddenly as a fire ignites, bursting down from a wave of heat and flames on the deck above.

Suki is attempting to maintain some sort of inner calm. Her hands shake a little, but other than that she shows no sign of the great stress of the new and outlandish situation they're all in. She's trying to keep the worst-off of the patients calm, as well, pointing out that there's no need for everyone to crowd the door at once while she moves from patient to patient, parcelling out crutches and other props in an attempt to get the greatest number of people as possible self-sufficiently mobile. Her breath hitches at the fire, but she keeps at it.

"Get them out of here!" Zaharis shouts, barely above the terrified din. "Get to the docking bays -now-. Out the door, let's move!" The fire raging in the treatment centre behind them is growing, hungry. As another slam of fire from the basestars outside rocks the PAS, one of the massive windows of glass shielding one area of the medical facility from the other shatters, blowing bit of glass at high speed across the room. Smoke billows out from a back hallway, thick and acrid.

"Frak!" Dane spits, the screaming child starts to frenzy on his back. The flood of people push harder in the hallway and Ramiro is forced to join in. Grabbing a stumbling person by their elbow, he pulls them to their feet and becomes lost in the crowd. Save for the child's wailing. The emergency lights swivel overhead in the sputtering track lighting.

Suki nearly loses it as glass bites at the back of her neck, but she keeps up the back of the flock, keeping the slowest moving and helping to carry those for whom mobility is simply impossible. "Keep low, try to keep low," she shouts at those shambling along in front of her as the smoke begins to fill the ward from the ceiling downward. "Keep moving, one step at a time. One, two, three, four, one, two…" she counts off, guiding them to keep up a decent pace despite the pain. To the door and out, keeping the main group in sight.

Docking Bay Support Station PAS - Docking
31 ACH 6735 Souls

The docking area on the Support Station is large enough to handle four raptors. Fairly spacious, the area is elongated where the raptors are landing and then pulled down the center landing dock. Off the landing circles, a grated walkway stretches out on either side. From that point, the stairs go up to an open deck that handles the monitoring of shuttles or raptors arriving or leaving.

A bulkhead corridor stretches out from the landing areas toward center of the station and at that point, corridors branch off going in a circle to the inner parts of the station itself. A set of stairs also lead up to the decks above. Aft, a set of large, metal doors sit open for the repairing of shuttles if needed.

Four Raptors. That's all that fits in this sector of the docking bay. Civilians and military alike are streaming into the area, trying to escape the burning space station above and below them. Many are spattered with blood and torched by burns. The smell of smoke is heavy from the passageways both above and below, enough to bring tears to the eyes and choke one's breathing. The lights in the bay keep flickering dangerously as the fire of the raider and basestar outside disrupt more and more of the stations power.

The Raptor crews are loading up the birds beyond their capacity, squeezing in every last person they can get before taking off for the quickest trip to the Genesis and back they've ever made in their lives.

Adele and Reece Zimmermann come weaving through the crowds, the contractor's grip tight upon the boy's arm. Neither of them look too injured; there are some singes on their clothing and scrapes upon their flesh, but that's about it. Reece is anxiously rattling off procedural information, Adele is nodding distractedly, just trying to get through to a Raptor.

A look of utter dismay forms on Ramiro's face as he makes it into the hangar, despite the ship crumbling all around them. He does a quick estimate as to how many more people are making it onto the Raptors versus how many will be left behind. "Damnit…" He says under his breath as he hands the screaming child to one of the Raptor pilots. "…there any other way out? Pods? Anything?" He says aloud.

Suki takes some time, since there's a glut of people already thronging to get onto the raptors, to let her flock of barely ambulatory patients rest a moment and to go around swiftly and a little bit painfully re-wrapping the most integral points of their physionomy. "I know… I know, it hurts, but this'll get you there," she tells one of them, voice trying to be soothing over the screaming. These patients are not supposed to be walking, obviously, but there's no choice. Not enough nurses to carry them all.

Sliding into the crowed Raptor with the kid, Ramiro holds the kid close and covers her head. The wailing is muffled, but he provides protection from her head on what would be a rough trip over. "Apollo, watch over us, this child…" He murmurs, starting to pray.

Suki looks up at the call, nods her head a little shakily, taking the instruction and turning back to the group, leading them in some steady pain-relief breathing techniques and bearing up under a patient who's fainted with the pain as she keeps them moving forward at the edge of the tide of people.

Reece distracts himself, and Adele, by giving her factoids about how many people Raptors can conceivably hold within an emergency situation. The contractor continues to tug him along by his arm. As they reach a dock, the pair wait to be shuffled onto one of the small ships, and Adele's arm goes around the twelve year old's shoulders. Likely more for her own comfort than for his.

[Intercom] Attention. Final Evac notice. All hands off the PAS immediately.

Zaharis pulls his charge's arm off his shoulder, transferring the man's weight onto one of the nurses nearby who's ready to climb into a Raptor this round. One of the other three birds, full, launches off from the PAS, and another returns to open up its hatch to another push of terrified people.

Suddenly a full section of the docking bay panelling explodes, the intense heat of flames searing those nearby. Fire blooms up the side of the wall, rolling in thick orange fire and heavy black smoke as it begins eating its way up towards the ceiling, the lights all around them flickering in protest. Sparks burst from several of the tracks of electrical wiring in the floor. It's the last chance and the PAS itself seems to know it.

Ramiro quickly stands at the sparking and moves to look out the winglike door of the Raptor. Sticking his head out, he spots Zaharis. Grabbing people by the arm and pulling them in hurriedly, Ramiro assists in the evacuation. One eye creeps to the hangar as he starts to shake his head. "Not much time! Come on let's do this get up here!"

Suki isn't a religious sort, by nature, but when the world turns all orange glow, black smoke and heat, she's suddenly stricken with a deep need to make peace with her Gods. And a clean pair of underdrawers. It takes a moment for her to realize that she's alive, but then she's herding the shambling ones with a sudden burst of fresh adrenaline. Their wounds will have to get worse before they get better. She directs them toward an opening in the crowd, no longer too worried if they get jostled.

Adele flinches at the explosion, instinctively pulling Reece closer to her body. The curling smoke invades both their lungs and they begin to cough, then Reece is grabbed by Ramiro and Adele follows into the Raptor with him. Once inside, she peers out the doorway, towards the voice she heard carrying over the chaos. She takes a long look at Zaharis until Reece tugs her back. "Adele, move," the boy tells her as politely as he can, so she will get out of the way for other people to squeeze in. She moves.

The Raiders outside are intensifying their attacks, turning the assault on the PAS into a fevered frenzy. Strips of metal from the supports in the ceiling jar loose as the docking bay is rocked by a harsh boom of basestar fire, the station's frame giving a groan that's almost as pained as the wounded crowded into the shuttles. A massive piece of sheet metal tears loose from its place in the ceiling, falling with a deafening crash onto a catwalk — the impact shatters the supports and brings the entire structure down to the docking bay with a harsh, terrifying squeal of metal and a shower of flame and sparks. Screams raise from the crowd as it traps a group of civilians under it, far from the escape of the Raptors.

Ramiro's instincts kick in as he pulls a few more people onto the Raptor. Handing someone the child, he grips the overhead for support. "Frak we gotta go. We're full." Ramiro calls up to the pilot, frowing and turning his eyes away from the outside hangar. "We're gonna bust up here…FRAK!" He slams his fist into the ceiling. "EVERYONE HANG ON!"

Suki can't even look back. Urge for self-preservation far too strong. She's got her charges, and she gets them up that walk and on that Raptor, pairing them off with random civilians who look sturdy enough to keep them upright on the crossing, seeing the last of them (less the one she's carrying) on board before shoving in, shivering with the masses, drawing back as far as possible and holding the unconscious patient against her.

(Everyone flees for Raptors…)

Sickbay Genesis - Deck 13
31 ACH 6735 Souls

The medical facility is large enough to hold a few dozen beds. Each bed is set with a curtain for privacy, a chair near the bed and any monitoring or medical aids needed. A nurses desk sits at the front near the hatch and a surgery area, Medical Officers area and supplies are on the far wall behind the desk. Nurses, doctors and medics man this area at any time day or night. Visiting hours are usually kept to the day and evening schedules, unless stated otherwise by medical staff.

D'Artanion strips her gloves off, tosses them into a waste bin and draws on a fresh pair. "On it." Flickering a glance over the nearest of the wounded, she mentally catalogues them in order of need and heads for the worst of the bunch. Noting Reece and Adelle, she smiles, though it is tight, "Reece, if you're not wounded…?" She considers, then motions toward Jocasta. "Keep the Ensign entertained. Dr. Pike is it? Get some cream on that burn and pick up some scrubs in the locker." Bossy, isn't she? Then, she is bending over the injured person. Time to go to work.

Adele looks grateful as D'Artanion directs her, nodding firmly to the boy next to her. "Reece, you're a lifesaver," she tells him sincerely with a squeeze to his shoulder, before heading towards the supplies to medicate her burn. She does so quickly, efficiently, and then disappears into the locker room to scrub up.

Suki eventually stops shaking, since nothing here is on fire or belching smoke or about to collapse on top of her or explode or anything. She calms into the business of getting the wounded into beds and ready for the doctors to come by. When D'Artanion comes over, she gives a brief summary of the patient's condition before leaving the PAS, since the charts are still over there.

[Tac1] As the last Viper enters and touches down, the lurch of the Hyperlight jump happens and the Genesis appears in the midst of the other fleet ships that survived. Those at DRADIS stations do a head count of the ships. The lost, was the PAS and the Hades Flattop. Seconds tick past as the DRADIS operators watch, and finally come up with a question. Where is the Sula? She launched just before the PAs detonated, or whatever it did.

Hazzard comes in from Corridor 13B.
Hazzard has arrived.

As D'Artanion lets Adele know to scrub up, Craven's moving over towards Suki, "Recruit .. how are you doing? Are you seriously hurt?" It's a touch difficult to tell, so he does lift a hand to motion her towards one of the area's setup for incoming patients who walk in, "You still able to work?"

Just after the JUMP, Hazzard makes his way into the sickbay,tapping his hand against the hatch as he moves in. "There is more injured in the hangar..The pilots are in, some of them wounded."

The last trickle of walking wounded off the PAS are filtering through deck 13, led or carried by medic teams. Notably still absent is Captain Hammond, the fleet's medical XO. But among them is Zaharis, finally. The CMO is dusted in soot and spatters of blood, thankfully most of which isn't his. His right upper arm, though, has been hastily bandaged and is already soaking through with blood - and that IS his. The right side of his face is also bleeding from two wickedly sharp cuts in neat lines, flying glass having just missed taking an eye out. He pauses in the hatchway to just look at the chaos in here, and then draws a breath. "Craven."

[Colonial] Actual here, All ships sound off.

[Tac1] DRADIS contact at middle range. People pucker until a Colonial Transponder reads, and a voice comes in over the TAC.

"Genesis, Sula declaring medical emergency. PAS Actual down with Cylon GSW. Request priority landing clearance with medical team standing by, Over."

[Tac1] Flight Deck prepare for medical emergency. The Sula is with us. All hands, prepare for another jump, we're going to put some distance behind us now.

D'Artanion nods to Suki, her smile quick and relaxed, though mostly hidden by her mask, "Thanks." Once the patients have been dispatched to rooms, she looks up and nods to Hazzard, "Okay. Thanks." She is about to offer to head down there when the call comes over the wire for medical. Hearing Zaharis' voice, she flashes the man a glance that speaks of her delight in seeing him, "I'll go, if you want."

Suki raises a hand into a shaky salute as the Lieutenant approaches her. That's been well-drilled into her over the last week, at least. She shakes her head a little wordlessly at the second question, she moves in the direction he indicates, then nods, just as feebly, "Yes, sir," she replies, looking at her hands, then down, "Need to wash up, sir. I think I peed myself," she admits. She's changed too many bedpans in her life to be shy about it, either.

Hazzard offers a quick salute towards the medical staff in the sickbay. "Just doing my duty, figured I'd warn you things may get hectic for you.." he offers a gentle smile and then turns to head back outside once again.

AS Zaharis slips in, Craven doesn't immediately notice him. It's not until his name is spoken that he's looking over. Suki is given a quick nod and a comforting smile, "Go on then, Recruit. We can use the extra hands here." Hazzard is ignore for a moment, for things are a touch to busy and he's lifting a hand, pointing to an empty gurney that's been setup for people to sit on, "Doc. Sit." He's turning his attention over towards D'Artanion then, motioning her forward, "Gunny, change the Doc's bandages and have a look at those cuts on his face. Careful around the eye, though. I'll check that out once the wounds are cleaned." He stops. Erms and shakes his head, "Belay. Take a team and get down to the Hangar Bay, Gunny."

Adele steps out of the locker room, still hastily tying the drawstring of scrub pants. She lets out a breath as she glances around, assessing the situation with a forced detachment. Setting her jaw, she strides towards a cart that's being quickly pushed down a corridor and snaps some latex gloves out of it, pulling them on her hands. She's the very picture of calm resolve. Until she sees Zaharis, cut up and bloody. She holds back the urge to run to him. The CMO can take care of himself, and so can his staff. She draws her lips taut and goes to help get people into rooms.

"Go up, Gunny," Zaharis dispatches D'artanion with those words, then calls out towards his poor harried staff. "Prep OR 1 for the Major and get Thacker scrubbed in. Throw out some scrubs for me, I want to be able to strip and jump in them when I get back." He turns around, pointing his left hand at Craven. "Craven, shut up and get me some bandages. This isn't playtime, let's move it. Team up the bay."

Suki nods her head, more firmly, sniffing once and turning when dismissed to go clean up and get ready to assist the doctors.

Hazzard leaves for Corridor 13B [O].
Hazzard has left.

D'Artanion lifts a brow slightly and heads toward Zaharis. When the orders are changed, she nods and motions to two people to follow her. "Right. See you shortly." Craven is given a quick smile that might hold a slight wince, but that is all. Poor guy. Out into the hall then and off to the hanger bay she goes. On the way out the door, the team appropriates a stretcher.

D'Artanion leaves for Corridor 13B [O].
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[Tac1] Medical One dispatched to Hangar Bay. Standing by for intake. Over.

The Lieutenant doesn't offer so much as a wince as he's told to shut up. Rather, Craven slowly lifts an eyebrow and contemplates that order for a mere fraction of a second. Then, he's moving over to a stack of bandages already set out and he's grabbing a couple, moving back towards Zaharis and extending them to him, "I'm going on record as noting that your wounded, and should be treated as a patient due to bloodloss and possible case of shock." Eyes flicker amongst wounds to he upper arm and then the wounds on the head, "With that said, are you sure your capable of operating, Doc?"

Adele settles into a routine, keeping herself busy by tending minor to moderate burns. Nothing too intensive, this isn't her turf, but she's doing what she can to help and staying out of the way while doing it. Reece has been shuffled off to wherever uninjured civilians and families are being placed.

"Record till you're blue in the face, Lieutenant." Zaharis nearly rips the sleeve of his shirt as he pulls it off, so he can get a better look at his arm and shoulder. That's frakked up pretty good, right there. "Shit." He turns on his heel, blowing past Craven with bandages in hand. 'People' don't really register with him right now, not even Adele and Reece, just the job they're supposed to be doing. "I said go prep the OR. Stop standing there."

[Private] Sickbay, Ensign Hart.

[Private] D'Artanion says, "This is D'Artanion. Major Carter is inbound. Internal bleeding to the abdominal cavity. I've stabilized him, but he'll need surgery stat."

When the shirt sleeve is ripped off by Zaharis, Craven lefts his gaze drift downwards and he's giving a slight shake of his head. "Doc, you really need to sit down and let us patch you up, before you /do/ go into shock." But, Zaharis is then blowing past him and the Medic is giving another shake of his head, "OR is already prep'd, Doc. As are the Trauma Rooms and the Recovery Ward. Had it all done before you arrived."

[Private] D'Artanion says, "He took two shots to the abdomen."

[Private] Copy, Gunnery Sergeant. We're prepped and ready, bring him down.

[Private] D'Artanion says, "On the way. D'Artanion out."

[Private] Zaharis hangs up the wireless and ends the call.

D'Artanion comes in from Corridor 13B.
D'Artanion has arrived.
Reed comes in from Corridor 13B.
Reed has arrived.

Suki returns after just long enough to hose herself down and get into something clean. More intensive hand-washing follows, and she re-joins the fray with a rallied spirit. The slice at the back of her neck is stinging a little, but adrenaline's keeping the pain at a level she can easily handle. And she's nowhere near as poorly off as the Major.

"Good, get the Major in there and tell Thacker's team to start," Zaharis peels the rest of the torn fabric of his shirtsleeve off the deep puncture wound and throws the whole shredded thing into a bin. There go his pins too, but he doesn't seem to care, continuing past two nurses at such a hurricane gait that they have to step back to avoid being bowled straight over. "No mistakes. The fleet needs Carter."

Adele moves from one burn victim to the next, which happens to be a child whose neck and shoulder are covered in blisters. She does what she can to soothe the youth amidst the chaos as she applies the stinging cream, her voice calm and steady even as she sees Reed being wheeled through the bay. She watches for a moment before shifting her attention fully back to what she is doing. She might not possess the same internal switch that gets installed when one becomes a military doctor, but she's done her share of emergency room duty. The separation is difficult for her to maintain, but she manages.

The door to sickbay bangs open and the recently dispatched medical team returns, stretcher in tow. Turning as she steps past the door, she motions the others to take the Major into the preped medical bay. Her gaze rests on the man's overly pale face, then moves quickly to the medical team assigned to that surgical room as Zaharis is on a tear. "Did you hear the diagnosis on the com or shall I go over it again?"

There's a slight nod of his head towards Zaharis and Craven's turning back to await for the arrival. When Reed and D'Artanion return, he's lifting a hand and motioning towards where the OR is, "Gunny, right into the OR with him. Stat."

Reed is a relatively quiet patient, being somewhat unconscious at the moment, though he seems to have developed a decent beer gut in the last twenty minutes or so.

Thad looks up from his surgical prep. "Was prepping the room sir. Missed it." he admits as he steps away from the table to check on the arriving patient. He's looking ready to start as soon as he knows what to do first.

D'Artanion shifts her trajectory and moves with the stretcher into the OR, "Roger." When the gurney is wheeled into the OR, she nods to Thad, "He took two shots to the abdomin, sir. He is bleeding into the abdominal cavity." This is the doc's venue and the Gunny can't help much, but remains in case there is need.

Suki busies herself prepping the nurses who'll be assisting in the surgery: gowns, gloves, masks. She herself does not go in, but turns aside once everyone's set, returning to make the one-time PAS patients comfortable.

<Trait Roll> Thad rolls Surgery and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> Zaharis rolls Medicine and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

Gastro-intestinal surgery is a nightmare. Mostly because of all the hoses you have to deal with. Small intestine, what a joke, there's YARDS of grey tubing in there. And when someone gets shot in there's it's like having to unstring them, just to get to the damn bleeding. Though, the surgery is long and gruesome, the bullets nicked the wall of the abdominal aorta. that repaired, then there's the long, boring, but vital process of going through the intestines, and repairing the damage, and removing the destroyed pieces of intestines. In the end, hours later, Reed is minus three feet of his guts, which is easiely surviveable. It's only after the work is done and he's being sewn up to wait and see if everything is going to hold together, that his EEG goes into Alpha wave stability. It seems to not solidify into a firm pattern, but it does read as trouble, as Reed, quietly slips into a coma.

Somewhere in there, D'Artanion slipped out of the way and went off to attend to the other patients so those with surgical experience would have room to work. Now, hours later, when the rest of the wounded; walking or not, are dealt with and eithe rsent on their way or are off in Recovery, D'Artanion returns to the surgery where the Majors and Captains and others are. Oh, she does not go into the room, but she does listen for a moment, then moves to the nurse's station where she begins filling out charts on those she took care of.

Eve becomes a nurse at times like these, relying on her pre-med training, to at least assist in things like paperwork and fetching supplies. Generally, she gets to stay away from all things blood related, lest medical has to step over her unconcious form to get to the real patients. She gives D'Art a feeble sort of smile as she approaches the station, handing her a clipboard.

Thad looks worn and exhausted after the long surgery, and not totally happy with how it went. The smell of the surgery clings to him, despite the gown and gloves he wore.

Suki helps D'Artanion and the others with the charts, as well, once everyone's comfortable, bustling from bed to bed, taking temperatures and recording heart rates in a tidy handwriting.

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