Destiny Two - Docking Bay
Destiny Two - Docking Bay
Summary: Those few with the Right Stuff <tm> get to take things apart.
Date: 84 ACH - 02/07/09
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Docking Bay (#987RXaF) Destiny - Deck 6

86 ACH 23817 Souls

The Destiny's docking bay had the ability to hold up to a dozen shuttles at a time, before the attacks. Since then, space is a priority. Crates are stacked everywhere, and people bustle to and fro, loading/unloading cargo or simply waiting for their shuttle.

Shuttles land on an outer deck, open to space, and taxi into large hangar airlocks. From there, they are towed into the docking bay proper by small service vehicles. There are also several airlocks with jetway mechanisms that allow docking with other larger vessels and spaceports. Around the top of the expansive area, an upper level allows visitors to walk or jog for exercise, or simply watch the action.


From Promenade, Eli leaves for Docking Bay [D].

Eli comes in from Promenade.

From Promenade, Nicholas leaves for Docking Bay [D].

Nicholas comes in from Promenade.

From Promenade, Paris leaves for Docking Bay [D].

Paris comes in from Promenade.

Karin led them all down and she has two tech's near the Caprican Cloudburster. A beautiful shuttle, it'll be a shame. Once everyone has gathered, she has one of the tech's step over. He's young and he tries opening the ship.

A loud whining sound goes off, like some fire has happened on the ship and lights flash all over it. 'Step Away From the Vehicle' - it has an AI? Whoop Whoop Whoop! The tech panics and jumps back quickly.

Nicholas blinks as the Cloudburster's car alarm goes off, smirking. "Auspicious start." He crosses his arms and grabs the bottom of his sweater, pulling it off over his head. No sense getting that dirty either.

Eli tenses up, starting to reach under her blazers as she takes a couple of steps back, looking around warily. "What the frak…"

Karin is trying to talk over the alarm systems, "We don't have keys! Anyone good at this?" She goes to a large metal tool box and pulls out a pryer, "I hate to bust the door open, but if anyone can get it open, that's good."

"It does that a lot," Paris mutters as the pretty ship starts squawking at them. "Every time I fly in just a -little- too close." He rolls his eyes. "Guess the guy was worried about people messing with his ride." When Karin asks for volunteers, he breathes a sigh. "Can try. But I'd get the jaws of life anyway." He starts toward the boarding ramp, and up to the hatch, where presumably there is some sort of security console or the like. Immediately, his hands are fishing around in his big pockets, producing tools.

The Whoop Flash Whoop Flash continues, it's enough to make you want to chew the door off. 'This vehicle is protected by the Zeus Alarm System Company. Step away from the vehicle.'

Nicholas glances at the prybar, wincing. "Shame to scratch the paint," he says, far too seriously. "But considering how gutted it's about to be, I suppose it's a small price." He nods to Paris stepping up. "Go for it. If you can't, we'll see if we can break in, hmm?"

Eli just continues to stare as she narrows her eyes and grits her teeth. "How…badly do you want this door open?" She asks softly…carefully even. "I mean, how quickly are we supposed to be working here?"

<Trait Roll> Paris rolls Security_sys and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Firearms and achieves a degree of Good (4).

The shuttle just keeps on doing, what it keeps on doing.

Paris fiddles with it. "Been a while since I stole- er, since I had to open a high quality door lock like this for someone who'd accidentally forgotten the codes."

Nicholas starts to laugh. "Paris, you fool." That's said with the most endearing tone one can imagine. He holds a hand out for one of the prybars. "Can you do it or not? Let's not take all night." He lets Karin answer Eli, she knowing the time schedule and all that rot.

Karin turns around to see Eli and is in shock, "Put that away. Are you crazy?" They don't use guns around here, atleast not the crew.

Eli just pinches the bridge of her nose, folding her arms over her chest and just narrowing her eyes as she watches the people pry and poke and all that, having quickly stashed her firearm back where she had started to quietly draw it.

"Hey, frak you, this is a little more complicated than the average hover-scooter lock." Paris had tried something with the actual panel, first tapping some guesswork codes in (perhaps there is some sort of factory overide?), before he bothers to physically pop the guard off the code pad. Option #2. He takes out something that looks like a power meter, with a couple probes, tests something, and then gets into the meat of the thing with a pair of pliers and some extra wire. "If this doesn't work it'll probably just short."

<Trait Roll> Paris rolls Security_sys and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb (7). *CRITICAL SUCCESS*

Karin hands the prybar off to a tech. "Open it up, he is unable to quiet that alarm." The alarm which is still going. Phoning home…"This is Johnothan Fulton's Caprican Cloudburster, Seven-Two-One. We are being infiltrated. The bar is stocked. Please ad—no, you don't want to do that. Stop. You are not allowed."

Nicholas is trying desperately not to crack up now. "My goodness, that thing is smart." He twirls the prybar around his fingers and shrugs. "Guess we do it the hard way. Paris? Miss?" He doesn't know Eli's name or rank, so a title will have to do for now. "Shall we?" Time for busting.

The lock pops on the door and it begins to slowly open up, it has wings. "John..John…they've..bzzzt..stazapts."

Eli's expression darkens as she stares at Nicholas, eyebrow raising and then she looks behind herself before looking back to Nicholas and grimacing. She shakes her head, pushing up her sleeves. "My name's Eli." She states very clearly before turning her attention back to the alarm.

All is quiet with the world. The shuttle has gone into Zen Mode.

This is very, very strange. Paris has stolen stuff, it's true *gasp*. He's opened various locks and mechanisms. He's never had one… provide commentary on the process of being bypassed. "What… the frak?" Yeah really. He's just baffled. But the door does eventually open. "Close enough!" he declares, triumphantly. Not the sort of thing normally says triumphantly, but hey.

"Well goodness, why don't you try saying that /before/ you cop an attitude, hmm?" Nicholas replies to Eli with a pleasant smile. He looks back at the door as it opens. "Nice job, Paris."

Paris throws a thumbs up back at Nick, too.

Eli just blinks at Nicholas and arches the other eyebrow before looking back to the shuttle. Stoic. Quiet. Watchful.

Karin looks happy, "Thank you, I didn't want to scratch the paint. If we could all get inside now. I'll show you want needs to be done."

You climb into Caprican_Cloudburster_721.



Caprican_Cloudburster_721 (#721TWeM^) Destiny - Docking Bay

86 BCH 23817 Souls

The interior of this ship is immaculate, right down to the black carpeting and black leather seats. The ship holds four passengers comfortably, one for the pilot and three for the passengers. The leather lounge chairs swivel and the ride is smooth enough that not even a drink is spilled when enroute. A small mini-bar slides out from the back for the passengers use.


Paris climbs into the ship.

Nicholas climbs into the ship.

Once he's got the door open, Paris forges ahead. Hopefully there's no extra security surprises. Once inside, his gaze immediately sweeps the interior. He wolf-whistles. Apparently it's not just Raptor pilots that get his motor going. "Niiiiice. So, uh, don't suppose I can convince you to gut my ship and lemme keep this one?" He tries, he really does.

Eli climbs into the ship.

Nicholas climbs aboard after Paris, lofting a brow at the digs. "Oh, my. The wealthy and their toys." His tone approves of such nonsense, and he then chuckles at Paris' suggestion.

Eli looks around whistling lowly in obvious approval of the shuttle. "This…is sweet…" She has to grin a bit, looking around curiously.

Karin gets inside and takes one of the plush seats in the cockpit area. "This control panel here has some very expensive equipment, as you could tell from the alarm system. What we have has been patched over and was getting us along until the Genesis could do a better refit. We think that is our main problem. Codes are locked in, but when it goes to figure it out? The encryption is better than the tech. To put it politely, our electronic workings went dyslexic on us."

<Trait Roll> Nicholas rolls Electronics and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> Nicholas rolls Mechanics and achieves a degree of Great (5).

<Trait Roll> Paris rolls Electronics and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Electronics and achieves a degree of Great (5).

In the years that have passed since his last day of service, Nicholas has slacked on the electronics training once shoved down his throat. He eyes the circuits for a moment, then crouches down under the console to have a look at the heftier metal components. He ducks his head, picking up one of Karin's maglites and shining it up under the underbelly of the console. "Hm. This shouldn't be too bad. It's got enough in common with the Destiny's main computer that it won't take too much hotwiring."

The years of working in her father's Machine shop and learning how to take things apart and put them back together to blow up, Eli takes her time with a tiny flashlight peering at the consoles and such things, sliding up under the console best she can to squint and frown, mmhming softly.

Karin has got back out of the way, allowing one of her tech's in also. She stands on the lift area of the ramp and watches, waiting to see what they can come up with. The tech offers a little point here and there. To watch out for the areas on the sides.

Paris still looks a little taken by the pretty ship. "Man…" Oh well. He'll hunker in a bit behind Nick, but seems perfectly happy to yield to someone with slightly more… formal training than his hodge-podge of picked-up skills. "That's some tight-packed circuitry." Boggle, drool.

"Yes, Paris," Nicholas' voice drifts up from under the console as he turns on his back, starting to futz with the mechanical parts. "We all know how you appreciate tight. Hand me the clutch-head screwdriver set?"

Eli coughs and rolls her eyes. "I'm gonna need…some pliers…" She murmurs softly and then shakes her head a bit more, frowning and concentrating.

While Paris hunkers and drools, his elbow hits a latch and there is a movement as the mini-bar slides open and some soft music starts playing. Something low and acoustic.

Drooling aside, Paris still knows what he's doing. Given the limited space, he falls back a bit and starts hauling some of the gear into position. He leans over to hand each Nick and Eli their requested tools in order, and then steps back. "I'm gonna go look at the 2nd power relay a sec…" Oh. What did he just hit? When the bar opens and the music filters in, he shakes his head. "I have -got- to get one of these."

This thing is stocked right down to the chocolate covered pretzel sticks, lemon swizzel sticks, aromatic cappuccino maker and of course, your various wines from various colonies. Flavored brandies. Rum soaked tea-cakes in a small fridge. Drool on.

Nicholas rolls to the side to get the right size of screwdriver. Lying back down on his back he presses his foot against the floor, rolling his shoulder for some extra torque on the screw as he gets to work, quite competently. When that music starts, he smirks. "What are you touching over there?" He calls out.

'Hello, John, your drink will be served momentarily," there goes that sexy AI voice again. "If you would like cream, please press the button.' The cappucino maker starts whirling and grinding.

Eli freezes up as she pauses with the pliers, listening to the music and the voices and just freezing up as she continues to work on the wiring, chuckling softly. "…who the frak is John?"

"The owner," Paris answers. "Man, this is great. Anyone want a coffee?"

Karin answers that one, "Johnothan Fulton, multi-billionaire, he found us before the Genesis did. Kept us all from going insane, he's like our saviour over here. He gave up the Hera to the Military and took up residence."

<Trait Roll> Nicholas rolls Electronics and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Electronics and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> Genesis rolls Fair and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

<Trait Roll> Paris rolls Electronics and achieves a degree of Poor (1).

"Quite a sweetheart," Nicholas comments, with not a drop of sarcasm. He adjusts the beam of the maglite, something making a metallic scrape as he keeps unhooking parts. He turns his head, calling to one of Karin's techs. "Grab a note of this. Back sector C-2 is missing a joint connector…we'll have get an extra patch to get this into the Destiny's digs."

The tech brings out a small pad and begins writing the notes down. He nods as he watches the promoter work. "Never figured you for this, but you got some nice girls working for you. I guess it takes a slow hand." Wide. Male. Grin.

Eli just grimaces as she stares at her pliers and then barks out with a hint of those Marine reflexes. "What the FRAK, yo…coffee biatch…these are the wrong pliers…" She scoots out and holds the pliers back towards Paris. "…I mean, kind sir…you have given me…the wrong pliers, I am afraid."

The small cup of a perfect cappuccino is made and sits steaming, filling the air of the shuttle with a rich aroma that most probably haven't tasted in awhile.

Paris actually -does- go and get them coffees. The ship was kind enough to make them, no reason to let them go to waste. The cockpit probably has cup holders, so he sticks them in a pair of those. The tech's comment causes him to laugh, for whatever reason. But then Eli goes ballistic. "Hey, frak off jarhead. Not my fault you don't know what you -need- down there." He muscles his way a little closer, jostling people around some (good plan) peers in a bit, and then goes back to go digging through the supply kit.

Nicholas' face remains unseen under the console as he replies to the grinning tech, "Please don't nauseate me when I'm lying on my back. I'm not -that- good at swallowing." He spots a stray clump of wires, again moving the light to let him mess with them. Disconnecting in correct order, he gives the tech a few more notes.

The tech takes the notes, passes on any coffee and watches them working. Karin stands outside the ship with one of those walkie-talkies on her hip to keep on contact with her crew.

A sudden staticky intercom message comes over —

The Destiny suddenly has a large scale power fluctuations, lights dimming and a strange lurch in the guts as the Gravity system fluctuates, but Gravity remains active, though many drinks are likely spilled, and a sudden alarm, 'Alert Collision warning! Alert Col-" The automated alarm shuts off, and "Captain Salizar to the Bridge!"

Eli just scowls at Paris. Nicely. "…dude, I'm not the one who was sporting a bruised face. Rethink this whole…know what I need down there thing again, please." She's waiting for her pliers, pausing as she hears things and then frowns. "What the frak now…"

Karin is popping her head back in now, as she about gets tilted off the ramp. "What the frak? Did you guys hit somet—" she looks around and the lights have gone off too, the cappuccino maker quit working as well. "Did that AI do something?"

Paris would probably say something nasty back, but, you know, collision warnings and all of that. He's just pulled out another set of pliers as it goes. "I uh… I dunno. We're sitting in the bay, though, I doubt there's much chance we'd set those alarms off." He's had a few drunk landings to learn, perhaps? "Maybe someone or something found us on its own?" Which, of course, makes their efforts moderately pointless. But they did find the minibar!

"This system shouldn't be communicating with the Destiny's," Nicholas says, pursing his lips. He keeps working for now; after all all there's been no slamming crash or anything. Yet. "Paris, see if you can get someone from the bridge on the wireless and see what what's going on?"

Eli frowns and lowers her hand as she sighs softly, waiting to hear what happens.

Karin frowns, "I'll take care of it, you keep working." She steps back out to the ramp and gets on the walkie-talkie instead of the wireless. "Bridge, this is Lawton, can I get a report?"

Paris starts looking for said wireless, but stops when the walkey-talkey comes out. Easier, that. Which leaves him with not much to do for a moment; although he does offer Eli the new pliers.

Nicholas is still indeed working, though keeping an ear on Karin with a bit more alert tension in his body now.

Karin answers with a 'yes, sir' and glances back to the group, "Just a DRADIS fluctuation, I figured that would happen. They should be back online in five. A burst of energy, but no danger. This happens when you reroute things."

"Keep us updated, would you?" Nicholas asks Karin. A greasy screw falls down from the undercarriage of the console, right onto his white shirt, and leaves a trail of gross down the front. He sighs quietly, continuing to work.

Eli nods firmly as she accepts her new pliers, scooting back under the console and trying to get back to work. Just more quickly.

The tech continues taking notes as things are disassembled from the console. Hopefully making sure that the small schematic he is drawing will help with the parts being placed where they need to be later on.

<Trait Roll> Nicholas rolls Electronics and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Electronics and achieves a degree of Great (5).

<Trait Roll> Paris rolls Electronics and achieves a degree of Poor (1).

"Damn it." Nicholas so rarely swears, but that's an expensive shirt! There's some accompanying grumbling with a few choice Sagittaron expletives that nobody on this ship has heard him say before, and he turns his attention from the wires. reaching up to take a part of the panel off from overhead, he sits up and hands it to a tech to place with the rest of the pile they've been disassembling.

Paris is looking a little restless, of course, without even having the room to get in there and help. He paces around, and then eventually wanders into the back of the ship. A few moments later, the lights flicker off and on. "Whoops, not that."

Eli is splicing and twisting and taking thing apart and rehooking something else to something else and working quickly and efficiently, hat removed for now as she scowls from time to time. "…COFFEEBITCH!" She does call out when the lights flicker off and on.

Nicholas was moving right as the lights went out, and ends up whacking his head against the side of the console. Bang. "Oh for crying out loud!"

"Sorry, the layout is really unfamiliar. I'm lookin' for something." Paris doesn't explain further. Lords of Kobol know what his actual plan is.

The tech just writes. Karin simply watches for now and keeps her ear on the walkie-talkie in case something comes across that is needed in her department.

"If you see something labeled High Voltage, please don't lick it." Nicholas sighs and gets back up under the console. It takes him a few seconds, busy a he is trying to calm the headache the console edge just inspired.

Eli just grumbles. "Maybe you could organize the mini-bar and find out what makes the damn thing start talking like a…horny uh…nevermind, instead of using your dic-I mean fiddling around with the damn light switches…" She splices some more wires with a soft sigh.

"It is about the AI," Paris answers. "Kinda." Well, as long as there's some method to his madness, right? "I promise not to try and hump the fusion plant."

Nicholas laughs to himself. He picks up the maglite and squints into the dark nest of the console, trying to focus again.

<Trait Roll> Nicholas rolls Electronics and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Eli ohs and shakes her head. "If you get stuck…" Holding the pliers in her mouth for a moment as she fiddles about.

<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Electronics and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

<Trait Roll> Paris rolls Electronics and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

For the moment, all is quiet in the back of the ship. Whether that's good or bad remains to be seen. But at least there's no sizzling noises, right? And then some sounds. "Oh, so it's routed through here…"

"How are we doing in there?" Karin looks back in as Paris plays around somewhere else now.

"Ought to be about ready to go here." Nicholas sounds quite glad about that. He briefly presses the heel of his hand against the coming bruise on his forehead, then motions a few techs over. "Loose parts over there will need to be carted up, and we're right about ready to slide the main frame here out. Good, good." He rubs his nose with a nicely dirty hand, immediately looking stricken when he realises what he did. Gross. "What's that, Paris?"

"…I have finished rewiring it so that any transition and all that sorta stuff…can be handled smoothly and with minimal chance of…cripy friedness." Eli remarks before frowning and scooting back out from under the console and squinting. "His name is Pari-naturally. YO. P. Diddly…what did you find?"

"Don't slide it out don't slide it out!" Oh yeah, that's what -she- said. That's suddenly Paris, yelling from the back. "I think… I think there's some kind of bridge, between all the systems and the AI. I dunno if it's a security mechanism to prevent this kind of fiddling, or just some kind of integration, or both, but ah… I think we should disable it." He pauses. "I'm not sure I wanna touch it."

Karin just looks over her shoulder, "Don't touch anything till they fig—" She is looking back to the two now and then she goes to the back where Paris is fiddling around.

"Anything you've seen before?" Nicholas grabs a rag and rubs it over his hands as he sits back on his heels, glancing over his shoulder towards Karin and Paris.

"Absolutely, definitely… not," Paris says, ending his speech with a laugh. "But I just had a hunch, a boat this fancy, that crazy AI… that he'd use it for more than locking people out and serving coffee. Probably coordinates different functions, and it might even help with the nav… I dunno." He's guessing now, really. His intuition took him as far as that, but there are limits to his practical experience with technology of such a magnitude. "Who was taking notes? We should copy down this config here," he points at the open panel, "Disable 'em both, and cart the AI up with us I think."

Eli whips a hankie out of a pocket and wipes off her face, frowning in the direction Paris went and blinking several times. "…so we're taking Sheila with us?" She blinks.

Nicholas glances at the panel and mms under his breath. "Alright. If you're certain it's not…nefarious." Leave it to him to be dramatic. "It won't interfere with the established system up there, will it? I don't know if I can handle a computerised catfight."

<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Electronics and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).

<Trait Roll> Nicholas rolls Electronics and achieves a degree of Great (5).

Nicholas runs a hand through his hair, leaving a streak of grease in the front. He's tired enough that he won't notice it and melt down until later. He pores over the panel that Paris indicated, running his finger in the air over a part of it. "No, no. Look here, it's not connected to the main system. Someone's designed it to look like it is, or is just rudely colourblind. It'll be fine."

Karin gets on the talkie again and glances over, "Alright the Captain said the DRADIS is back online and everyone can breathe easier. Space is clear, nothing out there. So it was another glitch. Hopefully this will work and we can get the frak home."

"Eh?" Paris leans in. "Sure looks like it." He remains suspicious. Or stubborn and moderately self-deluded. Oh well. "Is that everything then?"

Eli gets out of the way some, mostly to just watch and stare and frowns a bit, shaking her head.

"Oh thank goodness," Nicholas exhales some relief at Karin's news feed. His gray eyes flicker to Paris and Eli and he raises both brows. "Right, well. Shall we get this pile of bolts up to the bridge and have some fun?" He brushes his greasy hands together, apparently ready to do so. The destiny's crew might faint at seeing their fastidious events coordinator actually DIRTY.


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