Devil in the Dark - AW
Devil in the Dark - Air Wing
Summary: The Air Wing runs support for Engineering while they fix the Destiny. Things go 'splodey.
Date: 111 ACH
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Ready Room Genesis - Deck 11
111 ACH 23777 Souls

[Intercom] Novella's voice crackles over the speaker. "Aircrews to the ready room. Pass the word, all pilots and ECO's to the ready room."

Novella is standing at the front at the podium as pilots file in. She's tapping a pen against her other hand, the woman in her flightsuit and ready to go. She appears to be a bit in a rush, though short of impatient.

Phelan walks into the room and takes a seat at the back of the room he's still in his flight suit as he gets comfortable in the chair.

Jocasta sits in one of the front row seats, elbow propped up on the arm of the chair she's occupying so that her folded fist might be able to support her chin. She eyes the Lieutenant standing at the podium with a quiet, unblinking, attentive sort of stare for a few moments at a time in between sweeping her gaze around the room. Watching. Waiting. S'what she does in the belly of a Raptor, too.

A few people are still chatting as she calls attention. "Alright! Listen up!" Novella eyes the assembled crews. "This isn't an alert or a scramble, but we don't know what the frak is going on. We all know the Destiny, right? They've been experiencing weird electrical failures across their hull but can't pin down where its coming from. A team was dispatched from their own Snipes and all communication with them has been cut-off from their end. This isn't normally our song and dance but Destiny is getting paranoid." She eyes everyone for a moment. "Wolf. You and I are going to wing it up and cover the Raptor. Jammer, take your bird out and see if we can't figure out what's causing these problems or find their snipes." She looks towards two pilots in the back. "Ezra. Ferris. I want you both in the tubes sitting Alert Five. Last time we had something like this, we got jumped by Raiders." There's a short pause. "Questions?"

Jocasta acknowledges Novella's order with an economy of words, bobbing her head in a nod without voicing any particular objection or coming up with a query. Sounds pretty straight forward. What could possibly go wrong?

Phelan shakes his head, "No sir, good to go here." he collects his things and gets ready to go.

"Alright, that's it. I want everyone else ready to move on ten minutes notice." Novella tosses her pen onto the podium. "Named pilots with me. Everyone else is dismissed." That would include Ilan in the named pilots. She steps off the podium and marches past the risers and towards the hatch at teh rear of the room.

Jocasta leaves for Corridor 11D [O].
Jocasta has left.
You head towards Corridor 11D.

Cav_1744 Genesis - Hangar Bay B
111 BCH 23777 Souls

The Viper cockpit is cramped, most of the space occupied by the pilot and the controls. A clear viewscreen offers a wide viewing angle to the front, top and sides.

The hangar deck is where the Genesis' Viper squadron, and its Raptor detachment are stored, repaired and maintained between missions. Ships land on the flight deck, one level above, and are brought down via massive elevators. Tow vehicles move the ships around the deck, their shrill alert beeps causing an almost constant cacophony of noise. The floor itself is a light gray in color, but wear and tear has left marks and scratches everywhere. Numbered sections are marked off with paint to house the various spacecraft.
The place is surprisingly tidy, with tool chests, machine parts, diagnostic equipment, and even the occasional spare engine or chassis scattered all in their appropriate place. Stairs lead up to other parts of the ship. The fourth side has a large sliding door leading to the flight deck elevators. On the port wall, Vipers are loaded into the launch tubes to be catapulted into space. Raptors take off from the flight deck.

Ship has landed. Use +launch to take off or leave to disembark.

Players: Novella

Contents: Flight helmet 1754

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Genesis, Cav. We're in the tubes and preparing to launch. - All Vipers, sound off."

[Tac1] "Wolf" Phelan says, "Wolf, Ready to go."

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Salin says, "Cav, Genesis Actual. Acknowledged. Safe flying out there."

[Tac1] "Jammer" Jocasta says, "Jammer here, waiting on systems green."

[Tac1] "Flash" Ilan says, "Flash here. Ready when you are."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy, Actual. Crews launch when green. Form up starboard side. Flash, pair on Jailhouse. Launching now."

Novella takes off.

Novella flies the ship to Space.

Cav_1744 Space - Grid Alpha
111 BCH 23777 Souls

The Viper cockpit is cramped, most of the space occupied by the pilot and the controls. A clear viewscreen offers a wide viewing angle to the front, top and sides.

The black emptiness of space.

Destinations: [AT] Astra [HR] Hera
[BG] Battlestar Genesis [TRA] Tracer
[E] Grid Epsilon [D] Grid Delta
[G] Grid Gamma [B] Grid Beta
[LR] Leo's Roar [DES] Destiny
[PAN] Pandora [CA] Carina
Dradis Contacts:

Use +fly <destination> to move around.

Players: Novella

Contents: Flight helmet 1754
New DRADIS Contact: Wolf_212 arrives from Hangar Bay B.
New DRADIS Contact: VIPER_209 arrives from Hangar Bay B.
New DRADIS Contact: RAPTOR_215 arrives from Hangar Bay B.

[Cav_1744: Novella] Novella's Viper kicks out of the tubes and she throttles back, settling into a small racetrack pattern over the starboard flight pod. The LT waits for the others to join up.

[Judge_Ship_206: Charon] Outisde the Genesis, space stretches in its yawning blackness, dotted by endless stars. The fleet floats in serene silence in its normal grouping, the Destiny settled off behind the Carina's mass.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Cav, Jailhouse. Boards are green, launching now."

New DRADIS Contact: VIPER_992 arrives from Hangar Bay B.

[Wolf_212: Phelan] Wolf's viper clears the launch tubes and forms up in formation with Novella shadowing her pattern.

[RAPTOR_215: Jocasta] The Raptor is the last to leave the tubes but joins up with the Vipers, if only initially, in order for Jammer to make her salutation via tinny band broadcast.

[Tac1] "Jammer" Jocasta says, "This is Raptor 215, en route to the Destiny, commencing surface signal sweep. Our eyes and ears are open."

[Cav_1744: Novella] Once the Raptor exits the tube, Novella's Viper rolls to port and falls in behind the Raptor. Her helmet can be seen constantly swivelling around the stars but eventually comes back to focus on the Destiny and the Raptor they are escorting.

[VIPER_992: Micah] Micah'd probably blame technical difficulties for his tardiness, and he might have a leg to stand on: the viper that comes barreling out of the tubes piloted by St. Germain, isn't his usual one. He lays on a little speed to catch up with the squadron, forming up with Ilan on his wing as instructed.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Jailhouse, set up a CAP around the Destiny with Flash. Wolf and I are close escort on the Raptor."

[VIPER_209: Ilan] Flash's Viper shifts to fall into position with his wingman's, moving to follow along with the other craft as they make their way along towards the Destiny.

[Judge_Ship_206: Charon] The Destiny is a beautiful sight from space, a majestic luxury of a ship. Her decks seem to stretch on and on. Huge tracts of…metal. As the squadron and its Raptor near, they can see many of her lights are dark, trying to conserve the dwindling power left in her.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Aye, sir. Copy that."

[VIPER_992: Micah] Peeling away from the cavalcade of vipers and trundlebug, Micah flips his bird on its wing and makes a hard burn for starboard, aiming to sweep up and around the Destiny in a standard patrol pattern. His wingman, of course, had better be able to keep up.

[VIPER_209: Ilan] Ilan's viper turns to follow, keeping close to Micah's wing as he brings his craft in towards the destiny. Keeping up, it seems, isn't something that Flash is having a problem with.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Cav, this is Jailhouse. You, uh, seein' what I'm seein'? Kinda looks like.. hull damage, somethin' scraped its way underneath the ship."

[Cav_1744: Novella] The Viper stays in close behind the Raptor's 7 o'clock. She keeps a tight position on it, her head tilting a bit as they get closer to the Destiny. She slides out of position a touch and drops the aircraft low on the plane of flight.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy, Jail. Actual: We've got a long scraping on the underside of the Destiny. Like something drug itself underneath the ship. Does the Destiny still have steerage?"

[Wolf_212: Phelan] Wolf rolls to Novella's 4 and the Raptor's 5 o'clock, giving it point and still having Novella on lead if she decides to break.

[VIPER_992: Micah] Micah maintains a tight CAP around the Destiny, swooping in close now and then so he can get a better look at the ship. And, of course, keeping an eye on DRADIS for anything hostile that might be a worst case scenario sort of explanation.

[VIPER_209: Ilan] Ilan follows close with his wingman, taking his own chance to look at the damage to the vessel as well while they're flying along in their little patrol pattern.

[Tac1] "Flash" Ilan says, "Wonder what they managed to run themselves into?"

[Tac1] "Wolf" Phelan says, "Could one of the raiders or that heavy raider come into contact with its hull during the last engagement?"

[Judge_Ship_206: Charon] The underside of the Destiny looms in viewports, the metal darkening as they move further from the rows of cabin and bridge lights up top. It's getting harder to see down here by the underbelly. Something did indeed scrape the hull, and as they drift the claw marks get rougher in the metal. A tiny shadow drifts down in the darkness, and something suddenly touches Phelan's clear windshield. A small drop of something…red. Liquid. It smears a bit, thick and viscous. A second later another drop does the same thing. One also hits Jocasta's windshield.

[Cav_1744: Novella] Cav's Viper slowly moves down further and stops suddenly. Her helmet can be seen leaning forward in the cockpit as she peers out into the shadows and away from the light of her instrument panel. After a few tense moments, she nudges her thrusters and moves in closer, still leaning forward.

[Wolf_212: Phelan] cuts his thrusters and spins his viper around horizontally, then throttles up to hit the brakes slowly pushing the viper back towards the position where something hit his shield.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Definitely looks like frakkin' claw marks. Though I don't know what has claws like that, can cut into a hull."

[Tac1] "Wolf" Phelan says, "Novella, Wolf… I've got fluid on my canopy, something is going on under here."

[Tac1] "Flash" Ilan says, "Something I wouldn't want to run into in a dark alley, that's for sure."

[RAPTOR_215: Jocasta] Dividing her time between DRADIS readouts, machine eyes, and the two very human ones set in her own skull, Jammer peers curiously at the red dot on her Raptor's windscreen and begins to punch through a series of commands in order to get some better scans of what happens to be dripping from the Destiny's hull.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Can you identify the liquid?"

[Tac1] "Wolf" Phelan says, "Negative, and what I think it is I don't want to say."

[Tac1] "Jammer" Jocasta says, "It's… blood."

[RAPTOR_215: Jocasta] Dun dun DUN! Cue swell of the soundtrack here!

[Cav_1744: Novella] Novella's Viper suddenly backs away, thrusters putting distance between her own ship and the Destiny.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Genesis, Cav. We've got blood on some of our windscreens. I reccomend we isolate the Destiny from the rest of the fleet until we can investigate further."

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Salin says, "Cav, Actual. Acknowledged. Keep a screen of Viper's around the Destiny to ensure nothing launches. We'll advise her Command of the situation."

[Judge_Ship_206: Charon] As their beams light up the hull, the closest Viper - Phelan - can make out the letters A-15 on a patch of metal. An airlock. The clawing marks are severe, now forming a trail of three even lines that stop at the edge of the airlock. Metal around it is bent terribly, torn at. Someone has, however, put some kind of patch on the worst of it just around the airlock itself. As Novella goes into reverse, something thumps and clinks against her side window, and suddenly there's a face staring at her lifelessly through the glass. A body floats there in space, wearing an EVA suit that's torn up along the right side.

[VIPER_992: Micah] Micah peppers his thrusters as well, backing off a little way from the damaged ship when Novella gives the order. Another glance at DRADIS, and again out his windscreen, hand closing around the stick pre-emptively.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy Genesis. We've go- GODS! *"

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Salin says, "Cav, Actual. Report."

[VIPER_209: Ilan] Ilan maneuvers away from the ship after Novella's order, pulling into position to screen the destiny… keeping a closer eye at his DRADIS than on the damaged ship for the moment.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Actual, I just had a body hit my cockpit and drift by. Looks like something ripped this snipe apart."

[Tac1] "Wolf" Phelan says, "Genesis, Wolf, we have a possible breach on the Destiny, I repeat, possible cylon breach on the destiny access point airlock A-15."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Jail, bring your wingman down here and put your lights on the underside of the ship. You are -weapons hold- at this time."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Aye, Cav. Flash, on me, I don't need to tell you to keep your eyes open."

[Judge_Ship_206: Charon] The body continues to drift by Novella's viper. Having been thumped it's slowly floating back towards the Destiny, tumbling in an endless, lazy spin. Their lights illuminate the man's face inside the helmet as he rolls, mouth open and eyes looking blankly into the expanse of space. The outside of the Destiny is silent and still. The patch that the poor engineer had set on the airlock area to repair the breech looks solid. That electrical fault signal is still going though, reading inside the airlock itself.

[Tac1] "Flash" Ilan says, "No, you don't. 'He never saw it coming' doesn't make much an epitaph. I'm right with ya."

[VIPER_992: Micah] Micah flips his bird belly-up, and swoops in underneath the Destiny in a streak of glowing afterburners. The lamps on his viper aren't as powerful as the raptor's, but they're swept over that jagged scrape in a slow, repeating pattern.

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Salin says, "Cav, Actual: Acknowledged. - Jammer, Actual: Retrieve that body when opportunity allows."

[Cav_1744: Novella] Novella's Viper holds her position, the woman's helmet pointed towards the spinning crewman. Some things are just unnerving as hell. The helmet shakes and she looks back into the shadows, watching the Vipers streak along the bottom of the Destiny.

[VIPER_209: Ilan] Flash follows along with his wingleader, using his viper as the Galaxy's second most expensive flashlight, letting its lamps sweep along across the scrapes on the Destiny's hull.

[Tac1] "Jammer" Jocasta says, "What happened out here…? Actual, we didn't pick up anything on DRADIS?"

[Judge_Ship_206: Charon] Their lights continue to show the patched airlock, and the body as it gently bumps the hull again. Thump. The fault signal from inside keeps beeping.

[RAPTOR_215: Jocasta] The guided searchlight of the Raptor joins in with the Viper spots, systematically running over the damaged portion of the hull before finally trying to focus directly in on the Destiny's gaping wound.

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Salin says, "Jammer, Actual: Unknown. Be advised that Genesis is dispatching a tech team with MP escort to investigate."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Gen, Cav. Do you want our Raptor for transport?"

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Salin says, "Cav, Actual: Raptor 215 is cleared back to Genesis for pickup."

[Tac1] "Jammer" Jocasta says, "Genesis, Jammer. I'm going to see what I can do to drag this poor bastard back in first."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Jail, keep a close look on the underside of the Destiny. See if anything shows itself. Wolf and I are going to keep fangs out and watch for bandits."

[Cav_1744: Novella] Novella's Viper slowly yaws away from the Destiny and points its nose across the sky. Eyes look to the stars carefully as she drifts near the Raptor.

[Wolf_212: Phelan] Wolf heads the tac chatter and nods, boosting away from the destiny and heads out on patrol with Novella, catching her wing.

[RAPTOR_215: Jocasta] If the Genesis needs a taxi, there's still plenty of other Raptors at the ready for the drive. Or they can wait a few more minutes for 215 to perform a little search and rescue mission for the sake of retaining some concept of humanity. Jammer begins to reposition the Raptor in order to play 'catch' with the body floating out in the black. She double-checks the seals on her suit and then begins to initialize controlled decompression in order to open up the hatch without killing herself. Fun times.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Copy, Cav. If it's still down here, we'll find it."

[Judge_Ship_206: Charon] Thump. Thumpthump hissssssssssss goes the Raptor as things decompress and recompress. The game of catch works just fine and Jocasta's able to collect the body of the torn-up engineer. Though his suit's been ripped up he still has his belt on, and on that belt is his small black recorder attached to the microphone in his helmet.

[VIPER_209: Ilan] Flash continues to let his viper loiter near the ugly damage to the Destiny's hull, keeping his eyes on that damaged section… keeping his eyes out for anything else unusual that might decide to put in an apperance.

[VIPER_992: Micah] Micah does, true to his word, maintain a holding pattern along the Destiny's underbelly. Now and then, a glance to his wingman to ensure he's still on his five, but other than that he's simply keeping his eyes peeled for trouble.

[Cav_1744: Novella] Nov's Viper gets its throttles nudged and the craft swings about to starboard. Slowly, she takes the Viper up past the airlock and its patchwork. Her helmet turns in the pit and she strains to look around or try and see inside on her pass. Apparently she is unwilling to stop completely. Once past, she swings the Viper back around and begins a CAP that stays near the exposed lock.

[Wolf_212: Phelan] Continues to fly close patrol around the destiny and monitor his DRADIS for any inbound contacts.

[RAPTOR_215: Jocasta] With her cargo now safely stowed and aboard, Jammer looks down at the body laid out on the deck and reaches down to retrieve the recorder before she returns to the pilot's seat and swing her bird back around slowly, heading back to the battlestar for pick-up and taxi time.

[Tac1] "Jammer" Jocasta says, "Genesis, Jammer. Heading back to the barn with cargo. Have a med team meet me on the hangar deck."

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Salin says, "Jammer, Genesis. Acknowledged. Med team will be standing by."

[RAPTOR_215: Jocasta] While en route back to the Genesis, Jammer takes a moment to give a listen to the dead technician's recorder playback. There's probably something to be said about curiousity and cats (and maybe microwaves) but the countermeasures officer sees no harm in doing a little preliminary investigating, especially given that she's about to ferry a repair crew over to try and suss out what happened.

[VIPER_992: Micah] Yep, Micah's doing the same as Phelan, until and unless told otherwise.

[VIPER_209: Ilan] And Flash? He's doing very much the same thing, letting his viper loiter by the damaged vessel while waiting for further orders.

[Cav_1744: Novella] Novella's cruising around similarly.
Lost DRADIS Contact: RAPTOR_215 heads for Battlestar Genesis.

Some Time Later

[Private] "Cav" Novella says, "How goes, Micah?"

[Private] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Borin' as shit. You think we'll see any action, or jus' more bodies to haul back for medical to look at?"

[Private] "Cav" Novella says, "Who the frak knows? I'm wondering where the hell Jammer went off to."

[Wolf_212: Phelan] Wolf continues to fly cap with Novella, following close formation as they keep an eye on the dradis and the destiny.

[Judge_Ship_206: Charon] From outside the Destiny, the pilots can see lights come on inside the airlock area. Anyone close to it can see the hazy shadows of people moving around inside. On the side of the hatch five tiny lights suddenly come up, all green. Then, the top one turns red.

[Cav_1744: Novella] Novella keeps her patrol along the top, but the sudden appearance of lights is a little distracting. She throttles back and slows the patrol.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Genesis, Cav. Looks like the airlock has power. I show five gr- belay that. Make that four green and a red."

[VIPER_992: Micah] Micah's silent over tac for the time being, eyes peeled and viper steady as he keeps his highbeams focused on the airlock.

[VIPER_209: Ilan] Flash keeps his fighter loitering as well, focused on that airlock and the apparent activity going on beyond it.

[Tac1] "Flash" Ilan says, "We have any communication to indicate that activity in there's ours?"

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Salin says, "Cav, Actual: We've received a flash message from Destiny. Their Airlock bypass has been knocked out and is starting to vent. Deck's been sealed."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Dear Gods. *pause* Reccomendations, Actual? And request confirmation on positive communication with Genesis team in airlock."

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Salin says, "Cav, Actual: Genesis Team is monitoring this frequency — Major Zimmermann, update."

[Tac1] Rhea says, "Genesis Actual, Zimmermann here. We're in one piece down for the moment but we found one of the Destiny's crewman dead. Murdered, by the look of him. The Sheriff can give you a full report later, but getting out of here is our priority right now."

[Tac1] Eli says, "Sergeant Browne here, I want a full investigation opened and this place gone over with an MP team for finger prints and other bits of evidence in the future sirs, but for now it needs to be evacuated and a medical team prepped to receive the corpse sir."

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Salin says, "Very well, Sergeant. Major, can you see any alternative exit from your current location?""

[Judge_Ship_206: Charon] Another green light on the side of the airlock turns red. Three to go…

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Actual, Cav: Show two red markers on the airlock. Up from one. Major Zimmermann, what are we looking at?"

[VIPER_992: Micah] Micah's scowling inside his helmet, not that this is obvious to anyone else. His ship's thrusters are nudged again to keep him from drifting too far, eyes on the airlock outside his viewscreen.

[Tac1] Eli says, "One moment sir…"

[Tac1] Rhea says, "Cav, Zimmermann. Electrical system in here is frakked, this airlock is trying to vent. We're working on getting ourselves out of here. If we can't prep us a Raptor to stand by in case we have to go out the front door."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Zimmermann, Cav. Are you all wearing EVA suits? - Actual, we should have a SAR Raptor standing by in the Port Flight Pod, sir."

[Cav_1744: Novella] Novella's Viper comes to a hover beside Micah's. She looks out of her cockpit to his own. Her face is grim. Not. Happy. At. All.

[Judge_Ship_206: Charon] Another light turns red. Two to go…

[Tac1] Rhea says, "Cav, we brought gear but we aren't suited up yet. We'll keep you advised. Need to stick a tool in something."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy, Major. Best move it. We're seeing three red. Repeat: /Three/ red on your airlock."

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Salin says, "SAR Raptor is already being prepped for launch and will be airborne shortly to save time."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Cav, you think we can buy 'em some time on that airlock somehow? If they get sucked out before they get suited up.."

[VIPER_992: Micah] Micah doesn't look too much happier. But then, when is Micah ever happy?

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "I'm open to ideas, Jail. Short of cramping them into our cockpits.."

[Tac1] "Flash" Ilan says, "Somehow, I'm having a tough time seeing the Viper as a useful tool for airlock repair."

[Tac1] Rhea says, "Zimmermann here. We got an exit rigged. Evac'ing out of airlock now."

[Judge_Ship_206: Charon] The fourth light turns red. The final light is still green but the outer ring of the airlock is starting to turn…

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Major! Down to one Green! The lock is turning!"

[Cav_1744: Novella] Novella flicks a couple switches in her cockpit as she rights the Viper vertically in front of the airlock. Once depressurized, hands reach up and she shoves the cockpit canopy forward.

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Cav, what the frak are you doin'?"

[VIPER_992: Micah] Micah maneuvers his viper in closer as well, thrusters touched gingerly so he doesn't slam into the gold leader's bird.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Got a better idea, Micah, I'm all ears! Actual: Where's that Raptor??"

[VIPER_209: Ilan] Flash's viper remains in much the same position it had been before, not closing along with the others for the moment. Someone, after all, has to hang back and keep an eye on things.

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Salin says, "Cav, Actual: Raptor is already in the air."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Cav, they've got an evac, shouldn't we get our arses out of here?"

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "If that lock opens and they aren't all out, any help is better than none, Jail."

[Judge_Ship_206: Charon] The last light turns red, the ring around the airlock completing its heavy turn. The huge doors slide open, revealing the inner chamber of the airlock and its consoles. At the far end of the room the pilots can barely see another metal door shutting. Some papers fly out into space, alogn with what looks like a couple tools and then…what looks like a second corpse. And then, abruptly, an explosion rocks the inside of the chamber, spitting a blast of vibration at the two Vipers hanging near the lock.

<Trait Roll> Novella rolls Pilot_viper and achieves a degree of Good (4).

[Tac1] Rhea says, "Zimmermann here. Team's clear of the airlock."

[SAR Raptors] A pair of SAR Raptors emerge from the Port Launch Bay and the immediately begin to maneuver themselves over towards the Destiny and the gaggle of Vipers, idling off to one side just as the explosion rocks the Airlock. As the corpse emerges into space, SAR Raptor 2's engines engage and it's flying in that direction, no doubt having been tasked with body retrieval.

[VIPER_992: Micah] Well, Micah should be hardly one to complain, since this was going to be his own half-baked idea in the first place. Hand steady on the stick, the blast is enough to knock his viper off-kilter and send it flipping once or twice on its horizontal axis. But this is why they strap pilots into safety harnesses; he manages to right his bird and cranes his neck for some sign of Novella.

[VIPER_209: Ilan] And from his standoff position, Flash finds himself with the vantage point to watch it all. The explosion from the airlock, the vipers knocked around by the force of the explosion. Thankful, for the moment, that he'd decided not to crowd that small bit of space with one more fighter craft.

[Cav_1744: Novella] The explosion rocks Novella's Viper. As soon as it flashes she rolls her Viper to the side. High velocity fragments are sent towards her canopy and ricochet around inside her cockpit. Her Viper spins away a few times before it rights itself. There's a bunch of smoke in her cockpit and a hand can be seen waving around. A helmet peeks out at Micah and then to Ilan to make sure they're alright. She wags her wings and firewalls her throttle to head back for the ship. No radio calls.

[Tac1] "Flash" Ilan says, "Everyone still in one piece after that? Looked ugly from back here…"

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Flash, we're all peachy here. Let's get back to the barn."

[Tac1] Rhea says, "Zimmermann here. We're all in one piece. Cav, that airlock likely vented the body of the Destiny tech we found. Any chance of retrieving it? The MPs might still be able to glean something from it, even after venting."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Zimmermann, Jailhouse. I think Cav's radio's been knocked out by that airlock we took in the face. CIC, All vipers are RTB."

[Tac1] Rhea says, "Jailhouse, Zimmermann. Understood. Thanks to all of you for buying us some time back there."

[Judge_Ship_206: Charon] Space is, luckily, not condusive to fire. The airlock remains open, damaged and singed, but the flames are gone as soon as their life was sucked out by the lack of oxygen. Only soot remains.

Novella flies the ship to Battlestar Genesis.

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Salin says, "Zimmermann, Actual: SAR Raptor 2 reports successful pickup of body. Raptor 1 is onroute to secondary docking ports to transport your team back to Genesis."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Just glad to see you make it out, Zimmermann."

Hangar Bay B Genesis - Deck 7
112 ACH 23777 Souls

The hangar deck is where the Genesis' Viper squadron, and its Raptor detachment are stored, repaired and maintained between missions. Ships land on the flight deck, one level above, and are brought down via massive elevators. Tow vehicles move the ships around the deck, their shrill alert beeps causing an almost constant cacophony of noise. The floor itself is a light gray in color, but wear and tear has left marks and scratches everywhere. Numbered sections are marked off with paint to house the various spacecraft.
The place is surprisingly tidy, with tool chests, machine parts, diagnostic equipment, and even the occasional spare engine or chassis scattered all in their appropriate place. Stairs lead up to other parts of the ship. The fourth side has a large sliding door leading to the flight deck elevators. On the port wall, Vipers are loaded into the launch tubes to be catapulted into space. Raptors take off from the flight deck.

---—< Condition Three - Restricted Area >----
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Exits: [AS] Aft Stairwell [FS] Fore Stairwell
[A] Hangar Bay A [E] Land. Deck Elevator
[LT] Launch Tubes [SH] Shuttle Transfer

[Tac1] Rhea says, "So say we all, Jailhouse. Actual, we've got some minor injuries. Nothing critical, but inform Sickbay we'll be sending up one for electrical burns. We'll meet you at the hangar."

[Intercom] Pass the word, Medical Team to Hangar Bay.

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Salin says, "Acknowledged, Zimmermann. Medical team will be standing by."

Zaharis has arrived.

Melia has arrived.

Rhea has arrived.

Novella's Viper didn't take a lot of damage thanks to the armor. But having that cockpit open didn't help things. Little red specks were thrown to the inside of the plexiglass. When she comes to a halt in the bay, she's cursing and causing a godsdamn firestorm. "Call sickbay! Let'em know I'm on my way up," she yells at a crewman. The woman rises slowly out of her cockpit, carefully. She's got blood down the legs on the outside and small holes peppering her thighs. She tries to step out onto the ladder but it hurts like hell and it shows on her face. She curses again, half laying out of her cockpit.

Sickbay just called up /here/. The medics did anyway, Zaharis is just rubbernecking as he sometimes does when there's group flailing around to watch. And…streamline and lead. Yeah. He comes up at the back of the team of medics, motioning Melia and crew forward for primary assessment. "How'd you do that to yourself, Lieutenant?" He asks Novella.

Micah has popped the lid of his bird, and brushed off the attempts of his designated petty officer to help him out. Shunting off the seat harness, he clambers down the ladder and tugs his helmet off in mid jog across the hangar bay. Never mind that he's bleeding his own self, from a few solid thunks probably sustained during his viper getting tossed around like a chef's salad. "Cav!" He's bellying up to her bird, though trying not to actually get in the way of the medical team. "The frak were you thinkin' out there?"

Melia is right ahead of Zaharis, heading toward Novella's bird at that darting top speed she's well known for. Straight toward the ladder she goes and holds up a hand. "Slow down there, Sir," she says quietly.

The Raptor returning the techs and MPs from the Destiny makes its way back to Genesis in a reasonable span of time. Rhea disembarks, sweaty and shaken but none the worse for wear. For her part. One of the technicians sustained electrical burns to her face, and is helped along by another snipe until the medics can see to her.

Novella looks up to see Zaharis speaking to her. She even manages to toss him a salute despite laying on her side and kind-of hanging there. "Thought we might have to do something stupid. So I did something stupid: I opened my cockpit." She grimaces and looks down to her legs, inhaling sharply when she tries to put one under her. "Frakking airlock exploded, sir. Sent chunks bouncing around inside my cockpit," she groans. Cav strips off her gloves. "I think its just my legs." The LT then looks to Micah. "Never. Ever. Again," she groans, closing her eyes.

Zaharis turns his head as he catches Rhea in his peripheral vision. A quick wave of relief goes across his face as a few medics scurry over to help Adelaide and the other injured techs, and he looks back and nods to Novella. "Alright, just relax, El-Tee. Petty Officer Sullivan's going to get you down to Sickbay. You'll be just fine."

The fact that Novella's still talking, is a relief in and of itself. Micah's not quite willing to give up his lurksome vigil near her bird, though. Briefly inspecting his dented helmet, he swipes some blood off his forehead and shifts his gaze to the medic approaching his squadmate. "Ah'll frakkin' gun you down myself, you try that again, sir," he grouses at Novella. At least he remembered the 'sir' this time.

Up the ladder Melia goes, reaching out to put a hand on the pilot's shoulder. "Just take it easy and let me make sure it's safe to move you," she tells the pilot quietly, not really paying attention to anyone else - well, save Z, of course. Even Micah is ignored - for the moment.

Rhea sees her people passed off to the medics. She catches Zaharis' eye, crooking a faint smile at him. Though that fades when she spots the bleeding pilot. "Lieutenant Novella? My gods."

Novella nods to Zaharis. "Aye, sir," she sighs, not really looking up yet. She's probably more pissed off that she broke her Viper. "Yeah, Micah? Wanna give me another option if they hadn't made it out?" She opens her eyes once more to look at him. There's a faint smile. "Looks like you need some help, youself. Feel alright?" As Melia looks her over, the LT nods. "I'm not going anywhere, not without you. Trust me." When Rhea approaches, Novella flips her a salute from her position. "Major Zimmermann. Did you get everyone out okay? I lost comms after the explosion, sir. Sorry."

Zaharis doesn't touch Novella, not interfering with Melia's care. He does seem to be watching her closely as she works, though not critically. Another medic comes up to him to give a quick report, which is acknowledged with a nod and returned salute.

Micah grunts at Novella. Because, y'know, he'd have done the same. They think too much alike, and he's not about to admit that. "Ah'm fine," he mumbles. "Took a harder hit last time, don't plan on lyin' in sickbay for another week. You need any help gettin' her down there, Sullivan?" His forehead's wiped at again with the sleeve of his flight suit, the blood disregarded. He's walking and talking, after all.

And bend and stretch and twist and… Mellie practically twists herself into a pretzel as she bends into the cockpit over the ladder, trying not to touch Novella's torso as she leans in to check the legs. "I've got her, thank you, Sir," she calls over her shoulder. "Not room for three up here." Then it's back up again. "Actually, Major Zaharis, can I get you at the bottom of the ladder, please? I'm going to have to hand her down. We might want another pair of hands down there with you." She looks over to one of the other medics on the ground. "Get the gurney over here, please. Major, we've got some bad bleeding, but it looks like the femoral was missed." She's quick and quiet, comfortable with her work. "Alright Sir," she tells Novella. "We're about to get really close. So put your arms around my shoulders. Give me your weight."

"As you were," Rhea says dryly to Novella, fluidly acknowledging the salute. "All the technicians and MPs got out fine. A few minor injuries, but the worst of it was from the frakked electrical grid we futzed with before the airlock tried to space us. We're good. Got the safety door sealed and ducked out before it blew." She looks between Micah and Novella. Wincing at the LT's injuries. "I don't know what you lot did out there, but it looks like we owe you a good deal."

"I guess it wouldn't do any good to order you to get that taken care of, Crow?" Novella manages another small smile while she's not having to move. Then she nods to Rhea, taking a breath. "Just another day at the office, sir. Really. I don't even know if I could squeeze anyone else in here with me but I was sure as shit going to try if I had to." Its then that she lifts her arms to hang onto the medic's shoulders. Her left comes out from under her side and she winces. When she tries to hang it with weight, the arm falters. "Ah frak me. Okay, you get one arm." There's another puncture in her suit, previously hidden by her position, on her left shoulder. "Okay, Micah. I try that again, you can shoot me." The pilot does her best to try and help Melia out with getting out of the cockpit.

Zaharis positions two medics with a gurney down at the foot of the ladder and hikes up a step until he's in a good position to support Novella's weight when it comes down on him. "Ready when you are, P.O. Any signs of head or neck trauma up there?" His eyes flick to Rhea and then back. "This was the Destiny repair crew, Zimm? Sounded damn hairy on the wireless."

"Already checked, Sir," Melia calls down to him. "Shoulder injury, possible fracture, definite puncture. Punctures in both legs. Pupils clear and reactive." Ahhh, the little things. "Alright then, Sir," she says, dropping her voice as she talks quietly to Novella. "Deep breath and I'm going to move you out. It's going to be awkward, but Major Zaharis is down there with a bed to catch you. No, we're not going to drop. Hold on while I pull you down. You're going to feel like you're falling, but we're going to use the weight to our advantage." Her voice is calm and relaxed, soothing almost. "Deep breath and just breathe. Concentrate on the Lieutenant down there or concentrate on my voice." And so the process of moving Nove begins, with Melia backing slowly down the ladder while taking as much of the weight as she can.

"Nothin' but our jobs, sir," Micah directs toward Rhea, seeking the woman out eventually with a wry smile. "'cept for Cav over there, who risked 'er neck for you. I was worried we'd have a few more bodies to retrieve, glad you all made it back safe an' sound, Major." It's sincere, if a little gruff. And he's not leaving Novella alone until pretty much shooed away, because that's just the way they roll. "Depends how good the coffee is in sickbay," he answers Novella, once she's been handed off down the ladder and doesn't need to be shouted up at. He's grinning, should she look over at him. And bleeding, though not badly.

"Frak, Novella. That was a hell of a thing to try. Glad I didn't have to chance it, but you the thanks of me and mine for hanging out there for us. You better get yourself patched, or I don't think Lieutenant Quill would forgive me." Rhea watches Novella with some concern as she's assisted down, staying out of the way of that. To Zaharis, she just nods for the moment. Letting him work. 'Hairy' sums it up as well as anything, judging by her expression. She manages a faint, crooked smile at Micah. It's a grateful one.

"You got it, Petty Officer," Novella breathes. She nods to the woman's instructions and doesn't appear to have any reservations about being told what's what by an enlisted. She takes a few deep breathes and tries to reach for people as she's extricated, concentrating on the other people around. "Gods, Micah. Its fine," she chuckles weakly. "Not the first time either one of us have gotten beaten up. Won't be the last." She does afford him a smile. The woman lolls her head to Rhea. "Yeah, not as glad as I am. Those cockpits are barely big enough for one. Getting one of you home in it with me?" Probably wouldn't have worked out. It was a dumb idea. This is slowly dawning on her.

"Sorry, the coffee's not impressive. It's not even existent. But we did fluff all the pillows just a couple minutes ago." Zaharis raises his hands, bending his knee as he takes some of Novella's weight for the handoff. "Alright, I've got you, Lieutenant…take your left arm and move it over to my shoulders, nice and easy. We're almost down."

Melia seems to work well with Zaharis as part of a team - it's probably the medical mindset. There's a hivemind that develops in a Sickbay - too much sniffing band aid glue. Once she's given Novella's weight to Zaharis, she swings and pulls the gurney close, behind the pilot's legs, to where it's a simple matter to turn her and sit her down.

Micah's staying mum, of course, on his recent brush with death via raiders with a grudge. But the fact that his wingman is fine, has him easing away reluctantly from the medical staff trying to cart her off. A quick glance across the hangar bay confirms that his viper's still in repair, and he hefts his helmet in preparation to head out. "Fluffy pillows. Ah'll keep that in mind, Major." A step. "Hey Cav, ah'll be by to check on you in the morning, aye? If I don't go tell Eve ah'm all right, she'll have a hissy fit."

Rhea watches the Medical Hivemind work with some admiration, though she still looks concerned. And a little mournful, when the lack of coffee is mentioned.

Novella does as instructed, wincing and gritting her teeth against the pain as she puts weight on the left arm around Zaharis. She grunts through it, though. The woman nods to Micah, though. "Someone let Jonah know, please?" she groans. He's going to be pissed. Her voice softens though as she's set down. "Major Zimmermann? Think you could do that? Sir? If he hears it from Micah it might freak him out." She probably has her reasons.

Hivemind, bzzz bzzz. Zaharis takes his turn with Novella's weight for the two steps down to gurney level, where the bed is already waiting. Like magic! "And here we go. Just sit back, there's a gurney right behind you. Lie on down and that's all you've got to do for the rest of the night."

Oh, she Novella surely has her reasons. And Micah probably knows what they are, and isn't going to argue them. "You take it easy, crumpet. See you in the mornin'." It's murmured brusquely, but fondly. And with a crooked smile, he's off, probably to find something to clean up the blood before he goes to see his wife.

Melia's there and waiting with the gurney. No extraneous chat for her now - Medical's job is just beginning.

"I'll pass the word to Quill. As softly as possible. It's part of my job to keep him from freaking," Rhea promises simply.

Novella continues with following her instructions. "What? No dinner or drinks, Doctor?" she tries to chuckle out but it just makes her sound weak. Some blood leaks out a hole in her boot, a steady dribble while she's vertical. But the woman lays back down on the gurney and looks around for a moment, nodding to Rhea's words. "Thanks, sir. I appreciate." A hand is lifted and fingers waggled at Micah as he moves off.

Zaharis smirks at Novella. "Yeah, you're going to be fine." He steps back so the medic at her feet can secure the end of the gurney and nods to Melia. "I'll see you downstairs, P.O."

Mellie dips her head to Zaharis, offering a quiet, "Sir." Then it's off to the sickbay with Novella - salutes are forgotten for the moment.

Rhea leaves the medics to their work, heading out of the hangar bay under her own power. Brow furrowed, thoughtful. Whatever she's turning over in her head, she's not making much sense out of it, judging by her experession.

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