Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler as Segun Diago

Name: Segun Diago
Callsign: Gun
AKA: Gun
Age: 40
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Air_Wing Department
Position: Viper_Pilot
Rank: Lieutenant
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Sagittaron
Actor: Gerard Butler

General Pre-PC History

Segun Diago was born into a military family. His Grandfather, Bartol Diago, had fought at the very beginning of the First Cylon War under the old Sagittaron flag. He was a Sagittaron Marine, a Sergeant Major who saw a tour of duty in the war before being killed in action. His son, Freder, was Diago's Father. Freder Diago joined the new Colonial Marines, just after his own Father's funeral, and volunteered for three tours of duty. After many decorations and a quick rise to a commissioned rank of Lieutenant, Freder lost an arm in combat. He was reassigned to a Colonial Marine training facility for officer candidates, where he saw out the war's end. It was there that Freder also met his future wife, Taysha Soncho. Within a year of the war ending, Segun was conceived, their only child as it turned out.

Segun, or 'Gun' as his Father often called him, had a normal life as a child in Nysa, one of the major cities on Sagittaron. There were the terrorist activities against the Colonial regime, but the young Segun saw little of this unpleasantness. There was some backlash from groups of Sagittarons who viewed even ex-Colonial Marines with suspicion, but by and large it was few and far between.

Given the background of his family, it was always assumed Segun would join the Colonial military. Even Segun had no qualms, looking forward to it all, quite frankly. But, when he told his parents he had been accepted to the Colonial Naval Academy with intent to be a pilot, well, that took them by surprise. Freder wasn't sure what to make of it—a flyboy??? It was Taysha who rallied her husband with word of better opportunities and greater prestige for their son. In the end, Segun had their blessing, including a small celebration at the pub, and he was off to the academy.

By no means was Segun the ideal student, but he weathered the academic environment satifactorily. Graduation eventually came and Ensign Diago celebrated the occasion with new friends and his parents who flew over to Picon to watch the ceremony, brimming with pride.

Segun spent the next 18 years as a Viper Pilot. He was noted as an excellent combat pilot who was nonetheless limited in command abilities. His knowledge and skill in combat maneuvers was such that it resulted in Segun becoming an instructor at the elite Colonial Navy Combat Flight School on two separate occasions. Despite his amazing aptitude for combat flying, Segun did have to endure an unfortunate episode that saw his rank reduced as deemed by a Colonial military tribunal. It's an incident he's not wont to discuss and it did alter Segun's attitude for the Colonial Navy for the worse, to a degree.

Recently, there has been talk that Segun might finally make Captain's rank, something long overdue. Others say his chances are slim given his lack of motivation and discipline—and the fact he's Sagittaron doesn't help any. Still, Segun is one of the best pilots out there, and that's got to count for something.

Recent Pre-PC History

Diago has been aboard the Genesis for the last six months after finishing a second tour as instructor at the Colonial Navy Combat Flight School. He came to the battlestar with high recommendations from many, though not all, of his peers at the flight school. There is some question of his leadership qualities that has become more or less common knowledge within the Colonial Navy.

NPC Play Hints

Diago is a man who's been waiting for this war all his life. When it does come, he's nearly given up on it, and more than a little pissed it took this long to come around the bend. But, better late than never (which is one of his catch phrases these days). But make no mistake, Diago is a man totally in his element where warfare and Cylons are concerned. Like a kid in a candy store.

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