Diary of a Mad She-Man

First offe. This isnt a Diary. My sister had a diary about boobies, boys and bras. Also about how having a freak for a sister wasn't cool. I didn't think it was cool either, isn't my fault my mother's uterus and chemicals decided to make me an innie down there but an outie in my head. I am a 25 year old gender confused Virgon native, my full name is Eliza Agdistis Browne but my real name probably should've just been Eli. Iunno. I have a hard time being bitter anymore seeing as toasters blew up my family most lekely. Likely. Lekey? WHAT the frak ever. GOD. I HATE THIS PEN. I want to SHOVE this PEN up the ass of the next person who says OFFICERS SUCK. But I can't.

This is why I can't start harmonyone treatments. They cause mood problems obviously and I'm now the MaA which means I have to be calm and collected and quietly uh badassed and handling lodes of paperwork. I can't even write anymore cuz I'm so mad I should shoot something or somebody.

In other news, the weather uh…well on the ship continues…mild. The food has eels. And I havent goetten any girls pregnant. Which is a good thing as a Marine.

I really miss fighting. I also miss frakkin' but women don't have sex in the military. - Not sex /sex/ but like boy and girl sex. Err. Right.

I'm going to go shoot things now, cuz peeing standing up to releeve my tension by impressing nobody isn't seeming very appealing now.

Betty is still hard. The end?

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