Dinner Theatre
Dinner Theatre
Summary: A very eventful dinner hour in the Mess Hall.
Date: 50 ACH
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Mess Hall Genesis - Deck 9
50 ACH 6285 Souls

The Mess Hall on the Genesis is quite large and able to hold over 300 personnel at a time. Tables are staggered in some areas and set against the wall in others. The mess hall begins near the hatch with an area for trays and silverware, then moves through the line for the cooks to dish up whatever is on the menu for the day. There are also snack machines at the end of the line, past the huge coffee urns and water dispensers.

Reed comes in from Corridor 9B.
Reed has arrived.

Reed enters the Mess Hall, looking about and moving to the line. the real line. for food. He looks rather pleased about this.

Zaharis is sitting by himself at a table, the remnants of the past occupants' trays and dinners stacked up and pushed off to the corner. The CMO has mostly finished his dinner and is reading something on his handheld, his attention on that and the cigarette in his other hand.

Reed gets a regular meal, some kind of open face sandwich, eel salad, which actually makes sense in a galley way. Taking a bottle of water, he looks around and, spotting the CMO, he heads that way, taking a spot across from him, he sets his tray down and sits, "Hello there." He says, with a smile.

A thick line of gray curls up from the end of the cigarette as Zaharis takes an absent drag, focused on the handheld. His dark eyes come up as someone invades his space, and he reaches over for the ashtray. "Well there, good evening."

Reed grins, "Indeed." He addresses his food, "How are things going in your corner of the ship here?" He opens his water bottle and closes the open face of his sandwich

"Very quiet," Zaharis glances past Reed, around at the interior of the mess hall. "Only a few minor injuries through the whole of yesterday. Even I was impressed. And yours?"

Reed nods, "That's good. It looked like despite the intensity of the game everyone walked away with just some minor scrapes. Good to know the rest of the party didn't get out of hand. In my area? Fantastic, really. I'm enjoying being up and around still.

Zaharis nods to that. "Yes, you look like you're getting back into it just fine. That's excellent. No doubt stimulates the morale of the old PAS crew to see you up and about as well."

Reed nods, "Well, I can hope so. I haven't gotten any problems about integration of the crews. Really Engineering was the most affected by the integration, but they seem to be doing fine."

Zaharis half-smiles. "I more meant their morale as a whole, but that's good to hear as well." He sets his handheld down and rolls his shoulder, taking another drag off the cigarette.

Reed nods, "Well, yes, I guess me up and around and being a nuisance like before might be a sign of things going according to plan." He smiles, "I feel like a hood ornament from the PAS."

"Well, be sure and keep yourself well-polished, then," Zaharis smirks slightly, resting an elbow down on the table. "Really, though. What makes you feel that way?"

Reed takes a bite from his sandwich, chewing and swallows, "CO of the station the ship was using as an anchorage point for so long. Few people knew much about the PAS except 'Research station, could jump, lots of classified stuff' And the Taproom." He looks around, "I mean come on. What's the percentage of people that went to the PAS past the Taproom?" He looks to Zaharis, "If you compare the attendance of the Nest and the Viewing Deck of the PAS? About half the people who visited the Deck are at this table. Can't imagine the rumors whispered about the station."

Zaharis looks amused, answering quite deadpan, "Carter, much as I'm sure there's slash stories about you and I floating around, just promise if you find any that you never ever show me."

Reed smiles, nodding, "Okay, I'll just show Rhea, she'll get a kick out of them."

Zaharis grimaces slowly. "And I thought I'd never heard the end of it /before/."

Reed chuckles, taking a bite of his sandwich, chewing and swallowing, "So did Adele drag you shopping last night?"

"I think so," Zaharis replies, picking up his water glass. "I might have blocked that part out. There's a span of time missing where all I can remember is saying 'Yes' a lot."

Reed nods, smirking, "Mmm Well, hopefully she found something worth the time." He scratches the back of his head, "Everyone on the PAS losing their personal possessions, that keeps bothering me." He shakes his head, and takes another bite of his sandwich.

Zaharis nods once. "I'm no psychologist, but I'm sure it's an understatement to assume that was hard on you." He sips the water and put the glass down again, tapping his cigarette against the tray. "You know the old house fire test? If you woke up in the middle of the night to find your house going up in flames and had time to grab only one item before you had to run out, what would it be?" He lifts his chin. "What would yours have been? From the PAS or the Colonies, whatever."

Reed thinks, then swallows, and with a laugh, "My intestines." But then he grims up and addresses the question properly, "Grab one thing from the PAS. Already decided, the log books, personally From the PAS. Maybe my pictures. Those hurt. I only have one I digitized and put in my computer."

"We were the ones that took your intestines, not the PAS," Zaharis reminds Reed. "Very useful by the way, thank you." He drags on the cigarette as he listens to the rest. "One thing. So the log books over your pictures?"

Reed nods, "Well, the log records is kind of professional. PAS schematics and classified technical data is backed up, but the logs aren't. Almost a year of daily notes and command thoughts about the stations running, gone. If time permits the Logbooks are to be saved, that's not my personal choice. Question regarding personal choice of one thing, right?"

Zaharis smiles slightly, shrugging one shoulder. "Interpret how you like." Maybe that's part of the test.

Reed nods, "Okay, so if it's general, I'd follow regs and grab the logbooks, if it's past that, Pictures. From the PAS. from the colony worlds.. Skipper. my dog."

Zaharis mmhmms. He turns his head to exhale smoke, quirking a brow. "And if I modified to add in the option of grabbing one person or one thing. Would that change your answer?"

Reed frowns, staring at space for a moment, "The baby." He laughs, "My neice who I never got the confirmation on her name."

Zaharis nods. "That was your brother's daughter, you said?" That conversation was a while ago.

Reed nods, "Yeah. I know everyone in the family would agree." He looks at his sandwich.

Zaharis smiles slightly. "At least you would all agree on /something/, then."

Reed nods, "Yeah, I'll give them that. Something happened. Accident, someone hurt. Something serious, you got heard, listened to and people pulled together. Came together. Frak, the Carters terrorized hospital waiting rooms more than once."

Zaharis smiles. "Your family was very human. Sometimes I think we're all programmed that way if only because that provides what's often the one good thing to happen in a tragedy. Even if it falls apart later."

Dynames comes in from Corridor 9B.
Dynames has arrived.

Reed nods, "Yeah, the reaction when someone you care about.. cries for help." He looks at Zaharis shaking his head, blinking and taking his water bottle, "Ingrained response or something like that. Taught early, or some other bullshit." He sitting at a table across from Zaharis, in a relatively empty part of the cafeteria. "And I left them. walked out of that to be a CO of a space station where I couldn't hear them or come to help."

Zaharis is working on a half-smoked cigarette, his tray of food finished but for his glass of water and some cooling, weak coffee. "Carter, the only difference if you'd been at home is that right now you'd be dead as well. The Genesis would be down a good man, and Rhea and Reece would be alone." He exhales smoke through his nose. "Maybe you did it for selfish reasons, I don't know. But it isn't your fault."

Reed looks at Zaharis, and takes a drink of his water. He nods then, "You're right, it all makes sense." He takes a deep breath, composing himself a bit more, "In the past."

Orion comes in from Corridor 9B.
Orion has arrived.

Mess time! Dyna's stomach, having decided long ago to hate her brain's guts for such a long fast, squawks nearly as soon as she enters the Hall. She shoots a sidelong 'eep' glance to her companion, which turns into a 'you didn't hear that' look before she breaks out the sunny smile and drifts off toward the feed line, "I still feel bad that he got you, Orye."

"Life's not black and white, you know that," Zaharis says, tapping his smoke against the tray. "There's no saving everyone. But as we acknowledge those we couldn't save, it can't turn us away from those who still need us. Make them your focus and the dots will connect, in their twisted little ways."

Orion follows along next to Dyna, slightly humbled, but not that bad. He's had some time to work off the aftereffects in the ready room, "Four and ten? Someone's gonna get splashed, I don't care if you eat, breathe, and sleep a flight stick. Sides, just means I done have to work harder." His accent is deep country, that's for sure. He follows her to the feed line and adds, "Had some good moves out there. Liked the way you came outta that turn when bogey ten was breakin off."

Reed nods to Zaharis, "I know, preaching to the choir." He scratches the back of his head, "Part of the job, to be flexible and shift focus in an instant to get what needs to be done, done." He smirks, "So, what about you? Anything in storage back on the colony worlds you miss?"

Dynames glances around for some other squadmates to congeal with, her hands acquiring the necessities of munching as they draw closer to the munchline itself. A flattered little smile touches her lips with a, "Thank you. I wasn't sure it would work. You were real good about keeping on Micah, especially slipping into number three's aft like you did." Recognizing Reed for sure, the pilot lifts a hand with a wave, then begins gathering foodstuffs.

"Diana," Zaharis replies without hesitation. He picks up his water glass, taking a swallow. "The only other person…I don't think would have survived up here." His eyes flicker past Reed's head, and he nods the Major towards Dynames. "You're being paged."

"Just like Captain Winters taught us at the academy. Your element lead's gotta know you've got his hind quarters front and center." Orion's having a little fun with the words, letting intentional and slightly exaggerated innuendo enter into his tone. It's a bit subtle, but the implication is that he's ready to -kiss- that hind quarters. he even makes the 'gripping motions' with his hands for extra effect. "Left out the part about your shadows beating you down. I just couldn't shake 'em. Couldn't lose those guys with a jackhammer and a can of WD40." If his stomach is growling, it's not making much noise. He reaches for a tray and peers at the 'food'. "I might should worry about it, but I reckon I'll just train harder, get that one hundred eleven percent instead of my usual one ten."

Reed nods to Zaharis, "I know about Diana." He smiles, "Strictly things for now-" He blinks, and turns to look where Zaharis is looking and lifts a hand to Dynames, smiling. No cane in evidence around him and generally a better state of health about him. He looks back to Zaharis, "Tempo, Gold, don't know the guy yet."

Dynames smiles and nods at the acknowledgement, footing another little wave to the man with Reed, before turning to Orion again, "Well, you -do- know the rules about fraternization, I hope." she winks. Her shoulder shrugs, "Hey, I had the love-train happen in sims, too, seems to pick one person. But all told you did better than I did last time." She nods over toward the table, "Black Haired guy? That's Major Carter, good guy, but be careful, especially if he has a cane in his hand. Um.. Not sure about his frind, though, I haven't tripped over everyone on the 'star, yet."

"Oh, pilots?" Zaharis stubs out his cigarette on that last word. He gives Dynames a small chin-up greeting, eyeing the both of them carefully. "Have they had their shots?"

Orion snickers, "Yeah, I know 'em. You tell that to the element lead who knows exactly where he wants my puckered lips." He starts to put food into his tray, listening to what Dynames is telling him and giving the two men a quick once-over, "Major Carter. That name's a might bit familiar. Common name, I guess." Dynames' compliment makes him blush a little bit, all in all, "Luck, skill… hard to tell the difference in a furball like that. For a rook and a person with one real sortie, we didn't do half bad at all." He approaches the table.

Reed smiles to the pilots, then looks to Zaharis, "You're the CMO, it's your job to make sure the vaccinations are up to date, isn't it?" He asks quietly, smirking at the Doctor, brows lifted before looking to the pilots at they approach, gesturing to the empty seats, "Clearance is granted, come on in."

Dynamestags along with Orion as he ventures over to make nice-nice, "Don't worry, I'll give him a good talking to for ya." Dyna winks his way. As they draw up near the table, "Hello, sirs, nice day, isn't it?" Then, with the permission to enter the barn, so to speak, she nods with a, "Thank you." and settles in.

"Usually we take of it with their neutering," Zaharis comments, "But we sometimes miss a couple here and there." He keeps a wary eye on the pilots as they come in for their landings, settling back and sliding two fingers into his front pocket to fish for another cigarette. His eyes flicker back and forth between Dynames and Orion. "Which one is Tempo?" That might've been to the pilots. Might've been to Reed. Who knows?

Orion extends his arm backwards a bit, to point to Dyname from behind her head, indicating her, in fact, as the Tempo in question, "Sounds like you're a right celebrity, Dyna." In spite of it only being the messhall and clearance having been granted, Orion still takes the protocol stuff seriously, if only because his overzealousness is bound to come across as a bit disarming and cute. He knows it's overkill. He salutes, "Ensign Orion Scala acknowledging clearance. Coming in at zero point seven clicks with payload of mush to table in front of me. Utensils hot and taste expectations are low." So much for that. He takes a seat, smiling a bit.

Reed grins, listening to Orion, and nods, "Scala." He greets, "I'm Major Carter, CIC Watch, this is Major Zaharis, the CMO." He indicates Zaharis with a nod, before turning to Dynames, "I like your friend, Tempo, have you guys named him yet, properly?" He asks lightly.

"Guilty." she replies innocently without a disruption of her cheery disposition, offering a hand to the fellow she's not sure of, since Orion's already introduced himself, "Ensign Breit Dynames, sir, it's nice to meet you!" then, to Reed's question, she glances back to her 'wing' then shakes her head, "No, sir, not to my knowledge?" she says uncertainly, a brow arching.

PILOT HAND COMING TOWARDS HI—-no, Zaharis doesn't freak out. He smirks and extends his own right, shaking Dynames' hand once. "Pleasure and all that, Ensign." Orion gets a nod and a slight squint. "You don't have one of those names yet? Not been out on a flight, or what?"

"Fuel supplies are limited, sir, and CAPs are being kept to a minumum until that changes." Orion does this 'thing' with his knife. He's twirling it between his knuckles like a baton and he's -very- good at it. He doesn't even need to be staring, nor does it seem to be much of a mental drain on him. "CAG and Captain've not been able to break me in just yet, so some of my wing have. One of them named me… but it's not our job. It's the CAG's job so I'm afraid I can't tell you what it is." Real cute. He takes a bite of his food, "Taste expectations… realized."

Reed watches Orion with the knife, watching it with the intensity that Orion lacks. He looks somewhere between impressed and afraid, though comicly afraid. He nods, "Well, Scala, fair enough. I'm sure you'll be in the seat, racking kills and filling out the name you're given soon enough. Galley's always trying with the food. Trying WHAT, I'm not sure of, but they work hard, so we humor them." He looks to Dynames, "So, how've things been?"

Dynames infects Z as part of her sinister plan…. muhuahahahahahaha! DOOM! She smiles a bit, looking sidelong at Orion's antics a moment before she turns her chin that way and stage whispers, "Bingo details. Caaaaasual." Then, to Reed, "Oh, fine, fine. I kind of let my focus slip more than I should have, but I'm working on that, now. By the way, you're looking great, Major, I'm glad you're up on your own two feet again!" Cheer flight - Fox Three!

Zaharis is also watching Orion with the knife, though more like he's rather anticipating it flying off the man's fingers and straight into his eye. He cups a hand up at his face to light his cigarette, smoke rolling up towards the ceiling. "Ah, I see," he replies to Orion. "So for now they can just call you 'Grounded'."

Orion calms once Dynames tells him to. The knife even stops its twirl and… okay. There IS a two second pause while the rookie pilot girds himself, but after that, he's noticibly less military and a lot more casual, "For now. Paperwork jammed things up for me for quite a while. Only fair that it get its last revenge. I'm training up, meanwhile. Supposed to see your boys and girls for a physical soon, I reckon." Dynames gets an appreciative nod.

Reed smirks at Zaharis, and looks to Dynames. "Thank you, I'm feeling much better without the staples in me. Though they took back the cane, I need to get another one for my personal use and to preserve the art." He then looks to Orion, "Be prepared. Cold instruments." He nods sagely.

Dynames nods sagely, "I'll talk to a friend of mine, see if we can't salvage one for you." she returns to reed with a grin, then smirks to Z's impromptu 'signing, then, "There's something special about cold instruments isn't there?"

"What?" Zaharis looks between Reed and Dynames. "They keep you alert. Can't have people slumping during a physical, just throws everything off." He takes a drag off the smoke, lifting his chin to exhale at the ceiling.

"As long as I don't have to see a dentist, I think I can deal with that just fine." Orion shrugs, sipping the liquid in his cup, "Doc back home used to have some cold instruments, himself. Said they put hair on your chest. Said this to all my brothers. Said it to all my sisters, too. I don't know how they felt about that." A smirk crosses his lips.

Reed smirks to Dynames, nodding. "No need, but thank you, I was going to go out shopping, see if I can find a suitable cane." He looks at Dynames for a moment, "You're Virgonese, aren't you?" He asks, as if he's just put that together, then blinks and looks at Orion. "Cold instruments putting hair on your chest? Where are you from?" He looks at Zaharis, "Is this another medical secret you're keeping from everybody?"

Dynames reaches for her cup of… juice? It pauses near her mouth as Orion quips about hairy chests and his sisters, then she offers, "Sounds like Doc Homeboy had stock in the waxing industry." Sip! Though to Zaharis, she nods, "As long as there's a logical reason for it, I guess?" then, "Yep, what gave me away?" she winks.

Zaharis makes no comment about the dentist. Orion can find that out later, when he's already strapped down. He shakes his head to Reed, replying mildly. "We've been conducting extensive testing for the last several hundred years of mankind's existence, but the theory's been disproven. Still, we occasionally continue experiments because it's kind of fun." He glances back at Dynames at the Virgonese comment. Like he's not sure if he wants to hear the answer to that.

"Aerelon born and raised, Major," A fact that Orion seems particularly proud of. "Breadbasket of the colonies, we were. Aphaeana County, to be exact. I spent more time in those backwoods than I did anything else. Doc was only in his rights. Can't have a country doctor unless he's grouchy. We have too much fun for a medical man not to be jaded as all get-out."

Reed nods to Orion, smirking. "I can understand that. The more fun people have on the ship, the grouchier he gets." He jerks a thumb at Zahartis, which then turns into a pointing finger, "I knew it." He stops and looks at Dynames, "Nothing in particular, just a guess." He lies, then looks back to Zaharis, "What other cryptic medical experiments are you running on the unsuspecting populace?"

Dynames hmm's thoughtfully at the 'guess' explanation. Suspicious! But, the conversation quickly returns to Zaharis on two fronts, and she decides to watch the pincer close without additional imput. Instead, she picks up a fork and spears a bit of her entree' for the opening salvo.

Zaharis replies to Reed with well-honed irony between friends. "I am not at all grouchy. Asshole." He pulls a drag from his cigarette and glances at Orion for a moment. "Oh, medical personnel aren't any worse than the rest. You just notice them more because you end up face to face with them. But that engineer fixing the commode you stopped up? Cranky son of a bitch, too, I guarantee it. But we all smile from time to time." And he does, he flashes a very brilliant smile across the table. Until he looks at Reed again. "Well if I told you they wouldn't be cryptic anymore. Come on."

Orion cuts a piece of the goop de jour and puts it in his mouth, more or less falling silent to listen to the play by play. THere's a smirk on his face, but he's got nothing to say at the moment.

Reed hmphs at Zaharis when he's called an asshole. Doesn't seem to phase him at all. He smirks, and looks to the pilots who, have gone all quiet at the moment. At the same time. Like they're preparing for an attack. He looks at them both. "Well," He says, "I don't know about you, but I'm glad for Colonial military soundproofing." He looks to Zaharis, nodding, "Noticed, the pilots berthings are right down the hall from ours and we never have to bang on the walls to shut them up."

Dynames smiles sweetly, "That's because we're good, and play nicely amongst ourselves." It's easier to say when she's not trying to keep a 'straight' face. She's not gonna come outright and say that they scheme, right? Why ruin everyone else's fun?

"We don't? Oh…I should probably stop doing that, then." Zaharis picks up his water and downs a few swallows, then regards the pilot. "Either of you get out to the pyramid match yesterday?"

Orion almost chokes at Dynames' comment, amused enough that he snorts and ends up coughing, sputtering amusement. His opinion of the legitimacy of Dyname's comment? One can make his or her own opinion. He holds a finger up and covers his mouth, coughing, sipping water, and completely failing to maintain a straight face for the duration, "Sorry. Sorry. No. I couldn't make it. Had things I needed to do. Was it good?"

Reed looks at Orion as he aspirates his food, but he doesn't try thumping him on the back, just watches, looking to Dynames as the man fights for breath, "Uh huh. Yeah. Well, of course." He says deadpan, clearly not buying the image of the innocent pilots. He looks back to Orion when the man can talk again and nods, "It was pretty good, Gender battle, men versus women. And there was a lot of solid play, and no one broke bones, I've been told."

Dynames glances at Orion's coughing fit and licks her fingertip, the traces a little checkmark in the air, then, with a shrugged shoulder and a rueful smile, "I'm sorry, I didn't. I was busy getting eyestrain from guncam footage, when I wasn't on duty, anyway."

Melia comes in from Corridor 9B.
Melia has arrived.

Zaharis seems to agree with Reed's assessment of the game. "And not even a hint of a brawl, either. It's like they hotboxed the Carina shuttles with Civilised Gas."

Melia comes bouncing into the Mess Hall looking bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and decidedly off-duty. Well, mostly off-duty. She's in her sweats and tank top, dog tags flapping as she goes, top speed, as usual.

Orion wipes his mouth, apparently over his choking/coughing fit at this point, "No broken bones? Hell of a pyramid game is that?" He kids. Really, he does. "Who won? I'll be the fellas thought it was gonna be a shut-out and the ladies stepped up and gave 'em a serious run for their money. Wouldn't wanna bet on -that- game."

Reed grins at Orion, and nods, "Well, it was a great game, but there were Pros in the game as well as Genesis people. In the end, it was the womens team that took the victory, but it was close till the end. We have some celebrated Pyramid players on the Carina, apparently. I don't follow sports. Never did really, but I enjoyed watching the game." He looks to Melias entrance, because, well, she makes shockwaves in the force wherever she goes.

"M'dad used refer to't as watchin' a fight where a Pyramid game broke out. I mean, isn't it in the rules that there's supposed to be a fight, somewhere?" Dyna wonders, then, as Reed's eyes wander, she turns some in her seat to look off toward another bouncy feel-goodin' soul on the ship. Her attention returns to the group, "Who's that?"

Zaharis watches everyone's radar go off on the same person. Creepy. He glances over that way and smirks with that fondness reserved for one's own department. Ahh, one of the kids. "Petty Officer Sullivan, she's a medic. Responds well to her name, to pages of first aid calls, and to bits of candy dangled off a string."

Off Mellie darts to get some food. Apparently food is rather an important matter requiring all due consideration. That consideration consists of her ration of food piled up on the tray and big, wide eyes turned on whomever's staffing today in the effort to get what her metabolism seems to be screaming for. A small extra plate gets tucked on the tray, accompanied by a very stern look. At her usual top speed, she darts back away from the food, bouncing over to the drinks with all the aplomb of a pinball on speed. Curls go one way, she goes the other, and yet she still manages to not spill a drop of food - or drink.

Orion 's radar does no such thing. Of course, he's a rook. Maybe he's just not tuned it properly yet, "Right. That's what I was talking about. No broken bones. No fightin'? That's.. that's -barely- a pyramid match. I…" He trails off once it's clear the rest of his table is watching something with intent, "Petty Officer Sullivan looks like she can done power the whole ship by herself. Someone get her a hampster wheel." He chuckles… it's not derisive at all. He said it like a compliment, in fact.

Reed watches Mellie getting food, and looks at the pilots, "Tighten up, she's gonna be coming in hot."" He says, placing his water bottle on his tray, and getting ready for some kind of impact on the table.

"VIP proceedures, copy." Dyna replies, meaning, she covers her tray and cup much as Reed does, "I thought I was upbeat…" she murmurs thoughtfully, looking to Zaharis, "You still have candy?"

"In Sickbay. Alas." Zaharis replies to Dynames. "But, medic behaviour is similar to moths in a way. They flutter, they flick, they eat your clothes off." He'll not elaborate there. "Sometimes they're attracted to flame." He picks up his lighter and blows on the top before flicking it on, holding it up. "Everyone begin swaying, now." WILL SHE SEE IT?!

"Closing formation and boosting SA. Look alive." Orion does like Reed and Dyna, covering his food and more or less bracing for impact. At Zaharis' suggestion, he does exactly that, rocking from side to side, "Wildride one, wildide two. Evasive maneuvers."

Reed starts swaying with Orion, as they start signaling for Mellie to sit down. Letting Zaharis signal his person in, he just sways, holding into his tray carefully to avoid damage.

Something at The Table catches Melia's attention and she stops dead in her tracks, eyeing it for a moment, head canted to the side. Then, with all the grace of a Viper coming in hot, leading a squadron of Cylons to their destruction, she heads straight to the table. It would appear to be a good thing that there's nothing in her way. Likely, she would have either gone through or over it. "Good evening, Sirs," she says, once close enough. There's only a quirk of her eyebrow at the swaying. "Ahh, excellent, Sir." She nods to Zaharis. "You managed to put the drugs in their food. We'll take over the ship yet." She seems…serious. "Who has the cigar tonight? I haven't had one in weeks and I'm getting twitchy." The little ball of energy seems to have two settings: Dead and hyper.

Dynames smiles up at the Nos rocket, "Hi!" she offers, gesturing indicatively at a seat, now that it's safe for her tray. She remarks to the drug comment, "Aww, but who's gonna protect the fleet if we're all laid out from roofies?" with a guileless smile on her face. She then turn to Zaharis with a thoughtful air, "You know, I haven't seen that since my college band…?"

Zaharis has an amused smirk on his face as people sway on command. He snaps the lighter shut when it's served its purpose, taking a contented drag off his cigarette. Ankle pulled up over knee as he sits back with just quick check of his watch. "Nostalgia is good for the soul." His dark eyes lift to Melia. "PO. Cigar?"

Orion ceases his rocking and uncovered his food with a smile. He is, afterall, hungry, "Well there's a how-you-do if there ever was one. Hey there." He slices up some more of his food and partakes of the less-than-sweet-ambrosia with gusto. To Dynames, he chuckles, "Your college band got laid out from roofies? Where'd you go to school?"

Reed stops swaying as well, and takes up his sandwich, "Hello again, PO. How's the cleaning going?" He greets, then looks to Orion and Dynames, interested as he chews.

Mellie looks around the table, smile wide and bright. "Hello," she says, quietly respectful, though still with that air of energy about her. The grin broadens as she smiles at her CO. "Cigar, Sir," she says, nodding decisively. "PO3 Melia Sullivan. I answer to Mel, Mellie, Hey You, I Need a Medic, and Ow You Bitch That Hurt." She turns to Dynames, eyes twinkling. "It sucks when that happens, doesn't it? You're left with nothing more than the lone Euphonium player who didn't know enough to drink the juice with everyone else." Then there's Reed. Poor Reed. Mellie studies him for a moment then simply disappears under the table, sliding right out of her seat.

Dynames shakes her head, offhanding, "Sorority hazing." to Orion. Then, to Mel's comments, she smiles up her way and extends a hand, "Ensign Breit Dynames, Gold Wing, it's nice to meet you Mellie!" The hand retracts, though, as the woman goes dinner diving, a brow arches and she shrugs, "Morale's important for everybody."

Orion ahs, "Now what a sad thing that is, Breit. Had me thinking it was just about the best band you ever did see for a moment." He laughs a little, then does likewise, extending his hand towards Melia, "Ensign Orion Scala, Gold Wing. And forget what you answer to. What do you like to be called?"

Reed blinks as Mellie vanishes under the table, looking up as Zaharis heads to answer a wireless call, then across the table again. It's like someone let a shark under the table. duuuuuun dun duuuuuuuuun dun.

Orion ahs, "Now what a sad thing that is, Breit. Had me thinking it was just about the best band you ever did see for a moment." He laughs a little, then.. well he WAS going to extending his hand towards Melia, but that's not quite a possibility at this point, "Ensign Orion Scala, Gold Wing. Tell me how the weather is down there when you get a chance." He glances to the others at the table as if to ask, "Is this real?"

About three point five seconds later, Melia pops back up from under the table and beams at Reed. "Quite well, Major," she replies respectfully. Then, after missing the prior hand offers, she reaches out to Dynames first. "Pleasure to meet you. I'm on boot patrol this week." Orion gets a warm smile as well. "I'll shake your hand in just a moment, Sir."

Reed draws back as Mellie pops back up, blinking. Like a jack-in-the-box, this one. He smiles to Melia, and looks down, nodding, "Yes, the boots are up to regs." He chuckles, taking a bite from his sandwich.

Hazzard comes in from Corridor 9B.
Hazzard has arrived.

Dynames accepts the hand, "I think I'm up to regs." she quips. She goes back to her meal, then and looks between her tablemates to see where the conversation will go.

Hazzard stepps in through the hatch, leaving the corridor behind as he looks around in the messhall before he slowly makes his way over to the food line. Despite the rationing he hopes for something beside eel.

Orion looks for similar direction while admitting, "Yeah. I'm probably good, too. I just polished them a few days ago. They better be up to spec or I do believe this ship has a serious sanitation problem that should probably be looked after." He slices into the remainder of his meal and, if offered a hand, shakes it firmly.

Melia is sitting at a table with Orion, Reed, and Dynames. She's practically vibrating with her usual energy, even as she shakes Orion's hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you both, Sirs," she says quietly, the lone enlisted at a table of officers. Kind of like the cat sitting in the middle of the dog show. With the same cunning look on her face that most cats get right before all hell breaks loose. "I've been on boot patrol for the past week," she tells the table, reaching for her fork. "I think the CMO will let me off soon."

Reed is sitting at a table with Dynames, Orion, and Melia, Zaharis has a tray there but is arguing with his insurance agent or something on the wireless. Hazaed just came in and is getting some food in the line. Reed smirks at Mellie and nods, "Yeah, I think you're about ready to move to something else.

Hazzard gets himself a tray and slowly makes his way along the line to get his share of what ever mystery dish the chefs has tossed up in honor of the day. Some casual small talk aobut the game between the Fatales and the Ramrods from last night, with some of the other people in line to pass the time.

Gars comes in from Corridor 9B.
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Gaelan wanders into the Mess Hall. Stopping a moment at the sudden crowd and noticing Reed he immediately bee-lines over towards the table. Finding a spot at the table he quickly sits down and looks towards the Major's tray eyeing it for any remaining contents to commandeer. Glancing up and around the table, "How is everyone?"

Extended conversation with Sickbay ended, Zaharis goes over for more coffee before he returns to the table. Group hasn't changed, how about that…it's even expanded. "Damn, Gaelan, where'd you come from? Haven't seen you in a while." He retakes his seat if someone's butt hasn't taken it over.

Orion finishes the last of his food… and not because he seems to love it, either, "Ladies and gentlemen, it's been a pleasure, but in the words of my Uncle Les, I believe I have a very hot date with the rest of my life to attend to." He elaborates, nodding respectfully, "Need to hit the showers and get some work done. Been quite an honor to meet everyone. Tempo." He pats her shoulder, "I do believe we're going to have to sim again real soon. And Melia.. I hope they get you standing upright real soon." He's up.

Reed looks over to Gaelan as he sits, about half of an eel salad sandwich sitting there on his tray, looking scared now that Gaelans there. There's also a bottle of water, likely with Cartercooties <tm> in it. Reed smirks, "Hi Pietr. Going pretty well, what's new with you?" He looks to Orion and nods, "Take care, Scala."

Melia grins broadly at Reed, eyes twinkling as she settles herself more comfortably back in her seat. She's currently seated at the table with all officers, the lone enlisted. "I'd say that my CO needs to hear that from someone else, but I'm fairly certain the Major would find something worse for me to do." She dips her head once, decisively. Then said CO arrives back and Mellie quickly pops a bit of dinner in her mouth. She just grins at Orion as he stands and, once the swallowing's done, offers, "Pleasure to meet you, Sir." Ahhh, Gaelan. Apparently he's next on her list. "Evening, Major."

A minute or soo, and finaly Hazzard finds himself at the end of the line. The tray in his hands, holds the mystery dish of todays rationing. It smells like Viper fuel, it looks like a Raptor pilot imploded but according to some of the people in the line who went for seconds it tastes better then it looks and smells. He glances over the tables, noticing and hearing the Majors and pilots chatter, he considers his options carefully.

Gaelan glances up to Zaharis and nods to him, "I am doing pretty good. Just hiding out and staying of the Commander's radar. After the great JAG bonding session he isn't too keen with me lately." Looking back to Reed's tray he looks up at him and comments, "Frak sakes Reed, you going to make me actually get in that line?" The brow furrows in frustration at the lack of food items to properly thieve from the other Major. Hearing another acknowledgement he looks over to Melia and grins with a smile, "Petty Officer. Good to see you out and about on the Battlestar for once." Eyes drift over to Zaharis' tray. Food will be found to steal, oh yes.

Gars enters the mess and heads for the line to grab some chow. At the moment, he doesnt seem to concerned with who's in the messhall or not, more focused on getting himself a meal.

Zaharis has a few random things left on his tray. Bread. Couple potato chips left from the bag dumped onto his plate. Some dehydrated…you probably don't want to know. He watches Gaelan's foraging looks, sipping his coffee. "Between us I don't think we have enough calories laying around to power a slug, Gaelan. Out of luck." He then hears Melia, giving her a suspicious look. "…I need to hear what from someone else?" Rutroh.

Dynames smiles up at Orion, "Alrighty, Orye, we'll beat the bits out of some Canners later, if you want?" Then, with a little jab to the arm, "Stay frosty!" Valedictions accomplished, she looks back to the crowd, then up to the new arrivals, "Hello, sir! It's going well, thank you!"

Orion leaves for Corridor 9B [O].
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Reed shrugs to Gaelan, "Hey, I just got off gruel and plain baked eel, so don't even try with me, Pietr." He smirks, then looks to Zaharis, nodding to Melia, "Go on, you can get it out of her."

The line moving slowly, Gars waits semi-patiently as his plate gets filled slowly but surely by the various versions of goo offered. A cup is filled with something thats supposed to be coffee and he finally takes a look around to find himself an empty seat.

Hazzard decides for better or worse and makes his way over to the table where his commanding officer is seated, scrounging for food. The tray is put on the table, and then the Sergeant settles down to finaly offer one of the soo called cupcakes over to the Major. "They say it is blueberry, Sir..But I would not bet any limbs on it…"

Melia gives Zaharis an utterly innocent look. She's got herself a full tray of food, probably a little more than her ration, but those big wide eyes can get a lot done when needs be. "Sir," she asks, going for the sweetly innocent, no, really, I didn't do it and you can't prove anything look. "I think you were going to talk with me about cigars before your call?"

Gaelan eyes Reed a moment and smirks, "I have heard that before. You still sporting that cane as you hobble around the ship? Or finally back to the land of us two legged types." Looking between Melia and Zaharis he watches briefly before Hazzard emerges. Glancing to the muffin like creation then looks to Hazzard and nods to him, "Very well done Sergeant. Favoritisim through food." Pulling the cupcake over he finally looks back to Reed's tray and finds something of use. Leaning up and over he snags the bottle of water and looks to the Major with a smile, "Thanks!"

"I was?" Zaharis glances at the cigarette burning away between his fingers and then back at Melia. "I think you've got the wrong guy. Unless you're about to engage in a bribery attempt, in which case do continue." He glances at Hazzard and gives a nod to the familiar Marine.

Reed nods to Gaelan, "Yeah, they took the cane away, and I'm back to moving around on my own, without the power of Gramp-Fu." He watches as his water goes byebye, "I spit in that, you know." He warns, with a smirk. He then nods to Hazzard. "Sergeant, well played." He says nodding to the passing of food to the Marine CO.

Hazzard glances at Gaelan and then Reed and chuckles softly before he digs into his own meal. True regulations speaks against it, but that cupcake might save him from scrubbing the john one day in the future. "By the way..Danes team lost last night..He performed well, but in the end the civies got the better of him and his team."

Gaelan looks to Reed and chuckles as he takes a swig of the water and comments in his rasped tone, "You also have nearly blown me up. So I think I will live." Looking to the cupcake creation he slowly pulls down the protective radiation wrapper and glances back to Reed, "So what are you going to shake at all the people when you yell at them to get off your lawn?" Breaking off a piece of the muffin he pulls it up and slowly chews as he glances to Hazzard's report and nods slowly.

Reluctantly, Gars moves on over towards the only people he seem to recognize in the room… Hazzard and Gaelan. It is with some discomfort he approaches the table with two Major's around it, but he seems to overcome the awkwardness as he places his tray on the table, "Sir" to Gaelan and "Major" to Reed, before sitting down. "Sergeant" he finishes to Hazzard.

Melia takes a delicate nibble of her food and smiles over at Hazzard as she spots him down there - then the smile is turned on Gars. Apparently, even while eating, she's polite. "Oh, no sir," she tells Zaharis, having successfully deflected him for the moment. "I don't have any to bribe with. I'm in search of some, however."

Dynames hmmm's softly, looking around at all the company they're getting, feeling an awful lot like a pilot alone amongst ground pounders, she clears her throat, then, "How was the game last night, guys?" she offers to the new arrivals to disable her ninja stealth mode.

Zaharis is sitting across from Reed in the group, the original founding father of the table. Come to his gentle clutches. He gives Melia a funny look but keeps on track. "Oh. I've seen people with them on the Carina. I don't smoke them, though, so I'm not sure where the trail gets hot. /You/ smoke cigars?" He seems to try and picture this and fails, if the tilt of his head says anything.

Reed looks up to Gars as he approaches and nods, "Corporal." He says, and looks to Gaelan, nodding, "Well, true. I'm planning on getting another cane, I kinda took to having one, truth be told." He looks to Dynames, and shrugs. Then he nods to her question, "Classic battle of the sexes, men versus women but the women had two pros on their team I believe."

Gaelan glances to Hazzard briefly, "I am sure their fascination for wanting to just touch them didn't help their gameplaying." Looking back to Reed and his brow furrows, "You want a cane? At least tell me it will be able to shoot or cut something by the time you get done with it. I would be seriously disappointed if it didn't have maiming capabilities in it." The mention of cigars catches his attention briefly looking from Melia to Zaharis then back to Melia as he seems to have the same confused look on his face as Zaharis.

Hazzard watches the top brass of the bid bird, as he chews on his food. Then as Gars sits down, he wipes his mouth and looks over towards the other Marine and nods his head. "Corporal." he returns the greeting and then looks towards Gaelan and nods his head. "I'd agree..Then again Marines rules for Pyramid doesnt fit well in civilian lives…Sexual attraction.." he chuckles. "First leason at basic, -never- get emotional about your mark…Do your job, clean and simple."

Mellie gives Zaharis, then Gaelan, an equally confused look. "Well, yes," she says quietly. "Am I not supposed to? I don't smoke them often, just every once in awhile. I took up the habit when I got to the Academy. They're nice for a once in awhile treat. I mean, certainly not every day. I don't know that cigars and I would get along overly well on an every day basis, but." She lifts a shoulder delicately and gives the two Majors a smile before she digs in again. "I'm not sure," she tells Dynames quietly. "I only saw a little bit of it. Enough to see that Ram hasn't changed. Still has a damned glass jaw and the throwing arm of a ten year old girl."

"Actually, sir, the Major's a master of Gramp Fu, he'd probably level a Centurion with a basic one." Dyna remarks with a grin to Reed. She gives a little titter as she conjures that mental image; Reed making a Cylon bawl like a baby whilst beating it with a cane in a chalk circle. Then to Mel's remarks her attention turns, and a big toothy grin rules her features. Heehee! Ahh, smack. Good for the soul.

Reed tsks at Gaelan, gesturing with one hand at the rest of the table, "Well, not now, that you're spilling my best plans to the ship in general." He says, a bit put out that his evil supervillany plans are being leaked. He then looks to Dynames, "Always helps to have a horrible surprise in the cane, a master and his weapon must be as one." He advises, nodding sagely.

"Colonial day?" Gars mutters as he pokes his food. "Great… Celebrate the colonies… The once we dont have anymore… Just great…" He shakes his head and takes a bite, chews and swallows it down with a cup of coffee.

"Huh." Zaharis still can't see it, nope. He seems to be having fun trying, though. "Well, I know a couple people over there. If I hear anything about a cigar stash I'll pass the word along." He looks back at the chatter about the game. A slight smirk at Hazzard. "Yeah. Heard the pilot on that team was the only one who scored." A roll of his shoulder and he comments to Gars without a change in tone, "More celebrating the enduring desire of human beings to beat each other with elbows and knees on sport courts. That will never die."

Gaelan simply chuckles to Reed's response. Taking another break off the muffin he slowly chews it and looks to Hazzard and nods slowly before swallowing. Looking over to Corporal he smirks as he flatly states in his rasped tone, "Well Corporal unless you have some intel we are not aware of then I think the Colonies are still in tact and that's reason enough for me to fight. Of course, if you don't like a good fight I am sure the Navy needs some paperpushers in JAG." Passing a brief glance back to the table he pulls up the tainted Cartercootie'd<tm> water bottle and takes a sip of it. Mmm.. Spit flavor.

"We are the Colonies, Corporal." Dyna replies, looking toward the sullen Marine, "We survive, we endure, and we hope." with a solemn little smile on her lips, "Even if yesterday blew, and today sucks, there's always the chance that tomorrow will be better." Philosophizing over for the moment, she partakes further of her meal, eyes tracking to whomever deigns to speak whilst she's reoccupied.

Reed takes up the sandwich he was working on and takes a bits, chewing, as he falls quiet, listening to the responses to Gars commentary.

"Don't take the bait Corporal." Hazzard hizzes in the direction of Gars, along with a rather tired look in his eyes before he goes back to his food. "We are Marines, we live, fight, eat and die in the mud..Soo take it and enjoy your food." he adds before he looks over towards the Officers and quickly changes the subject. "Soo, what was the fuss about pregnancy and the likes huh?"

"Tomorrow WILL be better," Mellie pipes up. "If only because we're going to make it that way. Kicking and screaming." She's grinning as she says it, as if she can't quite wait for the kicking and screaming part. Zaharis' cigarette is eyed briefly, a little wistfully, but she doesn't ask. "I think Command is afraid all the female officers and enlisted are going to end up knocked up at the same time. Which means every male on the ship is going to be hiding and scrambling because of the pregnancy hormones. Can you imagine the cravings if most of us were pregnant around the same time?"

"There's no fuss," Zaharis replies, in a Major kind of voice. "Some planning for situations that will be inevitable, nothing more." He gives Melia a faintly amused look. Kind of amused, not really. "Pregnant women aren't /that/ bad."

Gars simply shakes his head and sighs as he prods his meal. Looking on over at Melia as she speaks, he raises an eyebrow and then sneers as he turns his attention back to poking his dinner. "Im glad we're all enjoying loosing the war."

Gaelan distracted by the philosophical pilot the Major looks towards her and watches her a moment. A brief glance to the rank designation then back up to her, "Well actually, Ensign, we are a Naval Fleet providing assistance to Civilian ships in distress. We are from the Colonies and we will find our homes again. Regardless the condition they may be left in." Yep the simple view of the Marine comes apparrent before a sharp glance goes back over the Corporal. Watching him a moment the brow stitches together in his slow assessment of the Corporal while he distracts his comments with eating more of the muffin. Oh look! A blueberry! Nope.. just cardboard.

Bayless makes her way into the mess, apparently freshly landed from last CAP from the look of her flightsuit with the upper part off and tied at the waist. She heads straight for the coffee line, grabbing the decanter and sloshing a healthy portion into an empty mug.

Hazzard glances over towards Melia. "Remind me to tell you the tale about why man invented the fire, and later on..a nuclear safe bunker." he keeps a little smile on his face. Then Gars speaks up again and earns the attention of Hazzard. "We may have lost the initial battle, but we have not lost the war..The intel is scetchy at best on the condition on the rest of the fleet..We have confirmation that there is resistance on the planets…Frak Corporal, we all feel it..Weighing down on us, but we dont need to be fraking reminded. So Marine up and look at the pretty ensign and imagine some happy thoughts. ok?"

Reed continues chewing on his sandwich, watching the conversation for the moment, not contributing as he just observes, eyes glancing from one person to the other.

Mellie turns those oddly colored eyes on Gars, smiling at him. "With all due respect, Corporal, as long as your head remains firmly lodged up your ass, we'll lose. It's very hard to see when you're looking in only one dimension, isn't it?" She lifts her bottle to him in a toast, then grins over at Hazzard. "I'd love to hear it sometime," she tells him, dipping her head once.

Zaharis turns the end of his cigarette around as it goes out. He digs his lighter out from under the lip of his tray where it had skittered, re-lighting with the small flame. The conversation doesn't seem to bother him, but nor does he put two cents in.

"Right" Gars says, the word clearly saturated with sarcasm as he takes another bite and eventually swallows it down with another swipe of so-called coffee. Proding the meal once again, the corporal lets out another sigh. "Fraking brilliant… Low on food and ammo and on the run without any contact with the rest of the fleet… Sure looks peachy, doesnt it."

The ensign looks to the other Major as he steps in on her and she considers his words for a moment or two before she nods quietly. She takes a moment to finish her meal and washes it down with her cup of… whatever it's supposed to be. "I'm due for a CAP soon, better get decent." she says at last, standing, then gives a little bow of her head, "Have a better one, everybody." Then, of course, the Corporal spews forth again, "Safety it. You're too butch to pull off the sulky teenage girl."

Bayless takes her mug of javajuice to a table near the group and seats herself. She then winces and tugs out her ponytail a bit, apparently a few strands getting caught in her ID tag chain. "Frak," she mutters to herself before taking another sip of her coffee.

Hazzard looks towards Mellie and nods his head slowly. "I've got you in my crosshairs..soo count on it." he offers a little smile before he continues to eat. "Sir.." he glances towards Gaelan. "I've got a formal request." he wipes the corners of his mouth. "Soo if you have time at a later point, I'd like to voice my request."

Zaharis is not going to cross a protocol line and give any lectures to someone not under his command when their CO is sitting right here. He sits back with the cigarette and lets Gaelan do what he will with this, though he keeps an eye on it.

Gaelan looking to the Ensign he nods, "Have a safe flight Ensign." Looking back to Gars a moment he nods slowly, "Alright Corporal. You have an excellent level of combat experience. What is your solution then to put us back on the offensive?" A brief glance to Hazzard and nods, "We will talk after this."

Reed puts his sandwich down and.. no water. Forgot that, he gives Gaelan a look and smirks, then rises, moving to go get another bottle of water, nodding to Bayless in passing on his way to the water table.

"Yeah, you're right" Gars says to Dynames and sips his coffee. "You fit that bill better than me, ensign." He puts the cup down and takes another bite from his meal and chews it slowly as he starts poking the food as per routine.

Melia cants her head slightly so she can look at Gars. Oh, there's clearly something she wants to say to the Marine. However, she glances toward her CO, first, then Reed, then Gaelan. Three Majors. One PO. Instead of speaking, she fills her mouth with food. Perhaps one of the very few times she manages to keep her tongue. Dynames gets a wave, but she's too busy chewing to greet. Bayless gets a blink, but Mel's clearly not in the right position to talk.

Tempo shrugs, "Only around marines with gravel in their panties." she asides, then smiles to the Major, "Thank you, sir." She begins to move away from the table with her tray and cup with intent to see them to their proper place.

Zaharis gives Melia a slight smile. He knows the I-wanna-talk look. But his attention goes back to Gars for the time being as Gaelan asks him that question. Window into Marine brain, let's watch and see!

A final glance towards the 'rather good looking PO' and then Hazzard returns to his food as he eagerly awaits to hear the battleplan by the old Veteran.

Gars tosses a Glance over at Dynames, the eyes a clear mirror to violent thoughts, but then he glances over at the Major's present, and the corporal takes another bite of food and another drink of coffee. "Well, sir" Gars says as he decides to answer his superiors question, "I wouldnt know, and I dont presume to know, sir. All I know is our situation, or rather what it looks like from a grunts point of view. And frankly… I fail to see what people have to be so fraking happy about. Personally… I cant think of a single fraking reason why I should smile when Cylons shoved a nuke up our collective asses, sir. The war may not be over" he says with a quick glance at Hazzard before looking back at Gaelan, "But we sure as hell have nothing to smile about… Yes, atleast. Sir." And with that he takes another bite of food and chews and swallows.

Bayless looks up to Maj. Carter and politely nods in return of his greeting, then catches the glance from Melia and lifts her mug with a slight smile in her direction.

Reed returns to the table with his new water bottle, opened and a drink taken as he returns to the table, sitting down, as he catches about half of what Gars says, taking his sandwich and continuing to eat.

Gaelan nods slowly and looks to the Corporal, "Excellent Corporal. What you have just proven to me is that you are just pissed off because you can't be squad leader. Pissed off that I won't drop you into multiple combat situations so you can not get killed and be pissed about being alive. So until you can give me a sound battle plan that puts on the offensive based your current grunt point of view, I suggest you stow that frakkin' opinion of yours in your foot locker until it's actually requested of you. Since I don't see a shiny piece of brass on your shoulder then I don't think you will get this opportunity again." Leaning forward slightly as his rasped tone drops into a sharp tone, "Your chow is done. You have your minimal necessary rations. Welcome to excess PT. You start at O500, full ship rucksack run. You will do it again at 1700. For the next week. And the next time you decide to provide an unnecessary and demoralizing opinion in front of Officer's I suggest you think twice. Now get out of here Corporal." There is a pause as he watches the Corporal not waiting on a response as he barks out a rasped order, "/Now!/"

Zaharis looks a touch disappointed at the 'I don't know' from Gars. Then as the man keeps talking, his comprehension of what's going on slides a bit further. He doesn't say anything, naturally, as Gaelan addresses his subordinate, keeping his opinion of the issue out of his expression.

Whatever Mellie was about to say in response to Gars, and it's clear she's wanting to say something, gets swallowed pretty hard as she hears what Gaelan has to say. In fact, the little woman's eyes get to be about the size of dinner plates and she turns a lovely shade of "glad it's not me" pale. Instead of taking a drink, she lifts her bottle to Bayless, smiling, but otherwise keeps her mouth shut. That's well over a full two minutes she's managed to remain quiet. Those sitting near her, however, are likely able to feel the breeze created by the rapid swinging of her legs.

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Reed swallows, taking a new bite of his sandwich, watching the interplay between Marine Major and Corporal, chewing placidly. Like he's watching something scripted. Moment of Zen.

Hazzard furrows his eyebrows as he studies Gars, but what ever he intended to say is quickly put away as Gaelan speaks up.

Gars goes to strict attention almost the same second Gaelan calls out 'Now!'. "Sir, Yes, Sir!" is his reponse, though the voice and the eyes are not those of a frightened private, but those of an experienced and hardened marine. And with that, with large strides, he heads for the exit, almost marching as it were at pace.

Mykal maneuvers around the tables, skipping past the chow line and beelines for the coffee, pouring himself a cup and heads to one of the tables.

Zaharis blows a thin stream of smoke off to the side. His cigarette's given a flick with his thumb, a short column of ash tumbling into the flimsy ashtray on the table.

Gaelan glances to those at the table as he slowly stands up from the table. Looking to Major Zaharis, "I want him scheduled for a session to determine his fitness to continue service. Tell him the time. He will report, rucksack and all." Looking to the rest of the table, "My apologies for my rude Corporal." Stepping back from the table his obviously frustrated brow has permanently stitched together as he walks over to the nearest Wireless and pulls it off the wall. Looking back towards the table he speaks into it.

Dynames continues walking, though there is the subtle shift of her head to one side as one of the Majors issues forth with the 'like it is'. The tray is deposited, pilot unaware of the physicly disruptive yearnings of the slighted Corporal. Good girl things done, she starts toward the hall to go back to her berth to get suited up.

Bayless holds up a hand to Gaelan, in a 'no worries' gesture, and knocks back half her mug once it's cooled off sufficiently.

[Colonial] Gaelan says, "Pass the word. This is Major Pietr Gaelan. All Battlestar Genesis Marines are to report back to the ship immediately. Corporal Nathaniel Gars will be leading enhanced PT for the next week starting at 0500, with full rucksack. All shore leave is immediately revoked until further notice. All Marines and Military Police are required to participate. No exceptions. So say we all. *The Wireless is evident as the loud slamming sound is even evident in the transmission as it cuts off sharply.*"

Reed makes a gesture with his sandwich, shaking his head, indicating no offense taken. Of course he's still chewing so he's not talking. He then swallows, letting Gaelan go off to do what he needs to do with the wireless.

"Sure thing," Zaharis replies, his tone uncritical. He unclips his handheld from his belt, resting his cigarette down in one of the ashtray grooves. Short message tapped onto the small keyboard.

Mykal raises an eyebrow curiously as he hears the wireless transmission and shrugs as he nurses his cup cup of cofee

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Like Melia could take offense? This is, clearly, the first time she's seen a Marine officer's version of discipline and she's caught between watching it like a nature show and studying her meal. Strangely enough, the meal wins.

Hearing the call, Hazzard grits his teeth. "Great…now I need to ensure noone thinks a Code red is in affect on the Corporal." he murmurs and rises from his seat. A nod is offered to those still by the table. "I bid you all a pleasant meal.."

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Hearing the call, Hazzard grits his teeth. "Great…now I need to ensure noone thinks a Code red is in affect on the Corporal." he murmurs and rises from his seat. A nod is offered to those still by the table. "I bid you all a pleasant meal.." (reposes for ramiro)

Gaelan looks to Hazzard as he watches him rise. Stepping back towards the table he sharply comments, "You will personally make sure the Corporal makes his required visits to the Doctor's requests. Now if you want to still discuss that formal request, I am all ears Sergeant." The Major slowly folds his arms across his chest waiting to see how Hazzard responds.

Hazzard nods his head slowly towards Gaelan. "Consider it done, Sir…The Corporal will attend the doctors office, with the rucksack..one way or another." he adds the last with a little smile on his lips. "I'll keep it short and to the point..I'd like to request a mission back to Leonis, Sir..We left a Bastard back there, she went off track..All I need is a Raptor to drop me off, and pick me up at a pre determined date sir."

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Zaharis finishes the message he was typing out with his thumb. He raises an eyebrow slightly at Hazzard and Gaelan talking that in the middle of the mess hall and picks his cigarette back up, looking at Melia. "Thank you for keeping your cool, PO," he says to her, in a low voice.

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Melia glances over at Zaharis, giving him a rather grateful look, to be honest. She's got half a tray of food in front of her, food that is methodically disappearing into her mouth. It would appear that someone has perfected the art of staying quiet. Her legs, however, are pumping beneath the chair a mile a minute. Hazzard and Gaelan are standing near the table, talking. Zaharis and Reed are spectating. Bayless is at her own table. As Zaharis speaks to her, Mellie glances over to him and offers a small smile. "He's bigger than I am," is all she says, by way of a joke, apparently.

Bayless blinks at the vibration she detects from Melia's direction. She stands from her seat and makes her way over to Melia. "Everything okay?" the pilot asks as a friendly inquiry.

PFC Ver'Krugen enters the messhall by almost kicking the hatch open. "Damn, Im so hungry I could eat a fraking horse!" the man says out loud, mouth filled with a large lump of chewing tobacco that colors his teeth a shade of disgusting brown. "Whats for dinner, huh?" he asks the people infront of him as he joins the line.

Ramiro, looking none too pleased seeing as how his face is expressionless and devoid of the generall understanding and accepting look, enters the mess hall. Enterting the line for coffee and what appears to be something tasty that makes a splorching sound when served, he gives a respectful nod to Gaelan upon entering. One eye on his SST member, he gets food.

Gaelan eyes watch Hazzard calmly, "Denied. You can't even keep a Marine on this ship in line, much less on that went off-base. Keep that in mind the next time you decide to let the Corporal mouth off in front of Officers. Traitors don't exist to Marines. I will see you at 0500 Sergeant. Full gear." Slowly unfolding his arms he watches the Sergeant a moment, "You are dismissed."

Reed sets down his sandwich and takes his water bottle, taking a drink as he glances to the Marine CO and Sergeant calmly as he looks back to Zaharis, with a peaceful smile on his face.

Hazzard blinks as he looks towards Gaelan, the fact that he is off duty and that he never were squad leader back on leonis is not something he'd like to discuss here and now. Instead he nods his head towards the Marine Major. "Yes Sir" he then turns to make his way towards the exit, sparing a look towards Ramiro as he passes him by. "You owe me Dane." he murmurs as he passes by the other man.

Bell flits into the Mess Hall. There's a prim, decidedly tight-lipped quality to her flitting. Something has annoyed the blonde Marine. Into line she goes. Behind Ramiro, Ver'Krugen and his chewing tobacco. Not that she lets the latter ruin her appetite. "Hi," she says flatly to them both.

Zaharis smiles at Melia, amused by the comment. "You know how to handle yourself." He settles back again, calmly exhaling smoke and looking between Reed and Melia. "So, anyway. Carter, do /you/ know where to get cigars on the Carina? PO here was wondering."

Reed hmms, "Cigars on the Carina?" He thinks, but shakes his head, "Nope, not really. I haven't been there long enough. All our initial resource surveys are out of date now, so they're no help." He looks to Melia, "Sorry, PO."

Ramiro turns his head, watching Hazzard walk off with the 'you owe me' comment. Expressionless, he's in Sergeant mode now. Chewing the inside of his cheek lightly, his brow lowers a milimeter. He looks to Ver'Krugen and Bell, offering them each a friendly smile. "Bell, Ver'Krugen. It's been too long since we've had a chat Bell. We'll catch up sometime. I'm going to step out of line here for a moment. Carry on…" He says, slipping out of the line and heading towards Gaelan. Moving more towards the Major's side than his front, he rubs his jaw, watching the direction Hazzard went.

"Hiya, Bell" Ver'Krugen says to the girl behind him. "How you doin'?" he grins, brown teeth on display. "Looks like the same old pile of snot they've been serving the past wee" he adds with a nod at the food up ahead.

Gaelan watches Hazzard stalk off then the movement catches his attention. Nodding to Ramiro, "Sergeant." Looking back to the table and partially eaten blueberry muffin and Cartercootied<tm> water longily. He worked hard to commandeer those things.

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"You get used to it. Kind of. It's *probably* not as bad as snot," Bell opines on the food. "Me? I'm okay, I guess. I'm going to rest while I can, seeing as I'll soon be in PT *forever*." She mourns the unfairness of it all. She nod is offered to Ramiro, though she's not up to anything perkier. "Yeah, totally. Good luck, Dane." Through the line she shuffles, getting her snot.

Melia gives Bayless a warm smile and dips her head. "Aye," she says quietly. "Sorry about that. Apparently a Marine gentleman took offense to something I said." Ever the diplomat. She rolls to her feet, picking up her tray, and takes a couple steps, over toward Gaelan's direction. In fact, she's starting to walk past him when she turns, suddenly, tray edge not too far from Gaelan's ribs. Does she hit? Hard to tell. "Oh, it's alright," she says, looking at Reed and Zaharis. "I"ll filch one from somewhere." There's a broad, bright smile on her lips. Then, back to Bayless. "PO3 Sullivan. Glad to meet you."

"By now, I'll almost prefer snot, though" Ver'Krugen says with a shrug. "Though, Im kinda looking forward to the PT… I like running. Dont you?" he says and looks back at Bell.
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Ramiro nods to Gaelan. "Major." He addresses the superior officer. "I apologize on behalf of the SST that your meal was interrupted. I'll make sure it doesn't happen again." Ramiro adds, glancing towards the table of food. Folding his arms, Dane manages to hide most of his frustration. "Anything I should know? Before seeing this, first I heard was the intercom."

Bayless smiles and nods. "Lieutenant Bayless, Ares Squad. Didn't happen to be the same one who just left after the dress-down, did it?" Reed and Zaharis get polite nods.

Reed smiles up at Bayless, "Hello, Lieutenant." He greets with a smile and a generic offer of one of the closeby seats.

Gaelan feels the contact of the tray brush against him as he winces slightly which he quickly turns into a scowl towards Ramiro, "It was not the SST's fault, Sergeant. You want to know what happened. Talk to Corporal Gars." Eyes glance over to see where the contact came from as he looks towards Melia, staring a moment towards her he quickly snaps his gaze back to Ramiro and continues, "The Corporal is not able to provide solutions to his complaints of problems within the Corps. Therefore he is wasting time with Command in providing those complaints."

Bell shrugs as she gets served. "The running ain't so bad. The no-shore leave thing *blows*, though. You got any idea what all this is about? Did somebody punch a pilot again? It *always* seems to be about that. You *know* somebody's getting punished for something and *I* didn't do anything." She pauses, brow furrowing in thought. "At least, I think I didn't. You remember anything I did that might've cheesed off command, Ver'Krugen?"

"One in the same, Sir," Mellie replies. She looks up at Gaelan, a little wide-eyed. "Are you alright, Sir," she asks, chin coming up a little. She's short. Sue her. "Did I hit your ribs, Sir?"

Ramiro simply nods, there's no way that he's going to even give two cents on the Major's opinions. "I'll meet with Corporal Gars soon, we're still prepping a time table on a previous order. We should be ready soon, sir." Ramiro adds, eyes tilting to Melia for a moment. Offering her a polite smile and a nod, he addresses her. "Sullian." He adds, looking to Gaelan. "I'm going to catch up with my sniper for a chat. We'll be there at 0500, Sir." Ramiro adds, turning and heading out into the hallway.

"Frak if I know" Ver'Krugen says as snot is put on his plate. "Same old same old" he then says as he shrugs his shoulders. "Dont give a damn, really; They say we run, I run."

Gaelan nods to the Sergeant as he looks over towards Melia. Watching her a moment he simply nods and comments, "It's fine." Passing a glance back towards the table he looks to his abandoned food. Finally he looks back and casts a simple smile to her, "I need to finish eating. I will see you around, Petty Officer. Good luck on your hunt."

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Mykal finishes his cup of coffee and moves around the tables as he exits

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"I'm *almost* sure it wasn't me," Bell continues to babble at Ver'Krugen, frettingly, as she steps out of line. Food and water gotten, she goes to find a seat. "I mean, I *have* kind of been wanting to check out if any of the shops on the Carina have any cute shoes left. But I didn't *talk* about that in front of the other Marines. I have learned *something*. Apparently it's not, like, 'tough' or something."

Zaharis got really into all the messages that he'd racked up on his handheld over the last while of not looking. He hadn't noticed the changing of the guard and the influx of Marines, but now he glances about with that 'I'm getting re-oriented' look on.

Sora steps into the mess hall, "Hey everybody!" she says with a wave of her hand. She then turns and walks towards the serving line whistling as she does. She finds herself a tray and things, before moving over to get the gruel of the day.

"I don't know that your…" Mellie begins, then glances around, biting her lip. "That WAS rather a hard hit, Sir," she says quietly. Yes, she's being somewhat deferential. She IS dealing a senior officer. Her eyes go over to Zaharis, as if for help.

Zaharis raises an eyebrow at Melia and Gaelan, clearly awaiting some explanation of why his PO is looking at him for help. "Something wrong?"

"Well, as long as you're checking out jackboots, I dont mind" Ver'Krugen chuckles as he follows Bell on over to a table. "Frak it… You're a girl aintcha? Girls likes shoes. Nothing more to it."

Reed looks around the Mess Hall, waving to Sora, before looking to Zaharis, Melia and Gaelan. A passing sailor pauses to look at the blueberryish thing Gaelan left, and Reed looks to the man, "Don't. Cost will be too high." The Sailor leaves, and Reed nods.

Bayless finishes off her coffee and takes her mug over to the dishpans. She passes by Sullivan on her way to the hatch, pausing a bit. "Nice meeting you, but I just touched down and I'm frakkin' wiped. Good to talk to you." The Raptor driver then politely takes her leave.

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Gaelan glances back to Melia as she comments. His brow furrows a little bit, "It was ok Petty Officer. I am sure it will be fine." The smile is weak and a nod as he holds his hand up to her, "Now if you will excuse me, I need to get that before the Navy tries to steal it back." Stepping backwards a few steps he quickly turns on his heel and heads towards the table. Evasive Medical Maneuver success!

Bell nods sagely to Ver'Krugen. "I've tried to fight it, but it's the natural order of things." She passes by Gaelan on her course to a seat. And pauses. Eyeing him warily. She has one of those 'Bell's Choice' moments. Would it be more awkward to scuttle away like she was fleeing him? Or to acknowledge him in some way? She's paused in place while she's considering this, holding her tray, stalled in place. Which might look weirder to Gaelan than either course of action she's considering.

Ver'Krugen chuckles and grins, mouth full of chewing tobacco. "Yeah, I know what ya mean. Its like me; I cant help it but I just gotta kiss the pretty girls… Nature has to take its course." And with that, he sits down by Gaelans table. "Major, sir. Hope you dont mind me invading this here chair and securing this here spot by the table."

Sora gets her food, as she looks about for a moment. Spying an open seat she makes her way over, and flops down into the chair. "Ah, chow time..and their serving food today." As she starts to eat.

Melia purses her lips at Gaelan slightly then glances over to Zaharis. "No, sir," she says on a quiet sigh. "The Major and I had a discussion the other day about the effects of excess weight on bruised ribs that are still in the early healing stages. Apparently he doesn't quite believe that further damage can be caused. I'm not a doctor, so I cannot give a diagnosis of testosterone poisoning." The comment is quietly, respectfully made, but her eyes are flashing. Someone's not overly happy. In fact, she looks like she'd like to brain Gaelan with her tray. Or maybe it's just any Marine right now.

Reed looks to Sora, nodding, "That's the rumor, that it's food." He looks to Gaelan as the man returns for his food, and smiles, then looks to Melia.

Gaelan steps back to the table and snatches up the blueberry muffin. Quickly breaking off a piece and stuffing it in his mouth. Nodding to Reed he hears Melia speaking and glances back to her. Watching her a moment, he looks over to Zaharis not saying a word as he grabs up the water and takes a slow sip. Seems the Major is going to take the quiet tactic on this subject.

"Ah," Zaharis replies, in an easy voice. "Well the Major knows that his Marines look to him for example, and he wouldn't make our jobs harder by disrespecting a medical opinion, himself. I'm sure he'll take the advice of his medic. And get checked out later in Sickbay." That's a little pointed, his eyes watching Gaelan for a second. Yes. You. Then he lets it drop, picking up his cigarette. There's suddenly other people at the table that he doesn't know. A slight nod to Ver'Krugen and Bell, then question to Gaelan. "Your Marines, Gaelan?"

Bell blinks when Zaharis calls attention to her. Eek, she's been spotted. She tries to sink as subtly as possible into a seat at the table near Ver'Krugen. She starts sticking her Navy Chow with her fork. Perhaps to make sure it won't dissolve the metal. "Good day, Major," she pipes to Gaelan, apparently deciding it's safer to speak before he's spotted her properly.

"Gods this shit even tastes like snot" Ver'Krugen groans as he takes his first bite. "I'll fraking take running over eating this crap, any day… Or what do you say?" he adds and nudges Bell with a perhaps too strong elbow.

Gaelan eyes slide between the two and he looks to the assembled Marines then back to Zaharis, "Aye aye, those are my Marines. The more behaved bunch." Looking over to Melia then back to Zaharis he simply nods, "I lead by example, Doc." Take that for what it is. He's got muffin though, so life is good. Piece broken off and chewed on.

Melia gives Gaelan a beaming smile, then turns that smile on Zaharis, moving to sit back down with her food again. Apparently her appetite's returned. "Thank you, Major," she tells Gaelan, dipping her head. "The Major and I look forward to seeing you in sickbay to get those ribs checked. Everyone know that Pyramid player cheated." So blithe, so sweet.

Reed watches Gaelan, Melia, and Zaharis, as if trying to grasp what's going on. At the mention of the pyramid game, he's more lost, was Gaelan there? Did he leave early? Who invented liquid soap and why? Reed just starts finishing his sandwich.

Zaharis gives Melia a subtle 'don't push it' kind of look. He nods to Gaelan and then glances over Ver'Krugen and Bell, a little amused at the former. "A behaved bunch of Marines is always welcome. The two of you have names?"

Bell eyeshifts at Gaelan. Well behaved? She takes that as reason not to fear. "I guess this whole thing isn't about shoes," she observes to Ver'Krugen. Randomly. She gets started on her greens. What vegetable they're supposed to approximate is unclear, but they're green. "Nah. I don't think snot has this much texture," she observes as she chews.

Bell adds to Zaharis, "I'm Bell, sir. Private Daphne Bell." She swallows before answering him, of course, so as not to flash chunks of half-chewed green at the CMO.

Melia looks over to Zaharis then lowers her eyes to her tray. She's going back to being a good little PO3 and eating without speaking. Point has been made - for now, at least.

Ver'Krugen just looks at the stuff at the end of his fork. "I dont know…" he says. "Sure looks like snot."

Reed finishes off his sandwich and takes a drink of his water. He then looks to the other Majors thoughtfully, glancing to the well behaved Marines.

Gaelan nods to those assembled. Pulling the water up he takes a sip he looks between the two as he flatly comments, "I need to head out. I have a run at 0500." Passing a glance back to Reed he lifts the bottle of water, "Thanks for the water." A simple nod to those remaining he gathers his muffin and water and starts to make his path to the hatchway.

And so the CMO's dinner hour is cut short. Ho hum. Zaharis resists the urge to roll his eyes and stands up, picking up his cigarettes. "Apparently I was wrong earlier. I'll need you to come by Sickbay first, Major Gaelan. We can do this right now."

Gaelan stops in his tracks and turns to the CMO. Watching the man a moment he calmly states, "Doctor, I said I have a run at the morning. I didn't say I was running in it. But I sure as frak am not going to sleep in while my entire Corps gets up before anyone else on this boat."

As the CMO prepares to leave, Mellie dumps her tray - now cleared of food. She eats like a Marine, it would appear. Once that's done, she moves to a spot to wait for her CO. She's still moving quickly, but now there's something a bit more purposeful about her.

Reed looks between the CMO and Marine CO, rising slowly, He nods to Gaelan, "Anytime, Pietr," taking his tray with a slight smile as he looks between the two Majors.

Zaharis smiles slightly at Gaelan. "Alright. I'll trust you. Have a good night, Gaelan." Now that everyone's up he reverses the rhythm, sitting back down. HA-HA.

Gaelan nods and casts a quick nod to the CMO before stepping out of the Hatch into the freedom from cardboard food.

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Bell continues to eat her way through her dinner. Such as it is. Munch, munch, munch. She doesn't gag. She's tough.

Melia looks back and forth between Zaharis and the door, a little baffled, then just offers a bit of a smile before slipping out.

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Ver'Krugen eats his meal in silence for now. Oddly though, it seems he hasnt taken out the chewing tobacco, the big buldge on his cheek ever present as he eats his dinner.

Reed moves to the tray reclamation slot, slots his tray, and looks back at the Mess. As Zaharis is sitting back down, he moves back that way, reclaiming his seat, "Another nice evening.

"Something like that." Zaharis glances at his watch. "Shouldn't stay much longer, I suppose. That hour felt /really/ long."

Reed nods, "Agreed." He finishes off his water, "I'll get back to the berthings, I think."

Bell finishes wolfing. In her mini-Marine way. And stands. "I guess I better get some sleep, if I'm going to be up for PT tomorrow. Later, Ver'Krugen." That said, she scampers off.

Zaharis' handheld then beeps. He unclips it and glances at the message, standing up again. That break's done. "Looks like I'm out myself. Take care, everyone." Must be Sickbay, from the 'official' that creeps into his voice. And he heads out.

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