Don't Do it Again
Don't Do it Again
Summary: Regas has a chat with Gaelan.
Date: 30 ACH - 12/13/08
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Ward Room Genesis - Deck 11

30 ACH 6735 Souls

The Ward room is used for meetings. Carpeting covers the floor in a muted gray/blue color. Colonial flags line along one wall, representing all the colonies. A sideboard for refreshments is along one wall and a large conference table sits in the center with a dozen, comfortable chairs around it.

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-

Gaelan comes in from Corridor 11C.

Gaelan steps in the Ward Room and quickly comes to attention and snaps a full salute as he looks to the Commander, "Major Gaelan as ordered, Sir!" Waiting like a good Marine he patiently stands there for the impending comments.

Regas returns the salute, "At ease, Major." He remains standing though, it doesn't seem like a 'sit-down' type of chat. "I've had a couple of people come to me about how you handled the execution of Mercer."

Gaelan lowers his salute slowly and slides his hands behind his back, folding one hand into a fist and the other grips the wrist as he watches the Commander. The stance widens as he hears the comments and retorts in his rasped, "I was following orders issued by JAG, Sir. I felt it more conservative to only use one bullet instead of four since we do not have unlimited ammunitions belts at our ready anymore, Sir."

"Major, just follow standard orders. I think we have enough scrap laying around we can afford to expend four bullets for an execution," Regas tells his Marine Commander. "And even if you feel like spitting on them or cursing them in their afterlife, remember there are people who believe differently. Last thing I need is fanatics on me."

Gaelan eyebrows slowly raise at the comment. Then the eyes narrow slightly the brows stitching together, "With all due respect Sir, I do not appreciate being judged on how I executed a traitor that killed a couple hundred Marines. You wanted a resolution to the investigation. A resolution was found per all requirements of the Colonial Navy Justice System. I was issued an order by JAG and approved by Command, Sir. I executed that order, Sir. I do not need a non-combat telling me how to do something I am highly efficient at doing, Sir."

"You took your own revenge and by-passed the firing squad. Don't let it happen again," Regas frowns. He then moves on to another subject, "What is this information from Corporal Ramiro? One of the snipers took off on her own and left some cryptic message?"

Gaelan eyes watch the Commander quietly as he smirks, "The execution was never personal, Sir. It's a Marine thing." Pausing a moment at the other comment he nods, "My understanding is that the Lance Corporal sacrificed herself as a distraction to get the team out, Sir. Her actions lead me to believe it may have been with ulterior motives, but it left the team with an outlet to evacuate safely. I believe that Corporal Ramiro did a fine job in handling his team and the mission, this is not something he could have prevented it and it was an act of opportunity on the Lance Corporal."

"Yes, from my reports, Ramiro did the best he could in a situation that was voluntary. Get with Major Desusa and Lt. Shem, find out if there is anything to this 'good bye letter'." Regas then makes a pause, "You lost some men down there and the Corps drop ship. For that, I am sorry. I honestly didn't expect there to be that much resistance in such a remote area."

Gaelan nods slowly, "Marines do their job, we don't put on the gear to come back from every mission. That's just an excuse for us to go back in the fight, Sir." Shifting his weight slowly he comments, "Permissions to speak freely, Sir?"

"Permission granted, Major," the Commander replies and then awaits what is coming.

Gaelan nods slowly as he comments, "Bullets. These are in extremely limited supply and I believe Command needs to start taking this into consideration before attacking anything that looks like it can turn the tide of the war in our favor. At current inventories my Squadrons at their current state can only handle about six or seven major Leonis-like expeditions before we are out of ammunition. Personally, this disturbs me because I don't want some frakkin' toaster shoving itself on our loading pay and the only sound you hear from my Marine's weapons is click-click-click from empty clips." Pausing a moment he adds, "Also the Navy and her Air Wing need to realize that no mission ever goes as planned. Therefore when we appropriate equipment for a mission, it's until the mission is completed. Marines don't operate on Navy timetables, we operate on success or failure of our missions."

Regas nods, "Yes, I realize that. We may have the metal, but the powder isn't going to stretch that far. Get with Engineering and see what they can come up with." Regas nods, "Air Wing and Marines don't mix too well, but they need to work together since they both depend on each other." He moves around the room a moment in thought, "Start by switching out the ammo used in the firing range. I'm sure too much is wasted there. We will possibly be moving to Airlocking as our only way to deal with judgements. Unless, Medical can come up with something that doesn't deplete our supplies on lethal injections." He stops and turns, "However, I had a meeting with Captain Reighner last night. He is on the pulpit about moral's and executing people when we have so few left. It's a slim balance. I believe in captial punishment for heinous crimes. I'm not here to make a rehabilitation program for these people. I don't like them eating food that others can use. But, I'm not that unreasonable either. I've told him if he can get me 25 signatures of people that feel as he does, we will try it his way, until we can't."

Gaelan nods, "We have already migrated to rubber bullets in the firing ranges, Sir. As for executions. Stab in the arm of painkiller to put them to sleep, then let them float away. They never wake up. Outside that rope and cable never runs out and they can be hanged, Sir." Shifting his weight he remains calm in his responses, "Executions are necessary to maintain control, Sir. If we didn't have rules and protocols to follow, then there would be chaos. I would rather have a dead body of a traitor than to have to have one of my Marines give up a day's rations because we had to feed a prison full of people who think they know more than the military, Sir."

"I agree, but I will be open for suggestions. I don't think he'll find the people, because in the end, people are very selfish. They don't want to give up food and basic life sustaining areas, for someone that helped murder hundreds of people." Regas turns back again, "All right, anything else you can improve on, just let the XO and I know about it."

Gaelan nods and snaps a salute, "So say we all, Sir."

Regas returns the salute, "Dismissed, Major."

Gaelan leaves for Corridor 11C [O].

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