Don't Do This, Don't Do That
Don't Do This, Don't Do That
Summary: Rue is counseled about her pregnancy.
Date: 44 ACH
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Reighner waits near the front desk, having called for Rue a few moments before. He's dressed, curiously, in civilian clothes, most of which are obscured by the universal white coat.

Rue is in her uniform blues and shows up not too long after she's been called for. Looking freshly scrubbed, she steps on inside the Sickbay and towards the front desk.

Compared to last time, Reighner seems to be more stressed. He smiles thinly when Rue approaches. "Major, I've gotten your letter. Would you come this way, please?" He gestures inward and walks for a curtained gurney.

"Absolutely," Rue moves along after Reighner, taking a seat on the gurney. "Thank you for responding so quickly… I didn't expect to come back so soon with an answer, but, it seems I'd made up my mind."

Reighner replies, almost pleasantly, "It's usually gut instinct with these things, I'm afraid." He digs through the resident rolling cart and pulls out a relatively thick binder, which he presents to Rue. "Here's something we give to expectant mothers. It details what's going on in your body and what changes in your lifestyle you should make to maximize your chances of a healthy birth."

"Excellent. A manual. I like manuals. You… ah, don't have a manual entitled 'Life: How to Succeed At It' somewhere in the medical supply closet?" Rue asks as she lets a crooked sort of grin into her expression. "I'll read it over. But, I'm guessing that I'll need to start watching my vitamin and nutrient intact fairly heavily. The baby is sort of like an engine. It needs the right fuel ratio to grow?"

Reighner sits down on the chair next to the gurney. He smiles a little at the joke. "Well, yes, essentially. The tolerances are remarkably high. You and your baby's bodies have strong, automatic biological systems to keep healthy. It's called homeostasis." He lifts his heels and leans them on the front legs of the chair, elevating his knees. He props his elbows on his legs. "But, pay particular attention to the substances to avoid."

"No alchohol, nicotine, caffeine…" Rue flips the binder open to peer at a page. "You're in luck. I was a casual drinker at best… I don't smoke. And I never drink coffee." She runs her index finger down the page and stops at: "Fish? Does that mean eel, too?" Another crooked sort of grin. "I'll be speaking with Captain Nikos soon about taking field leadership from myself soon and once you revoke my flight status, I've been designated to remain as CAG, though, the Commander wants me working the LSO position too." A pause there. "Amongst other things."

Reighner nods. "I'll leave it up to you when you want to stop flying, but I'll say the hard limit is in another four weeks." Reighner pushes off to the cart, pulls out a thermometer, and rolls back. He makes a grunting noise underneath his breath, and he says, "I'm very sure the policy won't stand. If somebody tries to enforce it, though, I'll be your advocate." Squinting at the thermometer, he adds, "If you'd like."

"I'll probably end up taking you up on that," Rue says as she flips through a few more of the pages, running her finger down them as she goes. "Mostly because I don't know if I'll be able to meet someone, date them, understand them to the point that I'm comfortable getting married and then get married within a six month time frame… if it had something to do with flying Vipers? Sure, I could pull it off. But this is relationship stuff and I'm. So not good at it." She lifts her head and eyes the thermometer, then the man holding it. "I'll try to make it within the next two. Err on the side of caution. I'll cut out the every day flying now, though."

Reighner stands. "That's surprisingly old-fashioned. I thought you kids these days just had a bunch of casual sex and worked things out between romps. Excuse me." He tugs back on Rue's earlobe and sticks the probe into the ear canal. The device beeps in a couple of seconds, and he glances at the screen and shuts it off. "Also, avoid exposure to radiation sources, which includes anything involving nuclear missiles or the engineering compartments."

"Understood," Rue says, keeping her head still for the thermometer. "I… Well. I blame my family. Sometimes the sordid lives of my own pilots freaks me out. But, that stays between you and me, right?"

Reighner tosses the disposable cap into the trash and sets the thermometer back into the cart. As he returns, he says, "Our little secret." He retakes his seat. "Now, I want you to be aware of warning signs. If you are suddenly dizzy or have abdominal pain, come in immediately. If you become lightheaded or have vaginal discharge, come in immediately. Any bruising in your torso, come in immediately." He tempers, "I don't want to be an alarmist, but on the level, twenty percent of pregnancies are miscarried. At this stage, the risk falls to about ten percent. It's not insignificant."

"I apologize if I gave the impression before that I ignore injuries… I'm not the sort to do that. If I even suspect there's a problem, I'll be down to the Sickbay as quickly as I can manage," Rue shuts the binder and holds it on her knee. "I'm committed."

Reighner shakes his head. "You didn't." He pulls out a pocket notebook from his coat and starts jotting some notes down. He says, conversationally, "A pilot with a sense of personal responsibility, hmm? How'd you fall into this line of work?"

Rue chews on a nail as she responds with, "Drunken dare." She smiles and waits for Reighner's reaction to that.

Reighner sniffs, running a finger under his nose, and crosses his legs ankle to knee. He continues writing and remarks, without looking up, "I know what you mean. I'm not actually a doctor, I stole this coat from supply."

"I took the Academy entrance exam on a drunken dare. It just so happens I was accepted. When I got the results in the mail, I had… I guess I'd say it was a revelation. I wanted to do something with myself. Be a part of something bigger," Rue explains, then notes, "It's a fetching coat."

"The recruiter's ad-line." Reighner glances up with an arched brow, a bit amused by the compliment. "Thanks." He closes the book and tucks it into his coat. Clasping his hands together, he asks, "Tell me, did you really believe it?"

"I did. But I didn't know if I'd make it. It was a lot of hard work," Rue says, canting her head slightly to the side. "Between you and me, I'd consider long and hard staying in my little town on Leonis, rather'n do it all over again."

Reighner stands. "It's a good thing you did, well…" For obvious reasons. His voice trails off. "How did the anti-nausea drugs do for you? Did you fill the prescription?"

"I did and they seem to be working alright. I haven't had another incident like the other day," Rue starts to stand from the gurney. "Stretching my legs… So, are there any exercises you'd recommend? I'd like to try and keep somewhat active."

"Avoid anything that puts you on your back, any belly exercises, and make sure your heartrate doesn't go over one thirty," Reighner replies. He reaches out for Rue's wrist and touches a middle and forefinger to it. He seems to be mixing in parts of a physical exam. "So, fast walking, arm exercises, maybe some pull-downs without abdominal involvement. Do you know how to take your own pulse?"

"Yes," Rue says, "So. Did you want me to open my mouth and say ahhhhh, too?" This last is said teasingly. She pats Reighner's hand with her free one and says, "Stay off my back, no belly and keep my heart rate down… I think I can handle that."

Reighner smirks, suddenly made aware of his somewhat disheveled approach. "It's not often I counsel pregnant women," he excuses. "But I believe there's some exercises in the guide." He seems to finally be out of advice, and he lapses into an unassuming silence.

"I'll read my manual," Rue assures Reighner, squeezing his hand before letting it go. "I'll make it a priority… and stick to the guidelines you've laid out. I'll probably have a whole host of questions, the next time we meet." She smiles and takes a step towards the curtain, "Thank you."

Reighner lingers at the gurney. "Oh, I'll walk you out." He makes up the distance. "Just give me a call when you'd like another meeting. If not, I'll see you again in two months for a blood test."

Smiling at that, Rue shakes her head and says, "You'll hear from me soon." Walking along with Reighner, she stops just short of the door and looks back. "Good night, Doctor Reighner."

Reighner falls off at the front desk. The nurse there seems to know the drill, and a few covered patient charts are placed in front of him. He nods back. "Good night."

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