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The Raptor

Although the Raptor lacks the sleek profile of its partner the Viper, this dynamic craft has demonstrated an adaptability that far exceeds its original design specifications. Its extraordinary flexibility has turned this once under-appreciated utility craft into the celebrated workhorse of Battlestar Galactica's combat wing. In addition to being capable of hyperlight jumps, its primary ordnance and command packages can be swapped out to accommodate such missions as tactical strikes; electronic surveillance; combat theater coordination; reconnaissance; personnel and cargo transport; and nuclear warhead delivery. In a pinch, it has been used as a troop carrier for ship-to-ship boarding operations. Unlike Vipers, which are single-seat craft, Raptors are crewed by a pilot and an Electronic Countermeasures Officer, or ECO, who operates the Raptor's surveillance and communication systems.


Type:Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Registration: Colonial military
Specifications: L: 28' Wingspan: 18.34' H: 9.5'

21 BCH -Mission: Damaged Marker
18 BCH -Rescue of Pandora - Numerous logs.

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