Double Or Nothing
Double or Nothing
Summary: Two marines make good on a bet. Sniper v. Demo expert + firing range. Fiiiight. Er. Shoot.
Date: 51 ACH (03 Jan 2009)
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Battlestar Genesis, Deck 14, Small Arms Range, 51 ACH

The shooting range can hold up to a dozen personnel that are working on their firearms skills. Each booth has a scorecard. Buttons in the booth sends the target down a runner and brings the target back. A locker holds some weaponry and is code locked for Officers and marine NCO's only. Ear and eye gear hang within the booths for protection.

Ramiro is standing alone at the last stall of the firing range with shooting glasses and protective earwear on. The firing range is empty save for the people near the entrance working the gun cage. Sipping from a bottle of water, he waits patiently.

Lex spins the hatch and steps into the shooting range. She pulls it closed behind her, still dressed in duties. She makes her way over to pick up some ear and eye protection, then continues down the lanes. Sneaking up on someone is easier than usual on the range. She's going to eyeball the competition before the contest begins.

Not seeing the private, Ramiro sets his bottle down and picks up his pistol. Clicking off the safety, he raises the weapon and fires the last three test rounds.

Lex crosses her arms, eyes on Ramiro's stance. Yes, stance, not ass. Her eyes move to his shoulders, then along the line of his arm as he squeezes the trigger, and peppers the target with rubber bullets.

With the slide held back in the pistol, Ramiro ejects the clip and pops in a fresh one. Setting the pistol down, he turns and sees Lex out of the corner of his eye. "Hey…" He says, revealing a stiched split lip, a series of bruises on the left side of his face, and a set of bandaged knuckles on his right hand.

Lex's appraising glance goes right to the abused face. Lex's arms remain crossed, but she shoves off the wall where she'd started to lean. She steps over to the Sarge, and reaches up to tug the ear protection down around her neck. Her eyes go from the knuckles, to the face, to the lip. "Nice."

Ramiro gives her a little smile, looking up across the room. He very subtly winks. "Corporal Gars and I fell down some stairs. I was kind enough to deliver him to the sickbay." Ramiro whispers, turning to face her. "You hear about shore leave?"

"Ah," Lex nods, and steps in to have a look at Ramiro's sutures. "Who did these?" She reaches up to turn his face slightly. "I thought it might have been something like that. Mighty neighborly of you to esort him in for some painkillers."

"Well it was the least I could do. I was pretty surprised that I knocked the old Ox out." Ramiro replies, letting her turn his head and inspect his wounds. "Lieutenant Craven sewed me up."

Lex glances down the range toward the target. "You feel up to a little competition, or are you too tenderized to stand in the face of a Sag?" She arches her brows a little. "Craven does good work."

"Well I wouldn't wanna be ugly for the girl." Ramiro replies, looking down the lane. "Oh no…I've gotten my shots in. Wanna just go for final score on 12 rounds?" Ramiro looks to her. "You're going to lose this, you know…"

Lex smiles and says, "We'll use the same weapon, same lane." She sweeps a hand toward the land. "Would you like to go first, or shall I? More shooting, less talking."

"I'm primed…let me go first." Ramiro replies, slapping a clip into his weapon. Pulling the ear covers back on, he looks down the lane and lines up. Letting out a breath, he clicks off the safety and opens up, emptying the clip.

Lex's ear protection is on again a moment before the hail of rubber slams intot he target, showing it who's boss. She stands just behind Ramiro, watching his shots from a very advantageous point of view. Once the firing's finished, she hms to herself. A smile curves her lips, but the Pvt doesn't say anything. She reaches for another loaded magazine. She simply holds a hand out past Ramiro's shoulder, waiting for the weapon to be transferred and the lane to be opened.

Ramiro hands the pistol over and steps back behind her, brushing against her as he passes. "Excuse me…" He mumbles as if it was an accident. Stepping back, he stands behind her a few steps and folds his arms, waiting to see what's next. Looking her over, he turns his eyes back up to watch the attack after reeling in his target and sending a fresh one out.

If Ramiro's going to apologize-fake-like about the brushing, he wont mind a little pat to his ass as he reels in his target. She pops the mag into the pistol, safeties off, and raises the weapon and takes aim. "Pardon," she says, before a gentle series of trigger squeezes results in the rapid fire empty of rubber rounds into the target. Not quite Ramiro's level, but pretty darn good for a private. Dang.

Ramiro watches the shots go out. When the clip is expended, he hits the button that reels the target in. Lowering his voice, he looks to her. "What was our bet again?" He smiles, nodding to the paper as he takes it down. "Really good, actually, you need to remember though that I qualified for sniper school first week of boot. Unless you wanna go double or nothin…"

Lex pulls the ear protection from her left ear so she can hear Ramiro properly. She smiles a little wider. "Double or nothing? So that's two yes responses or six no holds barred questions." She pops the magazine and considers this. "Double or nothing it is." Some people don't know when to quit.

"Yeah…that's two yes or six no holds barred. Trade three no holds for one yes." Ramiro says quietly, motioning for her to go first this time. He smiles a little and leans in to whisper something to her. Ramiro whispers: You know, I was thinking we should probably stay quiet about us until we can't hide it any longer. Lords know what kind of enforced marriage stuff they're gonna sling.

Lex almost fumbles a full magazine off the counter of the lane as she reaches for it just as Ramiro whispers in her ear. She shoots him a look, drops the ear protection back in place, and turns on the target.

Ramiro leans back as she fires, watching the rounds sail off into the target. When her clip is done, he reels it in and lets her do the counting. Reaching over for the pistol, he brushes past her again and starts to load and prepare his rounds. "Sorry I didn't mean to…" He trails off, lining up his sights before he fires.

Lex empties the rounds once again, and steps back from the lane only once her target is in hand. She steps in close, so close she's almost touching the line of his back. She leans in, and, just as he's moving to squeeze, says loud enough to carry through the ear protection, "Was that a pre-emptive proposal?"

Ramiro looks to her for a long moment, a small smile creeping at the edge of his busted lip. He winks. "I think it might have been a testing of the waters." He says, not shying away from the topic. Securing his ear protection, he turns and opens fire.

Lex smiles, pretty sure his score went down somewhat. She glances at her target, still standing well within polite range just behind the sniper. She drops her ear protection around her neck again, and moves to reload a magazine with some rubber bullets. It's always a bitch jamming them in there. It's like verbal chicken, this conversation. "Noted." She glances over at his target again. "How close?"

"We tied that time…" Ramiro says, stepping back out of the way to give her room. Reeling the target in, he takes it down, scores it, and sends a fresh one out. "Seems you might actually win this one. You never know." He adds, standing behind her. "Your turn. We'll go till there's a winner."

"You doubted me?" Lex shakes her head, reaching up to tuck her hair behind her ear. "I find that interesting." She finishes up loading, and pops the magazine into the pistol with the slap of a palm. "It's not all bluster, D." Grin. She raises the weapon, and takes aim on her shiny new target.

"Well no I'm just having a bit of sniper ego." Ramiro replies, watching her finish over her shoulder. He lowers his voice. "Of course it's not all bluster. There's a whole lot more." He muses, reeling in her target for counting as he brushes past her again. It's almost comical the flirting at this point. Reloading the weapon, he sends a fresh target downrange.

"Yes," Lex replies, "There is." A whole lot more. She lines up behind Ramiro again, standing just behind his left shoulder, her hands clasped behind her back. On his last shot she leans in a little. "What the hell was that?"

Ramiro looks to the gun and blinks. It's smoking and the slide is at a strange angle. "I think the rubber bullets jammed the frakker…" He leans back a little, shoulder bumping into hers as he does so. He uses both hands to clear the jam, the spent shell popping out and towards the grated floor. "It was 72 rounds…"

"Oh, jamming. Combat fail." Lex shakes her head and leans into his backward lean. "I think that's a penalty, Sarge." She pulls her ear protection loosely around her neck, slips off the eye protection, and raises both brows. "Wouldn't you say?"

"Are you trying to see how whipped I already am by seeing if I'll give you the win for that?" Ramiro replies quietly, glancing to her. "Let me guess, are you considering it to be a worthy what…twelve point deduction?"

Lex considers this for a moment. She does the mental math, then shakes her head. "No. But I'm also not willing to concede a loss to a sniper who jams." She grins. "So we either go again, or we both get a single round of questions or yeses."

Ramiro looks to her, folding his arms across his chest. He looks to the pistol, considering it for a moment. "Allright…that seems fair. You get one and I get one." He smiles, turning to the weapon as he speaks very quietly with her, one ear off of the protection. "You drive a hard bargain, Private Lex."

"Stop trying to get me to kiss you in a duty area," Lex replies with a little grin. "Deal." She doesn't back off of his position, and remains standing within obvious familiar ground.

"Who said I was trying to get you to. I wouldn't do that." Ramiro smiles back at her, his back to the gun cage off in the distance. He looks down to her. "So…how do I look all beat up?"

"Still cute," Lex replies without a hitch, arms sliding crossed again. "Lucky for you I like marines with a few miles on them." She grins and shakes her head, then gets more serious, "At least it went down between marines this time, instead of crossing over the officer line. I'm still pissed he lost us our leave for being a twat."

Ramiro smiles down at her, speaking quietly as he remains alert for signs of new people entering the area. "Well I don't know if I'm in trouble yet, but I hope I won't be. We'll have to see if he makes an issue of it with me. I didn't back down from him, and I'm a little amazed that I knocked him out." He grins. "You would have loved to watch it."

"I always miss the good stuff." Lex shakes her head again, reaching up to comb her fingers through her hair. "So who swung first?" The question is asked quietly, out of earshot of anyone else. "Seems like talking wasn't doing it. Maybe a little corps internal justice will do the trick."

"I yelled at him and he did the good old telling me that raising my voice at him was a mistake. I did it again and he shoved me into a wall so I popped him in the face." Ramiro replies, smirking. "Apparently those of us with all this less experience can put him in place. I'm praying it'll be a reality check."

"You want to take a check on the Mess Hall and go to the Chapel?" Lex glances over. "I got a feeling you'll need extra knee time for that Corporal."

Ramiro blinks as she mentions the chapel, then his brain catches up. "Oh you mean the praying he'll get the reality check? I dunno…we haven't seen Gars humbled yet, maybe it'll work." He replies, grimmacing a little bit. He smiles down to her. "Wanna have some lunch with me?"

"Sure, if you think you can keep your hands to yourself." Lex grins and turns toward the hatch. The amusement in her voice suggests she caught the confusion regarding the chapel. "Don't sweat it, Dane. It happens to everyone."

"Of course it does…" Dane replies sarcastically. "…you got a little flustered yourself." He adds, turning in the unused training ammunition and reloading his weapon with live ammunition. He follows behind her. "I'll have to."

There's a walk to the hatch in silence. Nico spins it, pulls it open, and steps through, waiting for Ramiro. Once he's throuh as well, she pushes it closed, spins it again. "If they still have fruit cups, I'll fight you for it."

"Triple or nothing? I'll give it to you for free for triple." Ramiro replies with a smile, stepping beside her, preparing to walk with her towards the mess hall. "Unless you have any questions now."

"Here's one. Were you serious about the marriage thing?" Lex glances back. "Testing the waters and all that." She continues along down the corridor toward the aft stairwell. Ah, a pleasant stroll through Marine Country.

Ramiro keeps his voice down, offduty and walking beside her. "That's a pretty loaded question." Ramiro replies, choosing his words carefully. "If the brass came down and ordered us to either do so or split, I'd be okay with it." He looks to her. "But if not ordered to, I figure that's something we can decide on our own time if we start to think of that as a possibility."

Lex looks over again as Ramiro replies, but her eyes are pretty quick to return to the corridor. Just a glance, folks. Just a glance. She passes by a couple of MPs swapping stories and bitching about smokes. Lex steps a little closer to Ramiro to pass them. "That was a very careful answer. It's almost like I'm making you gun shy."

"Not at all…" Ramiro replies, shaking his head. "I don't want to scare you off, actually. I think you're a great girl and I love spending time with you." Ramiro replies, glancing to her as they speak quietly. "To be honest I'd be downright happy if you did decide I was marriage material."

Lex is quiet for a moment before she asks, "Where did they find you? You know, it's no wonder you're collecting the medals." She turns to step through the hatch to the stairwell, chuckling as she goes.

"They found me in a box marked difficult." Ramiro replies, looking to Lex as the walk. He shrugs as he speaks quietly. "But at the same time I don't want you to think I'm one of these guys that orders a moving truck for a third date." He chuckles. "A guy I used to know told me to give her every chance to escape first."

"Every chance to escape?" Lex laughs. "If a woman can't escape when she wants to, she's not really interested in escaping. Don't second guess. If you piss me off, I'll just put you on the floor. Simple enough, right?"

"Put on the floor…but not escape eh?" Ramiro says, holding the door to the deck for her. He lowers his voice and looks quietly to her. "So I suppose that means you're not interested in escaping…"

Lex smiles, stepping through the hatch that's held open for her. She doesn't say anything for a moment, not until she passed through it. A glance back over her shoulder at Ramiro preceeds her reply. "Leave is too good."

"Really…" Ramiro says, following after her. "…you know how to make a guy feel proud." He steps up to her, continuing to speak quietly. "What can I say, you inspire something in me."

Lex glances down. "That's an understatement." She can't help but laugh as they head up to the Mess. "I'm itching for combat. I haven't blown up anything in forever."

Nearing the mess door, Ramiro's hand swings as it walks, tapping the inside of her palm in a highly unnoticeable show of affection. "I'm itching for something that tastes like chicken." He inserts as they pass through the door. "Something tells me though that trouble is not far ahead."

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