Downtime in the Nest
Downtime in the Nest
Summary: Pilots and Marines on the Obs Deck. No blood is shed.
Date: 14 ACH
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Roosters Nest (Obs Deck) Genesis - Deck 9

14 ACH 6735 Souls

The observation deck is at the fore of the ship. The viewport allows those who come here to relax and enjoy a little quiet time with opposite sex. When the ship is under Alert levels, the viewport has a steel shutter that automatically comes down over the viewport for protection of the glass. The seats here are single and double and set up like a theater. They are cushioned and some recline back for those quick naps.

-----< Condition Three - Public Area >----
Contents: Addie Bell Ramiro Wireless 1494

Exits: [O] Corridor

Special: +detail - Details available

Ramiro's managed to make his way back to the Rooster's Nest after a day of light duty. Filling out forms…filing papers. Fresh out of the showers with a new bottle of water sitting beside him, he's looking over a small data-reader on a sofa. It's quiet inside, and he appears to be ignoring the starfield for the benefit of reading what appears to be a book of some sort.

Bell flits onto the Obs deck. She's also carrying some reading material. In her case, it's an entertainment magazine. An old one. That winter movie preview the cover promises is probably kind of moot now.

Traveling to one of the dimmer rooms on the Battlestar in order to read seems a bit silly, but it's probably no more silly than coming to the Obs Deck to write. Captain Nikos enters the Rooster's Nest with a small notebook in hand, and makes her way to the back of the room to take her usual seat. It just so happens it's not far from Ramiro. A steaming mug of coffee in one hand, the pilot takes a seat and flips open the notebook, resting it on the arm of a small sofa which is bolted to the floor.

Ramiro looks up as two more people enter. Careful to not look as if he's spying, being that people come here for a little privacy, he nods to both of them from his sofa. His right arm, still bandaged and in a sling, he reaches out to his bottled water and takes a sip. The bottle is a reusable one with the initials "D.Ramiro" on it.

"Dane! Hey!" Bell chirps when she spots Ramiro. Jogging over to intrude on his privacy. "The docs spring you?" Addie gets a respectful little nod when she's spotted, though the pilot isn't chirped at. Her coffee is eyed, though.

Addie raises her cup to Ramiro, acknowledging him with just that brief gesture. She sips from the mug (dark blue with a bright yellow smiley face), and her eyes follow Bell as she springs to Ramiro. She smiles a little behind her mug, and nods to acknowledge the Private. Her eyes turn to the stars as she slides a pencil out from between the pages of her book.

Ramiro smiles broadly at Bell as she decides to hop over towards him, motioning to the seat beside him as he turns off the data reader. "Yeah…yeah they sprung me alot earlier than I thought they would. I'm on light duty for lords know how long, though." He motions to his right arm and gives her a nudge. "Sit sit…oh hey, I got the candy bars after the first day. Thank you…"

Bell smiles at the smiley face on Addie's cup. It's happy! She hops onto the sofa to join Ramiro. Literally hops it. She vaults over the armrest, landing on a cushion with a light "Oomph." "Well, light duty's not so bad. 'Least you can go somewhere other than Sickbay. Oh!" she exclaims. "I totally forgot to congratulate you. Heard they made you a proper corporal. That is so totally awesome, dude."

That gets Addie's attention. She glances over, briefly eyeing the two marines at the mention of candy. Sip. It's like enthusiasm exploded over there—or maybe Bell's just been eating candy.

"Thank you, thank you." Ramiro replies, a broad smile forming again on his face as he tries and fails to play it cool. No doubt he's really proud about it. He runs a hand through his hair. "Yeah a couple of the guys gave me some hell about it. I was asleep when that fleetwide announcement went out." He murmurs, glancing in Addie's direction with a blush before looking back at Bell. "How you been doin' Bell?" He asks, smiling to the Private. "You uh…hear about Corporal Gars?"

Bell eyes Addie back. Blinking. As if puzzled why she's being eyed by the pilot. The young Marine does look sugar-charged. But perhaps that's just the way she always looks. Ramiro is beamed at. She snickers as his attempt at modesty. "Well, you totally deserved it. You *really* put your ass on the line down there." That last part makes her blink. "No…What about him…/Corporal/ Gars?" She is all of confusion.

At the mention of Corporal Gars, Addie makes a very soft little sound in the back of her throat. She goes back to her coffee, eyes forward, and puts pencil to paper. The pencil rasps softly over the notebook as the pilot writes, neat little block letters tiny and illegible without being right on top of them.

Ramiro blushes at the compliment, scratching the back of his neck a little in the process. He takes a sip of his water to cover his face a little bit. "Well…I did get buzz sawed. I guess a promotion beats an extra dinner portion." He chuckles, running his hand through his hair. He glances to Addie and then back to Bell, turning on the couch to face her. He lowers his voice a little, but Addie could still hear. "He got demoted to Corporal and then got himself put in the brig again." He says, trying to not seem a gossip. "Glad I could break the news to you, because I know you had to smell that dragon-breath of his while he was barking in your face."

Bell doesn't try to snoop at Addie's writing. Even if she could. The inter-Corps gossip absorbs her. "Whoa!!!" she exclaims. Not quietly. "That is frakking major. Why'd they demote him? I mean, he wasn't exactly Mr. Super Nice, but they seem to kind of like that in the Marines. And don't sweat it. I get yelled at a lot. I used to it." She doesn't seem put off.

Addie can't help but smile again at Bell's enthusiasm, though it's hidden by the coffee mug raised to her lips again. The perkiness of the mini-marine sort of knocks out all the violent tendencies she's feeling toward another member of the Corps. Writing, writing, watching the stars, and listening to the conversation behind her—these are the things Addie does.

"Well…trust me with how you've been holding the line, Bell, I'm rooting for you to be the next to get a new set of pins." Ramiro replies, smiling back to the Private. "I don't know exactly what he did, but he didn't seem to happy about being the same rank as me. He uh…" Ramiro chuckles quietly. "…got into trouble here last night, and is in the brig again. I'm going to visit him soon but…" He shrugs. "I just hope he gets his stuff figured out."

Bell blushes, sticking her tongue out and blowing a dismissive raspberry at the idea of being promoted. "*Not* likely. But I kind of feel bad for him. He was *real* brave on the line. And he's super-old. It must suck to go back to corporal. I *so* want to figure out what he did. You think he got into a fight with the brass like the Master at Arms did?"

"He shit all over his uniform and frakked with an officer who was not in the mood," Addie murmurs, her pencil never pausing in the writing. She sips her coffee again, and falls silent after passing that along. Simple, brief, to the point.

Ramiro's eyebrows lift at Addie's words, blanching a little bit and then looks to Bell. "Captain Nikos was there…" He motions to Addie. "I don't know what he did to get busted down to Coporal but last night I came up here to kinda relax, being out of the RW and all, and he came along and couldn't avoid bein' rude to the pilots." Ramiro replies. "Even I don't agree with some of the stuff he said."

Bell's face scrunches up a little. Perhaps she's wondering if the 'shit all over his uniform' part is purely figurative. "You were?" Her blue eyes widen at Addie. She seems torn. Risk prodding the Captain, or risk losing out on more good gossip? She takes the bolder path. "What'd he say? Sir? I mean, I'm just…y'know…asking for my own educational benefit. I wouldn't want to get busted down. I don't think there's anything lower to bust me to, so I bet it'd be totally brutal."

Addie writes. Scritch, scritch goeth the pencil. It must be something detailed because her hand hasn't stopped except to turn the page. "Never tell a pilot the death of her fellows is clinical, clean, painless, and worth less than the death of a marine." Scribble, scribble. The words are almost impassive, yet very cleanly enunciated. It's obvious that version has been prettified. "I think most people know where the line is."

"Yeahh…" Ramiro replies with flattened lips, motioning towards the captain again as he nods to Bell. "…He kinda came in here talking that exact thing. Granted, I was trading a little trash talk but it was friendly, he took it a little far." Ramiro adds with a shrug. He takes a sip of his water. "I told the Corporal that I didn't agree. Which, I think is the right thing to say."

Bell's eyes widen at Addie. A little shocked. She nods. "I won't, sir. That…that was not cool. Or right. I'm totally sorry."

Addie nods, and glances over toward the marines. "There's no reason to apologize for another man's words, but thank you for the sentiments." She glances back to her notebook, then back over at the two. "Did I hear someone say candy bars earlier?" See, she can let comments go after the fact, unless it's possible chocolate might be involved.

"You sure did, Captain." Ramiro replies, flashing Bell a wicked grin. "Private Bell was sweet enough to deliver us banged up marines some candy bars when we were laid up in the recovery ward." Ramiro leans back on the sofa, relaxing. "You got any of those left, Bell?"

Bell shakes her head, shrugging apologetically at Addie. "I raided the vending machine in the Mess after Dane and Sergeant D got hurt, but I left them all in medical." She chuckles. "Maybe the nurses swiped some. I can see if the cooks've got some laying around for you next time I'm down that way, though, sir."

"Don't worry about it. But if you happen across any chocolate…" Addie smiles a little. She wheels and deals now and then with the crew, which is how she got such aromatic coffee that most certainly did not come from the Lounge or the Mess.

"Well if you do find some, Bell, I'll trade you something for it." Ramiro replies, giving Bell a sly smile. "Captain Nikos came up to the RW and played some cards with me to help me kill the time while I was laid up. Technically I owe her one." Ramiro adds, seated on a couch beside Private Bell. Before them in another of the stadium style seating is Addie, working on her notebook. Aside from that, the place is barren.

Bell offers Addie a casual semi-salute. Off-duty and all. "I'll keep it in mind, Sir. Got you covered." Her nose twitches at the coffee. "That smells real nice. Where'd you get it?"

"I think there's some coffee over there…" Ramiro points to a small table with cold drinks and a pot of coffee. He takes a moment to sip the last of his water before getting comfortable, taking care of his injured right arm. "So, Bell…when we're not out fighting, what do you do for fun?"

Bell eyes the indicated coffee. Speculative. But it's military coffee, so she's wary. To Ramiro, she shrugs. "The gym here's pretty sweet. And there are some OK vids in the Rec Room. But there's not a *ton* of stuff to do. I've been meaning to go check out the Carina. I've heard it's pretty cool. Y'know. Now that the toasters are gone and everything." That would improve a place.

"A friend traded me for it," Addie replies, with a slight quirk of her lips. She gives no names. "I also consider trading for cigarillos or finer cigars." She throws that out there in case anyone has a stash. She turns the page in her notebook, still writing.

"I'm going to try to see if I can get some shore leave, but I don't know what I'm all cleared for yet." Ramiro replies, sniffing the air. Addie's coffee is definitely significantly better than the motor oil they serve in the mess. "I've been meaning to head back to the Carina, see what they're doing with it. At least we know they have a Pyramid Arena." He smiles, pausing to look at Addie. "I'm about the poorest man when it comes to trading, unless of course someone's really interested in surgical staples."

"I don't have any cigarettes," Bell says, pondering. "But I've got tons of old magazines if you want them. Most of them are pretty old but it's nice to have something cool to read when you're waiting around here. And the guys seem to like the fashion ones. I…don't ask what they do with them." To Ramiro, she nods. "Yeah, I've heard it's a sports ship. Got all kinds of totally cool stuff. Gods, I haven't seen a Pyramid game since I left Canceron."

Addie glances over to Ramiro. "Surgical staples?" She regards the marine for a moment longer than is necessary. "Surely you have something more amusing to trade." She arches her brows a little at the mention of magazines. Maybe she's not a magazine reader.

Ramiro blushes, shaking his head at the two of them. "Really…I don't. I came here on short notice and was arranging to have my stuff sent forward." He chuckles, looking to Bell. "Wait…there's fashion magazines? Frak…they're holding out on me." He pauses with a shake of his head. "Let's see here…Surgical staples, a few old comic books, a bunch of old religious texts on datafile…" He hrmmms. "I've got a few seasons of Pyramid on disc. An autographed ball." He looks to them. "I don't even really have away clothes."

Bell shrugs to Addie. "Suit yourself, sir. But if you want last spring's shoe catalog from Caprica, I would *totally* be willing to bargain for it. Better have something good to exchange, though." She looks interested at the autographed Pyramid stuff, tilting her head at Ramiro. "Really? Cool! Who signed it? I always wanted to play Pyramid in high school, but you couldn't do it *and* spirit squad. I was *so* torn."

Addie regards Ramiro for a full five seconds before she turns her eyes back to the stars. The smirk on her lips hints at the direction her thoughts just took, but she does not say anything out loud.

"The Caprica Buc's team, two seasons back. They put together a Marine day at the stadium and we got to meet them and everything." Ramiro replies, giving a cheeky grin and then looks to Addie as she glances back at her with a 'what?' look. He smiles to Bell. "I played in high school, back on Gemenon." He pauses. "Wait…you were in spirit squad? Oh my lords that's awesome. I'm going to have to tell Desusa if you don't find me a swimsuit magazine." He teases. "Just…kidding…" He quickly retracts.

Bell gives Ramiro a long, steady look. "Don't insult cheerleading, motherfrakker. It's a *totally* hard-core sport. You'll never understand the pressure until you've been on the top of that pyramid." She winks. "It worked out, though. My best friend Jolie was on the Varsity Pyramid team. And when I made captain of the Spirit Squad, I got to cheer at all her games. We were a totally unstoppable force."

Somewhere in the black expanse of space, a Cylon must be plotting Bell's untimely death, just from the sheer force of her perkiness. Addie just writes in her notebook, trying not to let the spirit infect her. Close proximity is dangerous.

Rue comes in from Corridor 9A.
Rue has arrived.

"I haven't been on top of the pyramid, but I've been in it." Ramiro replies, tilting his head with a confused look on his face, hoping that came out right. "I was Varsity too…" He teases a little. "Of course, I was probably out of school by the time you were cheering yours on. Probably why your team was an unstoppable force."

Bell practically has a target painted on her forehead, but she's cheery enough about it. She's sitting with Ramiro on one of the couches, chatting. Addie's not far off, writing in a notebook. In response to Ramiro, Bell sticks her tongue out at him. "Big talk, Corporal. We should totally get a pick-up game going once your arm's not in danger of falling off. See if your ass can still move, old man."

Addie is seated on a small sofa with her notebook resting on the arm. She scrawls in it while the two marines discuss cheerleading and pyramid. Or cheerleading pyramids. It's… really hard to tell. Something peppy, though. It's definitely something peppy.

Rue steps inside and glances around. A nod is given to Addie, then to Bell and Ramiro, before she steps over towards the viewport and takes a seat on the floor. She takes a candle from one of her pockets, along with a lighter. One in one hand, one in the other.

"Old man???" Ramiro's eyes widen, making a mock angry face at Bell. "I'm only twenty-four, Bell." He chuckles, picking up his water bottle and taking a sip. Setting the bottle down, he tries to fold his arm and fails, being that his right arm is in a sling. "Allright, one boxing match confirmed, one pyramid game for you. I'm…" He pauses, going quiet as he sees Rue take a candle out of her pocket. He sheepisly, runs his hand through his hair and leans back on the sofa.

"You better train up for it, too, 'cause I'm not going to go easy on you," Bell says to Ramiro. Peppy she certainly is. Her eyes follow Rue as she comes in. And sits. And whips out her candle. Bell's head tilts at the CAG, curious.

Addie's eyes track Rue as she makes her way across the Obs Deck. Her eyes stay on the CAG as the candle emerges, and her pencil slows as the lighter makes an appearance. She tucks the pencil into the spine of her notebook, flips it closed, and rises. She crosses the deck, moving between the couches, and pauses just behind Savannah. A hand drops lightly to the CAG's shoulder, and she crouches beside her, silent.

When Addie's hand touches her shoulder, Rue's chin drops a touch. The lighter is flicked in a single motion and the candle lit. Extinguishing the lighter with a flick of her wrist, she holds the candle in her hand.

"Memorial…" Ramiro whispers to Bell, leaning over to her a little bit as he watches from a distance. Not quite sure whether or not to head down there or simply be quiet and allow the CAG her privacy, he chews his lip and gives Bell a soft look. Turning, he gazes out the to the starfield quietly.

Addison's hand remains on Savannah's shoulder, just a warm, gentle reminder that she's there—comfort for a friend and colleague. No words pass between the two pilots.

Bell nods to Ramiro. Her own eyes going from the CAG to the stars. She even quiets her peppy jabbering. Respectful-like. She also seems reluctant to flee, which might just call more attention to herself.

Ramiro seems rather comfortable, the look on his face one of respect as he falls silent beside Bell on the sofa. He nudges her with his elbow and gives her the 'you allright?' look before turning his attention back to the memorial. Assuming it's for Rabbit and Dazzler, who died protecting the Phantasm that he and Bell were on, he nods softly.

"I frakking hate him," Rue finally whispers after a long silence. The candle is eyed, then she snuffs it with her thumb. Letting out a long breath, she looks over her shoulder and asks, "Feel like drinking?" Since talking doesn't seem to be working for her.

"No, you don't." Addie gives Rue's shoulder a light squeeze. "Let's drink to it." Her dark eyes remain on the CAG for a moment, then she glance back to the marines. She rises, nods to them, and retrieves her notebook, and then turns to re-join the other pilot.

Bell returns Ramiro's nod. Looking half-guilty as she watches the little memorial. But she manages not to flee. Her face is grave as she watches Addie and the CAG.

Ramiro nods slowly to Addie as she looks back at them. Flattening his lips, he finishes his water and sets the bottle down beside the sofa he's on. He turns and speaks quietly with Bell as the CAG and the Captain speak.

Micah comes in from Corridor 9A.
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The candle is stuffed into a pocket and Rue rises to her feet. Taking another long breath, she turns around and starts for the door, though she nods to the Marines again on the way out.

Ramiro whispers: Good…I heard drinking, so they may leave here, but that's that…I wonder who it's for.

Micah enters the observation deck dressed in officer's blues, and rubbing lightly at his right arm as if he'd banged it on something. Rue is spotted first, since she's on her way out, and he turns briefly to address her. "You got a moment, Major?"

Addie approaches just behind Rue, walking with the CAG toward the hatch. She pauses as Micah enters and asks after the Major's schedule.

"A moment. Sixty seconds. What's up?" Rue gives Addie a look, then steps out into the hall.

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Bell watches the pilots go. Idly stretching. "I dunno," she replies to Ramiro. "They've probably lost more than a few that need remembering." She sighs.

"Yeah…" Ramiro sighs in tandem with her, rubbing his jaw with his one good hand for the moment. He looks to her. "I know you went to boot just like the rest of us…but how does a cheerleader become a marine?" He asks, changing the subject. "Adrenaline junkie?"

Bell smirks as she's asked that. It can't be the first time. "The recruiting booth at the mall was right next to the shoe store. I guess I was an easy sale," she says, with a small dose of sarcasm. She shrugs. "It just…I didn't have anything else going for me. It felt like it was something I needed to do." She seems about to add more, but stops at that. Regarding him. "What about you? Why'd you join up?"

"You're going to think this is incredibly wierd." Ramiro replies, turning to look at Bell as he relaxes on the sofa. "My folks are from Gemenon, so they're the religious sort. Alot of my buddies from the team were joining up, so my folks and I made a deal. I'd spend a year working for the temples, and then I could join." He pauses. "Apollo is a hunter. So…sniper school."

"Apollo, huh?" Bell grins. "Yeah, that suits you. My folks…we weren't all that religious." She sounds half-apologetic for it. "I mean, I believe in the gods. We went to temple and stuff. But we weren't, like, super-serious about it."

"Well…I'm very religious but I don't push it on people." Ramiro replies, smiling at Bell. "My house was -very- religious. Not much art unless it was related to the Lords of Kobol. It was really nice though. Good art." He smiles again. "Let me guess…you were the girl with the hundreds of stuffed animals?"

Bell just gives Ramiro a level look. So not responding to the stuffed animal question. "My mom was really into artsy stuff. She was a dancer. Or, she used to be. When she was younger. She even did some theater work on Canceron, but she never hit it big. So she married my dad and started teaching. High school drama. I could never be in any of the plays or anything because I was freaked about trying out for her."

Ramiro looks to her, levelling with her as well. "I guess that you and I aren't so different as one would think." Ramiro replies. "My mother was an aide to the temple and my father was a Brother. They wanted me to go into the priesthood, but I was a little freaked out at the idea of living up to that. Performing services for them, when they're the ones that taught me as a child."

Bell nods at that. Understanding well enough. "Mom always wanted me to do more with the whole dance thing than I did, I think. She got me into tons of classes when I was little but…after awhile, it stopped being fun, I guess. My parents *flipped* when I joined the Marines. It was this huge drama. I went home to visit after Basic but…things were still kind of weird. That was the last time I saw them…"

"It won't be the last." Ramiro replies, nodding quietly to her. "They're just somewhere else, waiting for us to visit. Just like mine." Ramiro says, smoothly picking up the slack in the conversation. He smiles quietly. "And you're going to tell them all about this guy named Corporal Ramiro…and they're going to meet and arrange for a parents only dinner night. When they do that, you and I are going to watch Apollo play Pyramid." He adds, giving her a soft, sympathetic smile. "And they'll talk about how proud of us they are."

Bell smiles faintly at that image. "That sounds nice," she says. She's quiet for a moment. All chattered out. Finally, she just pushes herself up and off the sofa. "I should go…hit my bunk. Or something. Thanks."

Ramiro stands politely, letting her exit. "Allright…" He says quietly, something in the air around him a little deflated. He looks down and scratches the back of his neck for a moment. "I'll see you around, Bell."

"Later, *Corporal* Ramiro," Bell says as she goes. "Take it easy on the arm." And with that, she heads off.

"You too, Private Bell." Ramiro tilts his head curiously before turning and sitting back down on the sofa. Pinching the bridge of his nose for a moment, he lets out a slow sigh and picks his datareader back up.

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