James McAvoy
James McAvoy as Brennan 'Jumpstart' Doyle
Name: Brennan 'Jumpstart' Doyle
Callsign: Jumpstart
Age: 28
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Air_Wing Department
Position: Viper_Pilot
Rank: Ensign
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Aerelon
Actor: James McAvoy

Background Information


Brennan is an ensign with the Battlestar Genesis' Air Wing. This is his first rotation aboard the Battlestar. He's not really known to be trouble or much of anything, having never really placed any kind of significant impact anywhere. His flying style is controlled and direct. There's no fast and furious with him, just the clean execution of orders. It's not only his greatest strength, but his greatest weakness as well, making him inable to think outside the box. He gets along with almost everyone unless they're in his space. His family on Aerolon was originally rather wealthy (at least on Aerolon terms). His family comprises three sisters and a mother, all of which are strong-willed and very much independent. His grandmother served as a raptor pilot years ago before retiring and joining the farming community his grandfather had worked so hard at creating on Aerolon. He's got a not-so-mild case of OCD and likes being clean at all times.


  • Cleaning better than some dishwasher
  • Dry humor that cuts better than some steak knives
  • Being the wallflower
  • Sewing

Distinguishing Features

  • Small stature, pasty white skin


  • Callsign: Jumpstart. It was given to him after the squadron in his first assignment saw him his first day of service start his viper and stall it. Talent. It also speaks to the way he speaks, jumping ahead of himself in introductions and stories.

Pre IC History

Family & Childhood

The Doyle family is compact, strong and comprises mostly women that never back down. It might be because of this that Brennan doesn't normally speak up, but it also might be why he takes orders so well. They're part of the farming community of Aerolon's middle class.


The requirements of the Colonial Navy have been met, but never gone beyond the call of duty. He believes in following orders to a tee, acting when and only when he's told to act. Thinking outside the realm of possibility that he could do something on his own during a firefight does not even enter his mind.

Military Service

His previous assignments included a number of Lunar Class LCV's as well as the Battlestar Leonid (a Mercury Class Battlestar). It is possibly because of his lack of imagination while in open space that he has yet to break the rank of ensign and move on toward the rank of lieutenant (junior grade). He does have a record, however, of leaving on good terms with every assignment. Battlestar Genesis is still new to him and he definitely hasn't settled in yet.

On the Grid




  • Anal Rententiveness
  • Farming
  • Fighting
  • Guns
  • Vipers
  • Open Space.
  • Nurses
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