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The DPAAD (Daedalus Personnel Aerial Assault Drop) system is a classified combat deployment system using the technologies developed under the PROJECT: SKYRAY weapons team.

The system is used to deliver troops to a specific location in stealth using an aerodynamicly designed rig, connected to the back of a paratrooper which allows for HALO (High Altitude Low Orbit) drops from a distance of up to 200 miles away and allow pinpoint placement of personnel with minimal DRADIS presence.

Features include:

  • Carbon Composite construction of glider components, allowing DRADIS absorption.
  • Carbon Composite construction of helmet and hardpoint suit features to further minimize DRADIS detection.
  • Drop suit incorporating full insulation and passive stealth technologies to prevent Thermal detection.
  • Onboard survival atmosphere rebreather, supplying 72 hours of air using modified Pilot survival kit. Designed for hostile environment drops.
  • Onboard storage for up to 100 pounds of gear, mission customizable loadout.
  • Passive pressure powered reaction/redirection flight systems to allow for superior airborne control and increased flight time.
  • Aerodynamic flight systems based on weight and muscle distribution and activation.
  • DRADIS and photosensitive absorption material for final parachute deployment, allowing landing undetected.

It is to be noted that the DPAAD (Commonly pronounced 'D-pad') system is designed for use with Raptor intra-atmosphere only. Neither the system, nor the paratrooper can withstand the rigors of planetfall from space, proper. Entering atmosphere from hard vaccum will generate air friction well above the tolerance levels of any known protective gear. Aerospace tests have shown the passive pressure reaction system requires an atmosphere density of at least 20.33 Milibars to function and gain purchase in the environment. With the standard mean sea level atmosphere pressure of the Colony worlds being roughly 1013 milibars of pressure, this allows Raptors to release paratroopers, for example on Colony worlds, from a height of 55,000 feet, and realisticaly expect them to make a target landing 200 miles away with no DRADIS signature.

It is to be noted that these figures are only for Colony worlds, other planetary bodies will have different effective ranges based upon gravity, atmospheric content and density, and the other factors. It is also to be noted, that even though the expectations of the drop to be a 97 percent chance of no detection, this has yet to be applied to the sciences of what the Cylons may have. Scientific figures give a leeway of 10 to 15 percent. So, an 82 to 87 percent chance of no detection.

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