Dress for Success
Dress for Success
Summary: Salin takes Pepper shopping for Colonial Day.
Date: 1/1/09
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Spires Avenue Carina - Main Level

49 ACH 6285 Souls

This cobblestoned avenue is named after Ric 'Lojack' Spires. One of the best players the Aquarian Aces had to offer, until his bout with a bone disease kept him from playing. He is remembered here with a statue and a plaque next to his name.

The avenue also has bench seating near a small pond and roller carts of vendors hawking their tourist wares from different teams along with food vendors offering savory foods from the different colonies.

Contents: Pepper Wireless 1004

Exits: [CS] Central Square [AR] The Argonaut


Moving with Pepper along the avenue and towards the shops, Salin can't help but smile and give a soft laugh and a shake of his head, "I don't have to say that the Old Man won't ask you what went on, since .. well, you know him far better then I." He's giving a soft chuckle then, "But, even he would want you to get out. Running around that Battlestar and not taking a break, isn't good. That's speaking from experience."

"I think," she says with a dry little smile. "In fact, I'm fairly certain, that he'd be happiest if I were locked in a small room on the ship, one wrapped with cotton, where I had no dealings with anyone." She pauses. "Least of all anyone -male-. Which reminds me, I still need to see the Counselor. Though I'm not QUITE sure what about." Yep, a tiny bit baffled, though it doesn't seem to be bothering her overly much.

That smile holds firmly upon his lips and Salin is quickly nodding his head in agreement, "Oh, I won't disagree with you there. He'd have the only key to that room and it would be under heavy guard, when he had to attend to things." His attention shifts from his surroundings, over towards her, "The Counselor? What for? Surely not for the conversation in the Observation Deck?" He pauses and then shakes his head, "I can't believe he'd be serious over that."

Pepper tilts her head a little as they come to the first shop and step inside. "Over the conversation," she says quietly, glancing up at him sidelong, affirming what he said. "Or is this one of those things that I'm really missing the details to?"

As the first shop is reached and they move inside, Salin gives another slow shake of his head, "I don't think you are .. because if that's the case, I'm apparently missing something as well." There's a short sigh and then he's giving a soft chuckle, "I think this is the case of the Old Man trying to protect and shelter you. I believe the Counselor is to tell you that Marines, especially those of the male variety, are bad and all of that."

She pfffts softly and shakes her head. "They're not bad, not all of them," she says with a laugh. "A little…intense at times. But then again, so is the Old Man. So is the XO. So are you. It's a male thing, I've determined. My father was the same way." She finally breaks away from him and moves to a rack of brightly colored clothing, starting to flip through the offerings.

There's a laugh and Salin takes a couple of steps to follow her, eyes falling to the rack for a moment before he's looking back towards Pepper, "Alright, I can't disagree with that one, either. But, Marines have it a little worse. 'course, they're trained to. Like Viper Pilots. Takes a different type of person to be handling those roles." Arms lift upwards, coming to cross over his chest as he looks back to the garments, "Any particular type of outfit interest you?"

"I used to love to wear somewhat short skirts," she admits to him, glancing over with a wry smile. "Much to my father's dismay. He used to make me go change - when I got caught. The Old Man would have heart failure. So, I think something with a longer skirt - knee-length or below. I'm thinking a simple wrap-dress or a longer skirt and blouse. I don't need anything overly fancy."

That smile is returned and Salin is giving a quick laugh, "No shirt skirts. Before the Old Man keeled over, he'd have me thrown out an airlock just for good measure." There's a quick nod, as if to emphasize that point, "A wrap-dress would suit you quite nicely. So would a skirt and blouse. The latter has a more .. professional image to it, well still holding a casual nature."

Her nose crinkles a little and she laughs. "Which is driving me more toward the dress," she says softly. "I'd like…feminine, I think, rather than professional. It's too easy to get lost in my job and lose the sense of "self."" She pulls a skirt off the rack - long and black, heavy. It's considered then put back. "Nothing funereal either."

"Feminine? Alright, blouse and skirt are most certainly out of the question then." Salin turns his attention the skirt that's pulled off and when it's replaced, he's nodding his head in agreement, "Agreed. Nothing that looks like funeral attire. So, a dress is it." He pauses for a moment, head canting to the side, "For some reason, I see you in something of a dark red or black."

"Red I think," she says, grinning over the rack at him. "And hope that no one gets pictures and the Old Man doesn't find out." Then she puts her hand on something and lifts it up. It's just what he mentioned - dark red. But it's not exactly a wrap dress. All things considered, it's very modest with a sweetheart neckline and short cap sleeves. The bodice fits close, narrowing to a thin waist, before flaring out to a full skirt that would fall just below the knee. "Thoughts, Sir?"

"Well, the chances of getting in a picture are pretty slim, considering the amount of people that'll be around. But, there will probably be enough officers here .. hopefully, no one will take notice." Then, he's falling quiet as a dress is picked out and Salin turns his eyes to it, taking a moment to examine it's features before he's giving an approving nod of his head, "I think it's entirely appropriate. Modest, while still hinting. And pleasing without being overly fancy or professional. I think even the Old Man would approve." Then, a hand lifts and he's waving it slightly, "And over here, it's Salin. I try and escape my rank and position when I check the uniform at the door."

She studies him over the top of the rack for a moment, head tilting to the side slightly, then the smile grows. "Thank you, Salin," she says softly. "I'll be right back. I'd best try this on." Then she's gone, disappearing into the dressing room. When she comes back a few moments later, well, it fits well. A bit big in places, but not hugely so. There's a slow turn one way in front of the mirror, then the other.

"Your welcome." Salin offers before watching as she makes her way into the dressing room. Then, Salin's turning to take a look at some shirts of the male variety, though when he hears the dressing room door open, he's looking back over. Watching as she turns one way in front of the mirror and then the other, he's giving an approving nod of his head, "Most certainly your color. Looks like a nice dress." There's another slight pause. "What do you think of it?"

Pepper looks up in the mirror, catching his eyes, and offers a small smile. "I think it's going home with me, by way of the celebration. Now, are we picking something out for you?"

Giving a slight bow of his head, Salin's lips curve upwards into a grin, "Very nice. Good choice." Then, he's giving a quick shake of his head, followed by a soft chuckle, "I'm afraid not. Don't exactly need anything else for civilian attire at the moment." A pause. "Unlike some, I'm here a little more often as part of my duties. I picked up my outfit not that long ago."

Pepper's eyes crinkle at the corners and she chuckles, nodding. "Alright, let me check out and then I'll catch up with you. It shouldn't take me more than a few minutes, at the most. Apparently she's intending to be quick about it.

Salin lifts a hand and he's motioning towards the doorway, "Sounds good, I'll be standing just outside, browsing through the racks on the walkway." There's another smile and he's turning, moving over to the door and just out, though he can still be seen from the window.

Pepper makes her way out only a few moments later, uniform neatly folded and tucked into a bag of its own. "Ready when you are," she says, moving a little oddly in the low heels that go with the dress. She's not quite used to them. "I hope I haven't taken you from much of the celebration."

Turning from the rack, Salin smiles and re-offers his arm towards her, "Well, then let us get on our way." There's a look back in the direction from which they came and when his gaze returns to Pepper, he's shaking his head, "Not at all, Pepper. I'd been there for a fair portion of it, including the Pyramid Game. Missing a little bit of it, isn't a bad thing."

Pepper takes the offered arm, looking a little lighter, happier than she did before. She transfers the bag to her other hand, though, and reaches up to pull her hair out of the bun. "There," she says, grinning broadly. "Much better."

Watching as the hair is removed from the bun, Salin gives a soft laugh, followed by another nod of his head, "Indeed, much better. Just .. remember to change back into the uniform before you go see the Old Man." There's a pause and a grin curves upon his lips once more, "Though, you have to admit .. it would be interesting to see his reaction. I would place a week's wages that he flustered and wanted to know which Marine was responsible."

"Mmmmm. Makes me want to head right back to the ship," she says with a broad smile. "And find a convenient Marine to go with me. I hate that I could ruin some poor man's career," she says, nose crinkling and the smile fading a bit. "Just by talking with him."

"Pepper, that's just plain .. crafty." Salin offers amongst another flicker of a smile before beginning to lead her back in the direction that they initially came from, "As for ruining a man's career .. well, that comes with being the Commander's Aide." There's another pause and he's giving a soft chuckle, "Part of the territory and with the Commander having known your family quite well."

"And having the Commander stepping into the role of father now that I've lost mine," she says softly. "Meaning he'll be more protective of me than he would be his own child." Why? She doesn't get into. "Ah, well. Such is life. I can do without companionship until he's found something else to focus on. Shall we?"

In response, Salin's giving a slight nod of his head, "Most likely. So, I suppose we should allow the Commander his one or two pleasures in life." A chuckle and his free hand lifts, motioning forward, "Yes, let us return and see how things are progressing. Hopefully, not everyone's run off in search of different things."

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