Drinking Euphemisms
Drinking Euphemisms
Summary: Orion and Kalypso fly a CAP and talk… kind of.
Date: 71 ACH
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Space - Grid Alpha, 71 ACH

The black emptiness of space.

[VIPER_992: Orion] A normal CAP, a normal, cylon free day (hopefully). Orion flies the length of the fleet with a faceless wingman, Kalypso, and her faceless ECO. He's been quiet, only speaking when the mission has required him to actually speak, but it's by no means been a serene flight. Only now, as the three craft streak farther out, leaving the fleet behind for a wider sweep does Flask actually say anything, "So."

[RAPTOR_215: Kalypso] The freedom to fly. It's a beautiful thing. Oh, there are still bumps along the way as Kalypso takes her bird out of the hangar for the black, but there's no Lieutenant sitting in the seat next to her to critique and judge… and the ECO that Kalypso's been assigned on this run isn't much of a chatty sort. That Flask is in one of the Vipers out on this CAP has kept Kalypso more or less quiet. Until said silence is broken once they venture farther from the fleet, she's been all business, but now there's a return of the awkward ice-breaker. "So…"

[VIPER_992: Orion] The flight rolls starboard, sweeping long and far on a deep, vast orbit away from the Genesis. The comms traffic melts into the background, Orion occasionally scanning his DRADIS for adverse contacts… sometimes glancing around his cockpit for the same. A nervous, but expected and encouraged habit. "Think I'm outta booze now. Just as well. Need a clear head. Never know what's gonna happen." Awkward.

[RAPTOR_215: Kalypso] Kalypso is likewise keeping her eyes peeled and keeping her ears alert for any word on the DRADIS from her ECO. To be honest, she wishes Jocasta was back there instead of this guy, but that's the luck of the draw. There's a long pause and then, "Yeah, might be good that you don't have any booze. Wouldn't want repeat mistakes," the woman chimes in. To the other Viper pilot and Wide Load's ECO, it probably sounds like she's talking about Flask's little incident with the brig.

[VIPER_992: Orion] "Y'all didn't exactly help much." comes the response. If Flask's viper actually had a crew larger than one, it would be easy for said crewmate to look into his helmet and see he's blushing crimson. As is, Wide Load could probably get a decent sight of it if she looked.

[RAPTOR_215: Kalypso] Color in her cheeks is exactly why Kalypso is keeping her face on the viewport and not turning to look back at her ECO. She clears her throat, speaking into the comm as she banks her bird slightly and readjusts. "Hey, I know when to walk away from the bottle," she says. Euphemisms abound.

[VIPER_992: Orion] "Handy trick, that." Just keep flying. Keep flying. Flask says to his wingmate, "Inverting." "Copy." His viper rotates about its axis of movement, effectively flipping upside down. Presumably this is so he can see whatever's beneath the flight. Truthfully, it's so nobody sees him blush. "Think you'd best keep the bottle down, if you catch my drift. You ain't cut out for some kinds of drinking."

[RAPTOR_215: Kalypso] "And what's that supposed to mean?" Kalypso retorts, "You don't know me well enough Flask to make those kinds of judgements. I will say that being drinking buddies with you ain't gonna happen again." She watches him invert his bird and shakes her head as she looks out the viewport. An incoherent mutter comes from her and she settles back in her seat.

[VIPER_248: Wright] "What the frak are you two on about? Hey, if you need some booze, I've got a source on the Carina that can get some."

[VIPER_992: Orion] "Means exactly what it sounds like it means, Wide Load. And I'm glad you ain't fixing to booze with me. I already got a drinking buddy. She can hold her stuff down and she's a hell of a lot prettier than you. And her voice ain't annoying, neither." Silence, "Naw. Naw, Wright. It's grand. I don't need no booze. Had enough to fill a frakkin lifetime."

[RAPTOR_215: Kalypso] Kalypso snorts, "You couldn't handle my kind of party anyway, Flask, even if I were looking for a drinking buddy. I like Tempo, Flask, so you better stay sober or keep your drinking in line there. She's good people." To the annoying voice comment, Kalypso doesn't even make a remark. "I'm good on booze too, Wright. I'm not a big drinker."

[VIPER_248: Wright] "Your loss, you two. It's good stuff," Wright coughs, "Uh… anyway…"

[VIPER_992: Orion] Another quick glance to the DRADIS. Flask frowns bitterly to himself, "Party." Snort. "More like…" No answer there. He keeps on flying, leaving Wright to try to figure out just what the hell is going on here.

[RAPTOR_215: Kalypso] "Looks like we're all clear out here, boys," Kalypso says. The Raptor pilot begins banking her bird slowly around as they near the completion of that large loop around the fleet. It seems she's decided to attempt changing the subject now.

[VIPER_248: Wright] "Copy that, Wide Load. I've got nothing on DRADIS except Colonial." Pause. "You know, what you two do is your own business, but I kind of get the feeling that there are things going on in this conversation that uh…" Cough. His Viper does a little roll-over as he falls back into formation.

[VIPER_992: Orion] "Well thank the gods for small frakking favors." Flask: Bitter. "Still wincing a little from the last time. Was on CAP when we got hit. They had to be after something… what, they send 24 centurions at us? If you're gonna do it, -do- it." Mutter mutter grumble grumble, "Naw. It's fine, Wright. Everything is peachy keen." Total bullshit.

[RAPTOR_215: Kalypso] Kalypso just keeps to her flying, but her hands are gripping the controls a little bit firmer now and her teeth are grinding. Kalypso: Annoyed. "Peachy keen… who the hell says things like 'peachy keen'? We don't have to like each other to work together. It's fine."

[VIPER_248: Wright] "Riiiight," the word is drawn out, but he chuckles, "We're heading back into range of the fleet. Probably want to cut the comm chatter back to business anyway."

[VIPER_992: Orion] "She thinks the sun come up just to hear her crow. Copy, Wright. Less I gotta hear that voice. Sounds like… iron scrap on a flight deck." A dim chuckle… almost a dangerous one, but he does shut up.

[RAPTOR_215: Kalypso] Kalypso bites the inside of her cheek. The rest of the CAP is finished out with her keeping mostly silent, other than to make the necessary remarks to CIC.

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