Dude, Where's My Destiny?
Girls' Night Out (AKA Dude, Where's My Destiny?)
Summary: Girls' Night Out on the Destiny becomes a wrong turn to nowhere.
Date: 84-85 ACH
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Envy Destiny - Deck 9
84 ACH 23817 Souls

This is, or was, a private men's club aboard the cruise liner. Simple, yet effective. Low lighting, with a tinge of gold, sets the scene as scantily clad women move about. Yes, this is a strip club. Booths surround the walls, while small tables litter the rest of the room. To one side, a long bar is set, while across from it a cresant moon catwalk, complete with poles on the stage, and stools next to it, allows the customer to see the lovely ladies dancing.

In the back, across from the hatch leading out, is a curtained doorway, leading to the back office, as well as a few private 'VIP' rooms.

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Andi is at the back, tucked away in the shadows. She has a boot propped up on the edge of the table in front of her, while she adjusts the elastics that keep them secured to her shins. "Should be an interesting night." She offers as an aside to Roy.

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Nicholas has been in and out of the place through most of the early evening. He vanished for a while to change out of his more casual clothes into something smarter, and returns to the club a short while before things are set to go. The place has been cleaned and decked out in tasteful but subtly wicked red accents, each of the reserved tables holding a special drink menu for the night and small bowls with chocolates in them. Nick brushes his hands together as he strides up near Andi and Roy, giving both a pleasant smile. "Roy, all ready? Cinnamon, my goodness, you look lovely."

Roz walks into the club, glancing about before she continues toward a booth that is reserved for those invited to this Girls night out. She may be a pilot, but she can sashay with the best of them, moves in space and on the ground.

Andi flashes a smile of brilliant white teeth in Nicholas' direction, as she drags her boot off the table. There's already a few Cubits weaved into the elastic cords of her boot as if to provide a suggestion to the incoming patrons. "You only say that because I'm making you money." Not that she minds. Andi, aka Cinnamon, slips to her feet, with a quick rearrangement of the 'girls' before people really start to pour in.

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"Psht. So young to be so cynical." Nicholas winks at Andi, stepping away from the bar so that Roy, the well-muscled bartender in just a vest and jeans tonight, can get to work as people start in. The faces coming in aren't any he recognises yet, but he calls over towards the women with a gracious gesture to the room at large. "Welcome to Envy. Take any table you like. Roy here will be taking care of your drinks, so don't be shy in making him work for his keep."

Roz glances over toward Roy, "I'm sure he sweats really well," Taking a seat at one of the booths and crossing one leg over the other as she picks up the special drink menu and glances to the chocolate bowl. "Who did we have to mug to get the chocolate?"

Bell flits into the club, sticking her nose in half-curiously before fully admitting herself. She gawks around, blue eyes wide, scouting the place. Perhaps expecting to immediately be surrounded by nudity. So she's a little disappointed.

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It's a very curious Melia who's stepping in just behind Bell, one hand smoothing over her skirt, as if to pull it lower. She doesn't look horribly uncomfortable, though, just rather lost in looking around and falling into the experience. The country mouse has just stepped into the city, and damn, her eyes are wide.

The stage for now is dark, waiting for the performances to kick into gear. There's music playing in the background to welcome the first groups of women into the place. Roy is behind the bar, cleaning glasses and taking drink orders, which are being collected from the tables by mostly female waitresses in dark red dresses.

Bayless enters the club tentatively, clad in a little red dress instead of her little black one. She smiles a little at the decor, smoothing out the skirt of her dress, which she didn't expect to fit so snugly. As it is, she makes her way in, politely smiling to anyone herein who'd recognize her. And those who do would probably NOT expect Mama Scorch Raptorbunny in such attire.

Bell decides there probably aren't naked men laying in wait like snipers, so she stops her peering. Looking over her shoulder, smiling brightly when she spots Melia. "Oh! Sullivan, right? Hi! Isn't this place trippy? I've *never* been in a club like this. Some girlfriends and me got fake IDs and went to the bars in my hometown back on Canceron a couple times, but they were just filled with cigarette smoke and guys who'd made some *really* bad facial hair choices."

Roz actually does a double-take at the Raptor leader. Roz has to do a light whistle when she sees her, "Niiiice." Setting the drink menu aside, she gives a heads up over to ol' Roy. "Start bringing the rounds, shots, limes and Libran Stoppers. Time to teach these people how real Saggies drink."

Andi isn't the main attraction tonight, but a long shot. She's here to generally guide the woman into making sure they have a good time, whether that means inciting them to dance, or tip the male strippers. Right now she's lingering towards the bar, playing the congenial hostess and helping to run drinks to the tables.

Entering the club, McKenzie is all brash confidence and out there attitude. She pushes both doors open, rather than one and strides in. Placing her hands on her hips, she looks around the place with a gleam in her eye and a smile on her lips, "Fraktastic. Rockin'." Her eyes flip to the darkened stage and she strides that way, but pauses as she hears someone mention Libran Stoppers. Turning on one heel, she nods to the woman at the table, "Frak, yes. And don't forget the Picon Pinchers. Dude! Talk about sweet and sour."

Over in the corner by the stage, Serge and his accompaniment are getting set up with a little music for parts of the night's entertainment. An old piano's been rolled in, Serge with his saxophone of course, and Laura with a quick drumroll to warm up.

Melia looks over at Bell, seeming a touch relieved. "This is my first time in a club like this. I was told to, ah…well, be careful in a place like this." Yep, there's that wide-eyed wonder, still. Her eyes threaten to pop out of her head when she catches sight of McKenzie. "I…think…um." Pause, breathe, Sullivan. "I'm either under dressed or over dressed, and damned if I can decide which."

Roy flashes Roz a wolfish grin. "You got it." He goes into bartender mode behind the bar, flipping bottles artfully in the air and pouring out some Shots of Death with wedges of green lime piled up. Within a few minutes, a brunette waitress comes by to get the tray and balances it carefully as she sashays around to the tables, setting down rounds of Libran Stopper shots for the ladies.

"Frak yeah," the viper pilot agrees with McKenzie. "Sit on down here and we'll see who winds up under the table first. I'm Roz, but most call me Fire Eater, for my callsign. Gold Squadron."

A tall drink of water in an outfit equal parts tailored and tartish steps into the club with both arms held down straight behind her back, clutching the handle of a tote bag that hangs to the backs of her legs. Lips draw faintly together as she strikes a sort of pose pose, shoulders back by necessity, hips thrust subtly forward as she scopes out the club. Must be a civilian?

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McKenzie grins at the welcome. "Sweet. I'm McKenzie. Weapons officer on the Hera and CIC overall badass." Turning, she claims a chair and curls into it. She moves with an almost animalistic grace that speaks again of confidence or a dramatic disregard for all things social. Reaching over, she offers a hand, "Pleased to meetcha, Fire Eater." Her gaze flickers to the others, then to Melia. The young woman is given a quick wink, though she does not linger, "Can't say'f I'm underdressed or just wrongly dressed. Didn't know it was going to be fancy clothes." A pause, "Not that it'd matter. This 's the only thing I have that survived. Other'n the military issue. And frak me. Who wants to wear that gnarly crap to a party?"

Bayless glances over as McKenzie and double-takes. A hand lifts to her chest, and she swallows a breath down. "Easy, Rach…" she says to herself, and makes her way over to where Roz is. "Nice deco job they did here, eh?" she says to her fellow stickjock.

Bell shrugs to Melia. "I don't think there's really a dresscode. It just feels good to be out of fatigues for once. I haven't worn these shoes in, like, *forever*." She clicks her heels together, reveling in the extra inches she's gained from them. "C'mon. Wanna get a drink?" She's definitely headed to the bar.

"Nice to meet you, Mac. Don't mind if I call you that, do you?" Roz looks up as the brunette sets the shots down on the table. Her eyes lighting up. Taking one of the shots, she pulls some salt forward and the lime off the edge. "This is going to hurt so good." Looking up to Bayless, "Pop a squat, Scorch. Do you know Mac?" She uses a little finger to point that way as her mouth is ready to bite into that lime.

Melia trails along behind Bell rather like a chihuahah on a leash - but at least she's not shaking. "I think I'm going to like it here," she muses, swiveling her head to take everything in at once. "I'll let you suggest the first drink, Private," she tells Bell. "Not used to drinking and an admitted lightweight."

Standing by the edge of the bar, Nicholas glances at his watch as the place starts to fill up. He beckons a waiter over and speaks quietly to him, motioning towards the stage. Time for some entertainment to start, perhaps. The waiter heads off to inform backstage and Nick leans back against the bar, watching the waitresses fill the Libran Stopper orders. His attention drifts towards the door and the woman entering in green and gold garb. One brow slowly lofts as he studies the face and a slow smirk spreads across his face. But just a moment, the waiter's back with another whisper. He nods, pushing off the bar and lightly clapping his hands.

"Ladies, if I may have your attention! Welcome to Envy, and to Girls' Night as imagined and pulled together by the fabulous Miss Chione Dike, who I should hope is here somewhere or she'll make me cry. To start the evening for you tonight we have a stage performance by the Marvellous Sasha, followed by a performance from our beautiful Cinnamon and, I assure you, some surprises later in the evening." Nick's voice revels in the sounds of that name as he announces it. "So please, ladies, this night is yours so take it hand and do whatever it is that pleases. With luck, no-one will tell." He smirks, and gestures to the stage again. "Music, please."

She can't help it, Chione just likes to glide — and years on the catwalk has given her an easy grace when walking in heels. Moving into the party, the woman overhears part of a conversation and laughs as she reaches for one of the individual chocolates, pulling it into her hand as she turns and flashes a smile at McKenzie. "Chione Dike. A pleasure to meet you, all of you," she notes. "And don't worry about the attire. You're fine. I happen to like dresses, but if you had shown up in uniform, I'd have thrown you in the back to Laura, the costumer here. And she has a thing for …" and here Chione pauses dramatically to lower her voice and make a face, "feathers." Then the chocolate is unwrapped and tossed a little bit before she nibbles on it and glances around, looking for a drink tray. "And… there's Nick! Ack! Frak! Why'd he have to mention me?" And now Chione's looking for drinks in earnest!

Bell makes a "Pfft" sound. "My name's Daphne, by the way. Daphne Bell. You can call me…well, anything not 'Private.' It still feels super-weird hearing it." She ponders the drinks, sucking in a cheek thoughtfully. "I wonder if the bartender knows how to make Aquarian Sunsets? They're *totally* sweet! It's not even like drinking booze. Except there's, like, booze in them. But you can't really taste it, so they're totally fun!" She orders said sunsets from Roy, when she can get his attention, though her interest is half on Chione and the imminent strip-age.

The lights dim to a thick chiaroscuro, painting the club in stark shades of grey with a flickering blacklight. Serge and the band kick up to a loud and lively jazz; get up and dance, or get down and boogey type music. And out of the shadow of the stage steps the evening's main attraction— well, one of them, anyway. He's tall, dressed in a bowler hat and pinstriped suit, and presently stalking his way between the tables to the swinging beat of the music. Roz, it seems, is Sasha's first victim of the night: he flicks his hat off between two fingers, and deposits it on her head with a grin as he sliiiides past.

'Cinnamon' isn't really used to that name yet, and so when its annouced, Andi can't help but give a little hint of a laugh. She pushes off of her lean at the bar, grabbing the next tray of drinks to give a hand and also and excuse to wind into the ticket of female military. "Ladies…" The word sounds like a purr, as she starts depositing glasses into handy hands. As Sasha sliiiides through, she can't help but lift her gaze, her smile warm and encouraging while her eyes momentarily devour.

Drusus has entry— and, not having startled the ladies on first entrance and having heard no cries of 'intruder,' keeps up the act, drawing the corner of his glistening lips into a girlish little smile as he tips his head to look to Nicholas while he makes his announcement, then, working those heels like he was born in them, he goes to the bar to beg a spot to keep his tote for the time being. The dimming of the lights only aids the carefully constructed illusion of femininity sported by the fellow known to most of those here only as CIC-TAC.

Roz has knocked back the first shot, lime, salt and the Libran drink. "Whhooee!" Then when the dancer comes along and deposits his hat on her head, she is giving a nice wolf-whistle in his direction, "Alllllrighty, that's one!" Keeping the top hat on her head. Fashion!

Bayless looks over to McKenzie, trying her damnedest not to look like she's staring, and shakes her head. "Don't think we've met, no. Rachael Bayless. Nice to meet…" At the point, Nick makes his intro and the show gets underway. She grins as Roz gets a little audience participation and graciously accepts a drink from Andi. "Oh, gods, alcohol. Just what mama needed."

Nicholas blows Chione a kiss as he sees her, and melts back into the semi-shadows of the bar as Sasha starts his dance number. Roy mutters something to him that has him laughing under his breath, and he speaks quietly back before he turns to watch the festivities again. And suddenly there's Drusus at the bar and he can't help the show of teeth as a corner of his mouth quirks up. Sliding past two barstools, he sets his hands on the bar right near Drusus. "Well, well. You certainly don't disappoint."

McKenzie leans over to claim one of the drinks, "Hate Mac. But, what the frak, right? I'll adjust." Still, she shudders a little, though covers it by claiming a lime. "At least it's easy to say." Leaning back, she looks up at the one indicated as Scorch. "Nice t' meetcha as well." Then, the MC starts his schpeel and the weapons officer turns to face the stage, "Sounds like they pulled together some talent. Fab." Stretching her long legs out beneath the table, she dips the lime in salt and bites into it. The shudder that ensues is soothed by the shooter and she licks her lips and settles back to enjoy the show. When the handsome dancer dude gives Roz his hat, McKenzie wolf whistles and winks, offering a thumbs up.

Melia trails along behind Bell, laughing quietly. "Only if you call me Mel or Mellie," she replies. Then her attention is caught by Nick and the announcement - her lower lip gets bitten just a little. "I think I'm gonna need that drink," she says quietly. "If Dane catches me here, I am SO dead."

And lo, there's a blonde head of hair under the bowler hat. Sasha's coat is the next to go, collar flipped back and the whole thing given a little slide left and then right as he slinks sideways around the minidress-clad Bayless. With a shrug of his shoulders, the jacket's slipped off and draped around hers instead; his fingertips nearly but never quite make contact with her cheek as he two-steps past to the big band tune.

"Kenz then," Roz decides, not that it matters after enough of these shots on the table. She slides one over to Bayless and then glances to the bar. "Hey you two, come over here," having seen one or both, Melia and Bell, around the ship. She doesn't recognize the other person though.

"Mel? Fair enough. I like it. Why? Dane seems totally cool. Real sweet guy. I mean, not saying he'd be into a place like this or anything, but he wouldn't *kill* you." She plucks up her drink when it's delivered, slurping it through a straw. It tastes fruity and sweet. And is loaded with rum, though the juices mask the booze-y flavor. She blinks at the stage, now that the fun's starting. Gawking at the stripper boy and he makes his rounds.

Chione reaches out for a glass as Andi passes. "Oh, thank you," she notes with a wide grin, taking a sip. Pondering a moment, before flicking her gaze around, Chione just rolls her shoulders and lets out a whistle as Sasha tosses the hat to Roz. There, that might help stir things up. A kiss is blow back to Nick, though as he speaks to someone at the bar, she arches an eyebrow at him a moment, before shaking her head, and looks around. Moving, she walks by Bayless and taps her on the shoulder. "That dress looks great on you. Make sure to dance in it," she offers.

Drusus has just passed his tote over to the other side of the bar, pushing up even further onto his toes and leaning forward to hand it off— and then there's Nicholas, and he settles back, drops one shoulder, cocking up the corresponding hip as he turns his head to give Nicholas a saucy little look from behind the gelled waves of his hair. "Why don't you buy a girl a drink?" he asks from the midst of that salacious little smirk of his.

Andi gives quick a hip bump to Bayless, "Just let me know if mama needs anything else? Nick's fantastic about making arrangements." Another wink, then Chione tkes a drink. "Quite welcome." Her voice is low, her presence definitely /there/, but she's being relatively unobtrusive so to not take attention away from the delicious slice of man weaving towards the stage.

Bayless shoots a devilish grin to Sasha as his jacket is slid onto her bare shoulders. As he nods in smiling, silent thanks to Andi, Chione's shoulder-tap is barely felt under the fabric, but her voice is heard much more handily. Grinning to her, "Hon, the way this night's goin', I might give that pole a try." A pause and a bashful smile. "Okay, maybe not, but these boots are getting broken well in tonight, trust me."

Melia takes a sip of her drink, with just a little hesitation. There's a look of surprise, pleasant surprise, as she mulls over the taste. "That's not half…" Pause. It seems someone just spotted Sasha. She takes a BIG sip of the drink. "Stripper," she squeaks, in the same tone someone else might use to say "Cylon." Eyes cut quickly away to someone else, somewhere else - which would happen to be Roz. Oh, another familiar face. Mellie lightly touches the back of Bell's elbow and nods her toward the pilot. "We're being summoned."

Roz grins at the Sasha dancing and the Bayless flirting, "Scorch is hot, careful that jacket doesn't go up in flames," she pulls another shot over and does that motion of drinking and sucking on limes and salt. Each empty shot glass gets tipped upside down until there is a pyramid starting to build.

Sasha isn't finished on the floor, yet! As the music picks up in tempo, the lithe dancer hops up onto an occupied table, and swings back off so that his feet touch back down in perfect time with the music. A brief detour past the bar, Andi's given a seductive little grin and Drusus? Drusus is given a little hip-bump before he's off again.

"You are going to absolutely ruin my reputation," Nicholas tells Drusus without a shred of seriousness in his voice. He lifts a finger to Roy, summoning the bartender down to bring the "lady" a drink. Then he looks back at Drusus, an appraising eye up and down before he can't help another laugh. "I am very impressed…very. You look stunning."

Bell turns toward the summoning when Melia taps her elbow. "Oh! Yeah. We are. C'mon. Let's motor!" With that, Bell flits over the join Roz and Co. "Hi!" she chirps. A little nod is offered to the ladies at the table, though she can't help but glance over at Sasha. Men on tables are attention-grabbers.

Her drink is lifted towards Sasha, then then towards Bayless, after another flash of a smile in thanks to Andi. "If you give the pole a try, I brought extra singles," she notes, teasing. Then the young blonde is smiling with a nod towards Melia. "Maybe I should be jealous. I think she looks better in my dress than I do," she offers over Sasha's dance music. "Darn you women that don't have pasty and pale complexions like me," she teases, tossing the rest of the chocolate in her mouth.

The boy can certainly swing dance solo, there's no doubt about that much. Sasha's last stop is poor little Melia, whom he accosts with fingertips placed lightly at her waist, and a little sashay of his hips from behind. Something's either murmured into her ear, or his mouth's merely getting up close and personal with it, before he dances away again. It's the stage he's headed for now, easily athletic enough to perform an abbreviated little handspring up to land neatly on his feet, crouched like a cat. The band rolls to a finish as Serge belts it out on the sax.

Drusus takes the hip-bump with a grin and a subtle motion of his thighs beneath the sheer stockings covering them to return the bump while letting his eyes wander Sasha with an easily wanton gaze before his attention returns to Nicholas, "I know," he positively simpers, "Don't worry, you'll get used to it," he promises playfully, before turning to the bartender to specify his drink of choice. Cerissyons, of course. Chilled. "So there's your boy? M'mm… -nice- duds. Boy's not bad to look at, either."

Sasha whispers to Melia.

Roz does a hand circle to let the other girls know to slide into the booth they are at. Sasha's dancing gets another glance, "We should do shots off his body, if it is nice enough. If not, we'll get Roy over here, cause he's got some studly six-pack going on under that vest."

Eli decks into the area, frowning a bit as s/he looks around curiously, those ice blue eyes flicking from person to person, face to face, pole to pole, booth to booth…taking in the surroundings as she shoves a hand into a pocket and squints, shaking her head and wandering a bit further into the area.

Paris comes in from Passage.
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Bayless grins to Chione and nods. "I'll bear that in mind, so best not to tempt a drunk Raptor driver, babe." Oooh, chocolate. Rachael takes up one of the little morsels, unwraps it, and pops it in her mouth, her eyes rolling back in a little dessert-gasm. "Yum."

Deer. Headlights. Mellie absolutely freezes as Sasha approaches and just stares at him for a long moment. One tap will likely send her toppling over. Whatever he whispers, though, sends a tremble straight from her head to her toes, one that's fairly visible. "Dane has taken on the position of older brother," she tells Bell, VERY belatedly. "Protective older brother." Eventually, though, she offers Sasha a tremulous smile and pulls a cubit note from somewhere. "I think…I'm supposed to give this to you," she asks the dancer, cheeks now the color of a Sag sunset.

Andi continues her weave through the crowd, the athleticism of her training on the Pyramid courts allowing her slip around the gaggle of giggling girls like the pro she is. Her smile is flirtatious, her eyes half lidded, and her tray of drinks making the rounds until she finds a convenient table to slide it onto where the women can just pluck them at their leisure.

Four down and Roz is looking around the room, eyes shining from the liquor in her system, "So, who is this Nicholas person anyway? Seems like half the ship knows him, I am out of the loop. Is he good in bed?" Her gaze pulls from the bar back to those seated with her after the question.

"He's everyone's boy tonight, darling," Nicholas smirks at Drusus, giving Roy a nod as a glass of something colourful is slid over the bar for the "lady". "I did tell you we brought out the special candies, now didn't I. With Cinnamon due up next I can't tell who's the Sugar and who's the Spice." He reaches over and flips a little of Drusus' skirt pleating, corner of his mouth turning up again. "You do look just gorgeous. I have indeed been knocked off my seat."

..and from the ashes of the swing music, the club's sound system takes over. It's a heavy beat, thick as molasses and spine-jarring. The lighting shifts to a staccato beat of dark and light, threaded with the odd flare of red. And hopefully that cubit from Mellie made its way someplace safe, because Sasha's not swing dancin' anymore. It's turned into a sinuous twist and pull as he snakes around behind the pole and presses his spine up against it. Movement to distract from his shirt being unfastened, or to complement it? Either way, there's never a moment that he's still.

Paris is… out of place. Decidedly. But he's here, anyway. He sort of sneaks in, presumambly because he's not part of the key demographic. Scurrying as quietly as he can, he lets himself around the bar and goes hunting for Nicholas, trying to stay out of sight. Oy. Why did he ever agree to something like this.

Bell lets out a shrill giggle when Melia is tapped by the stripper. "Whew! Go Mellie!" She's wide-eyed as well, but she doesn't seem close to toppling. She scoots into wherever she can sit around the table, to gawk more comfortably. And giggle some more at Melia and Sasha.

Roz does some foot stomping, hand pounding on the table making the glasses tremble in their small shapes. Two small fingers go into the corner of her mouth as she lets out a whistle for the snaking Sasha. Her arms then go above her head as she drops it side to side and shouts for less clothing.

Sliding into the booth, Chione finishes her drink and just settles the glass down before relaxing, trying to both not wince and not laugh at Melia's delima. "Nicholas Luma, Events Manager here on the Destiny, ambitious sort, no doubt has his fingers in many pies. We worked together when I was the Cruise Director here," notes Chione. "As for how he is in bed? Oh probably never good, but … we never connected. He's not my type, I'm not his," she notes with a wry sort of grin, before nodding over to the bar. The one NOT in the dress that's him. As far as Roy and Sasha, oh, Nick knows how to pick them, they are both, no doubt, very delicious if you want to do body shots off of them later." Chione's gaze fixates on the bowl of chocolates before she turns back to the bar. "I'm going to grab another drink, anyone else want something while I'm there?"

Drusus takes up the glass of deep red liquid, shifting subtly half-up onto the stool he's been parked by, if only to be able to shift a knee slightly upward and draw an inch or two of stocking-clad thigh against Nicholas' fingers while he toys with the folds of his oh-so-couture skirt. "Cinnamon?" he repeats, "Mmm…" he adds, "Well, we'll have to find you a new one… then, after you get yours, I can get mine," he hides a playful smile behind a sip of that red liquor, brows rising subtly.

The rest of Mellie's drink gets knocked back and she turns back to the bar to get another. "I need one," she croaks quietly. "At that table over there. Make it three, actually. I'll have one for each hand and can give one to Daphne." Then she simply turns and winds over toward the booth again, sliding in. "I…stripper…" Then, sadly, she catches sight of Sasha on the pole. The only thing that comes out is a whimper.

Eli just looks a bit out of place, really, stopping abruptly and turning around in a circle before running her fingers through her hair and sighing softly as she shifts her weight from foot to foot, double taking at Drusus and staring for a few moments, head cocking to the side and then back to the other side.

"Too bad," Roz tells Chione, she glances over to Nick now and his attire, "He dresses well." Looking back, she grins, "We've got shots, thanks anyway." Motioning to the tray of them. "Cops are here," she chuckles as Eli walks in. "Think we'll get brigged before the night is over with?"

Sasha is drinking in the music and the crowd, the buzz of people inching toward inebriation, and yet completely alone. One doesn't dance the way he's dancing, and retain any self-consciousness. The shirt's being unbuttoned lazily with scraping fingers and slithering palms, yet not actually removed yet while he twists and slithers his spine up and down that pole. Roz however, with the stomping and whistling, is certainly shot a wink as he prowls around it and then off toward the front of the stage— where a stool has been placed. It's mounted gracefully with a turn and a little spring, and by now the crowd's probably got a fairly good view of what lies under the shirt. He's definitely well-muscled, though built more like.. well, a dancer, than a weightlifter.

Nicholas grins at Drusus, giving the lovely "lady" a meaningful wink. "Enjoy that a moment." He taps Drusus' hand with his finger, though whether he means the drink or the previous thought, who knows. He lifts his hand, making a Come Hither motion at Paris. "Paris! You showed! Come, come, come, and ditch that shirt. Roy's got a vest for you, and I have a room full of ladies who I'm sure would love a body shot or two." He grins. And boy that looks evil.

Bayless sends an approving whoop Sasha's direction, then grabs herself a seat in the booth, sliding Sasha's jacket down around her to re-bare her shoulders. At the sound of Chione's tales of Nicholas, and the offer of more drinks. "Yes, more drinks. Muchly with the drinks." She knocks back the shot she got from Andi after finishing off the morsel of chocolate.

"Thanks!" Bell chirps at Melia when she orders a fresh drink. Obligingly, she knocks back what's left of her first. So her hands are free for the new one. "Yeah! Totally!" Bell pipes at Melia, affirming that Sasha is, indeed, a stripper. Not that it's not obvious. What with poling. "Whew!"

Eli's icy gaze flicks over to Sasha, eyes narrowing and arms folding over her chest as she ducks her head and continues on to try to find a seat, settling down in a comfortable slump as she just watches everything. The dancer, the women, the people…the women.

Drusus puts on a little sulk which is only about two thirds feigned for playfulness' sake. After all, the last time Nicholas told him he'd be right back he fled before returning. But he knocks back the drink, noting that he's falling behind on the common rate of alcohol consumption in the room, and beckons for a refill before turning to tip up his chin and watch the stripper from across the place.

Yes, good. Nick. Paris has found him, and without setting off shrieks of 'fox in the henhouse' or whatever it is one yells in the colonies when a guy sneaks into a bachelorette event of this sort. Keeping his head ducked as not to attract to much attention, he nods along at the other fellow's instructions. "Tell me again why I agreed to this? I think I like our -normal- business better." But, the shirt is no big deal. He's barely covering that much with the tank top he wears, and so he peels it up off his torso, over his shoulders, and off. Balling it up, he sticks it in one of his cargo pockets. Pockets are -always- useful. "Vest?" Ugh. "Yeah, yeah, alright." He'll turn to find Roy - giving the familiar barkeep a helpless sort of look. "So uh, do I wait for orders, or just walk around with a tray of shots, or what?" He'll work on getting the vest on.

Melia just blinks at Bell for a long moment. As her two drinks arrive, she offers a weak smile to the women at her table. "If you'll excuse me for a moment?" Terrier doesn't wait for an answer. She doesn't quite scamper in her heels, but she makes a beeline for Eli. It's rather as if the poor Sheriff is her only chance for safety and sanity. "Sheriff," Mellie says, pulling up alongside Eli. "On duty or care to share a drink?" Please, her eyes beg.

Sasha is hasn't stepped, turned, or given so much as a roll of hips off-beat from the music. It's a pounding rhythm, a blood-quickening beat that's nearly a growl when it gets going. The suspenders, of course, are flicked off first with his fingers and left to slide away, then the tie unknotted and pitched off to the side. The unbuttoned shirt smoothly follows, rolled off his shoulders and divested of with a slither of crisp fabric down his back. It's tossed away before he swings off the chair again, motion akin to a stalk as he rounds back to the pole again.

From somewhere in the room or is it Roz's table? A red thong flies as a slingshot and is sent toward the stalking dancer. It manages to hit him in the chest. Lucky him, though, they are clean and not used.

Chione laughs as she stands, patting at Roz's shoulder. "I'm saving those two at the bar," she notes with a nod to Melia and Bell. "And everyone is invited, including the cops. If things get rough, I'll try to smoothe them over." Slipping from the booth, Chione then glides her way to the bar, flashing a smile at Nick, and Drusus, and even one to Paris as she does so, softly ordering something from Roy for the table - mixed drinks by the fact that the bartender starts grabbing for more than one bottle. Then she turns and sneaks up to Bell and Melia, flashing that smile to Eli as well. "Evening, Ladies. Enjoying the entertainment," she asks, before whispering softly to Melia.

"You agreed to this because I am irresistible," Nicholas informs Paris, as if he should have known that, blinking a dazzling smile onto his face. "So let's see if you are too, shall we? Do whatever you like, you're an employee for the night. You know how to pleasure women…don't you?" The look turns very innocent as he taps a finger against his lip, though his eyes flicker up when a thong goes flying. "Oh, my."

Chione whispers to Melia.

Bayless's eyes widen as the thong get lobbed, followed by a throw-back of her head and a hearty laugh. "Omigods, this night's gonna get dangerous… and I frakkin' love it!" Another whoop from the Raptor Mama.

Eli's gaze sweeps up and down Melia with hint of a charming smile as she sits up a bit straighter, adjusting her blazer. "I don't really drink that much…but you do look beautiful this evening…the dress, the uh colors with the niceness is." She sees that thong fly and is starting to stand up just in case it was a weapon but…the man humping the air and flicking off his clothing doesn't seem to be in danger but she quickly just sits back down. "…but I think I could handle a drink. For once." Brow furrowing.

Bell watches Melia scamper off, blinking, offering her a little wave as she goes. But, she still has her drink. And scantily-clad men to gawk at. She's getting into the spirit of the evening. Though she doesn't fling any thongs yet. "Whoa!" she gasps. Peering around the table. Trying to figure out who that thing came from.

The thong's a cute touch. It might even have caused Sasha to laugh as he stalked past, and flash Ms. Inconspicuous aka Roz over there, a disarming grin. The music pounds, and the dancer certainly knows how to use his hips and his flexibility as he veritably wraps himself around that pole. There's a -chink- as his belt comes undone, thumbs tucking beneath the waistband of his trousers as hips roll to the beat.

Shot number six and Roz is dancing in the seat as the male stripper starts pulling at his tie. She still has that crazy top hat on her head. "Ohyeah! That's what we're talking about right here. Show us those goods, babydoll! I haven't got laid since I left Sag!" She is probably joking, but she is a little toasted now too.

Melia holds out one of the drinks to Eli, though she seems just a little more relaxed. Number one must be hitting her. "They're sweet, but nice," she says quietly. "And thank you. The leather is…" Brows furrow a little as she studies the band of leather on Eli's arm. "A nice touch." Chione gets a dip of the head and a toast with her glass before Melia turns back to Eli. "I…" Pause. Blink. "What in bloody hells was that?"

Drusus gives a soft h'm! of approbation when those suspenders flicker off, but, once they're removed, he seems to realize that the suspenders were utterly hot, and takes a sip of his fresh drink in mourning for their loss. The thong flying up on stage re-sparks his interest, of course, or at least raises both of his eyebrows, though the shout of approval that was forthcoming gets stifled when he notes the stripper's laughing it off. Oh, come on, play with the panties the nice lady gave you, his pout seems to demand.

Paris gives Nick a flat look. "Yeah, I'm sure that's why I agreed." And not the verritable sea of ladies jamming into the place. Well, by now, he's squeezed on the vest, which somehow manages to be small on him despite being essentially thin as a rail. Wonderful touch there, Nick-o. "Alright, alright, I got it." Once he's dressed, he turns to Roy. "Alright, just give me a tray with as many shots as you can fit on there, and I'll see if I make it to the other side of the room without being dismembered." Soon enough, he has the tray, and so he sets out, moving into the crowd, putting on his best cocky-rogue smile.

"No, this is certainly not the night to lose your…member," Nicholas comments to Paris with a dry smirk. He grins as the man heads off, calling out, "Have fun!" Before he turns his attention back to Drusus. "So, did you remember to bring something to wear that'll let me down easy from this fabulous illusion of yours?"

Andi is laughing as she weeds her way through the crowd, dropping a few hints to the girls that maybe if they'll tip Sasha while he's on stage, he'll be more apt to single them out when he gets back on the floor. Then she's headed towards the corner of the bar where Nick is, apparently to get ready for her part in tonight's entertainment.

Bell blinks at Roz. Wide-eyed. That was…more information than she wanted to know about the pilot. This calls for more drinking. She sucks a healthy amount of Sunset through her straw, returning her blinking to the stripper.

The red thong catches McKenzie by surprise, but she was willing to flow with the party. Watching the reaction, she reaches for her… third? Fourth? Ah, frak, who's counting, right? Lifting the drink, she toasts the stripper dude, then pauses as he displays his ability to truly use a pole. Swallowing the shooter in one gulp, she sets the glass down, then lifts her hands to begin clapping to the rhythm, though she whistles loudly, "Frak, yes! Do it to it, dude! Give it up…"

Eli takes the drink and gestures at a chair or something near where s/he is and quirks an eyebrow as she takes a sip, grimacing and ahhing softly. "I…see." She coughs. "Thank you." She sighs and eyes the band around her wrist and smirks, rolling her eyes. "Thanks heh, I tried." Then she shrugs. "I think uh, those were panties. Red ones."

Roz grins at Bell.

ow there's a hint of hip, and plenty of trim, leanly-muscled upper body touched with a very fine layer of sweat. Sasha's not breathing heavily, however. Not yet. Rolling away from the pole, he's all jagged shadows and stark, blinding colour, hair almost platinum blonde in the strobing light. He's down on the floor now, back pressed against the stool he was seated in earlier, and the trousers are finally coming off to the tune of twisting hips and the snaking beat. And yes, he is wearing underpants beneath them, and no, they do not come off as well— much as he might tease at the notion with a saucy scrape of fingertips.

A flash of a smile is given to Melia again. Then another look over her shoulder at Nick, and Chione can only laugh. "That's … quite the pretty one you've got there, Nick," she calls out, with a wide grin. "Your new waiter is bringing our Mai Tai over, right?" she asks, even as Roy sets the large drink ablaze in a flashy manner. A wink is given to Paris, "Kalypso said she'd try to make it," she notes, before striding back over towards the booth again and trying to slide in. "Flaming rum for everyone coming right up. How's our entertainment doing? Anyone want to go ply some singles?"

"He's not very good at improvisation," Drusus notes, then turns his girlish smile back onto Nicholas, "I did. They're being nice and letting me stow it behind the bar. The tote just -ruins- this outfit," he notes, taking another sip of his deep red drink. "Why, do you want me to change, already? I don't want to go all Pentheus on this place." Pentheus— got dressed up as a woman to attend an all-women's gathering, was torn to pieces when discovered.

Melia keeps her attention on Eli. Eli is safe. Eli is nigh unto one of the gods for the moment. Eli is…very safe. Like the rabbit running straight for the wolf's jaws, Mellie settles in next to the Sheriff and pointedly doesn't look around too much. "I don't want to ask why they threw panties up there, do I," she asks quietly. "I'm afraid to know."

Once that Sax man starts getting down to the beat, Roz has taken her heels off and she is up on her feet. Another shot is downed. Hand clapping starts now as she begins doing some slink dance that takes her down toward the floor and back up again. Drunken pilots! Her arms go over head as she finger snaps and closes a fist to pump in a circle of rhythm. "Woooo, yer blowin' my mind!"

Bayless grins at McKenzie's enjoyment of the spectacle, then hoists another shot from the table towards Sasha and tosses it back. "Hoo, yeah, baby, we're gettin' frakked up now…" Sasha's jacket is slid down further to rest at her waist… and is she gyrating a little with the music in her seat there?

"I think it is supposed to be sexy…I mean, okay. Panties can be sexy, really, but uh…the reasons they are sexy - " Eli cuts herself off and just pinches the bridge of her nose. "It is really complicated, honestly. I don't suggest you take your panties off and throw 'em though, unless you have extras."

"I just wanted to know!" Nicholas exclaims to Drusus, most innocently. "I like knowing what I have to look forward to. Especially when I'm the only one getting the treat. Makes an evening so much more bearable." He reaches for the glass Drusus is holding, whether or not it's marked by lip gloss by now. "What did Roy serve you?"

Bell isn't drunk enough to dance yet though she's steering herself in that direction, slurping what's left of her second Sunset up, up and away into her straw. Once she's finished it off she sets her glass down so she can clap along with the sleezy stripper music. She tries to keep her rhythm in time with the gyrating.

Oops, extra drink order? Paris has made it around to the ravenous-women side of the bar, but pauses and leans back in with his tray so Roy can load up that last drink order. He's managing the tray ok, at least, despite flaming contents. Once it's loaded, Paris re-lights the bad boy smile and aims back for the crowd, headed in Chione's wake, since she's headed that way in any case. "Oh yeah? Well, cool if she drops by." But he doesn't seem stressed over it. "Alright ladies… here we are. Who has what?"

Roz does a hip bump against Paris as he comes up with the rounds of shots again, "Just set them anywhere, we'll find them," she looks him up and down. "Aren't you just the waiter..I'd be scared of getting too close though, sharks in these waters."

Kalypso comes in from Passage.
Kalypso has arrived.

Melia looks as though she's about to say something to Eli that she really, really shouldn't. Instead of speaking, she takes out about half of her drink. "I take it you've been to a place like this before," she asks, starting to melt back in her seat a little, cheeks going from flushed to just pink.

Maybe Sasha's not so much with the non-improvisation, as the waiting for the right moment to make use of his prop. Trousers unfastened and on their way down, he angles his body back against the stool like a hunter's bow, and rolls his hips suggestively to the beat of music and the whoops coming from a few tables. Bent over backwards, he's just in reach of those panties, which are caught between his fingers and sliiiiid along his cheek and throat, and over a sleekly-muscled pectoral. Then both hands are returning to the task of sliding his trousers off, red thong still tangled in his fingers.

Drusus looks over to Chione, too, as she yells, pulling his glistening lips into a smile of greeting and tipping up his chin. Someone here who's actually met him -not- over the tactical channels. He smiles at Nicholas takes the drink— that cherry-scented nail-polish-remover small unmistakable. "He served me what I asked for," he replies with a girlish half-grin, "Twice. Just for your pocketbook records," he winks. "Oohhh… so I'm giving you a private show, later, h'm?" he asks. "What do I get if I'm better than Suspenders up there?" he goes on, teasing rampantly and thoroughly enjoying it, lifting one knee again to set a toe on the footbar of a stool, moving thigh against thigh. Though maybe he spoke too soon, those panties rubbed from face to crotch? Kind of hot. "Mm," he comments, eyes narrowing to indicate as much.

Eli just blinks at Melia and looks around before shrugging a shoulder. "Not often really heh. Hell, never really when there are guys uh…" She stares at Sasha and quickly throws the rest of her drink back, looking away. "Usually, there are uh…women. But I prefer my women like uh, not the ones I whole bunch of people have already seen naked, ya know? Not knocking shaking t&a, trust me…so not knocking it. But I like a little mystery."

McKenzie winks at Bayless, then watches Roz gettin' funky. "Woo, yeah, baby. Shake it." Whether that is to Roz or Sasha is left to the imagination. Another drink is lifted and swallowed, for she must catch up with the drunken pilot. As Sasha's pants begin their torturous route down, the weapons officer licks her lips and shakes her head, "He's a looker. Frak me, that's hot." The scrap of nails is anticipated, though when they don't result in lowered undies, she shakes her head, "Ah, damn. All that build up and no follow through? Shame." Her attention is caught by Roz as the woman bumps hips with the waiter and she laughs at the analogy. Her comment freezes in her throat when Sasha does that slide and glide with the thong. She swallows and clears her throat, "Frak… Okay, yeah. He's got follow through."

Roz is still doing the swerving and dancing bit right there by the table. She watches as the stripper keeps dropping things down to the stage. But keeping that thong. She laughs and claps toward him again. "You should get up there and see if you can make that package a little more pronounced, Kenz."

[Intercom] Attention! Action Stations! Set Condition One throughout the fleet.

Chione flashes Paris a smile, and puts several cubits on the tray as a tip. Hey, he is the waiter! Then the straw to the Mai Tai is taken, as is a sip from the drink, before Chione motions for the other girls to share. Another chocolate is taken, before the woman starts laughing at Roz, whistling both at her and Sasha - not that Chione's actually looking.

[Intercom] This is the Destiny Captain. All hands on deck. We're spinning up for the Jump. No shuttles leave this ship.

Roz had bumped Paris, which was enough to unsettle his serving efforts slightly, although he manages not to drop anything. He's shooting back at Roz with a quipped, "I'm normally a pilot, I just play a waiter on the vids." And then there goes the alarm. That… that really screws with things, no doubt. "Frak, you're kidding?" And there he is, wearing a stupid vest.

Bell had just gotten her rum. She blinks around, stunned. "Totally frak…" she shares Roz's assessment.

Nicholas was about to take a sip of Drusus' drink, but he looks up as the intercom goes off and arches a brow. "I swear to the gods, they sit and wait for the worst times." He puts the drink down, rapping his knuckles on the bar to summon Roy. The waitstaff kind of freezes in place on the floor, blinking like deer in the headlights.

Roz looks up at the condition one. "Well frak me, you are HOT." She laughs half drunkenly toward Sasha now. "Whoo, get me a viper, I'm on it!"

There's a flutter of activity from backstage and out comes Cornbread. He's buttoning the last few buttons on his shirt and smelling oddly of body oil. "No no no no no no…" He races across the stage and leaps off of it, screaming towards the door. "Frak no hold on wait…" He manages, racing towards the exit.

McKenzie laughs out loud at Roz' suggestion. "Me? Frak me, Fire Eater…" Laughter continues in her eyes as she watches Sasha do his thing. Finally? Tossing back one more drink, she rises and begins a slow and sultry sort of sashy toward the stage. It is almost a bump and grind sort of movement that is halted mid-step by the announcement. "What the frak?" Looking up, she lifts a hand to hold her hat onto her head, "Ah, piss." Turning, she starts to head back up the corridor toward the exit when the second announcement comes. "Ah, no… Nono. I gotta get to the Hera. There're guns to man. Or woman, I mean."

Drusus looks up at the announcement, brows furrowing, about to reach out for his drink again, but letting Nicholas keep it as he steps away from the bar— just in time to hear the announcement that they're jumping before any shuttles can leave. He lifts a hand to the bar to 'brace' for the jump, waiting for it with a sigh on his lips.

Well. Frak. So much for this being a bread winning night. Andi slumps a little bit by the bar. She can't do anything but watch the money start to scatter as they all start to panic when they realize they're on the wrooooong boat for condition one. "Well ain't that a pisser." She grabs up one of the discarded drinks, shooting it down to make this whole ordeal easier to swallow.
Announcement: Genesis shouts, "All Civilian ships are spinning up their drives."

"Don't mind me ladies…" Paris edges a little closer to the table, and sets the tray down on top of it. He doesn't want to be clinging to that when the ship surges through improbable contusions in the very fabric of space and time. He might spill some.

Eli just frowns and looks over to Melia now, offering her hand quietly after that announcement, tugging her dog tags out from under her shirt and adjusting her blazer, free hand moving to her side.

Well, that's one way to kill a party hard, is the frakking cylon alarm going off. The music's still pumping, but Sasha, probably like a few people here, spends a moment or two subtly trying to collect his wits— and his trousers— while not going arse over teakettle. If there's going to be a jump, he's going to need to hold onto something. Something other than those little panties. He drops to the stage and flops his back against the pole. There, braced. And maybe a little irritated now that the customers are fleeing.

Oh. Right. Jumping causes shimming and displacement. Crap. McKenzie moves to the edge of the stage and sits on it. Far from the drinks, but close to the hawt stripper dude. "Frak me. Shitshitshit." As she begins a low strong of curses, the alcohol in her system lights mini-fires in her brain, "Gods damn it." Looking over the bar, her gaze settles on Roz, "Hey, dudette. Fly me to the Hera, yeah?"

Melia puts her drink aside and reaches out, sliding her hand into Eli's, squeezing gently. The little medic suddenly looks very, very sober as she glances around.

Blue eyes narrow, and one can almost see the gears working in Chione's mind. "Who brought Raptors as transport ships?" she asks, standing despite the fact that jump is imenant. "NICK! I need a wireless now! Do you have one? Or do I have to run to the bridge? Because I doubt they'll let me into the security office if what's his ass is still the prick I frakkin' remember! Half the pilots are here and some of Hera's key crew!"

Nicholas motions to Chione, gesturing her over to the bar. "There's a wireless back here, Chione. You can use this one." He pulls the headset off its place at the back of the bar, holding it out over the counter.

Bayless glances up at the sound of the intercom, immediately shaking herself free of her drunken reverie. "Godsdammit… would happen now of all times…" She looks around and takes stock of who's here. Oh shit, is *she* senior officer on deck? Doomed, I tell ya. She then spots Sloane, her eyes widening. "Oh, frak, what stickjocks are left on Genesis..?!" She then stands and calls out to the room, "All points, Scorch! Pilots in the room sound off!!"

Lex emerges from the bathroom, and she's not even drunk. Dammet. Now there's no more drinking in sight. Condition One without a gun. Oh, horror.

"TELL THEM TO GET ME A TRANSPORT!" Cornbread yells as loud as he can, pushing his way towards the elevator. Yes…Cornbread was here. What's up with that. Jamming into the elevator, he repeatedly pushes the button to try to get it to move faster. "CORNBREAD, Present." Oh dear gods don't let them ask why he was here.

Drusus backs up as Chione comes rushing over, "Someone's got to have been left on shift over there," he points out, "It's not like these people just abandoned their posts. Trying to shuttle all these people back over in the middle of a battle situation is not going to help anyone." He's lost the girlish simper in his voice, a voice now immediately recognizable to almost any of the crew who've ever been on TAC1 or TAC3.

Yeah, frak this. Paris might have been all for having a little fun with the waiter gig, but he drops the act pretty fast. With the pilots yelling, he answers, "I have a ship but I don't think it's gonna help much. They're jumping. We'll never get launch clearance, and none of the civilian shuttles have FTL anymore… yknow." Thanks to you guys, remember? It goes unsaid.

Roz is hanging onto the table in a girl giggle, "Frak me, what a rush!"

Bell is stunned. And buzzed. And trying to orient her mind from 'naked man party' to 'OMIGOD Cylons.' She gets to her feet. Ready for action, in proper Marine form. Though what action that might be, she has no idea. So she just sort of stands there and gawks.

Chione looks first at Sloane and peers at him a moment. "We'll talk later," she notes, then looks to Drusus. "You get on the horn to Genesis. Tell them the sitrep here. No. Get me the bridge, I want to talk to the captain now. THEN get the Genesis and tell them the sit-rep." Turning around she looks to Bayless. "I'll get you a transport off of here, or die trying," she notes, before nodding her thanks to Nick as she makes the bar and nods again to Drusus.

Eli just gently squeezes Melia's hand, waiting for the jump and wearing a 'game' face, shaking her head slowly and sighing softly. "And me without my MPs." She's staying put though until the jump.

Sasha, meanwhile, is looking a tad spooked and out of his element. He's a stripper, not a gun-toting maniac of the Colonial military. At least he's wearing trousers. And suspenders, sorta. McKenzie's clinging to the stage nearby, and he twists around to flop on his belly, murmuring to her quietly.

Sasha whispers to McKenzie.

[Colonial] "Genesis Actual" Regas says, "All Civilian ships JUMP."

Roy, meanwhile, is securing bottles and loose glasses so they don't end up as smashed glass on the floor after the jump. Another of the bouncers comes in from the hallway, having grabbed two pistols to come and stash behind the bar. You know, just in case metal things show up uninvited.

[Intercom] The Destiny's Captain starts the countdown, "5…4…3…2…1," and then the entire ship, blinks out with a few others. There is that lovely tracer motion of moving through space at a zillion miles an hour.

Andi closes her eyes, gripping the bar. Wee. Jumps are fun.

Bayless nods sharply to Chione. "I'm holding you to that, Ensign," she says, party-girl mode off, Ares Squadron leader mode well on. She then hears Regas' voice. "No no no no… godsdammit, NO!!!"

Lex saw Eli earlier on her way through. She hops on a chair and cranes her neck to look for the tall marine. Sure, Eli's an MP, but that's close enough. Right in time for the jump countdown. "Oh, frak." Don't fall, don't fall, don't fall.

Someone, maybe Sasha or maybe one of the enterprising members of Envy's staff, thought to cut the music before the jump countdown. So at least there isn't a pounding bass obliterating peoples' ability to converse.

"Frak!" Sloane calls out from the elevator, which has decided to not work during FTL prep. Stomping back in, he makes his way in Chione's direction and scratches at his chest a little bit. Lowering his brow, he looks to her. "Can transports get secured the moment we pop?" He manages before the jump hits. Jaws effect on camera.

McKenzie glances over to the stripper fellow as he speaks softly to her. Leaning back, she shakes her head, "No clue, dude. Sorry." And that is when the jump happens. She closes her eyes for that moment and when she opens them, her hands are gripping the edge of the stage. She speaks, however, as though the jump never happened. "Doubt it's anything like that though. Seriously. I think we'd've heard. It's probably something fraked up, though." Raising her voice, she calls, "Does this boat have guns?"

Melia simply holds Eli's hands, closing her eyes - trusting. "And the rest of us half wasted," she comments to Eli, likely to keep herself busy and distracted. "Here you thought flying red panties and their owners would be the worst of your problems tonight."

Roz was hanging onto the table and as the whole room whips by like a bad dream, she tips over and lands on her butt on the deck. More laughter, "Where's those damn shots!"

"Not defence guns," Nicholas calls back towards McKenzie. "Whatever's out there, that's why they send us away." He looks back at Roy, giving a few more quick 'guidelines' to the staff in quite a calm voice. No sense scaring the civilians, even if the military are running about flailing.

Despite the chaos, Paris manages to look relatively at ease with the situation. Although he grabs something (hopefully not someone) to hold on to for the actual jump, he doesn't seem to react too badly to it. Just clenches slightly and waits as the sensation passes. When it has, he's yelling at Sloane. "Again, I have a ship. Should be plenty for all the military types that need it, although I have no idea if we even jumped with Genesis or not. If not, you're just gonna have to simmer and wait. Anyone got a line on that?"

Drusus takes the wireless, "Sir, we're not going to be able to—" hold for the jump. JUMP! "We're not going to put all these civilians in danger trying to get a small group of officers back to the Genesis." He's on leave, he can totally talk like that. "Look. The military has leave protocol for a reason. These people would NOT all be over here if the Genesis weren't able to take care of herself without them in a Condition One situation. So don't panic, you're scaring the civvies."

McKenzie nods to Nicholas, "Well… Frak me." Inhaling, she holds it for a moment, then perks up at Paris, "Cound me in, dude. If we're close to the Hera, that's where I need to be." She isn't flailing, really. Just sitting near the handsome stripper dude. Life could be a hellova lot worse.

"Oh … frak…" is all Chione whispers before grabbing ahold of the bar. Chione takes a deep breath then shakes her head at McKenzie. "No. Unless you want to try and calculate the trajectory of ejecting debris out the airlocks." Chione's lips twist down in a frown. "I know, Specialist, I know," she offers in a soft voice, her eyes glancing around. "It's a bunch of cooped up military I'm more worried about, however."

There may be some restriction about military drinking on Condition One. Thankfully, Andi doesn't belong to that particular organization. She nabs another shot that was meant for the gaggle of girls, pouring it down her gullet. She better still get her cut tonight, dammit.

Eli just chuckles softly after the jump, sitting there as calm as a cucumber really, brow quirking a fraction, raising her voice a bit. "Where are my marines?" She calls out softly, trying to get her bearings here before looking back to Melia. "Don't worry…seriously, you're a medic right? I'm not lettin' you that far from me." She winks and is worried yes, but she's not letting it show. For now.

Sasha closes his eyes and holds on tight as the ship blinks out, and blinks back in again. It's never a pleasant sensation, that. "Hope you're right," he murmurs to the leather-clad woman, passing her a quick smile. "Show's over for now, ladies," is called out as he climbs to his feet and starts down off the stage. McKenzie's shoulder is touched lightly in passing, but he's headed for Roz's table— to return her undies, of course. She might be needing those, now.

Nicholas drums his fingernails on the bar counter, keeping stock of the room. He's only had one sip of liquor all night, and is woefully sober. "Chione," he says, moving closer to where the TAC officer is and lowering his voice. "I don't know what's going on. But if anything does happen onboard, we have some firearms at the ready. I can get them for anyone who's actually sober enough to use them."

Drusus narrows his eyes, "You're not doing so great at keeping them calm, either, sir." he points out, then looks across the room.

Sasha, amusingly enough, is probably the most sober person in the room.

Melia laughs very quietly at what Eli says then squeezes her hand before releasing it. "Let me find a medkit and we'll be good to go," she comments quietly. "May have to borrow your shirt if we're short bandages. Chione'd kill me if I used the dress for it." She remains still, though, head canted slightly to the side, as if listening for something.

Coming to a stop near the bar, Cornbread nods to Paris. "I'm in." He adds. Going quiet, he puts his arm on Chione's shoulder and looks to Nicholas. "I haven't had a single drop of alcohol tonight, Nick. I'm your man." He nods to his new friend, being responsible all of the sudden. "We should probably get some of these civilians over near the booths since we don't have a sitrep."

Bell edges away from the table, over to join Eli. She's a ranking Marine. Maybe she can order Bell to…do something. Other than be semi-drunk and stunned. "Umm…Sheriff? You know what's going on?" Perhaps she thinks Eli has some direct line to Genesis or something.

Bayless lets the situation sink in, then frowns and says to the room, "Everyone listen up!" Hopefully she's got their attention. "There's no way in hell Genesis would've signed off on us leaving the ship if there were insufficient pilots on call. CAP was still in rotation when we came, and there're plenty of stickjocks still on the clock. In the meantime, remain calm, remember you're Colonial officers. This ship is our primary concern and we'll defend it if we have to do it in short-ass cocktail dresses. Everyone five-by-five on that?" She eyes each of those in the room.

Paris keeps looking at Sloane for a moment, then holds up a hand, and ambles over toward Drusus. He's taking off the vest now, frak dying in such an undignified outfit. It'll get thrown at Nick. "Sorry bud, looks like it wasn't in the stars." When he nears Drusus, he offers, "So uh, you in charge of these naval folks? Like I said, I have a ship that can probably trasnport a good lot of you, if we're anywhere near the other ships. But it's your call, yeah?" He pulls out his wifebeater and starts putting it back on.

McKenzie lifts a hand to snap at Sasha's announcement, her eyes gleaming with mirth, though she pouts in mock-disappointment, "Now, that's truly sad." Then, the touch is felt and she lifts a quizzical brow, but does not stop the man from returning the red thong to it's owner. Rather, she lifts her hands and begins massaging her temples, "Dude. Can we get 'fiene? Coffee?" Looking up again, she seeks anyone else from the Hera… Nope. She's the lone bird from that nest.

PFC Lex, civvie style, hops off the chair and heads for Eli. She's the picture of calm, even if she's slightly annoyed to be without a drink. "Gunny. Didn't even get a drink yet. How far in the bottle are you?" She grins a bit, the nods to Melia. "Hey, Melia." She glances around. She works best with orders.

[Intercom] The Destiny's Captain comes over the intercom again. "Jump complete. All hands standby. We should be in sight of the others soon."

Drusus eyes Cornbread, not recognizing him, but recognizing his voice, "Cornbread, seriously— guns? We've jumped to safety. If anything else happens, we're sure to hear about it. The civilians are used to being jumped away first, so there shouldn't be anything worse than the usual fretting. Military folk wandering around with guns isn't going to help anything at all."

[Throughout the Fleet]
The emergency CAP hits the landing bays skids down, as ships blink out of sight. The Hera soon follows and the buzz on deck is a Basestar jumped in and just sat there, out of weapons range. Nothing was launched from their decks. (The Destiny Crew would be unaware of this.)

Nicholas nods to Sloane. "Should it come to that. Let's hope not." Still he's on mental alert, listening to the intercom talk. He's not going running anywhere just yet, letting things happen as they happen for now. Still seems peaceful (duhn duhn DUHNNNN).

"Yes, sir!" Bell pipes to Bayless. More enthusiastically now that she has orders. Not that she should probably be given a weapon. She's not fall-down drunk, but she probably shouldn't operate cars and/or guns.

There is a pause, and then Chione arches an eyebrow upwards. "You're right. Thank you," she notes to Drusus, taking another look at the dolled up Specialist. "I don't like my parties ruined." Another deep breath before she looks to Roy. "Waters around. Lots of them," she says softly, before nodding to Nick, then motioning to Bayless. "Specialist, I still suggest getting the Captain on the horn, the Lieutenant will want to know what's going on from him." Then she inhales again slowly trying to calm down. "Lieutenant, a moment?" she asks with a motion towards the bar, before turning towards Cornbread. "We listen to the Lieutenant. We don't need guns, not yet. We don't pull them out, yet."

Nicholas then twists around to look at McKenzie. "Coffee would take a while, but there's plenty of sodas and cold drinks. Same amount of caffiene. Roy! Get them some drinks to get them nice and refreshed. Something with pick-me-up."

Roz gets off the floor and plops into a seat. "Frak yeah, we made it. Where's the music?!" She's looking around now, as the party seems to be faltering some.

"People flippin' the frak out when we don't even know what's goin' on now…." Eli comments over to Bell. "Just stick close, some branch of the mil needs to be organized and calm." She hesitates before looking over to Lex. "I had some of a fruity drink but I'm not even buzzing." She grimaces before shrugging. "I've got my dog tags and…some other stuff." Then Bayless gets her attention and she raises her hand. "Yes sir. I'm going to be uh…operating in um, pants sir. Just fyi." Then over to Melia. "I don't look good in dresses."

Nodding to Nicholas, Sloane turns to look at Drusus and blinks. He let's it go very quickly, it's not like he wasn't about to wear something provacative himself. He sounds off. "With you sir!" He looks towards Bayless, folding his arms and going quiet.

Sasha crouches down for a moment to have a word with Roz. Something skimpy and red is handed to her discreetly, before he pulls away to approach the bar. Not that he's in any kind of a rush to get there; his first priority is making sure the customers are calm, and sticking around.

Kalypso was't actually inside Envy when the announcement and jump was made. She hadn't quite managed to get in there yet to join the party… Ahem. Mostly because she'd been sitting in some little corner getting herself a good alcohol buzz going already. That three-drink cut off has made things a bit more difficult to get toasted off ship. This means that it is an already impaired Kalypso that stumbles into the club on her thin little heels to look around for her fellow shipmates. "What th' frak is goin' on?"

Sasha whispers to Roz.

Roy hauls up a bunch of the Destiny's equivalent of cold coca-cola onto the bar, cans rattling softly. "'Ey, y'all want caffeine? Come and get it!"

Roz looks at the red thong and laughs to Sasha, "I've got blue on, they must be someone elses," she dangles them from a fingertip though. "Have a shot with me?" She holds one up for the dancer now.

Melia glances down at her dress then back up to Eli, a brow delicately arched. "I miss my pants," she comments. "I spent 18 years in skirts. I want my pants back." There's a twitch to her lips, though, as she makes the dry, joking comment. The People In Charge have said to sit tight, and so that's what the Terrier's doing. For once. With her hands folded primly in her lap, around the mostly empty second drink. One foot starts bouncing frenetically. Bayless and Bell get dips of her head, Lex gets a broad smile. "We'll get Chione to plan your hen party," she comments to the Marine engaged to Ramiro. "Here. Dane's not invited."

Bayless smiles to Eli. "In this case, Sarge, dresscode's optional." She then nods sharply to Chione and moves to join her by the bar. Kalypso gets an exasperated look. "Godsdamn, who left do we *have* back on the boat…" As Roy speaks up, she says to the military peoples in the room. "Grab a soda and get sobered up if you need to, people." She takes a can from Roy with a nod of thanks, then joines Chione.

Drusus nods to Chione and then looks to Paris, "I'm not in charge," he replies, "But I don't think there's any need to break up the party on account of a few cylons showing up," he adds with a light sort of smile. "If all goes right, Genesis should be showing up and then we'll be able to get everything sorted out. Don't worry about it too much."

"Don't forget to invite Chase to my party," Lex replies to Melia, with a wink. "He's my official friend. Plus I promised him beer."

Nicholas sets an elbow on the bar, folding his fingers in and checking the state of his nails. Hmm hmm. What him, panic?

Andi shudders as the alcohol slides down her throat, then she's back to work mode as Nick calls for caffeine to bring the military and reorient them with the cold and sober. "Here, let me." She cracks open a can and starts to pass them out. "Guess you all get yourselves a rain check on Sasha's encore act."

"I think we need to put minds at ease first, but that might not be such a bad idea," Chione notes to Drusus, turning a smile on Bayless. "We have a wireless if you would like a sit-rep from the Captain of the Destiny, Sir. Or I can walk you to the bridge." A glance is given Cornbread, and then Chione's smile widens even more. "In fact, Cornbread and I BOTH could walk you to the bridge if you like." There's that Dike charm trying to calm nerves!

Sasha's progress away from Roz's table is stalled by the sound of her voice behind him. He swivels to give her an appraising look, and to flick his suspenders back up. Sans shirt, but why the hell not? "Love to," he purrs, slinking closer and springing up onto her table. "What're you doing?" As in, what brand of poison. He looks as content as a fox in a hen coop, despite the condition one.

Sloane looks to Nicholas and makes the 'shh' action while no one is looking. Taking a deep breath, he leans against the edge of the stage and folds his arms, watching everyone start to try and sober up. Shame is, it's not that simple. Perhaps if a fire started. A blank look on his face, he blinks at Chione's dress and then to her. His eyes widen. He moves back over to them. "Whatever's needed, I'm at disposal." He says, whispering something to Chione.

McKenzie leans back on the stage a little, then jumps down to stand next to it. "Whoosh." Moving across to the bar, she reaches out and taps the surface lightly. "Dude. Fiene?" The request is made in a slightly plaintive tone, as though she was saying 'please, sir. I want some more.' Batting her lashes, she tries to look imploring rather than rakish. Hard to do in that outfit.

Sloane whispers to Chione.

"Cool enough," Paris offers Drusus in reply. He doesn't really look worried himself - after all, this is the -usual- way things goes on the civilian vessel, from their perspective. People yell on intercoms, the ship jumps, then hopefully the Genesis re-appears and everyone goes on their merry way. Having a few naval folk sharing in the sensation might offer a perverse bit of pleasure, even. "Just let me know if you do need any help, eh?" And then, to no one in particular "Guess I can have a drink then." The former waiter has also given up on the pretense of ladies night and ambles back to the table where he was working, stealing one of the shots he was bringing the women and downing it himself. On the way back, he catches sight of Kalypso on the way in, and lifts a hand. "Hey, you made it. Join the stranded drunken underdressed military ladies jamboree!"

Nicholas absently hums a few bars of the swing music that had been playing during Sasha's routine, shifting to lean a hip against the bar. He folds his arms, talking quietly to Roy for a few seconds before he rolls his shoulders. "One day, they'll be throwing Condition One theme parties."

"I'd offer you mine…but uh." Eli gestures towards her pants before shrugging and sitting forward in her chair and watching to people, listening quietly now, alert.

"There's plenty of folks still left who didn't get to come out for a night of R&R, sir," Kalypso says with a cheerful smile at Bayless. Granted a large percentage of the pilots that Kalypso knows personally are here right now. She'll count that as a good thing. It means fewer people that she's grown attached to that could potentially be blown to bits. She ambles towards her fellow military members and places a hand on her hip, grinning at Chione. "Boy, when you put together a party, cousin, you really pull out all the stops." Yes, her words are slurring, and then she catches Paris. "Hey there… firewater guy." Condition one? Yeah… here goes Kal, making her way towards where the man is and leaving her fellow pilots and her cousin behind. Easily distracted drunk pilot ahoy.

[Throughout the Fleet]
Scene Set: —— All ships arrive in unison. The civilian ships. Then the Pandora. Then the Hera. Before long the Battlestar blinks into the formation. There are calls coming from CIC and to CIC as everyone reports in….everyone except one.

The Destiny is not with the fleet. There is only a long..pan of the camera across CIC as the Commander looks to the XO and the credits for tonights episode start rolling out as the scene fades…

Drusus gives Paris an unworried quirk of a grin, then looks back to Chione, more seriously, "Do you still want me to call up to the bridge? I know firsthand how damned annoying it is to have all the wirelesses suddenly call up to CIC, 'What's going -ooon?-'" he imitates the twerps fairly admirably, "When we're trying to get actual shit done. But I'll call if you think we should."

McKenzie turns to Nicholas, laughter once more dancing in her eyes. "Dude… that would rock out. We can base the rhythm of the music on that thrum from the alarms. Hang streamers an' shit. It'd be boss." Taking the mug of coffee when it's offered, she leans back against the bar and flips a lock of hair from her shoulder. Lifting the mug, she takes a sip, then looks at the bartender, "Thanks, dude. I owe ya one." When cream and sugar are offered, she shakes her head, "Nah, but thanks. I like my coffee like I like my men. Strong and unadulterated." Not as clever as the original, but…

Bayless nods to Chione. "Sounds like a plan. We just probably have the owner keep the party going, if for no other reason that to keep everyone calm."

Bell just sticks close to Eli, nodding, crossing her arms as she waits. Idly rocking back and forth on her little heels.

Nicholas exhales slowly through his nose. Hearing Drusus he turns around and picks up the wireless himself. "Well let's stop asking and start talking, shall we?" He keeps his voice down a bit so the waitstaff doesn't get all freaked. "Calling the bridge now, you want the honours?" He taps his fingers over some of the numers. He knows the Destiny's important wirelesses by heart.

Melia rolls to her feet, only a little unsteady. "I'll be right back with the caffeine," she tells the little Marine enclave. "Even if people haven't been drinking, it's cold, tasty, and we shouldn't turn down the host's generosity." Right. She's tipsy. Off to the bar and Roy she goes, weaving carefully through the people, going about half her normal speed.

"Paris," 'firewater guy' reminds Kaly, just in case she's gone and forgotten his name. He won't hold it against her, clearly. "You missed my cute waiter outfit," he tells her, when the Raptor pilot can amble - stumble, whatever - a little nearer. "And the whole 'oooh, scary cylons' bit put a bit of ice on the whole thing. But we can get the party back going with a little effort, eh?" He gestures her over to the booth where he'd been working, since there is a whole tray of drinks, perfectly good and unused, still sitting there. Going to waste! What a shame. "Hit a couple parties on the way over?"

"It is annoying, but it is the Lieutenants call," Chione notes to Drusus, before looking to Bayless. A consideration. "Nick, keep the party going. Lieutenant, I'll show you where the bridge is. It's less annoying to have an old face show up, 'Sir, this is Lieutenant Bayless, she just wanted to make sure to report in with the Genesis and make certain she didn't need to bring her pilots back home' than calling on the horn. Face to face communication is better, typically. But that's my suggestion, Lieutenant." Then she flashes Cornbread a smile and whispers something under her breath.
Chione whispers to Sloane.

Roz is. Where is she? Her Saggie butt is rather slouched in the booth now. Was that eight or nine shots? "Frak this, I haven't had a day off in three weeks. I'm not gonna fly anywhere. Bring them toasters in here, we'll get them drunk!"

Nicholas shrugs at Chione. "As you like, dearest." He flips off the wireless, putting the headset back on the little stand. Roy grins brightly at Melia, setting out a couple cans of soda if she still wants them.

Eli just looks very sober as she nods firmly to Melia. "Thanks lil' doc…" She murmurs softly. "I think we could all use…a cup of coffee."

McKenzie catches some of Chione's comments to Drusus and leaves the bar. She walks fairly steadily in her boots, even with the amound of alcohol consumed, "Yo, dudette? Mind if I come along? I'd like to check in with Major Carter. Let'm know why I'm not over on the Hera ramping up the frakin' guns." The coffee seems to have helped. Either that or she will be a jittery drunk soon enough.

"I'm with Ensign Dike," Bayless says to Nicholas. "Best we handle this face-to-face. Cornbread, you're with us. Ensign, lead the way."

"Right. I knew that," Kalypso says, leaning on the barstool next to him. "I had a good bottle of wine someone gave me for my birthday. Drank the whole thing by myself a'fore I came over. Looks like everyone's all worried 'bout the Condition One though…" she looks over her shoulder, blinking mis-matched eyes. "What're we s'posed to do take some magic sober-up pills and get back to the Genny?"

A look goes up to the cat-like Sasha, "You look good enough to eat," she grins, letting the other pilots panic. She picks up the shot and hands him one, "On three."

Nicholas lifts his chin towards Chione and Bayless. "Watch the third elevator, it's been a little cranky these days." He glances around the room and mutters something to Chione before she goes.

"Do you want me to come with you, Sir?" Drusus asks Chione, in no real hurry to leave, but thinking he'd offer, if she wanted him along.

"Lieutenant…" Sloane says to Bayless. "Where do you need me?" He asks. "You need me here or should I escort the bridge team, stay in numbers?" He asks, looking around the assembled drunks.

Sasha accepts the shot glass, still perched atop Roz's table and gazing at her with a slightly feral looking grin. "On three," he confirms. The military folk and their running about aren't precisely ignored, so much as left to their own business. He'll stick to what he knows, thank you. "One, two.."

Melia gives Roy a broad, warm smile and reaches out for the cans. "We need a couple more, please," she says, ever so polite and sweet. "There are a few of us who've been drinking and I think we're going to be in for a very long night."

Roz slams the shot back and grins at the dancer, "Mymymymymy…yes!" A wink goes to Sasha, "Where you sleepin' tonight? I've got 24 hours leave."

Bayless exhales then looks around to the sloshed Colonial personnel. "You have a point, 'Bread, stick here with everyone, keep everybody calm. Ensign Dike, I believe you were offering an audience with the Captain?"

Paris glances away from Kalypso just a moment as he notices them arranging a party to go off and handle the serious business. "Lemme know if you need that ride!" Except he's already started drinking. That's good thinking there, boyo. Shrug. Ah, frak em. Back to more interesting things. "Oh yeah?" And then another quick look around. "Yeah, I gotta admit, I think that's the fastest I've ever seen a party go south." A laugh, and he shakes his head. "Yeah, somehow I don't think any of you will be flying combat any time soon."

[Intercom] The Destiny's Captain comes over the com finally. "I need everyone's attention. At the moment we are not with the fleet. There seems to have been some coordinate glitch. Please, be calm. We are working on it."

Chione smiles at Nicholas and blows a kiss to the man. "I'll see if I can sweet-talk engineering to doing a civilian job since you were so helpful when we get back to Genesis, Nick. You are a DOLL!" she says, before murmuring something back. A look to McKenzie, and she considers. "I'll make sure the Hera knows, stay down here, would you? Stick close to the Sheriff."

There is a pause, then Chione looks to Bayless. "How fast can you walk in heels?" she asks, before striding out the door.

"Do try and be polite with the Captain, won't you," Nicholas comments drily, to the military. "We are a civilian ship." He pauses then, looking up as the intercom goes off. A brow raises. "Oh, wonderful."

Sasha's head goes back at the same time, shot downed with an audible swallow followed by the back of his hand across his mouth. He laughs, and twists his hips a little so he can lean an elbow down on the table and get a little more.. up close and personal with Roz. "Only twenty-four hours?" The glass is set down with a little -plink- on the table as he watches her. "Don't know yet. You tell me."

Chione leaves for Passage [O].
Chione has left.

"Fast enough," she replies to Chione, already on her six.

Bayless leaves for Passage [O].
Bayless has left.

McKenzie tilts her head a little. First, she was ignored by the pilot who started drinking, then by the dude talking about a Condition One party and now by the hostess and her entourage heading for the bridge. To make matters more annoying, she notes that the sexy stripper dude is entangled; almost literally, with Roz. "Frak me." Taking, she moves back to the stage and cradles her coffee while she tries to sober up.

Sloane steps over to Andi. She's a professional pyramid player, perhaps she can help. "Hey…can I get a favor from you miss?" He asks, heading towards Nicholas as he talks. "How good are you at crowd control, master of ceremonies kind of stuff?" He asks, turning to Nicholas. "Hey Nick, as for the scared civilians here, who do you think they have a better chance of listening to, you two or myself?" He asks.

Drusus shifts at the announcement from the intercom. Slightly more worried than before.

"Glitch?" Bell's eyes widen to big, blue saucers. She wanders around until she finds herself a cup of coffee. "That's some glitch."

Eli listens to the intercom and is out of her seat pretty damn quickly, the glass in her hand shattering when she picks it up and squeezes and then she just stares blankly in front of her. "It was a glitch." She repeats. "…and I don't have Betty." DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUN.

"Good grief." Nicholas looks over at Roy. "May as well start the coffee. Give them the good roast. Keep the liquor going for anyone who isn't pulling their hair out." He twists his back, looking over at Sloane. "They don't know you, Antonio. This isn't your ship."

Roz waves a hand around, "Not my ship." She gives another smile. Glancing over and finally seeing Cornbread, she gives a little shout and a wave. "Man, sit down you are really frakking up my buzz."
[Intercom] Attention! Set Condition Two throughout the fleet.

Melia gathers up her hunt and kill from Roy then starts back to Eli and the rest of the Marine contingent. Without a word, she offers Eli a cold can of soda then passes out the others. "If you would be so kind as to sit for a minute, Sheriff? I'm going to need to make sure the glass is out of your hand so that you can greet Betty properly when we're back on Genesis."

Andi tilts her head in the direction of Sloane. "Well I guess that just all depends on what you have in mind." Is said in a lazy drawal. Maybe he wouldn't prefer /her/ version of crowd control, afterall. She's a bit…brash on or off the court. Same goes for the stage.

The announcement over the intercom? Kalypso just laughs. "Frakkin' great…" she slurs, pulling herself onto the barstool. She wobbles just a little at first and the props an elbow on the bar. Kalypso looks at Paris, brows lifting. "The shirtless look is a good look for you… got something else to drink? I think if I'm bein' punished by the Gods, then it may as well be worth it, right?" She leans around to look at the other people from the Genesis, and then she looks at the handful of civillians (NPCs) that are, uh, not taking the news of being LOST IN SPACE so blase as she is. "I mean, frak it," she says, "Hey, Cornbread… where'd the El Tee and Chi… hee, that rhymed… go?"

Drusus sighs softly and settles up onto a stool, "You may as well finish that, sugar," he remarks to Nicholas, glancing to his drink, "I guess I should keep my head about me," he adds, settling the wireless on the bar in front of him and settling on the stool, one leg crossed high over the other, just as if he were at his post in the CIC.

McKenzie glances up from her coffee as the 'glitch' is announced. Rather than repeat what has become a personal mantra, she just shakes her head and goes back to drinking her coffee. Looking over toward Eli, she lifts a brow, "Betty? Who's Betty?" Another sip of coffee and she begins swinging her booted feet against the side of the stage. *thump* *thump* *thump thump* It sounds like a slightly wacked out heartbeat, but she keeps it up.

"Mmmhmm." Nicholas smiles easily at Drusus. One hand makes a slight wave. "It'll be fine. Not as though nobody's ever gone off the wrong coordinates before. Why goodness, I remember this happening a few years ago, when we were supposed to be making our tour back around Caprica. Silly engineering ended up halfway to the Armistice line. We were back within half a day." Is that a true story? Sure sounds like it. He's talking a little louder than necessary, probably so the waitstaff will hear him.

\Even if Paris seems a lot more concerned with Kalypso than he does with the apparent 'emergency', he does take note of Nicholas when he talks - particularly the exchange with the Viper pilot. A bit of a frown, and a nod of silent solidarity with his fellow Destiny-ite. Yep… a bunch of military folk barging onto the bridge of a civilian vessel does have a variety of connotations, and may be cause for some concern. But, ultimately, it's not -his- problem. Kalypso's request is answered as he reaches and grabs a few of those old drinks - the rocks glass filled with ice and dark liquid, and the shot glass filled with something lighter. He offers her both. "Take your pick… whoever these were for forgot about 'em."

Whatever else the dancer tells Roz, it's spoken quite close to her ear. That shot glass is fingered lightly, dark eyes briefly following her glance toward Sloane before returning again.

Eli hesitates before looking back to Melia and holding out her hand, sitting back down and sighing softly. "Sorry about that…uh…" Oh look, there is soda. Then she frowns. "Betty's uh…my best friend. Always by my side, works with me without things getting weird. My bunk-mate." She's not going to cry, she's not going to cry.

Sloane looks to Nicholas and nods, sensing the territory get marked. He simply nods and looks to the man. "Allright. If you feel privvy to calm these people down, let them know that there are some bridge crew from the Genesis aboard this ship and that there are backup plans for these sorts of things. We should be fine. It's your call, I'm not going to order you." He then turns to Andi, he puts his hand on her shoulder and gives her a little smile. "Well I'm not going to ask you to start tackling them." He chuckles. "If anyone starts getting rowdy can you help keep them calm?" He asks, standing near the stage.

Sasha whispers to Roz.

"I'm surprised it hasn't happened more often, honestly," Drusus replies, aking his cue from Nicholas and raising his voice mildly. "With the number of encryptions we run our co-ordinatges through in order to scatter their transmission? One misstep in decryption and where the hell are we? Fortunately it's all in records. We screwed up, we do it again. Not an issue." Sounds perfectly confident of that.

Roz whispers to Sasha.

Andi gives a wicked little smirk at Sloan's words. "Well damn. You sure know how to ruin a girl's fun? No tackling? That's the fastest way to get'em horizontal." She smoothly hops up on the bar, letting long legs dangle. At Drusus' words, she merely nods, not looking concerned. "Must have a male captain on this boat. They never stop and ask directions. We'll find 'em." Confident, mouthy. That's Andi.

Nicholas finishes spinning that little possibly-true tale about getting lost once before, and looks back at Sloane. He comments very quietly, his voice not carrying this time, "Antonio, these aren't people that have full trust in the military. I don't think quite yet that painting the Genesis as the sole saviour that can help the poor civilians is a good idea. People want to feel empowered, not helpless." He sighs quietly. "Let's see how long this takes."

Sasha laughs, and lifts the little shot glass as if to indicate something. He's still speaking quietly with the pilot, half-lounging against her table with a twist of his spine.

Melia slides a drink over toward Lex, smile warm, and another one gets pushed to Bell. "Daphne? Could you please ask the bartender if we might use his medical kit for a few minutes? It shouldn't be too long or too bad." Then she touches Eli's arm. "How about grabbing a seat, Sheriff. Let me take a look at this and get you wrapped up." A smile is flashed at McKenzie as the woman asks about Betty and the explanation is given. She cocks her head slightly, indicating the free chair at the table, as she gets into position to study Eli's hand. Apparently she expects obedience from the Marine.

Nicholas smirks at Andi.

Lex reaches out to take the drink, and raises it, then pauses. "I'll… be … back." She takes a slow breath, puts the glass down, and hustles off through the crowd. To the bathroom.

McKenzie keeps kicking her boots against the side of the stage, though her attention settles on Eli, "Ah, wow. I'm sure she's doin' fine, dudette. Seriously. Friends like that don't just vanish. She'll be waiting for you when you get there… Frak, she'll probably fill you in on all the crap that happened while you were here." Her smile is encouraging, "Really, you're lucky to have a friend like that." Lifting the cup, she turns her attention to Nicholas, his story catching her attention. A nod that is decidedly more sober than before greets the ending of it. Finally, she sets the empty cup on the stage near her and leans a bit forward to watch the crowd.

Roy is brewing up coffee and the room is starting to smell quite nice from the roast. "Coffee's on!" He calls out through the room, setting up a row of mugs on the counter.
Sasha whispers to Roz.

Sloane grins at Andi and smiles. "Yeah, I know and I love watching it on the circuit, but you are a celebrity. If they get riled up you might be infinitely helpful in keeping things calm." He then turns to Nicholas. "Yeah…I know, that's a shame but I understand it. More what I was thinking was that there's the obvious fact though that people that work on the bridge of the ship we're going to be trying to get back to are up there. They know how the Gen does things, which means they can coordinate with the Captain here. In other words, we're not blind." He pauses. "What do you need from us? You know the climate here better than I do."

Drusus grins at Nicholas, "Oh, sugar, you've got it all backwards. Stack the collective egos of all the pilots you've got on board here and it's the poor Genesis in desperate need of salvation," he chuckles, getting back to his teasing.

Roz is about to whisper something else to Sasha when she just kinda slithers down to the floor under the table over that last shot. The pilot is passed out cold. She drank herself under the table.

Eli covers her eyes with her free hand as she sits as instructed, letting Melia see to her hand and all that and she even ignores the 'dudette' for now, save for a scowl. "I should've never came to the party, there should be a rule 'MaAs can't go to parties to make sure all the women are safe'. New rule."

"Frak coffee," Kalypso says, taking the rocks glass that Paris slides over. She leans in towards the man to give him an elbow nudge and then she's getting up shakily to her feet. "You wanna make a girl's night, get me a bottle of something that I can drown in," she throws back some of the liquid in the glass and winks as she goes to find somewhere to hunker down.

Bell blinks, looking over at Melia, nodding. "Oh. Yeah. You bet, Mel." She seems glad to be given a task. There's nothing to assault, to her Marine skills are rather out of their element. She scurries off to get the kit from the bartender and return it to Melia.

Nicholas folds his arms loosely, after adjusting his tie. Can't look messy on an occasion like this. He smiles at Drusus, which turns to a grin, then he nods to Sloane. His eyes make a flicker across the room. "I trust their faith in the Captain where the working on things is concerned. Say too much more and it sounds like we're covering up being worried. It's alright for now." His words come so easily, despite the sharp alertness in his eyes. "The military's free to take some berths downstairs. Would you kindly make yourself in charge of being sure they know where to go for the night when they get tired? Be sure they can do it without making our crew itchy."

The first part of that sentence is really encouraging. The latter part, maybe not so much. Paris watches Kalypso a moment, although as she drinks, he takes another very notable sidelong glance over toward Nicholas - clearly there's still some concern over the situation, and there are nods and looks passed between the two that are evidence of that worry being shared. Oh well, back to Ms. Drunky. "You wanna get out of here? I've got some good stuff stowed back at my ship, and all this panicking, hand-waving, and order-giving is really killing the party mood I'd worked up to."

And there goes his potential customer, swallowed up by the sweet oblivion of a drunken stupor. Sasha peeks over the edge of the table, and gives a little roll of his eyes in amusement. Lovely. A little tap on Roz's shoulder rather confirms she's down for the count, and so he swings off the table and prowls away to have a word with Roy. Or Nicholas. Whomever he encounters first.

Andi leans back on her palms, "Honey, my job is rile 'em up. Not calm 'em down." But joking aside, her smile slightly smoothes out. "I got you." Message read loud and clear, she'll help if necessary. Her eyes filter over the crowd. Paris pairing off with another customer, Sasha losing his 'Mark'. Great frakking evening.

Melia settles in on a chair next to Eli, holding both hands out, palm up. "Do you mind if I touch you to take care of this," she asks the Sheriff quietly. One and a half drinks, she's only a little shaky, even if her voice is calm. Then she grins wryly at Eli, shaking her head. "You're allowed to go shopping. It's not your fault someone firebombed the parking lot out front. No shoplifting, though, even in the chaos. It's like eating a handful of hot peppers. You'll hate yourself for it later."

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Bayless comes in from Passage.
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Eli shakes her head. "Go right ahead and touch me anywhere and anyhow you ever want…" She finally murmurs to Melia, shaking her head. "I don't…shop. I don't…do uh, all that um. This was a fluke, wanting to make sure you all stayed safe but uh…wow…just wow…"

Chione whispers to Bayless.

Sloane looks to Nicholas and offers a nod. "Will do, will do…" He says before squeezing Andi's shoulder and turning to look at the assembled military. Only one that's still awake outranks him. He takes a deep breath. "…this should be rather easy." He speaks up. "Allright, I'm assuming command of the military personnel while Scorch is away…" He calls out. "Genesis folks form up on me. Sheriff? I'm gonna need a hand over here." He pauses. "Nicholas has informed me there's some berthings that we can use to get rested up. That should be our priority. I'm calling a cancel to leave. Let's get situated people." He calls out loudly.

It's been a bit, but eventually Chione returns with Bayless, the CIC Ensign putting a smile on her face as she enters the club, lightly putting a hand on the Lieutenant's arm as she murmurs softly. A nod is given and then Chione is moving over towards the bar where last Nick was spied, Nick and Specialist Cato.

Roz might form up if she wasn't passed out. Instead she is still on the floor under the table.

"Sure," Kalypso says with a nod to Paris, "Why the frak not?" She smoothes down her dress some, drinks the rest from the glass and then waits for Paris to join her. By the looks of her, she's about to walk off with that shirtless guy. And… completely ignoring the fact that Sloane just gave an order. She does spare Cornbread a look, then looks down at her heels and dress, looks at her empty glass and sets it on a table as she starts teetering towards the door.

Nicholas rubs the bridge of his nose. The waitstaff, having been slowly getting back to their duties, all turn around when Sloane starts barking military orders. They look at each other and around again, looking more than a little weirded out. Nick clears his throat quietly. "Antonio…little less 'martial law', please?" His eyes flicker to Chione as she comes back.

Drusus turns away from the wireless to sort of sulk at Cornbread. That is to say, Buzzkill. He looks down to the wireless again, then looks to Nicholas with an apologetic look, "I didn't even get to sit on your lap," he notes, "And now looks like the brass is going to put us away. Oh—" he looks up toward Chione. Hopeful.

Sasha reaches Nicholas shortly before Chione does, as luck would have it. Roy's busy getting tables cleared away and keeping a general eye on things, so it seems the manager gets troubled instead. He mutters something and nods toward the pilot passed out in her chair.

Eli's expression darkens as she watches Sloane, looking to Melia and then Sloane and then back to Melia and then back to Sloane. "One moment sir, I'm receiving medical attention…sir." Her jaw sets though at the martial lawness of it all though.

Paris doesn't really wait around to discuss things further. He pushes the glass he'd taken back across the bar, and slips off his own stool to follow behind Kalypso. Taking advantage? Entirely possible. Who did you think he was, anyway? This time, he doesn't bother exchanging secret looks with Nick to check up on the situation. His attention is squarely with the Raptor pilot, as he slips up beside her and walks her out of the club.
Sasha whispers: I think she had a bit too much to drink. Okay if I let her sleep it off in the back, for now?

McKenzie isn't Genesis personnel, so makes no move to form up. She does look a hair sour, but that might be because… "Ah… Frak." So, she said it again. Rising, she moves to the table she shared with Roz and Co. Ducking, she grasps the pilot's ankle and begins to pull her out from beneath the table. "Come on, dudette. Let's get you to a bunk."

"Scorch isn't away anymore, Cornbread, but thanks," Bayless says to Sloane, a casual smile on her face. "Could you grab Fireeater and find her a place to crash? And yes, please we need to keep the martial-law stuff to a minimum. Our people know their jobs." She looks to everyone. "Everybody, the Destiny's been kind enough to put us up till we can find out what's happened? We're officers, but we are also guests. Please behave accordingly."

Melie looks over her shoulder at Sloane, arching a brow. "As soon as I'm finished with the patient, Sir," she calls, voice low and quiet, carefully neutral. Then it's back to Eli, smile in place again. "It's alright to shop," she says softly. "Window shopping can be a hell of a lot of fun. But plunking down your hard-earned money for something you're not sure you'll like in the morning? Not so much." She flashes Bell a smile, dipping her head. "Thanks, Daphne. Want to go get us a place in line?" She keeps her head tilted toward Bell, but her attention is on the fine work of picking glass out of Eli's hand.

Roz gets dragged out which hikes her already short dress up around her hips. Yep. Blue thong. Flash the room! She rouses some as the carpet drags on her, "What thfrak…"

Sloane looks to Nicholas and nods, cringing a little bit. Seems old habits die hard. He grimmaces a little as he looks around the faces in the room. "Wideload?" He calls out, moving to stand near the edge of the stage. He looks to Chione and then nods his head upwards in Kalypso's direction, directing her that way. "All…" He pauses, looking to Bayless. He nods and moves over to Roz. Kneeling down beside her, he starts to try to cover her dignity. "Hey Roz, we're gonna go find a bed for you allright?" He asks quietly.

McKenzie giggles a little at Roz' undies, but there is admiration there as well, "Nice duds, dudette." A wink and she offers the woman a hand up. When Sloane moves over to assist, she looks his way for a moment, then shrugs and speaks to her erstwhile drinking buddy, "Time to get some sleep, seems like. Rest well."

Drusus certainly likes Bayless being in charge better than Buzzkill. He also adores Bayless' dress, now that he has a chance to look at it upclose. There might be some intermittant confusion as to whether he's eyeing the dress or the woman, but— mmm, pretty dress. He looks toward Chione, then, tilting his head expenctantly.

Sasha nods at something Nicholas says, and drifts back toward Roz's table, and the rescue attempt McKenzie and Sloane are making. "Actually, since I'm pretty sure the berthings on this ship're going to fill up like a frat bar on friday night, I was going to suggest she sleep it off backstage." He hikes a thumb that way, and rests a hip against the table again.

Roz gets pulled up, unsteady to her feet and a grin goes to McKenzie, "Who won the contest?" A bleary look to Sloane, "Corny!" Looping an arm around his neck. "Where's the guy that I was gonna frak?"

Nicholas shakes his head slightly to Sasha. "Let her stay with the military. Less fuss when she sobers up and someone needs to explain to her what's going on, hmm?"

As Kalypso starts to head for the door, Chione simply reaches out for her cousin. "Your boss is speaking," she notes to the pilot, before flashing Paris an apologetic grin, even as she tries to twist Kalypso around. "This one goes with Fireeater," she offers, trying to give Kalypso a gentle shove as well, before finishing her stride to the bar again. "Thank you for the berthings," she says to Nick, then looks to Drusus. "You'll need to change. Look at the computer systems when your head is cleared." Chione will leaves Sasha and Nick some space, before shaking her head. "At least someone enjoyed the party.

Andi clucks her tongue, then looks aside to her bossman. "Well. Looks like I'm out a place to stay too." Her home, of course, being on the Carina. "I need a place that sleeps two, if it can be arranged." 'Cinnamon' gives a little wry grin.

McKenzie winks at Roz, "You did, baby. By a landslide." Her grin softens when the woman clings to her pilot brother type person. Stepping back, she turns to Sasha and lifts a thumb to Sloan, "He's got the right've it, dude. She'll feel totally wierded out if she wakes up backstage. I'll take it, though. I ain't Genesis, so it won't matter as much."

"Hey hey…" Kalypso says, stumbling as she's pulled by her cousin. Mis-matched eyes glare bleerily, but the lopsided smile that accompanies the glare softens it. Her arms are rather immediately flung around Chione's neck and she leans on her. "I love you, Chiiii," she says, "He'll take me back. Honest, 'es a nice guy…" She kisses Chione's cheek even. And, which one of the two of them is older? Oh, right, that would be the one hanging all over Chione acting like a drunken teenager at a frat party.

Cornbread looks to McKenzie and gives her an apologetic look. Clearly he's trying to just keep things in order with all of the drunk pilots all over the place. He nods to McKenzie and starts to pull Roz off of the floor. He looks to Nicholas and gives him a thankful nod and a smile before turning his gaze back to Andi. "Can someone help us to these berthings? I'm not familiar with their location…" He trails off, starting to limp Roz to walk with him sidelong the bar.

Drusus draws his lips together in another girlish sort of pout, "Alright," he replies, turning to try to get Roy's attention for his tote and maybe a cup of that coffee going around. Aside, to Nicholas, "You don't happen to want to help me take off my stockings before my head gets too clear, do you?" he grins, all playful as he waits for his mildly less provocative duds.

Sasha twists around to glance over his shoulder at Nicholas, and nods once. It's a quick confirmation, he doesn't make eye contact with it. He does however, remain propped up against Roz's table while her friends get her back on her feet. "Sure thing, honey," he demurs to McKenzie, fetching that shot glass and tumbling it between his fingers adroitly. "It ain't much, but there's a little cot back there, if the boss is okay with it."

Eli is letting Melia work, being quiet and watchful.

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Bell nods a quick affirmative to Melia, going off to do just that. She's not wobbling anymore, despite the heels.

Nicholas says something under his breath to Drusus in response to the offer, then mmhmms at Chione. He does look a little less than impressed as the military is called up to swoop in and fix it, but his attention goes back to the room. "They're just down a few decks, Antonio. Andi, could you be a love and show them where?"

Slightly awkward position for Paris? Maybe so, particularly when Chione gives him that - even apologetic - look. Or when Kalypso vocalizes his 'nice guy' status. Really? "Yeah, don't worry, I'll get her back in one piece." It echoes the drunken fratgirl pilot's own words. "Jus' think she needs a little air." Air? Yeah… Maybe not. But there's an obvious tension there, of him not surrendering the matter just because cousin gives her a little tug. He's on the other side - and he'll go as far as trying to loop an arm around the raptor-pilot's waist. Caveman, go!

Bayless glances to Kalypso. "Frakkin' gods, Wide Load," she says to herself, shaking her head in amusement. To Chione and Sloane, "I'm gonna stay up and head to the bridge, see if I can help the crew with trying to find the fleet. Go ahead and grab some rack time."

Melia studies Eli as she works, movements efficient, but rather slow. She's doing it right rather than fast. "Sheriff," Mellie says in a quiet voice. "Look at me for a moment?" The small woman looks up at the Sheriff's face, pausing.

Eli looks over to Melia, expression grim but she tries to soften it with a hint of a smile, bowing her head a bit.

So tempting to give Sloane a salute in a decidely un-militaristic way. Like. With the middle finger. But then Nick suggests the same thing to Andi, even calling her that instead of her stage name. He must be serious. "Ladies and gentlemen, I'll be your cruise director for the evening…" She starts with a grumble, hopping down off the bar. Besides, she needs a place to crash too, and it sounds like its going to be in that direction, as Nick didn't give any other options. "If you'll kindly follow me, and keep all arms and legs in the vehicle at all times. Please, no flash photography. Unless you have twenty cubits to pay for the photo op.." Her voice trails off as she heads towards the door, one hand held high above her head and giving Jazz Fingers so people can follow her.

"Only air these days is recycled," Kalypso says, releasing her cousin. She doesn't fight the 'cave man' and instead leans on him. That's 140 lbs. of drunk, tall blonde Raptor pilot on skinny little heels. She lifts a hand to her forhead in an attempt at a salute. "Sir, you 'ave a good night. I'm going to go cope with my losses," the younger Ares lady says. Oh dear.

Nicholas grins at Andi, genuinely amused. He casts her a wink, attagirl.

Melia studies Eli for a long moment, then leans in to say something softly, quietly, hands still wrapped around the Sheriff's injured one.

As the coffee finally hits her system and chases the last of the alcohol out, McKenzie frowns a little. She nods to Sloan briefly, then moves over to find Bayless. "Excuse me." So, she'll try it the nice way first, "Lieutenant Maureen McKenzie, CIC from the Hera. I know you've started putting shit in order, and I don't want to be a fraktard…" So says the woman in the leather mini-skirt and frak-me boots… "Fill me in, please? I was being wierded out by the buzz."

"Thank you very much Andi…I'm pretty new to this place." Sloane says and then looks to Nick. He mouths 'I owe you one'. Offering the best smile he can, he cringes and starts to drag off a passed out Viper pilot in front of all of the civilians. Squaring his jaw, he looks to Chione and then to Kalypso as he prepares to head out of the door.

Bell follows Andi as she's directed, fine with being stashed somewhere for the moment. "I just wanted to go clubbing with naked guys…is that too much to ask…?" she murmurs to herself. Forlorn.

Melia whispers to Eli.

Sasha laughs as 'Cinnamon' corrals people up and heads out. Now that girl's got style. He's staying put for the time being, and mostly making sure that people who need a place to sleep, are following the lovely lady. One or two, it turns out, need to be nudged thattaway.

And now Paris gets a frown when he won't release Kalypso. There is a moment where she sticks at the bar, before she sighs. "What a gods-damned mess," she notes, reaching up to rub the bridge of her nose. "Nick, this party was wonderful, I can't thank you enough. Cato, when you're ready, and if you want to help, I'd suggest it." Still, Chione is now shooting daggers at Paris' back. "Frak her sober is one thing, taking advantage of a drunken woman is another," purrs the blonde woman dangerously as she crosses her arms over her chest. "Nick, how much do you like Paris again?"

Then the glare is suddenly gone as Chione is nothing but a professional from McKenzie. "The navigation 'glitch' the captain mention is … something said to keep the civilian's calm. There is something seriously frakked with that computer. We're way off, and I can't tell where."

Eli listens to Melia, actually smiling now, chuckling softly and sitting up a bit more, coughing and nodding quickly to the woman as she clears her throat. She does lean in though to whisper back to Melia before settling back in her chair and continuing to watch what's going around her, expression darkening as something hits her. "…oh frak, I don't have my uniform…" She's gonna be dwelling on that for a while.

Oof. Yeah, he might not quite expect to get to hold her up like that right away. But Paris will manage, propping her up. "Alright, Ms. Raptor pilot, type to ship out." Yeah. He's catching daggers now, so it's time to vacate in slightly more expediated fashion. Who said he was a nice guy? He's definitely not going to answer the accusation - and whatever Nick will think of him, it surely won't be anything new or shocking. Giving the blonde a bit more support now, he'll turn about as he's able and start his own trek out.

Drusus takes his tote from the bartender and looks behind him again, "Alright, alright, just let me get some coffee in me and I'll be fine. I only had one," he notes. He's barely feeling buzzed. "And put on some pants, if you relly think the bridge crew would get too squicked by a lad in a skirt."

Eli whispers to Melia.

McKenzie motions Chione a bit to one side. "Okay. Thanks. What's their situation for techs? And, what do you know of the Genesis personnel? Anyone with any experience with the frakin' systems?" She glances over toward the bar, then scans the area for civilian types. When she is sure that they are isolated as well as they can be, she looks back. "If you don't know, get the info. I'll talk to the captain and offer assistance. And thanks, by the way. I owe ya one."

Bayless says to McKenzie, "Dike here's a navigator, and I'm senior Raptor pilot on Genesis. We put our heads together, we might be able to fix the problem and get back with the rest of the Fleet."

Nicholas gives Sloane a nod. He still respects the man, despite the military shenanigans. He draws a long breath and rolls his shoulders, tilting his neck back and forth, and glances at Paris. With a shrug he replies, "I'm sure you could take him if you tried." He looks back at McKenzie and frowns. "Could we not have this conversation in here?" There's still staff milling about, and they are still looking paranoid about the apparent military takeover. "Come, you can use my office if you like."

Melia blinks at Eli for a long moment then grins and settles back in her chair. "Well, shit," she says, shaking her head. "You mean I went through all of THAT for nothing?" Her lips purse and brows mock-lower. "Damnit. No one told me that. They lied to me and told me it would show a line if I wore anything else." The process of wrapping the Sheriff's hand continues, until there's a neat white bandage covering the wounds, held securely in place. "Yeah, me either," she tells Eli with a wry smile. "Do you know how hard it's going to be to tend wounded in THIS? I'll have to see if I can borrow some coveralls." She shifts for a moment, lips thinning.

Sloane stops by Chione, glaring daggers into Paris' back. "Hey…" He says to her and McKenzie. "I'm gonna get Fireeater down to the berthings and then keep an eye out for all of us there allright? I'm sober, I'll pull first watch. I'll see you down there." He says before stepping out.

Kalypso is pretty easily led out of the club along with the shirtless civvie pilot and not-so-nice guy. But hey, not everyone can be a saint.

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Chione reaches out for Sloane's arm. "No watches, not talk of watches," she says to Cornbread, nodding towards Nick, before pointedly looking around the room and the rest of the staff. "Wait up for me. We'll talk when I get down there?" Then she turns and smiles at Bayless and McKenzie. "Get some rest, the captain has good men working on this. Let them have a try at it first, let's not injure their pride. The Lieutenant and I have already spoken to the Captain and told him we're here, if he needs us, he'll find us." Then Chione turns to Nick and kisses the man on the cheek. "Need any help seeing all this cleaned up?"

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Sasha eventually hops off his table, shot glass in hand, and makes a detour to the stage to fetch his shirt. It's shrugged on over his shoulders for decency's sake, though not buttoned, and the suspenders flipped back up over top. Back to the bar, to drop off that shot glass and see whether Roy needs help getting the place cleaned up.

Eli wiggles her fingers and only pauses to just stare at Melia, stare stare stare. "…I didn't see a line, s-so I guess it worked." BUHlink. She drags her mind back though as she nods slowly. "Thanks, heh, for bandaging me up…" She trails off. "We'll find you some pants I'm sure, leave it to me." She winks and carefully gets to her feet. "Now I need to go to the little boys room. Then try to meet with the captain and do some more…complicated shi-stuff. So…you stay safe, don't wander far, I'll find ya, okay?"

Mellie stands and puts the medkit back together, laughing quietly. "I'll be here for a little while longer, helping with the cleanup if they need it, then I'm going to head to the racks. You'll likely find me at the highest point in the room." Like a damned cat she is. Then it's off, back to Roy and the bar, a smile on her face.

McKenzie nods to Bayless, then glances to the indicated pilot person. Then, Nicholas adds his two cents and she turns to regard the man. Her gaze slips down, then up and she nods, "Yeah, no sweat." She did move far enough away that the staff would have to have mega-hearing, but she's a sensitive military fraktard. "Lead the way, if you'd be so kind." Turning to Chione, she lifts a brow slightly and her expression is not terribly pleased. "Aye, I know that you two talked to the Captain already. Go grab some shuteye if you like. I've gotta duty to discharge, and I'll get sleep once I've seen to it." Inclining her head, she smiles at the woman, "By the way. Good party. Hope we can do it again, only without the added spice of mayhem, yeah?"

Bayless nods once to Chione, then looks to McKenzie. "I'm thinking that's the best option at this point. Things go south, best we're fresh to deal with it." She looks to Nicholas. "We all really enjoyed the party, despite the outcome. Our appreication and thanks."

Nicholas gives Chione a grateful look as she says not to injure civilian pride. "No, no, dear. It'll be good for staff to have something to do that's nice and routine." He gives a nod to Bayless and McKenzie. "Of course, my appreciation for coming. One can't have an outing without people coming to enjoy it, after all." Looking back at Chione he offers, "I'll probably have a quick word with the Captain in a few hours, see what I can do, myself. If I have to dredge up the old engineering uniform days, I think I could forgive myself later. Would you and Antonio like to stay in the suite? It'd be less crowded."

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There is a momentary pause, a blink, and Chione just looks at Nicholas blankly. "I'll ask him. He may want to stay with the other military folk, given the situation. But I'll let you know shortly, Nick. You are going to have another place to stay with your own guest, yes?" she asks, her eyes flicking towards Drusus, then back to Nick again. Then Chione looks towards McKenzie and nods. "Take the Elevators, deck one, all the way to the fore."

Melia draws up next to Drusus at the bar, holding onto the medkit like she does, well, intend to give it back to Roy. She seems mostly calm and serene, unless someone happens to look at the pulse in her throat.

Nicholas either didn't know Chione wasn't at the co-habitation stage, or he's just being a shit. You decide which one is more likely. He smiles at Chione and nods. "Don't worry about me, I know every nook and silk-sheeted cranny on this bucket. You just let me know. And we'll chat tomorrow after everyone's had some rest, hmm?"

Sasha is off collecting glasses and stripping tablecloths. Off tables, that is. He's got half an ear on the conversation being bantered back and forth, though he's going to have to figure out sooner or later where he's sleeping tonight.

McKenzie nods to Nicholas, "Thanks for everything, dude. It was a blast. Going to have to talk to you later about a shower for a friend whose getting hitched. If you hire out for that sorta do." Turning to Chione, she lifts a brow just a little as Nicholas offers the suite. She stifles a smile, then nods, "Thanks. Sleep well when you get there." Turning, she nods to Bayless as well, then makes her way to the door. If she lets her gaze linger a bit longer on Sasha, who can blame her?

A nod is given, then Chione reaches into her clutch, and pulls out several cubits. "Thank you, Nicholas. I'll let you know," she says warmly, before turning and walking over to Sasha. One hand is lain on his shoulder, while the other places the money on the table. "Didn't get to give you your tip. Sorry your dance was ruined. Thank you," she offers, actually trying to sound warm, though she sounds more tired. That done, Chione turns and heads for the door. After all, she has to see a man about a suite, right?

Sasha has an armful of tablecloth by the time McKenzie's ducking out. He sends a brief smile her way, then turns as Chione touches his shoulder. "Thanks," is murmured with a crinkling at the corners of dark eyes. "Maybe we'll see you back for an encore, some time. You just let me know if you need anything, yeah? I know this ship like the back of my hand. Sure had enough time to learn it.." He tosses her a wink, and gets back to tidying.

Melia waits patiently for Roy to finish up what he's doing, then hands the medkit over with a quiet, "Thank you. It was perfect for what we needed."

Nicholas smiles at the tip given to Sasha, then nods to McKenzie on her way out. "Sleep well." He gently rubs his eyes, then turns back to Roy to have a quiet conversation.

Moving back towards the bar, Chione smiles, "You'll find the berthings?" she asks, but not really waiting for an answer, she wriggles her fingers to Roy and Nick and heads out.

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Nicholas starts to move out of the room to check on other things. As he passes by Sasha he pauses only briefly to say something. "Very well done, Spring Fling." He half-smiles, half-smirks, and breezes out.

After a while, the door opens once more. McKenzie enters, her expression neutral, though a blush has tinged her cheeks the color of crimson. One hand lifts and settles her hat back on her head. she looks around to see who is still around, then sighs in evident frustration.

Melia is perched on a stool, by now, a can of soda in hand as she peruses the pole, simply studying it.

Sasha barely looks up as Nicholas passes him by with that little remark. A shoulder's lifted, a flick of dark eyes, then he's tucking the money away in his trousers' pocket with a faint smile. Yeah, that'll have to do. Spring Fling, indeed. McKenzie receives a curious, and slightly concerned glance as she wanders back in. He's still tidying up tables and the occasional broken glass.

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