Captain's Brief
Captain's Brief
Summary: Command Staff briefs the Department Heads on the short-term plans.
Date: 3 ACH
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Regas sets his coffee aside and glances to the people around the table. "I don't have to tell you what we are facing, because in all honesty, I don't know. Atleast not yet. We know we've hit some Hell in a handbasket, but until we know the full meaning of all this, we can assume we are outgunned and outmatched." He motions to Reed, "I think you are chomping at the bit, Major, so feel free to let it out."

Rhea glances over her shoulder to regard Greje. Offering the chaplain a sympathetic look. The most expression of anything the ChEng has shown the chaplain. Then she gets back to flipping through her clipboard. She's brought a pen, and a few lines typed on the octagonal page are underlined as she goes through them. Her gaze is then tilted toward Reed. Waiting for him to open his magic box.

Zaharis flips on the flat tablet, the screen glowing briefly as it boots up. He removes the stylus from the side and prepares a new page for scribbled notes, his dark eyes finally coming up and turning to Reed.

The XO rolls into the hatch looking rather miffed about something. He nods to the Colonel. "Sorry," he mutters by way of apology and finds his chair quickly.

Desusa takes his seat and looks to Reed. Cigar sticking out from the corner of his mouth as he opens his pad to take notes. No minding the late arrivals.

Opening the attache case, Salin withdraws a small folder which is promptly set on the table. Opening it, a notepad and pen are revealead and he quickly takes the pen in his right hand, his gaze flickering over towards Greje to give her a quick nod before he's looking back over towards Regas and then to Reed.

Greje is too light-headed to sit down, and she hasn't brought anything to write with, in any case, so she just finds a likely place to stand, near Rhea, whose look of sympathy seems to divert the chaplain's course until she takes up a stance a bit behind Rhea's seat and the seat next to her, listening, shifting her attention to Reed as Regas indicates him, cradling the bundle of laurel sprigs in both arms.

Reed opens the briefcase, looking to Regas with a smile, "As I mentioned, sir, I'm ready for this meeting." He pulls out a stack of files, a clipboard, a datapad, two pens and closes the briefcase, sets it beside the chair, and nods, "Aye sir." He then selects a folder and takes a breath."

"Colonel Regas, in accordance to Project protocol 665 I am hereby proposing that we enact Contingency plan 'Dust Off'. We must both be in agreement to enact this contingency plan as it constitutes an official abandonment of the project: StarSeed." He sets the file down and slides it toward Regas. He then looks to the other Staff members. "Dust Off entails the striking and dismantling of the two habitat domes on the surface of TER-745, removing all personnel, supplies, technologies and materials contained therein and transporting them to the PAS station for storage and incorporating those materials for use as we see fit." He looks to Regas. "Once we approve this and get the things out of the domes my team of structural engineers can have the domes dismantled and off planet in twenty seven standard hours. We can then store them on the station and have them ready for redeployment when we need them." He then sits to allow discussion or whatever Regas likes.

The XO leans back in his chair as Carter begins. The man's eyes stay focused on the PAS Commander, fingers steepling in front of him. The notebook on his lap stays closed for the moment. When the Major finishes, Fotilas looks to Regas to wait for a reaction.

Desusa puffs away a bit more before taking his pen and writting. His notes are short but he's only collecting minutes here for later.

Zaharis' stylus is still during this, this being something he's heard. He too glances at Regas for the Colonel's reaction.

Regas nods to Reed, "We'll see that it is done," he's short and sweet about it and then glances to the XO, "Go ahead and give them the rundown." Maybe he took an anti-stress relaxer or something as he just makes sure the meeting rolls along as smoothly as possible.

Rhea stops her highlighting so she can listening to Reed properly, her hands folding on the table. That sympathetic look is turned to him, now, though she doesn't seem particularly surprised. She half-looks as if she's going to ask something about it, but she stays quiet to listen to her XO. Flipping to a clean page on her clipboard so she can chicken-scratch some notes.

As people are speaking, Salin's simply jotting down the occasional note on his pad. He lifts his gaze, a brow arched slightly towards Reed though it's quickly lowered as he looks back towards Regas and then, finally, over towards Fotilas.

Reed nods to Regas, taking his clipboard, and makes a few notes, letting go of a slight breath as he does, that's either relief, releasing a breath he was holding, or regaining his breath from talking that much. Hard to say.

Rue 's gaze hasn't left the pad in front of her. She's taking notes and that's about it. Actually, she's rather pointedly staring at the pad of paper in front of her.

Greje simply continues to hover behind Rhea like some dark spectre or a figure from a fresco. The only clue that she's listening is the slight shift of her head at the prospect of dismantling the project which is dutifully concealed by the dark red and medium grey hoods covering her. It's not her decision to make, of course, and, not having any pertinent information on hand about the cylon fleet, she doesn't feel qualified to comment. So she stays quiet. Her attention — again, invisibly — shifts to Fotilas.

Fotilas nods to Regas and leans forward once more, resting his elbows on the table. "Alright. Here's the plan: We're going to be getting all information sorted. We're going to strip some of the civilian freighters - the sublights - we've recovered. We'll be transferring all non-essential supplies off them, as well as personnel, to the PAS Station. From there, we're going to be setting up these ships as beacons. We'll leave these carcasses at strategic locations - mostly around star clusters - and check on them periodically. If they're destroyed, we know where the Cylons have been.."

Zaharis now does make some notes, the stylus point scribbling across the gently glowing screen. Fotilas hasn't called for questions so he doesn't speak for now, but marks a note to ask about later.

Regas looks around the table for reactions and then his gaze flickers up to Greje, "Lieutenant, sit down before I have have you standing down in the morgue with a creeped out face." He then looks around the table, "I think we're open for questions," because he can read minds!

Desusa seems to be the only one here not emotionally troubled about what the situation here is. The Pandora's ex-CO, and about ninety-five percent of his battalion, have no close kin to mourn back home. The captain just rolls his cigar around his mouth, listening to the commanding naval officer attentively and taking the notes needed.

Well, then. Zaharis looks over at the top three brass. "Which of the ships will be remaining with the fleet, and functional?"

Listening to Fotilas, Salin cants his head ever so slightly to the right before giving a quick nod. There's another note made on the notepad and then he's settling the pen atop the paper, his attention shifting over towards Regas and then towards Zaharis, as the question is posed.

Reed purses his lips in thought, and makes a few notes, brows furrowing before he looks to Fotilas, then Regas, then Charon-Er the Lieutenant Greje, and then about to see who wants to start the questions, indicating himself in the question que when it comes around, he then looks to Zaharis, and then to Fotilas and Regas. Fine question.

Rhea perks as she listens to Fotilas. This plan appeals to her. She looks to the XO as well, putting herself in the questioning que. But she listens to the answer Zaharis gets first.

Regas glances to Zaharis, "As of now, besides what we had before? The Carina," he then looks over to Rhea, "Captain Zimmerman, I'll need you to go over the ten sublights and see what you can do. If you can make any FTL capable, get on it. If not, part them out. We leave nothing for the cylons." He then gives Reed a pointing for his question.

Zaharis nods to Regas and busily makes more notes on his tablet. They fill a page and he taps the corner to flip to a new one, continuing.

Greje moves to settle on the edge of a chair when instructed to do so, still not getting too close to the table, nor putting the bundle of laurel down. She didn't have time to put the sacred brush away properly and so she needs to keep holding it in order not to profane the ritual object. She keeps up with the plans, no matter how much it looks as though she's simply sitting there staring blankly into space.

Reed nods to Regas. He then looks to Fotilas, "So we're going to form a line of sorts, setting up the derelicts to function as buoys in locations you chose, then keep checking on them to see if the Cylons pass that way. What are the chances the Cylons will notice a pattern, extrapolate our position and jump in on us? And is that chance, as well as the resources used in the placement and monitoring the derelects, worth the intelligence gained from the simple destruction of the husks of the ships?"

Desusa gives Greje a brief glance, but says nothing, focusing on Reed now as he puffs once more. Hope Rhea had clean air filters installed here recently.

"We're going to place one on the other side of this planet and one on this side. So we'll know if this is safe. I want a beacon on it that will ping back if we contact it. If it doesn't, then we know this is not a safe spot any longer. But, that is a main detraction from us. If the Cylons come in and take the ships out over some deadish planet. It's also a figuring that they won't come back to it. It has no use to them. However, the asteroid belt here, does have Tyllium. And we know that is a resource for us to use. We won't be dropping crumbs for them to follow." He glances to Rhea then and points to her.

"Its not a line, Major Carter. Actually, there's no real correlation between their locations except for their association with star clusters." Fotilas settles his arms once more, his words coming after Regas. His eyes then lift to the others in the room.

Zaharis circles something in the cascade of scrawl he's been writing, then pauses the note-taking. He looks up and at each speaker as they talk, then at Rhea.

Rhea nods firmly to Regas. "If it can jump, we'll get it jump-worthy, sir. Bet on it. Are you going to leave those beacon ships dead in space, or do you want to make it look like somebody's still aboard?" she asks, both the colonel and XO. "Essential systems, like life support, are power hogs, but it doesn't take much juice to keep little things like emergency lighting running. At first glance, it can look like an abandoned ship still has people aboard. If we're outfitting them with beacons, we might even be able to run the ship's power coils through their internal power systems." She jots down a few notes after Reed's question, frowning slightly, but she voices no thought on it. Her nose doesn't even wrinkle at Desusa's puffing. But, she's sitting near Zaharis, so smoke is likely a daily hazard for her.

Reed makes a silent 'ahh'. In system placement, not extra system placement. He scratches a line through some of his notes, and makes more, nodding, then he looks to Rhea, listening.

Regas nods to Rhea, "Good idea. See what you can set up, in case they decide to dock with them," he move his hands and looks at Desusa, "As Captain Desusa would agree, when you are out in the field, you set traps for the enemy. Land mines, or whatever. The ships are our landmines. The space is our field. Does this make sense to everyone?"

There's a soft 'hrmm' as the plan is laid out and Salin looks over towards Rhea and then to Regas, before looking back to his notepad. His pen is picked back up and he's jotting down a few more notes before shifting his attention towards Desusa and then back to Regas.

Zaharis sticks the end of the stylus between his teeth, chewing on it as he mulls things over. He nods to the question of things making sense, a-ok here.

Reed makes a few notes, and lifts his pen, waggling it to be recognized.

Fotilas listens closely, still not touching the legal pad on his lap. He scan the faces of those around the table and settles on Reed.

Desusa nods to himself at Rhea's answer. He looks to Regas and smiles a bit, "Well, it works if we are doing the hunting." He puffs a few times.

Greje threatens to become completely lost as they go into the technical details of the plan, but in the end she assumes she understands the gist of it, and she probably surprises most people by offering her summary of the plan so far, in a voice as though asking for confirmation that she's right: "So we're leaving these ships here to tell us how long it'll be safe to return to this location for Tyllium and other supplies?" She might sound a little slow, but she simply wants to make sure she's got the right of it.

"We'll get to it, sir," Rhea says, nodding shortly to Regas. To show she's got things properly grokked.

"We are the hunters not the hunted, Captain Desusa," Regas nods to Greje, "Two of them." He glances back to Desusa, making a hold off on Reed for a moment. "Which brings me to the next point. Captain Desusa, you are going to be put back in command of the Assaulstar. You can work with the CAG here for a small contingent of vipers. I've got raptors that can make short jumps, but you are the scout ship. Start moving around the civilians and finding those that are or were in the military and get your crew." He looks to Reed now. "Go ahead Major Carter."

Reed sits up, "I'm sorry sir, a point for the last business. Geological Seismic Charges are directed explosive charges designed to send a shockwave through rock which is then monitored for the echo. Like sonar through solid stone. Very stable, very reliable. Very useless in combat." He looks to Regas, "Unless you set them up to blow on a docking hatch or some other nasty trick. There's not many of them in the Marine dome under munitions lockup, but they're there." He looks between Desusa and Rhea, "If you can use them for booby traps, might be worthwhile."

Zaharis starts a new little block of notes with 'Pandora' as the header, jotting a bulleted list of items. Pimp out Assaultstar medical readiness, check.

The mention of the Assaultstar catches Salin's attention and he shifts his attention over towards Desusa for a moment, giving a slight nod before he's making a couple more notes. Then, he's looking back towards Regas and over towards Reed.

Greje cants her head, finally, enough to visibly shift the hood she's wearing toward Reed. "What if another one of our vessels happens to make an escape to this point and tries to dock with one of the ships? We wouldn't want to disable them. It may be a little optimistic to think that more ships might be coming, but if they knew there was an outpost out this way, it could be a likely destination for any that might."

Desusa nods and begins making a small list of things needed, "Aye, sir." He looks back to Reed before he puffs white smoke once more, "Sir, I'll revise the Pandora's demo lockup and give you a list of what we have there so we can begin some sort of exchange for the charges you offered." He is liking this idea. Yes he is. He pans back to Zaharis and mimics 'I NED 2 SEE U'.

"We're three jumps from the Colonies out here. The likelyhood that a sublight ship could make the journey without being jumped?" The XO shrugs to Greje. "Slim to none. Assuming they knew about us. This whole anchorage is classified/codeword material." His gaze then settles on Regas for the rest.

Zaharis lifts his chin towards Desusa to indicate he saw the motions. 10-4.

Regas nods to Reed, "See to it." Expecting it to happen. He then glances to the Priestess, but the XO explains it quite well. His eyes move over to the JAG, "I don't know what we'll be working with as far as the many civilians that will be lodged on the Carina, but find out how many are cops or lawyers and become their contact for now." He then looks at the CAG. Knowing she has got to be squirming about now.

Rhea cracks a smile, which she exchanges with Desusa, at all Reed's talk of blowing things up with sonar. "I'm sure my snipes would enjoy tinkering with them." She nods a little at Regas' words, assured enough, though that brings something else to her mind. She half-opens her mouth to ask it, but quiets to listen to the CAG first. A preoccupied frown now on her lips.

"So noted. Should I just shuffle those pilots already familiar with Pandora back to duty there?" Rue suggests. "My people are itching for a fight. I don't view this, necessarily, as a good thing. It will make some of them careless. As far as we know, the people we have here are all the resources we have. We're in a war of attrition here… unless we find more pilots and personnel, we will lose."

Reed looks to Greje, then to Fotilas, and back to Greje, yeah, the other Major's right. He then looks to Desusa, and blinks, then makes a few notes on his clipboard. He then looks up to Rue, and Regas.

The pen is set down as Salin apparently completes his notes and he's looking back over towards Regas to give a quick nod of his head, "Sounds good, sir." He's then looking back over towards Rhea, listening and then shifting his attention over towards Rue.

Greje is still uncertain. A slim chance of destroying one of the few ships still home to humanity seems like too great a chance, to her. But she's not the one making the decisions, here, so she inclines her head a near-invisible degree in deference to Fotilas and resumes her careful listening.

Desusa puffs away happily. Damn good cigar here.

"Whatever is best, Savannah," Regas says, using her first name. "You can get the list from accounting also for any pilots in those civilians and start training." Rhea's pen is noted and he points to her.

"Sir, is any effort being made to get in touch with the other battlestars in the Fleet?" Rhea asks when the floor is clear again. Then, as if the question required some justification, she adds, "It would be prudent to know exactly who we've got fighting with us."

Zaharis makes a few more notes as people talk. At Rhea's question his eyes lift, though his head doesn't, and he regards her for a few moments without a change in expression. Then he looks at Regas.

Reed listens to Rhea, keeping quiet before looking to Regas, his pen stilling on the clipboard.

Desusa looks over to Rhea and sighs bit. Stubbing the cigar on his boot. He knows the answer to that, and doesnt like it.

"I'll write up a list then and put Addie Nikos on it as a dedicated trainer," Rue replies, making a few notes. Then she goes silent again, looking between the other officers.

"We've had no ability to contact HQ and nothing was heard back a few days ago. For now, our communcations on any channel here are going to be garbled for any outside interferance or those that may pick us up. It'll just sound like static. I can't tell you if any others are out there or not, we'll know more when we get in some recon." Regas tells the ChEng and then nods to Rue. "Also, from the reports, we had two Mark VII's lose all their electronics, if those robot bastards are frakking with us, get it fixed. We can't afford to be dead in the water."

Zaharis lifts the stylus slightly into the air. Question here.

Desusa stores the unusued portion of his cigar on a small metal cylinder and pockets it before looking over to Zaharis as he raises his stylus.

Rhea either does not, or pretends not to, notice Zaharis' eyes on her. Her own gaze is kept on Regas, expression carefully neutral. "Understood, sir." How she feels about the answer is hard to tell. Her eyes go back to her clipboard. She scritches down some idle notes. Not looking at Zaharis or his stylus.

"One more thing to add.." Fotilas speaks up, clearing his throat. "Every time we transmit broadwave? It gives the Cylons a chance to nail down our location. Transmitting in the clear, across all frequencies is the best way to get found quick - assuming we could even get past this systems interference."

Reed listens to the answer, and looks to Rhea before he looks to his clipboard and jots down a few more notes.

"I'll speak with Wasted and get an account of what happened in detail, between Captain Zimmerman and Chief Taylor, we'll narrow down what happened and stop it from happening again, sir," the CAG says, making yet another note and looks Regas in the eyes.

Regas nods to the CAG, knowing he can depend on his staff for efficiency, he then makes a point to Zaharis, "Doctor?"

Greje shifts nervously, finally abandoning her neutral, placid stillness. Evidently that haze is starting to leave her. She has a question, but holds it in for now, perhaps assuming that someone else will clarify a point for her.

"Civilians with medical training," Zaharis starts, because medical capabilities are mainly what he cares about at the moment. "Carina's got a handful, mostly orthopedic specialists and physical therapists on there for the sports teams. Useful folks and some useful emergency equipment. No long term facilities though, she wasn't meant for that. With regards to their personnel, will they be brought into the military or retain civilian status?"

Reed lifts a brow and looks to Regas. Good question.

Rhea looks up from her scritching to exchange a little nod with the CAG. "The Chief knows the birds better than anyone I've ever met, and I'm not a bad hand with internal systems, if you'll pardon my saying so. We'll parce something for you." She looks curious to the answer to Zaharis' question, adding, "I wouldn't mind technical volunteers for a lot this work. Particularly with looking at FTL compatibility on the sublights.

Zaharis adds, "Same goes for trained personnel of any of the other sublights, if they're civilians now." He's not sure of the count yet there.

"We'll fill every hole we need. They can choose Contractor status or Military. Some aren't going to be too happy to be under Miltiary law right now, but they'd be less happy dead. Just make that point clear when you run into any problems. Every medic, technician, physical therapist or hang nail doctor will report to you. So set it up." Regas then looks over the group once more and notices the less neutral Priestess. "Lieutenant did you have something? I'll need you to coordinate with any other temple people on those ships also. You are going to have alot of people that need spiritual help."

Desusa nods simply to the question. Score another for the good doctor. The only word lingering on his mind is 'conscription', lucky for the civvies, Regas has another alternative.

Rue nods Rhea's way and tries on her first smile of the meeting, though it's half-hearted. As it dwindles, she sets her pencil down on the pad in front of her and just listens.

"Understood. Just making sure we're not stuck with desperately needed personnel being given the option to tell us to frak off at the time of need," Zaharis says, making a note.

Reed nods, making a small note on his clipboard.

Rhea looks a little relieved at Regas' answer. Perhaps 'conscription' was looming on her mind as well. "I certainly agree everyone should be put to work, sir. All hands and all that. Contractor status should be more than acceptable in most cases. I've never had a problem working with the civvies out here before." Her own attempt at a return smile to Rue is equally half-hearted.

Fotilas lifts his hand a bit off the table, glancing to Regas. "If I may.. make a suggestion also, sir?" The man's gaze slowly shifts around the table.

Greje lifts one hand to tip back the hood on her head an inch or two, making her look less vacant as she looks from Regas to Fotilas, "I'm sorry, I'm not sure what comprises 'transmitting broadwave.' Should we not be using the shipboard wireless?" she wonders, then nods to Regas again, "I had been meaning to ask whether it would be possible to designate a sanctuary or thesaurion precinct either on Genesis or elsewhere. I've had several people wishing to make dedications, and the chapel on board simply isn't equipped to handle the devotees. I've been holding the dedications in a consecrated chest in the Ecclesiastical offices, but… that isn't going to work for long."

There's a quick nod of Salin's head in response to Regas' answer. No doubt, he wasn't too keen on seeing a bunch of people suddenly conscripted. There's another quick notation made on his notepad and then he's resettling the pen atop the folder before looking over towards Fotilas.

Desusa ponders the sitation and nods to hismelf. Taking some more notes and pretty much content.

"Broadwave is the Colonial Band or Open channels. We will certainly stay off the Open channels for now," Regas tells the El-tee. "See what you can find and send up the paperwork to me or the XO." He now loks to Fotilas.

Zaharis finishes some quick scribbling and raises his head again, looking over at the ship's XO.

The XO nods to Regas and looks to the assembled Captains. "We're going to be getting into combat. People are going to die. Fighting fires, fixing things, walking down a hallway when a missile hits. As Department Heads, you owe it to the personnel under you to make sure they understand how to take command. If you can't be around or are indisposed for some reason, it's essential that your subordinates know how to do your jobs. Teach them to step up to the plate. Let them know what you know. Trust them in day-to-day activities to take charge in situations. Your lives may depend on an Ensign or Specialist having the guts to step up when the chips are down."

Reed makes a few notes on his clipboard, then looks to Fotilas. He listens, looking around briefly before looking back to the XO.

Rhea almost makes a face when Greje starts talking of spiritual things. Almost. She stops herself. And looks /a bit/ sorry for the impulse. Still, it's not something she seems particularly concerned with. As for the XO's words, she looks up at him and nods shortly. Confident, there.

Zaharis slides the stylus through his closed left hand with his thumb, slowly turning it over his knuckles back into the same position and sliding it through again. Repetitive motion, continuing through Fotilas' speech as he watches the XO.

"A very good point, XO. And to continue on the same vein, we are first and foremost a Battlestar and at War. That is the main objective. They were crying that the others left them behind and I have put my people on the line to move as many as we could. That is all we can do. I don't like making that kind of decision, but it has to be done. I hear one whining civilian that thinks we are doing it wrong, they can find a toilet and a toothbrush or they can take their chances back on the colonies." Regas lets out a slow breath, "Punishment is going to be harsh on anyone trying to overrun us, terrorize us, exploit us or any of the rest that we will not tolerate. We don't have time to babysit. We need to survive." His eyes turn to the Marine Captain (who should be here) and the JAG Captain, "Don't start filling up our brigs with terrorists, murderers, rapists or any other type of hard felon. You put them down."

Desusa is used to stress of command syndrome, so, he just nods emphatically to the CO. "Hu-ah!"

Fotilas listens to the Colonel discuss how things are going to be. The lack of breathing room for people who can't hack it - either life or service. There's no verbal response. Only a nod from the XO as he looks back around the room.

Listening to first Fotilas and then to Regas, Salin gives a slight arch of his brow as he leans back in his seat. Fingers drum lightly atop his notepad and for a moment, he doesn't immediately reply. Then, he's giving a slow nod of his head, "Understood, Colonel."

Reed listens to the COs orders, lifting a brow and scribbling a few more notes. Time to flip up the top sheet and keep writing.

Zaharis glances at Salin, then back at Regas. His attention then goes back to his pad as more notes occur to him, and he scribbles away with the stylus.

Rhea's brows arch a notch. Not that she objects. The legal stuff, thank the gods, is not her purview.

Rue lifts her head and eyes Regas. "Sir?"

Regas nods over to Rue, "Go ahead."

"I respectfully disagree about the civilian population. While I don't believe now is the time for establishing a new government… especially when we don't know the exact current state of the Colonies beyond being nuked, we should make sure that the seeds of said new government are kept in safely in our trust. That means treating the civilians with respect. Listening to their opinions, even if we decide to do something else. We have to /appear/ to care, or we're going to lose one thing that we are absolutely going to need. Hope." Rue's gaze doesn't waver from Regas as she speaks. "I would offer a recommendation… that we designate an officer to act as liaison to the civilian population. At least give them a means of venting."

Reed listens to Rue, thinking. He nods a little and as she proposes someone as liason, he sloowly looks, to Greje.

Zaharis doesn't get into the Major vs Colonel thing, though he is listening and watching. As he notes Reed's eyes going to Greje, his mouth draws into a thin line. A really thin one.

To say the chaplain isn't quite used to this sort of talk is an understatement of massive proportions. The Lords are, on the whole, a forgiving bunch, and there's not much wrong that can't be undone with supplication, service, and hard work. She shifts her eyes back to the back of the room, then to the fore again, glad when some one of the 'actual' military folk speaks up on the behalf of common sense. She adds, after briefly clearing her throat, "Don't you also suppose that we've had enough of our people killed?" 'Our people' here being humanity, not people on Genesis. "I mean, it's all well and good to want to keep the brigs clear, but… there's no sense in letting the space go to waste, is there? Use it for the worst you find, and put others to work to atone for their misdeeds, instead," she suggests, a note of contorted compassion in her voice.

Reed keeps looking at Greje, and lifts his pen with something to say.

Sometimes cooler heads prevail and military ones that are hard core. Atleast some military. Regas meets the eyes of the CAG, "And what Officer do you think will do a good job, Major?" He asks in a rather cool tone now. "Which young Officer is going to keep their head when the mob gets out of control because we've told them they won't get their ration of Oat Crackles this week?" His gaze crosses over to the Lieutenant. "I realize you are young and spiritual, but when some piece of work backs you in a corner and puts a knife in your throat, you'll have wished I airlocked him, instead of letting him out with a slap on the hand." He then glances back to the CAG now.

Listening to Rue, Salin hrrms ever so softly before lifting his pen to make a couple of notes on his pad. He's then looking over towards Greje, listening and giving a slight shake of his head before looking back over towards Regas. It's then that his pen is lifted upwards, indicating he has a question or comment.

Rhea nods in short agreement with the CAG's words. Not that she volunteers to play civvie nanny. She looks like she has something to add as well, but waits, eyes on Reed.

"If I might, sir… I'd recommend an enlisted personnel, beyond that, I'd ask for time and consideration," is Rue's reply.

Fotilas shakes his head, looking to Rue. "Civilians prefer to speak with officers. Especially the more educated ones. It makes people feel less important if they're relegated to speaking with an enlisted." He shakes his head once more.

"Something we are in damn short of right now. Time. I'll give your words consideration also, after we are sure we can get out of this mess and have the …compassion for something better suited," Regas tells her and then looks at the faces as they seem to be wanting to speak, he points to whoever was next on the question. Salin, and then Rhea.

Reed clears his throat. "Strikes me that the turbulent times ahead call for someone who can talk to the civilians, relate with them. I like the CAGs suggestion of a liason officer, and in the course of this discussion, it seems that there's an officer here who is willing to relate to the Civilians on even ground. That ground being religion." He looks to Greje, "Also, I've been to the Carina on initial survey. I think that not only would it have the room for a sanctuary, but it would allow the civilians to worship, without having to go onto military grounds, have the opportunity to contact a laison with the military, and a sanctuary is a much stickier place for Civilians to riot against than any other type of location.

Zaharis is still doing that repetitive turning of his stylus, watching each person speak. When Reed says that though, he frowns. "All due respect, and no slight against the Lieutenant as a person. But is that the message the military wants to send? That our idea of liaising with the civilians is tied to deeply religious inclinations, that not all of them may have? If the point is to treat them with respect, where is the respect for those who aren't quite so religious? It is not an even ground."

Greje keeps her eyes trained on Regas. "You're angry," she ventures, "We all are. But turning that anger on your own people won't end well. These people are going to need healing. Not necessarily spiritual healing, but definitely mental healing. They're scared, angry, and liable to turn to their more base instincts. Treat them like animals, put them down if they step out of bounds, and they'll only act in accordance with your expectations." She turns toward Reed and Zaharis, listening to the conversation pensively for a moment. "I wouldn't want anyone to feel alienated because of their beliefs or lack thereof."

Listening to the rest of the comments, Salin lets his gaze shift over towards Reed. He's about to say something when Zaharis chimes in and his attention shifts to him. There's a quick nod of his head and he's looking over towards Regas, "Sir, if need be, JAG can act as a Liason Office for the civilian population." A hand lifts and he's motioning towards Greje, "Though, when it comes to all things spiritual or religious, the Lieutenant should be the Liason for those matters."

Zaharis spoke out of turn and he seems to realise that, clearing his throat. It wasn't quite an 'outburst' but clearly the CMO felt strongly about it.

"The CAG is right about treating the civilians with respect," Rhea says. "The reason the military exists is to defend the Colonies and their citizens. I'm all for putting rapists and murders out an airlock. I'll oil the hinges for you when you do it, to make sure they get spaced proper. But I hope we'll be exercising some common sense. There's a difference between a terrorist and a teenager who called an overzealous soldier a nasty name. And I'd like to thank we can take some criticism. I've found that very often when someone tells me I'm wrong, I actually am, sir." She looks over at the chaplain, speculatively. "Chaplains are supposed to relate to everyone, however they pray. Or not. She's clearly enthusiastic. And sympathetic. Whoever does it, I agree the position should exist."

Reed nods, tilting his head as Zaharis speaks, and shrugs, "An idea, I put forward, I saw several problems lining up for a single shot solution." He looks to Rhea and nods, gesturing to her as if she expressed things better than he did.

"Yes, they're supposed to," Zaharis says to Rhea, turning his head. "But what someone is supposed to do and what the perception is are two different things. And this isn't the time to put forth a face that looks like it's telling those on the outside of religious inclination that they don't matter."

Fotilas looks at Greje. He looks like he might continue, the idea of what she proposes clearly not sitting well with him. But he stops himself, looking to her.

"Did I say we'd be stringing an overzealous teen up? No. We will go through protocol like anything else, but we won't end up with a ship of fools and those who think to over run us. And it will happen, mark my words, the Riots on Tauron two years ago, were a good accounting of that. Between them and the Gemenese, they lost over 1200 people. That won't happen here." Regas looks over his staff and then toward Salin, "Work with it. But don't come to me later with excuses." His dark glance slides back to Greje, "I'll let your comment go on my state of being, Lieutenant, this time. You are still an Officer, unless you resigned lately and I missed it in my memo."

Reed sits back in his chair with his pen, looking between the department heads, watching the commentary going back and forth. He looks like he's mulling it over.

There's a quick nod of Salin's head to Rhea before he looks back to Regas and then to the ChEng, "Rest assured, Captain, that JAG has no intention of seeing anyone strung up, who doesn't actually deserve it. Each case that crosses our desk will be given due regard." He's looking back to Regas then, giving the Colonel another nod of his head, "Aye, sir."

Zaharis gently rubs his forehead. His attention goes back down to his tablet, though he's back to turning the stylus around in his hand rather than writing.

Greje frowns briefly at Regas. "I'm sorry, sir," she replies.

Rue is quiet now. One might even say wisely quiet. Positively sagely.

Rhea nods to Regas shortly. "Never meant to imply you would, sir. I was illustrating a point. I can't help but foresee some unfortunate incidents if we try to run rough-shod over the civilians. But those headaches are Captain Salin's, and I salute him for it." A decidedly sympathetic half-smile is offered to the JAG.

Zaharis looks back up and at Salin. He regards the man for a few moments and then turns his attention back to Regas.

Regas gives a short nod to his Staff and then rises, "If there is nothing else pending, I have a few ships to go over." He decides not to look at the frown on the Lieutenant's face. But he does pin the XO with a look instead. Shit rolls down hill!

Reed nods to Regas, and starts gathering his notes, looking at Fotilas, pointing to his eyes, the XO and then lifting two fingers. 'Need to see you briefly.' it says.

Zaharis hits the little save button on the tablet face and turns off the screen. He stands as Regas does, giving salute to the Colonel and assorted Majors before picking up his things.

Fotilas glances away with the 'awwwwwshit' look as he rises with Regas. "Aye, sir," he says quietly, tossing the legal pad onto the table. He looks to Reed and nods in reply. Yep, he'll be here. Though he does look to Greje for a moment. Yes, the brown stuff does indeed roll downhill.

Rue rises when Regas does and starts for the door, tucking the pad of paper into one of her uniform's pockets. She moves along. Pilots to corral.

That half sympathetic smile from Rhea is briefly returned by Salin and then he's looking over towards Regas, only to give a slight nod of his head before closing his folder and returning it to the attache case. Rising from his seat, he lifts the case and places it under his left arm before offering a quick salute and then turning towards the exit.

Reed pulls his large evil metal briefcase to the tabletop, and pulls from it a CD case book, setting it on the table and putting away his other things before rising and sighing at the handcuff. Damnit.

Rhea gets her notes in order and stands, tucking the clipboard in her arm. Salutes are given to her betters before she takes her leave.

Regas flips his folder closed and holds it in hand, returning any salutes as they are given. Assured the XO will take care of things, he begins heading toward the exit with the others.

Reed cuffs himself up, and takes the CD case, moving to Fotilas, offering the case. "These are videos from every major Colonial network during the attacks, the Carina had them. I don't really know if there's any tactical information on any of them that can be used, I only just got them and looked briefly at the videos."

Greje rises quietly as the ordeal seems to be over with. She looks down to the bundle of laures sprigs, as if they might talk to her, but she's not quite high enough for that to happen, so she simply inclines her head toward the CO and XO in a gesture of awkwardly half-religious respect, since her arms are too full for any sort of salute. She turns and heads mutely back to the chapel to finish preparations for the vigil.

The XO takes the case from Reed with a raised brow. "Are you.." His face goes a bit pale. For once, the man blanches. Get a good look Reed, it may not happen again. "Gods." He looks down to the case and sighs. "Wow. Okay. I'll review them and see what I can find. Anything can be of help, at this point. Its not like we're drowning in intelligence. Thank you."

Reed nods, "I'm very frakking serious. There's also internal video from the Marine boarding action on there, including the Centurions in action." He swallows, "As well as the death of Gunnery Sergeant Cox. It's pretty gruesome."

Fotilas' face dours when Reed further explains whats on the CDs. "Okay, there might be a lot more on here than you guess. Especially.. for the Gunnery Sergeant. I was a Marine for a few years and something like this? Its good to have." A heavy sigh leaves him as he unzips the case. "To you have anyone on the PAS who might be good with video editing? It might help bring closure for some down the road if we could show the truth of what happened.. in an organized manner."

Reed shrugs, "I have a Comms Contractor, Manny. I don't know if you want to use her, but the Carina has a full CNS transceiver array and studio as well as video editing suite. It's sophisticated. Military systems aren't exactly the best for smooth editing, and that place was made for it."

"Manny?" The XO sighs and nods. "Any particular reason I don't want to use her? But yeah, I know what you're saying. I'm not a fan of some of the older systems we get stuck with."

Reed shrugs again, "Up to you if you want to use her, but she's a little busy. one of the civilians we pulled off the Carina? Her daughter. Twelve years old and injured, with a good prognosis. Still, she was pretty shaken last I saw her."

Fots shakes his head. "No, I didn't mean right away. A lot of people are dealing with too much right now. Its juvenile to assume I could just ask peopel to help with this at the moment. But pass on my congratulations to the mother if you could, please? That's a very lucky woman." He taps the CD case against his palm and looks to it. "I'm going to look at this right away, if you don't mind?"

Reed lifts a finger, moving to the wireless, taking the handset and punching a few buttons. "Carter, get me Rogers." Pause, "Rogers? Dust Off is a go. That is a green light for Dust Off. Right, Chief." He racks the handset and turns back to Fotilas, "Odd feeling, shooting your old career in the head and looting it's corpse with a single codephrase." He looks to Fotilas, "Not a problem, I have to go get into an EV suit and make planetary drop."

Major Fotilas waits while Reed makes the call. There's a slow shake of his head as the man explains the odd feeling. "You've got my sympathies, Reed. But then again.. You've got some opportunies ahead of you. Starseed was ambitious as Hades.. but it seems there's bigger things a foot." The man puncuates it with a quick nod. "Best of luck on Dust Off."

Reed nods, "Well, you have my sympathies as well. Good luck with the Old Man." He turns with a wave to leave.

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