Crewman Effie Logo
Kristen Vangsness
Kristen Vangsness as Effie Logo
Name: Effie Logo
Callsign: None
AKA: Frakkin' LOGO
Age: 26
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Deck
Position: Technician
Rank: Crewman
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Saggitaron
Actor: Kristen Vangsness

Biographical Foo


Crewman Effie Logo arrived one day with the supply ship and mail, fresh off a 2 year rotation as a mechanic planetside at the academy. She takes a little getting used to.


  • Taking things apart.
  • Putting things together (using most of the pieces)!
  • Demolitions. (Means blowin' shit up.)
  • Charming people.

Distinguishing Features

  • Wide, contagious smile.
  • Short stature, curvy figure.
  • Two-tone hair.
  • Interesting glasses.


Pre IC History


Family & Childhood

Effie Logo was born and raised on Sagittaron to a family of survivalists and marines. Her early childhood years were spent just outside Nysa, one of the major cities on Sag. From a young age, she showed an aptitude for electronics and engines, more specifically in taking them apart. On her 18th birthday, she moved into Nysa on her own, and embarked on a string of unrelated, varied careers.


The usual. She has also had many jobs in her life, ranging from waitress to lab assistant, pet groomer to seamstress to demolitions expert for a mining company. Through it all she dreamed of seeing the colonies, and travel.

Military Service

It wasn't until her 24th birthday that she reconsidered her life. Working as a mechanic in a small shop on Sag, specializing in aircraft engines and navigational systems, that it occurred to her that the military might be her ticket to the stars. It was, however, with seriously ambivalent feelings that she finally enlisted.

Now she's nearing the halfway mark of her 4 year contract. All of her service time has been spent planet side on Picon, performing maintenance on training equipment and birds, helping to rate the performance of new parts and fuel cocktails on viper and raptor engines. She only recently received her orders for transfer to Genesis two weeks ago (around 44 BCH), and is looking forward to her first trip onto a Battlestar.

On the Grid


  • 27 BCH : Effie arrives on the Leo's Roar (supply/support ship) to become the newest Deck Crewman aboard Genesis.
  • 26 BCH : Effie reports for duty.
  • 17 ACH : Try the Priest - Granola bars & reverence.
  • 22 ACH : Beside the Singing Fountain - Greje gets her god communion on & Effie asks a question. Word.
  • 27 ACH : Something's In the Swamp - Metal detectors. Bombs scares. Wedgies. Oh yeah.
  • 40 ACH : Deck Techs - Deck v Deck, Fiiiiiiight. Er. Talk.


Shut yo mouth!

Kill Count

3 Jelly donuts.



  • Saggies.
  • Red lipstick.
  • Skilled professionals.
  • Engines.
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