Electric Eye
Electric Eye
Summary: Shem gives Castillo an assignment.
Date: 86 ACH
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Genesis - Deck 14 - Marine Offices

Intercom Corporal Castillo, please make way to the marine offices. Corporal Castillo to the marine offices. Page 1291 if unavailable.

You head towards Marine Offices.

Shem is sitting at his desk, reading something on his computer screen. His eyebrows are drawn together in a slight show of disapproval.

Castillo enters the office, dressed in his off-duty attire. He checks with the desk sergeant and is motioned towards Shem's desk. Coming at attention in front of the S2, he snaps a salute and says, "You wanted to see me, sir?"

Shem glances up. He draws himself upright and returns the salute. "Yeah, take a seat, corporal."

Castillo drops the salute and slides into the chair opposite Shem. He remains silent, unsure what the S2 wants to speak about.

Shem reassumes his seat and scoots forward. He looks at his screen a final time before shifting his attention to Castillo. "How are you getting settled?"

"Well enough, sir," Castillo replies. "Sergeant Brown assigned me to work the Hera, which has turned out well. Major Carter should be approving my action plan for training his security personnel shortly, if he hasn't already." He tilts his head side to side a couple times and adds, "I haven't met much of the Genesis crew outside of Marine Country, but once the Hera's squared away I'll be able to get to know 'em better."

Shem nods. "Good, that's good. I have a specific project for you. I'd communicate it through Sergeant Pierce, but he's got his hands full right now."

Castillo nods his head once. "Yes, sir," he says as an all encompassing reply.

"I want you to draw up our security feeds from deck thirteen," Shem replies, voice level and even. "Go two months back. Look for anything unusual fore of frame 14, aft of frame 16, in the central hallway." The area around the classified lab.

"Is there anything specific you'd like me to look for, sir?" Castillo asks. He squints slightly as he starts to formulate a work plan and adds, "My definition of unusual is fairly broad."

Shem nods and remarks, with slightly tightened lips. "That should do just fine, then."

"Roger that, sir," Castillo says. "Shall I report my findings directly to you then and bypass the MAA, sir?" he asks.

"That's right, this one is coming straight from higher," Shem answers. "The master at arms will be briefed, but I need you to give this your priority for now."

"Aye aye, sir," Castillo replies crisply.

Shem nods and says, rapidly, "Okay." He adds, with an appropriate level of seriousness, "Also, please don't discuss this with anybody who's not command."

Bringing in the new guy to run with this underscores the severity of the investigation. "Understood, sir," Castillo says simply. "Are there any other instructions you have for me?"

Shem shakes his head. "Move at best speed, corporal. Dismissed."

"Aye aye, sir," Castillo says and rises from the chair. He comes to attention and gives Shem a salute before departing.

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