Rainbow Sun Francks
Rainbow Sun Francks as Eleftherios Antoninus Tchatchke

Name: Eleftherios Antoninus Tchatchke
Callsign: Alphabet
AKA: Elef
Age: 26
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Air_Wing Department
Position: Raptor_Pilot
Rank: Ensign
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Picon
Actor: Rainbow Sun Francks

What's in a Name?

A whole lotta frakken' letters, sometimes.

For most of his life. Eleftherios Antoninus Tchatchke has been running away from any form that required a full printed name, and signature. But, he did learn his alphabet quickly, if that manages to even out the years of teasing and writer's cramp that the poor lad suffered.

Remarkably, Eleftherios did not hold a grudge against his parents for choosing such a lengthy, and seemingly arbitrary moniker for their boy, especially since he was able to use their 'guilt' to finagle flight time in the family's battered old short-haul freighter. He spent all of his waking moments, save for school time, and study time learning to fly that geriatric lady back and forth from Picon to the frequent fleets in orbit of the Colonial Military Headquarters. Running cargo was nothing exciting, but his time spent in such proximity to the Fleet drew him toward finding a dream.

He wanted to fly Raptors. Oh, all of his friends daydreamed about cruising space in the sexy Vipers…but Tchatchke knew who the real heroes were. The men and women that flew the slower, uglier little crates into the unknown, acting as the eyes and ears of the Colonial Fleet, often jumps away from the safety.

School Daze

Hard work, study, and a few pulled strings with officers known to his military contractor family managed to obtain Eleftherios an appointment to the Colonial Military Academy, and it was with great pride and enthusiasm that the young man threw himself into the courseload.

All legs and arms, he was something of an ugly duckling…no coordination to call his own, and the physique of a stork didn't help his confidence, either. His time was not particularly happy within the Academy, and his grades were satisfactory, to say the best. In courses of a more military nature…he did well, showing an early aptitude for tactics…both in ground and space combat. But, specifically…he barely got high enough marks in mathematics to gain admittance to Flight Training as a newly commissioned young Ensign.

Flight Training was a whole new world to Ensign Tchatchke, as his formerly low confidence began to grow with each training flight. His years flying an old freighter put him a step ahead of his classmates, and his quick, and often out-of-the-box tactical thinking often alternated between perturbing and impressing his instructors. His skills were particularly promising in using the Raptor's limited offensive capabilities…showing an accuracy and aptitude on the ground attack range, and in space alpha strike simulations. More than one senior instructor tried to shunt his interests into Viper's where his natural aggression in the cockpit would be of more use…but he would have none of it. Unlike the Academy…he earned his flight wings with very high marks.


Unusual as an assignment to Top Secret berth would be for a true rookie, Eleftherios must have impressed someone, as his first deployment was to the Battlestar Genesis…and after a warm farewell from weeping, and proud parents….the often shy, sometimes brash, and always abbreviated Ensign Eleftherios Antoninus Tchatchke left for what he believed would be an interesting deployment. If only he knew.

Alphabet? Really?

Within minutes of arriving on his new carrier, the young man's life was saved by an alert Viper pilot…Ensign Novella. It was she, upon introduction to the newbie Ensign, decided that his name had to be more accessible. And such, she named him Alfa, or Alphabet…since in her words 'every letter has to be in there somewhere'.

And thus…a callsign was earned.

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