Epiphanies by Eli (not a Perfume)
Epiphanies by Eli (not a Perfume)
Summary: Eli gets caught between his/her normal rounds, in the stairway by Reed, gets drivebyed by Lex (mrow), then heads to the brig to have a talk with a repeat offender, showing a rare burst of wisdom and offering a deal if Micah doesn't get killed by brass in return for having non-dates. (Really. There is even a speech)
Date: 16 ACH
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Aft Stairwell Genesis - Stairwell
16 ACH 6735 Souls
These stairs are at the aft part of the ship, which is the backend for those not military savvy. They lead to various decks on the Genesis. A wireless is placed at landing levels, in case of emergencies.

Reed comes into the stairwell from the Hangar deck, starting up towards a different deck, sidearm on his hip.

Eli is lingering in the stairwell, back turned to most passing by and she's concentrating on something in her hands so she doesn't really notice most things. Now when she hears bootfalls she turns around quickly, holding something behind her back and standing up straight.

Reed comes up to where Eli is, and nods, "Sergeant." continuing to move, but that lasts, three paces, and he stops, turning, "Browne, yes? Then excuse me, Sheriff, is that correct?"

Eli clears her throat before speaking in that gender neutral voice. "Yes sir, the current active one at the moment sir."

That voice, yes, when you stand out for punching the CAG and causing her to explode in the boxing ring, Reed remembers that. He approaches once more. "I know there's a lot of problems flying around with the former Sheriff and hence your being in the position you're in now, Browne. You should know though, you have support in your position. If you need anything you should know that you can come to me and I'll try to help. The Brass put you in this position, but you should look on it as an opportunity."

Eli opens her mouth and closes it before nodding firmly. "Thank you sir, it is an honor to have been given this position, and I am dedicated to making sure I don't let anybody down in it sir." She pauses before continuing. "I have a feeling sir, I'm going to need more support than most would think."

Reed clasps his hands behind himself, looking at Eli, "Really? What makes you say that, Browne?"

Eli looks uncertain for a moment before asking. "Permission to speak freely sir?"

Reed looks around, then back, "If you wish to speak freely in the Aft Stairwell, you certainly have my permission to do so.

Eli looks around before turning back to Reed. "Right now sir, I fear that military security is going to be compromised, not due to the outside threats but by members of our own military forces acting like the jackasses that usually get kicked out of boot camp." A pause. "Sir."

Lex comes in from Corridor 10D.

Reed takes in a breath, then lets it out through his nose. "I know exactly what you mean. I've known Major Gaelan for many years and have attended more gatherings of Marines on leave than you have, I daresay. I know the honor of the Corps. It's got to be rough for you, and you have my professional sympathies. Still. I trust you'll do your duty and display the discipline and honor to show your fellows what they need to see to understand what a Marine is all about."

The sound of heavy boots on the stairwell is all that announces the jogging of CMC Private Nico Lex as she makes her way to the Hangar Deck in offduties.

Eli just gives a short nod, fidgeting with what she has behind her back before bringing it around to look to the family photo she was holding before nodding firmly again. "Sir yes sir, both for the honor of the corps and the honor of my family legacy." Then she clears her throat and turns her head in time to see Lex.

Reed reflexively moves to the wall of the stairwell at the sound of boots, making a hole for the jogger, knowing that sound from anywhere. He looks to the approaching jogger, hands behind his back, and offers a nod of acknowledgment, but seems more than willing to not stop her. He looks to Eli, and nods, "You do your legacy proud, Sheriff."

The boots slow as the Private approaches a grouping of two. "Sir." She acknowledges with a bark and a snapped salute to Reed. A sharp nod to Eli. "Sergeant." Her words are clipped and efficient. The blonde barrels on through should neither personage of higher rank attempt to stop her either by bellow or hair grabbing.

Eli doesn't try to stop Lex, she just nods firmly. "Private." And watches her barreling through before clearing her throat and nodding firmly to Reed as well. "Thank you sir."

Reed nods in return to Lex, "Private." He says, letting her barrel past. He looks to Eli and nods. "Again, Sheriff. You have support. Keep up the good work. now, if you'll excuse me, I need to take some time in the Range."

Lex leaves for Hangar Bay B [HD].

Eli nods firmly again, actually snapping off a salute. "I appreciate that sir…and good luck on the range."

Reed nods, patting his sidearm and with a sigh, "Thank you, I'm trying to not be a complete REMF." He smiles, and nods, "As you were." He turns and starts back on his track.
You give Reed a cookie.

Eli goes back to turning her back to most that would pass by and staring at her family photo.

TICK TICK TICK - Time Passes

High Security Brig Genesis - Deck 14
16 ACH 6735 Souls
The brig here holds four areas, with one-way glass. Guards stand at attention when on duty, if there are any prisoners within. This brig area is for any Officer that needs to be in lock-up. There is a bed, chair and table inside the room and Officers are treated with respect. No guard will leave the duty area unless told by his commanding officer or is rotating out. Security cameras are placed here as well.

Micah is starting to become a familiar fixture around here. He's sprawled on the cot in his cell, one arm behind his head and the other hand fidgeting with the dogtags around his neck. He's still dressed in a flight suit, though the top's stripped down to his navy-issue t-shirt and tank top beneath, indicating he was likely coming off from or going to duty on the flight deck.

Eli makes her way into the brig, the androgynous young woman/man person slows to a stop when she sees Micah back in a cell and she stares for a few moments. "Dude…sir." She stops in front of the cell, her gender neutral voice a bit incredulous as she stares. "Didn't we /just/ let you out of here?"

Micah shunts a blue eye toward the sound of that voice, under the bulge of his bicep. Yep, he's heard it before, except she was the one hauling his ass in here that time. "C'mon, it's been a couple of weeks now. I'd hardly call that 'just'." He doesn't quite manage to smile, but at least he doesn't look like he needs to crack someone's head open, any longer. By the way he's breathing a little heavily, it's entirely likely he just finished a round of pushups.

Eli just shakes her head. "Eventually we're gonna have to get you a special uniform just for the brig, get you some pillows and maybe some picture to put up. A permanent cell made cosy just for you." She clasps her hands behind her back and cocks her head to the side. "So. What was it this time?"

Micah releases a heavy breath, and lets the dogtags go with a tinkling of metal. "Flipped off a frakkin' em-pee," he mutters, watching the ceiling now. "Bet you think that's real funny, mate." Best just to stick to 'mate', he probably can't tell whether it's male or female.

Eli arches an eyebrow and then pinches the bridge of her nose with a roll of her eyes. "Hunh. Now did you have a reason for flippin' 'em off or…does your middle finger have some sorta neurological disorder where it spontaneously rises?" She lowers her hand. "And no, I don't think it's funny, if only cuz I'm pretty sure you're a good pilot, right?"

Now he does grin a touch, cheek dimpling with the motion. "Aye. Because he was suffering from a severe case of verbal diarrhea, an' I told him to shut up." The arm slung behind his head is lifted, and he braces both hands against the sides of the cot as he hauls himself upright, and then to his feet. "Why do you care so much, anyway?" He ambles closer to the bars, and though he's perhaps an inch shorter than the Sergeant, he's quite considerably bigger.

Eli grimaces. "Do I need to write an order down for both of you to seek medical attention, you for the finger and him for the oral shit shower?" The MP just shakes her head. "You really need to learn that Marines have bigger balls than they do brains, so if you threaten those in any way? They will flip the frak out." She clasps her hands behind her back once more. "I care because we are the brightest, best, strongest, fastest, smartest and over all most kickass military personnel, both navy and marine, the colonies had to offer or we wouldn't /be/ here in the first part. And it'll be a frakkin' shame if we lose this war because the best of the best are all locked up in the brig over stupid shit that could've been solved with a drinkin' contest or a rough game of pyramid or something. Hell even a sparrin' match. But at least no laws or rules would've been broken." She just looks Micah over. "You want a change of off duty clothing, so you are more comfy overnight?"

Something that the MP says, seems to get through to the kid. Something. He turns away from her and slumps down with his back to the bars, head lowered so he can scrape his fingers through thick, bordering on unruly hair. "That's jus' the problem. Ah'm not the brightest, the best, the strongest, the fastest or the smartest. Ah'm here because my dad wanted me to be here. Ah'm a frakup and a fake." It's all spoken rather quietly, broad shoulders rigid as steel. "Shouldn' be here. If it wasn't for the attacks on the colonies.. us bein' stranded out here like this…" He'd have probably been court marshaled and discharged by now.

Eli sobers up some at that, frowning and shaking her head slowly. "Look at me Ensign, turn around and look at me." She clears her throat. "Please sir."

"'s true, 's true," mumbles the pilot, fingers clenching in his hair and then releasing again. Any more tension and he'd be clawing at the bars and busting up his knuckles trying to dent them. He does take a few breaths however, to calm himself a little, though remains seated and facing away from the woman. "Change of clothes would be nice. Ta."

"Now? You represent all the people who have died, been injured, or are stranded and what not in the vast unknown variables of this entire situation. You represent the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, uncles and aunts of all the colonies. You /are/ a Navy Officer and it doesn't matter how you GOT here, you /are/ here now. You are needed and I do not want to see you back in this brig if you can help it, or without there being a major misunderstanding until this war is over. If you have anger you need to get out, if you are bitter or sad or confused or have just hit puberty again or what the /frak/ ever, you come to me. And I'll take you to the shooting range, to get a drink or to the ring to punch it out. I can't order you to do anything, but I can offer you this as an opportunity, cuz the less pilots we have in the sky, the less of a chance we have period. Can you understand that?" Eli gives her little speech quietly, moving closer to the bars and then turning to gesture for another MP to get the clothing. "A change of clothing for the Ensign."

Shockingly enough, the young Ensign is listening. He may not be looking at her, but he's listening. And if he was any less testosterone-filled, he might even be sniffling a little. As it is, he manages a small nod. "Might take you up on that." His tongue nips out slowly to wet his lips. "If the brass doesn't string me up eight ways 'till Sunday, first." He begins patting his flight suit down. When feeling emotional, go for a cigarette.

Eli nods firmly. "Good." Then she watches his actions carefully and then smirks sympathetically. "Just overnight sir, you'll survive, sorry, fire hazards aren't allowed." Then she turns to receive the folded uniform items from a fellow mp and then works the combination and such to open the cell door and hold the items out for Micah to take. "And if you kiss ass like your life depends on it, sir, you'll probably survive."

Of course, the pat down finds nothing, since he was liberated of his cigarettes by the Marine that brought him in here. It's likely just a habitual thing, and it has him grunting disconsolately when he comes up empty. "Guess I'd better pucker up then," he murmurs as he climbs to his feet, and steps closer to accept the bundle of clothing. It's tucked under his arm. "Could I.. have maybe one? You can light it for me, ah'm not goin' to burn a hole through the floor an' tunnel to freedom or anything." He makes a scissoring motion with his hand.

Eli looks thoughtful for a few moments before nodding slowly and thoughtfully. "Strip sir." She then works on locking the cell back up and snapping to another MP and shoving a hand into one of his pockets for a pack of smokes, carefully lighting it and then handing the excess things back over to the MP, thanking him and then holding the cigarette off to the side, away from her as she waits for the Ensign to get changed.

The change of clothing is tossed onto the cot, and Micah gives a brief laugh as the 'order' is given. "Not sure this is the time or the place, Sergeant," he jokes. Maybe just to lighten a situation that's a little bit awkward. Boots and flight suit are dutifully peeled off though, trousers tugged on, t-shirt following them. She might briefly glimpse the marks of some kind of tattoo on his back; it's likely too brief to be made out before it's covered up. Adjusting the dog tags around his neck, he paces back toward the bars and extends a hand through them expectantly.

Eli chuckles softly, averting her eyes. "I think you might a little too hard around the edges for me, sir, in any case." The MP then moves forward to place the cigarette between his fingers, eyebrows shooting up expectantly. "These things'll kill you, you do realize right?" She offers lightly as well. "Go ahead, get your smoke on so we can put out the butt and then I can leave you in peace for the night."

The chuckle's met with an abrasive laugh, the sort that speaks well of how many cigarettes he's had in his short lifetime. Nope, there isn't much that's soft about this one. "Aye, mum," he teases, bringing the cigarette to his mouth for a long drag, so that his arm is looped around a bar. "And, in case you hadn't noticed, it's my job to slingshot myself from a launch tube an' get shot at by a pack of flying toasters on any given day. I think one of these, is the last of my worries, mate."

Eli's left eye twitches some at the 'mum' title before she just coughs to hide a snicker and she clears her throat, straightening up and clasping her hands back behind her back and standing up straight. "Yes sir, so it'll be a shame if you end up smoked to death in a brig cell now won't it." She quirks an eyebrow and smirks before waiting for him to finish smoking, then she'll collect the butt and leave him for a peaceful night.

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