Evaluation 101
Meet the Shrink.
Summary: Eve takes time to talk to Hazzard after the Nebule
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Private Room Genesis - Deck 13
55 ACH 23817 Souls

This is a private room set up with oxygen and power connections, prepared to house special recovery cases. The room itself is unremarkable, meant for patients to be wheeled in, locked into place and connected to monitoring and support systems. Guards at the door are optional, depending on orders, but the equipment here is normally connected to the monitoring stations in Sickbay.
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Eve's making her rounds, and has a list of names and is checking it twice, going to find out who is mental or nice. Her footsteps stop outside of the ring of curtain that encircles Hazzard's bed, and soon she's peeking her head in. "Sergeant Leroy Hazzard?" She asks, just double checking what she already knows.

Hazzard has surely seen better days in his life. Still with one arm in a sling, he lies there on the covers of his bed in a very unformal off duty setup, consisting of sweats and a beanie hat. "Yeah.." he mutters softly and glances over towards the voice. "You got the right Marine, El-Tee..Pardon I wont rise to salute you, but." he chuckles softly.

Eve smiles softly. "Nonsense. I don't salute on the first date anyways." Date, of course, being evaluation it turns out. If that clipboard in her hand is any indication. "Do you mind if I sit, Sergeant? I just wanted to talk to you for a moment. See how you're fairing after the Nebula…" She indicates the chair by his bedside with a nod of her head.

"Sorry Doc, I dont like the second fiddle." Hazzard murmurs and then motions over towards the chair. "By all means, I'd be foolish to say no..I'm ordered to talk to you aint I?" he keeps a weak smile on his lips. "Dont know what'll give you though.."

Eve moves over to ease into the chair, using one hand on the arm of it as if her body is sore beyond comprehension. "Oh, you don't have to worry about that, I'm not here on a fishing expedition. I'm here to offer just a little bit of peace of mind." Though /whose/ mind she doesn't indicate.

"Well, no need to ease mine Doc.." Hazzard murmurs as he lays there, keeping a steady gaze upon the Shrink. It is all to easy to see that he does not enjoy this place he is in here and now. "Then again, I doubt I'm the one who needs to have his mind at ease..Orders from the Major.." he chuckles. "I aint loosing no sleep over it, if that is what your asking."

Eve smiles as she eases back in the chair, her posture far from perfect and she even looks like she's slumped down a bit. "I'm sure we would have gotten around to your sleep patterns, sure. Would you like to talk about it?" Her offer comes with a soft smile and a kind look to her eyes. She's one of those people that doesn't seem to judge, no matter the circumstances.
<Trait Roll> Eve rolls Psychology and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Hazzard is a Marine, he is one of the Magnificent Bastards, a trained sniper and former black ops. He keeps his gaze leveled at the Shrink and arches an eyebrow. "What is there to talk about.." he says after a moment, not all to eager to speak his peace. After all he does wish to be back on active duty. "Look Doc, I'm ordered to have these talks..Nothing personal, but I dont like them..-You'll- never understand what its like out there..so, why dont you just write mentaly fit for duty?"

Eve's smile turns into an uneven smirk. "I've heard it all, Sergeant. And it might even surprise you that I've actually seen a few things in there as well. So why don't you try me?" No, she's not backing down that easily.

Hazzard shakes his head. "Look, El-Tee..I'm good, I dont sleep bad at night..I dont have no remorse for what happened on the Nebula..I wont condemn or defend anyone. We are Marines." he reaches his unslung hand up and runs it over his unshaven chin. "There is nothing to talk about, its a job. I leave it at the door when I go home." if that wasn't the biggest lie in the world.
<Trait Roll> Eve rolls Psychology and achieves a degree of BeyondSuperb (7).

Eve reaches behind her head, pulling out a pen from the knot of her bun. "Then why don't you humor me, and just walk me through what happened up on the CIC of the Nebula?" She's not doing anything threatening with that pen, like making notes, its merely just clasped between her forefinger and middle like it should be a cigarette instead of a writing instrument.

Hazzard glances back at Eve and sighs softly as he directs his gaze up towards the ceiling. "Has Major Desusa written his report on the matter yet?" he finaly asks as he looks towards Eve after some consideration.

Eve taps the pen once on her paper. "Any details you provide me remain purely confidential. No matter what I report back to your superior, anything you tell me specifically is left out. It doesn't leave the vacinity, Hazzard. So why don't you tell me what you're afraid of?"

Hazzard glances at Eve. "I'm not affraid..But I wont be the source of anyone getting in trouble. Your not a Marine, so I dont expect you to understand." he sighs and looks back towards the ceiling. "The Major gave the order to follow him to the CIC, at haste. Once there we found the Captain, who threatened to blow up the whole ship and endagered the lives of everyone onboard." Hazzard wrinkles his nose ever to slightly. "The Major and Sergeant Ramiro tried to talk him down to no avail..The Major knew I had a solution, and I took it once an opportunity releaved itself..It is what I do. Sergeant Dean read my actions, and took out the arm to sever any spasm that may occur as I terminated the Captains life..It was clean, simple and effective."

Eve doesn't take notes about this, she doesn't have to. She merely nods slowly as he talks, walking her through the mechanics of it like it was out of a tactical how-to book. "And then what happened?" She says quietly, urging him forward but not wanting to break up the pattern of his speach.

"The bullet, or shrappnel of either mine of Sergeant Ramiro's gun..cracked the view screen. Private Lex defused the bomb, emergency alarm sealed the door..and I dont remember much more then that." Hazzard keeps it simple, to the point.

Eve shifts a bit in her chair, sitting up enough that she can lean forward slightly. "You don't remember being injured? How that occured?" She asks, her tone light.

"I can't see how this is part of any psych eval Doc…" Hazzard looks over towards Eve once again and narrows his eyes. "It is all in the report..If you are privy to that, you'll know." he grits his teeth, as he is still in a little pain and sighs. "I know how I was injured..The major picture of it, is clear but bits and pieces are missing..Massive concusion does that."

And there's the hook she was looking for, Evelyn leans back again, settling into her chair again. "It doesn't matter what's in the report, I want to hear what you remember. I want to hear your version of it, not Major Desusa's account."

Hazzard glances at Eve and then back towards the roof. "Well I've told you what I remember..Soo you going to pass the bill of active duty?"

Eve shakes her head slightly. "This isn't about pass or fail. Perhaps you'd feel more comfortable talking to someone else?" She asks, the pen being tucked back into the bun of her hair.

Hazzard glances at Eve. "I doubt it, Doc..What happened on the Nebula is written in a report, yes I shot a man dead..It is what I do for a living, it is the career I've choosen." he mutters. "I can't afford to dwell on it, I dont wanna talk about it..I'm -fine-, it was a good kill, a verified mark…"

Eve is rising to her feet, clipboard clasped to her chest, "And what about what you had to walk through to get to the command deck? And what about the physical trauma you suffered. When you wish to talk, let me know. I'll put in my suggestion to your superior. Now get well, Sergeant." She smiles congenially, and looks ready to leave.

"Y'know what I think? Don't really matter what I think. Once that first bullet goes past your head, politics and all that shit just goes right out the window." Hazzard murmurs as he looks over towards Eve. "Take care El-Tee.."

Eve gives a nod to Hazzard, and scurries off to file her report.
Eve leaves for Recovery Ward [O].
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