Maria Pia Calzone
Maria Pia Calzone as Evelyn Marian St. Germain, M.D.
Name: Evelyn Marian St. Germain, M.D.
Callsign: {$callsign}
AKA: Eve
Age: 31
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Medical Department
Position: Psyche
Rank: Lieutenant
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Caprica
Actor: Maria Pia Calzone

Biographical Foo


Born on Caprica, Evelyn Marian Sloan is the only child of a wealthy day trader, Hans, and his wife, Linda. Despite her life of privilege and luxury, Evelyn was hardly spoiled and she had to work hard for the things she attained in life, which also happened to include her parents' affections.

Compassionate by nature, she would be the type to bring home stray animals or volunteer her time to help those less fortunate by donating her family's possessions, figuring they could do without so others wouldn't have to. Of course, this only further distanced her from her mother and father, who believed that as long as they had whatever they wanted, nothing else mattered. Having children wasn't high on their life goals list, and neither was helping the homeless or victims of natural disaster. Therefore, as a child, Evelyn used to claim she was accidentally switched at birth.

Education and Military

Money can buy a lot of things, and education is one of them. Eve attended the finest schools on Caprica and because of her aptitude, was ushered into the pre-med honors studies while still in high school. That's where Evelyn's plans and her parents' wishes diverged. While they wished her to go into some glamorous field, like cosmetic surgery, she found that she more drawn to the mysteries of the human mind. Evelyn decided she wanted to delve into the realm of psychiatry, studying the psyche instead of physical medicine. Its at this point that her parents pulled their financial backing of her studies. If she wanted to go to college, she would have to find a different way to pay her way. That's where the Colonial Military comes into play.
Working with military funding, Evelyn was able to attend officers' school and obtaining her medical degree in the field of psychology. She was stationed aboard the Pandora to continue her work on her dissertation: the effects of long term deep space exposure on the human psyche. During her stay there, she was responsible for the mental health of the marines stationed there, and even worked up a repore with some of the crew. That is, until the terrorist attack. She was transferred to the Genesis just weeks before the holocaust where she currently heads up the department of Psychiatry. With only a handful of files and a renewed sense of determination to help her fellow crew mates through tumultuous times.


  • Head shrinking
  • The ability to be socially ambiguous


  • Has a letter of reprimand in her file for fraternization.
  • Has earned the unfortunate nickname 'Fainter' within the medical department.
  • Currently with child, her approximate due date is 287 days ACH.


  • None. Despite 13 years in the Colonial Military, having entered into service as a Lieutenant. Evelyn has never been promoted or received a medal.


  • Vanilla Ice Cream!
  • Philosophy
  • Witty Conversation
  • Continued Education
  • Helping others

Images that have been taped to the Psyche's door, likely not by her own hand.

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