Execution Marine Style
Execution Marine Style
Summary: Corporal Bane Mercer (NPC) is sentenced and executed for treason.
Date: 19 ACH
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Hangar Bay B Genesis - Deck 7
19 ACH 6735 Souls

The hangar deck is where the Genesis' Viper squadron, and its Raptor detachment are stored, repaired and maintained between missions. Ships land on the flight deck, one level above, and are brought down via massive elevators. Tow vehicles move the ships around the deck, their shrill alert beeps causing an almost constant cacophony of noise. The floor itself is a light gray in color, but wear and tear has left marks and scratches everywhere. Numbered sections are marked off with paint to house the various spacecraft.
The place is surprisingly tidy, with tool chests, machine parts, diagnostic equipment, and even the occasional spare engine or chassis scattered all in their appropriate place. Stairs lead up to other parts of the ship. The fourth side has a large sliding door leading to the flight deck elevators. On the port wall, Vipers are loaded into the launch tubes to be catapulted into space. Raptors take off from the flight deck.

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-

Staying out of the way of the active flight lines a small assembly area has been sanctioned off. A backdrop bearing the Colonial Marine Corps, Colonial Navy and all the respective Colonies flags have been carefully stationed. Marines continue to finish the last of the assembly of a chained holding area, shackles sectioned into the Hangar's Bay hooks, a seperate flat piece of fabric is wrapped around the hook and used to draped around the area where the prisoner will be standing. Military Police begin to take up positions to for reinforced security on the intent that civilians may attend.

One of the Raptor's that shuttles people from the Carina to the Genesis makes it's landing and when the hatchway opens, Salin steps out of the craft, clad in his officer blues. Clasped beneath his left arm and held against his body is a leather attache case, no doubt in which contain many of the documents required for this particular event. There's only a brief look around and then the lawyer begins to make his way towards that area that's sanctioned off, his right hand lifts to slowly pull the case from beneath his arm as he begins to draw closer.

Skip comes in from Fore Stairwell.
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Rycard comes in from Aft Stairwell.
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Adele comes in from Shuttle Transfer.
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"Yes, I'm sure you will. Don't forget about taking my rotation tomorrow, Hound," Novella chuckles, looking up to him from the ejection seat of her Viper. Her and Warwick look to be returning from a CAP at the moment. Finishing a checklist, she hands the clipboard back to the crew chief and a few more switches are flicked, the Viper's low hum coming to a slow stop. Helmet still settled in her lap, she looks past the brunette PO2 on her ladder and see's the setup. A few whispered words are exchanged between the two women. A soft 'Oh' leaves Novella.

Ensign Rycard moves down the length of the hangardeck, hands in his pockets, as he joins people in or around the execution site.

Dressed impeccably in his greys with its brown leather sash, Zaharis heads into the hangar bay in the middle of a stream of people. Not many medical personnel are here to gawk, understandably, and the CMO doesn't particularly look like he relishes this either. The place he takes up to stand is not one solely to view; it's off to one side and near the stairs where he'll easily be able to get down to the floor and do the duty of pronouncing the prisoner dead after the guns go off.

[Intercom] Attention all hands. This is Major Pietr Gaelan, Military Police transport the prisoner to the Hangar Bay. This is last call for all attending parties.

Skip has made his way to the hangar deck, pausing for a few moments as he looks around the room. Moving over to where the others have gathered, he offers a nod to those he knows.

As the call is made for the prisoner to be delivered, Salin holds the attache case in his right hand, while his left unzips it and withdraws a couple of documents. Then, the case is closed and slipped back beneath his arm. Salin then switches the documents to his other hand and he begins to move off to the side of the execution area, over towards where Gaelan will no doubt be standing.

Adele's face is grim as she steps through the elevator doors and into the hangar bay. Her lips are drawn taut, her grey eyes trying hard to resemble steel as she makes her way towards the area sanctioned off for 'spectators.' Her hands stay clasped behind her back, and those behind her can see the white in her knuckles.

Jocasta comes in from Aft Stairwell.
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Novella doesn't move from the cockpit of her Viper. The Petty Officer 2nd replaces pins into the ejection system while Cav fidgets with something under the main dash. She might still be working on something but her attention is on the gathering crowd once the Intercom crackles.

Rycard finds a bulkhead to lean up against, folding his arms over his chest as he watches everyone assemble to watch the spectacle.

The Marine Major emerges from the Stairwell hatch passing a glance around as he pauses. Marines donned in Military Police gear file from behind him and line a small corridor of Weaponry and Brassards. The MP's snap to attention as the last one files into place. Gaelan passes a glance back towards the hatch and takes a slow deep breath before turning his attention forward and walking down the corridor of Marines with staccato but assured steps, walking past the shackles hooked into the Hangar Bay's floor he looks to the JAG then to the CMO before looking back to the doorway. The rasped whisper of a voice emits sharply but loud enough for the command to be heard even in the echo's of the Hangar Bay, "Marines! Transport and secure the prisoner to the center of the assembly area!"

The lone medic standing near Zaharis looks a bit white right now, but he's determined to stand still. The CMO folds his hands formally behind his back as Gaelan calls for the transport. He meets the Marine's eyes and then the JAG's, then turns his attention to the prisoner being led out.

Adrastos has arrived.

As Gaelan emerges from the stairwell and makes his way past the shackles, Salin gives a slight incline of his head towards the Marine CO. That same incline is offered towards Zaharis when he's spotted and then, as orders are issued to the Marines, he simply turns his body enough to be able to watch Mercer being led out towards the shackled area. Finally, there's one more look towards the documents in his hand and then he's setting the attache case down, to withdraw a pen from within his jacket. There's a quick signature made on the first sheet of paper, followed by another marking and then he's looking back up.

Novella turns her head a bit to watch the Major cross the floor in his stride. The woman's fidgeting in her cockpit seems to pause as if she froze for a moment. But her eyes turn back to the hatchway to wait for the prisoner that's been called for. Yeah, it's safer in the Viper.

Greje comes in from Fore Stairwell.
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There is a pause before the first pair of MP's enter, stepping to the side the other two marines help the shackled Corporal Mercer step over the hatchway. Once he is over the hatch he is guided in a slow, chained shuffle down the pathway with two MP's in front and two behind. As the Corporal shuffles past each MP they snap their heads to the side and away to shun the traitor making his way down the aisleway. This process follows the Corporal down the entire line before he is finally brought to the shackles in the middle of the floor. The MP's in front turn and slide their weapons to their back and reach down to open the arm and ankle shackles. Once the shackles are opened, the two MPs behind meticulously remove his transport shackles and secure him in the ones along the bulkhead. Tugging at each shackle firmly to confirm the Corporal that is secured then nod to one another and turn to face the Major's. Snapping to attention they salute, the Sergeant at point barks out, "Major Gaelan! Prisoner secure and awaiting execution, Sir!" Major Gaelan nods and returns the salute before taking one step forward, then turns on his heel to face Major Salin as he salutes, "Major Altair. Corporal Bane Mercer has been secured and cleared to be read his final charges and judgement." Lowering his salute slowly he steps back and away to allow Salin clear access to the prisoner. The four escorts file behind the prisoner and stand in row with their rifles brought to a low guard ready, waiting. Patiently.

Rycard remains by the bulkhead, arms folded. It is unclear what his face tells of emotions; pity towards the prisoner, disgust over the procedure, hatred for a traitor and maybe even vengeance for all those who are dead. Perhaps he feels everything at once. In fact, Rycard is in an emotional turmoil inside. Is it right to kill this man? Right or wrong… At this poin… Rycard couldnt tell the difference.

Zaharis continues to stand and watch, the single medic at his side doing an admirable job of not fidgeting. The CMO's dark eyes watch Mercer as the MPs switch the heavy shackles, his mouth pressed into a line. His attention then shifts from the condemned to Salin as the JAG is called up.

Skip watches carefully now, his attention completely on the condemned at the moment. Listening to what's being said now.

Adele watches the condemned man being led to his shackles, her hands squeezing together more tightly behind her back. Her lips remain in their grim line and her eyes glaze over somewhat; the contractor, for whatever reason, is forcing herself to watch.

Well, this is certainly going to be something. Jocasta's not quite sure what yet but… certainly… something seems an appropriate catch-all. She's standing off the the side of the hangar deck, still dressed in duty blues in amoungst a loose gaggle of deck hands and technicians, arms crossed over her chest and eyes fixed on the proceedings.

Adrastos is right by Jocasta. He's in his uniform as well, blue eyes wide and glittering with an almost feverish light. He's got his prayer beads twined in his fingers, but he's not telling them. Not at the moment.

Greje appears at some point around the same time as the prisoner— it was probably his procession that kept her own entrance rather unremarkable. Having spent a good part of the previous night at the prisoner's side, she looks to him with remarkable serenity, drugged eyes dilated in the shade of Apollo's hooded robes, features peaceful. Whatever she might be thinking not apparent.

It's a formality, that salute, but it's returned just as sharply and then Salin is giving a slight nod of his head before he turns to take a step towards the prisoner, "Corporal Bane Mercer. You have been charged and with committing treason against the Colonial Fleet during a time of war." There's a slight pause and the lawyer's hand extends towards Gaelan, holding the documents out towards the Marine CO. "After careful review of your case file and all evidence pertaining to it, you have been found guilty and sentenced to death by firing squad, under Article 24, Section 2 of the Colonial Code of Military Justice." There's a slight step back and Salin's attention shifts towards Gaelan, "Major Gaelan. You may proceed."

Rycard doesnt move or say anything. He just watches from his position leaning against the bulkhead. Condemning and supporting the execution all at once. He swallows to ease his dry throat. It does little to ease his mind.

Cav's eyes pan over the Marines as they shun the prisoner. A solemn contempt rises in her. She may not know the details yet, but if the Marines can cast such a judgement.. Novella continues her fidgeting before sitting back into the seat, head resting against the backrest. The yellow/black ejection chords by her head catch a tuft of hair and she lifts a hand to bat it from her vision as Salin speaks. Anger sparks in her eyes and she sits up straight as the JAG gives his permission. Her eyes flicker to the Corporal to be executed and narrow on his form.

Skip raises an eyebrow as he hears that part, studying Mercer rather carefully for now.

One of Zaharis' dark brows makes a subtle loft at the news read out by Salin. Next to him, as the JAG turns it back over to the Marine firing squad, the medic suddenly notices the handheld heart monitor isn't turned on and takes a very, very long time to remedy the situation, eyes down.

The Major takes the paperwork and nods as he looks it over. Looking over to the Corporal who is visibily shaking at his best to stand fast, his eyes glancing to the Major briefly then locking back forward. The Marine CO looks towards the prisoner then he steps towards the Sergeant and holds out his hand, "Sergeant. Sidearm." The Sergeant leans forward slightly as if expecting another command then stops himself before snapping his look back to the Major. Pausing a moment the Sergeant slides his rifle onto his back and slides his sidearm from his holster. Pulling the slide back he loads a round into the chamber the Sergeant turns the gun to rest flat in an open palm with the barrel facing him and extends them towards the Major. The Major nods as he slides the sidearm from the Sergeant's hand. Stepping behind the Corporal the rasped tone of the Major emits, "May the gods have no mercy on your soul." The pistol raises slowly a mere few inches from the back of the Corporal's head. The Corporal's eyes dart around trying to figure out what is going on then…

They freeze.
Wide open.

The crack of the single shot emits from the pistol and the single hole emits from the forehead of the Corporal. Color drains from his face along with the wound that has freed various insides. The Corporals body lingers in a standing positiong for a few short moments as the Major lowers his pistol and the expression on his face does not change once. Then the Corporal's knees buckle and he drops to his knees, his body slumping forward. THe Major turns sharply to walk back towards the CMO and places the pistol in the stunned Sergeant's hand as he calmly emits, "Major Zaharis, please verify the prisoner's punishment has been completed."

The medic flinches at the shot, his hand gripping the handheld monitor tight enough to turn his knuckles white. Zaharis' eyes tense at the corners as Mercer falls, then he looks at Gaelan and gives the Marine a curt nod. The CMO's dress grays stand out against the morbidly vivid pool of blood and spray of brain matter glistening on the floor as he and the medic head off the stairs and towards the body. The medic unrolls a square of plastic, just enough to let them stand at the shoulder of the crumpled body, and two pairs of boots rustle as they move to Mercer's unmoving side. Zaharis kneels down, his eyes staying down on the body and nothing else for the few seconds it takes to complete the official check and then the pronouncement. "Time of death, 20:31:13."

Just before the execution, Salin had taken a step back, his hands moving to clasp behind his back, left held loosely within the right. When Gaelan asks for the sidearms, there's an every so slight arch of a brow, followed by a cant of his head and he merely watches as things play out. Once the body slumps forward and Zaharis moves to pronounce the time of death, the JAG takes another step forward, his hands unclasp and motioning briefly towards Gaelan, "Major Zaharis, please place your name, rank, position on the execution order, followed by your signature, indicating that you have confirmed that a one Corporal Bane Mercer has been executed and pronounced dead."

Novella just watches in silence as the Major takes the sidearm. She can see it coming. The single shot from Gaelan gets a slight jump from her - but more from the loud crack reverberating across the deck. As the man slumps, the pilot looks as she might spit on the body from across the short distance. Her green eyes flicker to Zaharis as he pronounces and she then leans forward in the cockpit and fidgets once more before standing straight up out of her seat, holding her helmet in one hand and a flashdrive in the other.

Skip raises an eyebrow at Gaelan's actions, studying the Major carefully for a few moments, before he nods a bit. Keeping silent now, he lets out a breath as he hears the CMO's announcement.

Rycard closes his eyes and lowers his head as the shot is fired. He stays like that for a while, and as he looks back up, it is not in the direction of the shot prisoner. Disgust fills him, his entire being. Somehow, the fact that a traitor is dead doesnt make him feel any better… Seems like you dont know where you stand until the call has actually been made. And Rycard, clearly, isnt too fond of the idea, or the realization.

Adele's teeth clench tightly together, her jaw tensing, as Gaelan takes the pistol from the Sergeant and steps up to lift it to the back of Mercer's head. Her eyes flash back to life and out of their glazed state as she really focuses on what is about to happen. She doesn't close them when the crack sounds throughout the bay, but shortly after Mercer's body drops she shifts her gaze to the ground. Only when
Zaharis is called forward does she glance back up to watch him make the pronouncement then sign the paperwork.

Adrastos doesn't wince, doesn't flinch, doesn't turn away. It's the first time he's seen death at first hand, and there's somehow no looking away, even as the traitor crumples like a broken doll. His eyes are wide and blank, his expression impassive.

The medic is left with the job of covering the body now with dark material. He does so with utmost formality, the way he was instructed to down in Sickbay, keeping any sign of whether he might've considered this right or wrong off his face. Their job is to treat everyone equally, regardless of crime and even in death.

Zaharis stands up and regards Salin for a long moment or two, then holds out his hands for the clipboard and pen. The writing is quick and neatly legible, for once.
Greje only draws her lower lip slowly into her mouth, incrementally dampening it in the aftermath of the unfortunate event. Otherwise she maintains her position, at a respectable distance, unmoving.

There's something indescribably banal and yet morbidly primal about bearing witness to a live execution on the hangar deck. Jocasta exhales a heavy breath that she didn't even realize she'd been holding after the doctor makes his confirming pronouncement. She then sneaks a look over to Adrastos and momentarily frets her brows before returning her attention to the grisly proceedings.

The Marine Major looks as the final piece of paperwork is concluded and turns to his Marines barking out in his rasped tone, "Marines. Dismissed!" Passing a glance to the CMO he flatly comments, "Airlock his body with the trash, like he deserves." Not really leaving much for the morales of the Doctor to fight back the Marine steps over the body without a second thought and starts heading towards the hatch. Someone needs a Whiskey.

Once the CMO has signed the document and it's extended back, Salin takes it, only offers the slightest of nods. There's a shift of his eyes towards the body and then the JAG is turning, bending slightly to grab his attache case. Then, he's beginning to weave his way through the throng of people, towards the nearest stairwell, no doubt to retreat to his office or some other place of sanctuary.

Novella slimbs down from the Viper's ladder and exchanges a few quick words with a paled crew chief. The PO2 nods a few times and moves away to the rear of the Viper before Cav glances to Gaelan at his comments. If there's /any/ objection in her mind, its not visible. The blond heads for the hatch and away, quietly hoping someone cleans up the traitor's brains before there's an accident.

Rycard sighs as he offers a glance on over at the Marines and the Major. The look on his face is one of pity… Pitying them for their duty. Wondering if they really wanted to do this. Or if they were just following orders.

Zaharis arches a brow at Gaelan's back and the 'order' given for disposal. The medic also watches the Marine go and looks back at Zaharis for confirmation of that. To which the CMO shakes his head, motioning for the man to close up the body bag. "Morgue," he tells his staff quietly. He can fight with upper command about the method of disposal later. And really, it might just be a fight.

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