Fair Game
Fair Game
Summary: Chatter in the PAS's cafeteria gets personal.
Date: 16 BCH (28 October 2008)
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Cafeteria Support Station PAS - Deck 3
15 BCH 2185 Souls

This cafeteria is quite large and able to hold a hundred people if needed. Tables dot the area with chairs in neat rows. There is an ability to look out the viewport as the station turns at a very slow degree. A kitchen area and serving line begins not far from the hatch. The large coffee urns are always filled and some snack is available when the regular meals aren't being served.

Adele is sitting at a table, looking rather tired as she does her best to down a cup of tea while still not looking uncouth. Her appearance is, despite the current crisis, quite immaculate - but there is a disheveled quality about her expressions. Haggard but caffeinated, she looks like she's been running on empty for a while now.

Rhea comes in from Passageway.
Rhea has arrived.

Zaharis is in a set of blue scrubs, having been upstairs in the medical facility keeping a CMO's tabs on the bodies going in and out. The flow of patients to the PAS have been the non-critical overflow from the Genesis, those needing care for their painful burns, their headaches, their small bone sets. No less chaotic than the Genesis, but at least with far less chance of sudden death. He grabs a cup of coffee from the moving line, along with a small plate of french fries - healthy lunch for the ship's chief health role model. Turning to weave through the crowd, his steps slow down as he passes by Adele's table. "Seat open at the look like hell table, or is it private?"

Reed comes in from Passageway.
Reed has arrived.

Adele's expression is at once startled and offended as she looks up, but it all fades when she sees the owner of the voice. Setting down her styrofoam cup, it takes her a moment, but she does manage to quip back, "Sorry, this is the mildly disheveled table. The look like hell table is over there." She jerks her head towards a contractor who is all but passed out at his seat. Sweeping a hand towards the space across from her, she offers Zaharis a tired, anxious smile.

Rhea looks freshly showered, pressed and (somewhat) rested, which may count as unusual after the past couple days. And she's actually smiling as she strides into the cafeteria. She doesn't notice Zaharis or Adele right away but heads right up to the line. She acquires some greens, rolls and a meaty-looking stew as she goes along. And a sizeable cup of black coffee, of course.

Reed comes in a bit after Rhea, file folder under one arm, and heads straight for the beverages. Once he procures a bottle of water, now with twice as much hydrogen as oxygen! He turns to survey the Cafeteria, looking over the tables with a practiced eye.

Zaharis glances over his shoulder at the contractor, raising an eyebrow. "Huh. All relative." He sets his tray down across from Adele and steps over the bench, sitting down. His hair is slightly damp, perhaps from a fast shower, and he scratches a hand through the side of it, leaving a bit stuck up at weird wet angles. "You look nice." He sounds surprised, making the comment's 'compliment' status kind of dubious.

"I just changed," Adele admits, having a hard time not focusing on a particularly uneven wisp of hair on the side of Zaharis' head. "Before I ate, even." Priorities, priorities. Now she's just staring at his head with a furrow to her thin brows. "How is everything on your side of the station?" she asks, hesitantly.

Rhea has her back to Reed, so she doesn't notice him right away. It's only after she's filled her coffee to the brim that she looks up and pays enough attention to properly spot him. "Major," she says, smiling broadly. "Just the man I came here to see. Though I'd hoped to do it more properly after I'd grabbed some dinner."

Reed turns to the voice, and smiles, "Captain." He says, approaching her, "Not at all, glad to have you over for dinner." He looks to the tables, "I think I saw your CMO over there somewhere, shall we hunt him out?"

"Oh, you know." Zaharis picks up one of his french fries, biting off half of it. "Looks a lot like yours, I imagine. You got pulled on duty, hm? I thought I saw your name on the shift roster." He's noticed where her attention is going. His eyes glance up and way off to the side as though trying to catch a glimpse of his own ear. "…what?"

Adele's eyes widen slightly as she glances back at Zaharis' face. "What? Nothing. You just have… no, it's nothing." She grins in an almost pained fashion, keeping her eyes from darting back to that side of his head. She returns to his first question, and nods. "Yes. Been suturing, changing IVs, treating burns - oh, and I even got to remove an appendix, strangely enough. I feel like a medical student all over again." There is a vaguely relieved quality to her voice, as though she's grateful to be making smalltalk.

"Is he? Well, he shouldn't be hard to track down. I just follow the cloud of smoke and sounds of snarking whenever I've lost track of him," Rhea says to Reed, as to the CMO. Not that any of that is evident, but she spots him quickly enough once she starts scanning the cafeteria. "Jesse." She waves and goes in that direction, automatically moving to join his table. It's not until she's closer that she recognizes Adele. "Miss Pike? Hello. Regretting your assignment to the station yet?"

Reed smiles, following Rhea, and smiling wider as he sees who Zaharis is with, "Doctor Pike. A pleasure once more." He inclines his head and settles down in an empty space, once more the front on his duty uniform gets the flap unbuttoned to show him as off duty as he gets most of the time before he begins opening the water bottle.

Zaharis is smoke free for the time being, and shower-fresh. Two surprises in one night. He watches Adele's face all through that, with that suspicious look of someone who thinks he's been fibbed to. The shop talk does a little to alleviate that, and he pops the rest of the fry into his mouth. "Does kind of feel like that, doesn't it? An appendix? No kidding. Been so long since I've seen an appendix out I could've sworn we'd just gone and evolved past having one at all." His fingers absently graze through his hair again as he glances up at the sound of Rhea and Reed's voices. Slight cowlick turns into full one, but just on the left. Woe to Adele. "Hey, Rhea. Carter. Pull up seats."

Adele lets go of a quiet, tired laugh at Rhea's question, scooting over slightly so she or Reed can have a seat next to her if they so choose. "Not at all. Honestly, I didn't realize that I had the capacity to miss working directly with patients. But apparently, I do. And… I did." She smiles at Reed as he settles in, dipping her head to him in greeting. She opens her mouth to speak, glancing askance at Zaharis. His cowlick stops her speech short, and her mouth kind of hangs open until she finally mutters, "Excuse me." Reaching across the table, she smooths down the errant tuft of hair like a severe nanny might do to one of her charges. No saliva added. "Sorry. You were saying."

Rhea plops down, looking relieved to be sitting. She may look fresher than she has in the past couple days, but she's still not precisely well-rested. Zaharis' cowlick is eyed. Her hand twitches, as if tempted to straighten it, but she restrains herself. She grins when Adele doesn't, nodding in short approval, chuckling. "I had a few hours free. Figured I'd come pay the kid a visit." She turns to Reed, beaming. "And I needed to thank you. I got your little present. A girl should put out her appreciation properly when she gets something shiny." Her tone light, obviously in a good mood.

Reed watches Zaharis getting groomed with a smile, and looks to Adele, "He was going to start picking up Wireless channels with that thing." He nods as he then looks to Rhea and his smile turns to a chuckle, "Well, you know, I realized I had these specialists around and they'd be perfect for the work you were doing, so after a word with the Colonel, there you go. We can pause our staterooms and other internal structural work that no one's really going to use for a while to get done the real work you're doing, and I figure you could use a full compliment of ten strong men to obey your every whim. I just didn't give them a bugle and horses to ride in like the cavalry. Sorry, the Shuttle pilots objected."

"And how is the kid?" Zaharis uses Rhea's terminology to talk about her son, smirking. "Pried him away from that gameboy ye-…" Adele's reaching stop him mid-sentence, and he's left just kind of staring at her in return. His finger lightly taps the table, and he turns his head to watch Reed talk with mild interest about this shiny thing, here. As he does, one hand slooowly snakes back up into his hair, fingers crunching up one side at his temple. And then sloooowly the other hand does the same. By the time he's done, two dark tufts stick out and up from either side of his head like horns, and he picks up a french fry and sticks it in his mouth.

Adele looks immediately regretful as she finishes 'grooming' Zaharis, turning her face away from him to focus on the conversation between Reed and Rhea. "You got a gift of ten strong men?" she asks, thin reddish brows arching slightly. She glances from Rhea to Reed, in the process spotting Zaharis' newest hairdo. "That's fine. You might look like a lunatic, but at least it's symmetrical," she informs him, reaching for her cup of tea before turning her attention back to Rhea.

Rhea chuckles at Zaharis' anti-hair-care. Adele is offered a sympathetic shrug. "Don't strain yourself, Doctor. He's not properly house-broken. We've tried, but it's I'm reasonably sure he's untrainable." The other woman's question is met with an enthusiastic nod. "What every woman needs. They're getting ready to do some body work for me as we speak. Gods knows I've been needing it." She explains, more seriously. "Major Carter loaned me some of the PAS' structural engineers for the repairs to the Pandora. And again, Major, thank you. I'll arrange the fanfare myself if you're too modest. It could shave as much as a week off the work time over there, and it'll allow some of my people to get back to their regular duties."

Reed smirks as Rhea explains the situation and inclines his head, yes, it appears he is modest about it. "Well, I'm glad it helps, Captain." He looks to Adele, "though-" He then stops and looks at Zaharis, blinking. "Well, yes, you're symmetrical now." Doesn't sound as if that were an endorsement though. He shakes himself out of it and looks to Adele, "I am relieved that when I send her ten strong men she has them doing actual work rather than carrying her around on a pallet, peeling and feeding her grapes." He then looks back to Rhea, "Sparky said he missed you." He nods, as if that were normal.

Zaharis just watches Adele for a few moments, his brows making a quick flicker up and down, challenging. He turns his attention back to his food then, picking up his coffee and setting his elbows on the table. He's not one to interrupt Engineering talk, keeping his mouth perhaps blessedly quiet for a few moments as he just sips his unsugared brew.

Adele gives Reed a dubious look, taking a moment to peer at Rhea thoughtfully. "Captain Zimmermann doesn't seem the type who needs her grapes peeled," she observes with an upwards twitch of her lips as she takes another sip of her tea. Setting the cup down, she too allows the engineering talk to continue, gaze straying to the completely distracting figure that Zaharis cuts with his hair horns. She clears her throat at the challenging look she receives.

"I never use someone else's engineers as my personal slaves, Major," Rhea replies to Reed, mock-offended at the talk of pallets and grapes. She winks. "That's why the Fleet gives us ensigns." She downs her own black coffee, nodding about Sparky. "I've been neglecting. But now that all the fires on the Pandora are put out, I should have time to tend to him properly. Tell those contractors of yours they aren't off the hook."

Reed nods to Rhea, "Of course, Captain. when you need them in Engineering, they're both set to help. In fact they need to have you sign off on some paperwork, so you're sure to get them in a prompt and timely fashion. Just feel free to come and get them, or send someone to fetch them." He lifts his bottle of water and takes a long drink.

Zaharis smirks at Adele's comment, glancing across the table at Rhea. As she's still nicely busy, he finally reaches up and scratches his hair back down into something resembling normal. Looking back at the other doctor he says mildly, "I love it when Rhea gets geeky. It's like a movie, you know, I can just sit here and watch for hours. Missing the popcorn, but I'd bet Carter has someone on this ship who's being secretly paid to import it along with their galley supplies."

Adele gives Zaharis a strange look, finally draining the last of her lukewarm tea. "I'm sure she'd be equally entertained to hear you talk about the medical benefits of tonic water, and how being drunk is an antidote for printer ink ingestion," she points out with a mild nod as she eyes his remaining fries.

"I think their forms are somewhere in the paper snow storm on my desk," Rhea replies to Reed. "I'll dig them up and get them signed. One of my techs'll deliver them." She chuckles at Zaharis' comment, sticking her tongue out at the CMO. "Drunk medical talk *is* fairly entertaining, actually. I think Jesse's discovered entirely new theories of pathogens and diagnostics over bottles of Tauron rum."

Reed nods to Rhea, "They have the forms, they'll have you sign them when they get started with work." He then looks to the Medical folk, and smirks, glancing to Rhea, "Really?" He looks to Zaharis, and nods, "I can see him coming up with the cure for a great many things with enough rum in him." He looks to Adele, nodding. "Yepyep. should record him some time."

"Think that's fascinating?" Zaharis lofts a dark brow and folds his arms on the table, leaning over them. "Check this out. French fries?" He lowers his voice to stage whisper as he pushes the plate her way with a finger. "Are an antidote for hunger." Eyes narrowed, he nods quite sagely at her, shaking an index finger once towards her face. "I didn't get an MD for nothing." He looks over at Rhea and smirks. "Oh no, Rhea. Tauron rum was a neurology experiment. Precise measurements of exactly how many drops it took to convince your husband to go and serenade you at the top of his lungs at 3:30 in the morning. He passed out before he actually got to do it, so he probably hasn't told you the story." He pauses. "Come to think of it, I probably shouldn't either." He gives Reed a faint grin, the expression almost enough to really lighten his expression behind those darkly-circled, tired eyes.

Adele grins as the french fries are pushed her way, reaching out to pluck one up. She eats daintily enough, but the events of the last few days have caught up to her in such a way that some of her guard is let down, and she actually resembles a normal individual enjoying a snack. Even if her hair is in some kind of professional looking twist, and she's still wearing a pant suit. When the anecdote about Rhea's husband is started, then abandoned, she glances between the others with a renewed interest, as though she's just realized that she's actually having a relatively pleasant time.

Rhea laughs ruefully, shaking her head at Zaharis. "You are such a bad influence on that poor man. I remember the night Ephraim introduced us." Her lips curve into a smirk. "Though I'm fairly certain neither of you do." Which seems to remind her, in a roundabout way, "Reece loves your gameboy, by the way. I think he's physically bounded with it. You should pop in and see him if you have time, while you're over here. He should've beaten a few of your high scores by now."

Reed chuckles, looking between Rhea and Zaharis, then looks to Adele, "These two have the best stories, it's fun to just sit here and listen to them going on." He then falls quiet to do just that, taking another drink from his water

"I remember it," Zaharis replies, sounding miffed. "Or at least I remember your snarky-ass roommate. I don't think she ever believed me that that was a valid medical use of her eggbeater." He reaches for a french fry without looking at the plate, his hand bumping Adele's as she goes for the same one. "Oh, sorry. Didn't heed the DMZ, my bad." He grins at the engineer again. "I'm sure he has. My thumbs aren't what they used to be." Then to Reed, he lifts his chin slightly. "Hey Carter. Tell me something interesting about terraforming." 180? You betcha. He actually does sound interested, though.

Adele lets the fry drop back onto the plate as Zaharis' hand bumps hers. "It's yours," she tells him, looking mildly embarassed. "Even if I have no idea what a DMZ is." Ah, here comes the distress, slowly but surely, reminding her that she doesn't -quite- fit in yet.

Rhea shakes her head at Reed, doing some chuckling herself. "Jesse's the one with the stories. I'm just the ball and chain. He and my husband go back to…gods, what is it? Basic? I don't think our good CMO's ever forgiven me for marrying his drinking buddy. And Vespera was not snarky! She was trying to be funny. She would've totally let you into her room if you'd played your cards right." She clearly considers this a grave life error on Zaharis' part. Though it all seems to remind her to ask Reed and Adele, "Do either of you have someone waiting back on the colonies?"

Reed looks at Zaharis for a moment, then, speaking in a high speed monologue, "In twelve colony worlds there are a hundred and twenty five seperate ecosystem relationships that naturally working together produce high quality ethanol alcohol suitable for consumption by humans." He then blinks and nods, "They're useful to set up now and then for their byproducts, changing the soil to add nutrients." He then looks to Adele, and smiles, "De Militarized Zone, a neutral area." He then looks to Rhea, "Um, not really no, no signifigant other, mostly by their choice." He grins, "Commanding a station on the edge of space isn't conductive to most relationships." He shrugs.

Zaharis snorts at Rhea. "Yeah, that's the problem. She probably wouldn't have let me back out." He looks back at Adele for a second and gives her a mild grin as Reed answers her question about the military term. He then smirks at Reed, perhaps about to comment on the terraforming info. But the conversation's turned to personal things and the plate of fries gets interesting again. He picks up one more and polishes it off, then searches his pockets until he comes up with cigarettes.

Adele's brows shoot up at Reed as he rattles off some terraforming information, clearly interested in the subject - but when he explains what DMZ means, she shifts her focus to Zaharis and flickers a grin at him. Oh, but that grin is fleeting, especially when it's her turn to answer Rhea's question. "Yes," she states in reply after a moment's hesitation. "His name is Zeke."

"I can see how this post would put a damper on a relationship," Rhea says dryly. And a little wistfully. She idly stirs her stew. The terraforming monologue gets her attention and she listens raptly. But, then, she is a proper geek. Though she's more interested in Adele's answer, a broad grin coming to her lips. "Zeke? That's a fine name. What's he do? Mine's an accountant. Logistics, if you want the proper military term."

Reed looks to Rhea, "Only if it's not strong enough to survive the strain." He says to her, smiling to her before looking to Adele as her significant other is inquired of. He takes another drink from the bottle.

Zaharis takes a while to find his lighter, eventually getting the cigarette lit. He settles back in his chair, pulling his ankle over knee so he can relax as properly as one can in a plastic chair, as he watches them talk.

"Well," Adele begins, staring at her hands as she folds them in front of her. She has abandoned the fries. "Mostly, he sleeps. Eats far too much. But he's clean, even if his cleanliness does result in an ill-placed hairball every now and again." She shifts in her seat, then looks back up at everyone with a sheepish look on her face.

"Right…" Rhea murmurs in response to Reed, still stirring. She clears her throat, looking up and affirming in a firmer tone, "Right. Ephraim and I met when we were officers. We know the drill. And it's…nice. Knowing there's someone out there to come home to." She arches a brow at Adele. "He's clean? Now I *know* you aren't talking about a man."

Reed looks back to Rhea, and nods, saying simply, "I envy you." He then looks to Adele, nodding, "So he's a pilot?" He blinks, "Oh, oh, oh, no, he's a cat, of course." He chuckles, touching his forehead, "I had the wrong image in my head, excuse me."

Zaharis has laced his hands behind his head. Smoke curls slowly from the end of the cigarette in his mouth, and he squints through it at Adele for a few moments. Then he -eyes- Rhea. "Wait…it was cleanliness part that tipped you off and not the -hairball-?"

"I think we've successfully established that men and hair, when left to their own devices, can be a dangerous combination," Adele muses, gesturing in Zaharis' direction. "But yes. Zeke's a cat, not a pilot. But he keeps my lap warm." She unfolds her hands, thinks about what she just said, the goes a little red. "Captain Zimmerman - your husband is an accountant?" she asks, after clearing her throat.

Rhea looks over at Zaharis, brows arched. She says nothing. Just looks. Pointedly. Then her attention goes back to Adele. She chuckles. "We had a dog on Picon. At least, Ephraim and Reece did. I came home from leave on day and found him on my bed. My son really misses the thing. A friend of his from his school got custody when he moved here. Ephraim was assigned to a tour on the Persius, and kids and battlestars don't mix." She replies to Adele with a proud smile. "Best damn Logistics man in the Fleet. He can do amazing things with ledgers."

Reed watches the explinations and stories of pets pass around the table, smiling, and nods, "Pets are always nice. Used to have one before I got shipped out. Gemenon Shepard. He would catch a flying disc if it had an FTL strapped to it." He smirks at the memory.

Zaharis just kind of looks at Adele for a while after that comment. He pulls the cigarette out of his mouth, exhaling smoke in a slow curl before leaning over towards Reed and muttering. "I just got served, didn't I."

Adele smiles at Rhea, dropping her hands to her lap. "Pets are good for children," she states with a knowing bob of her head. "They're full of all sorts of life lessons - responsibility, discipline, loss." She says it matter-of-factly, shifting once more in her seat. "What about you, Dr. Zaharis?" The matter-of-fact tone remains, which compliments the fact that she forgot to use his first name again.

"It's not the first time, Doctor," Rhea says teasingly to Zaharis. As for pets, she snorts. "They're also good for eating Caprican shoes. But Reece seemed to love the thing. And it's not like I ever got to wear the shoes." Speaking of the kid, she scrapes up the last of her stew with her roll, wolfing it. "I should go look in on the spawn. By the way, Doctor, have you had a chance to qualify for the Marines' little shooting competition yet? Reece is dying to find out how you score."

Reed nods gravely to Zaharis, returning the mutter, "Yes, yes you did. Are you experiencing any side effects? Dizziness, Nausea, blurred vision?" When Adele asks about Zaharis' pets he says, "Oh, she's pressing the attack, back in, boy, bob and weave bob and weave." He then straightens.

"Mild tachycardia," Zaharis confides to Reed, patting his chest. "I think you might call it a 'flutter'. Could just be the nicotine." Another drag to punctuate that, and he looks back at Adele with a smirk. "No pets here, Dr. Pike. I like my lap-warmers a bit more intelligent." Then to Rhea he makes a slight face. "Not yet. I haven't exactly had my focus on it. But tell Reece I'll try and squeeze it in tomorrow."

At Zaharis' lap-warmer comment, Adele's face goes far redder than her strawberry blonde hair. "I… it… It was good to see you again, Captain Zimmerman," she finally sputters out, turning her grey eyes onto Rhea and nothing else. "Please let your son know that his directions got me swiftly to my quarters." It's no gameboy score, but it's something to say to keep her mind off the embarassment that is creeping into the tips of her ears.

Rhea snorts a laugh when Zaharis comments on the intelligence of his lap-warmers. She doesn't comment, though. "You better," she says simply to the doctor. "Doctor Pike. I'll pass that along. Reece'll be very pleased with himself. And Major…thanks. I promise not to break any of your engineers." That said, she picks up her tray and shows it, then strides out of the cafeteria.

Reed looks to Rhea and nods, "Thank you for the kindness to my gifts." He smirks, looking to Adele, then Zaharis, but doesn't comment for fear Adele burst into flames from the heat of her skin. He drinks some more water. Yes water.

Zaharis looks smug, eyes raising to Rhea. He lifts a hand in lazy wave to the departing Rhea. "Be good. Don't break yourself, Ephraim would kill me."

"Oh - and feel free to call me Adele," the scandalized woman calls after Rhea, her blush finally receding somewhat. When Rhea's out of view, she has no excuse to keep staring in that direction, so she turns her attention to the empty cup of tea in front of her. Picking it up, she stands, wordlessly wandering over to the coffee makers, where she goes to work boiling a pot of plain water to steep some more tea in.

"What? Don't think you could fix me? Weeeeak!" Rhea razzes the good doctor on her way out.

Reed looks to Zaharis as Adele goes to refresh her cup, "Niiiice return." He mutters, glancing back to Rhea on her parting shot.

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Zaharis pffts, stubbing out the cigarette. He glances at the plate of cold fries as if tempted, but can't quite do it. He leans forward, setting his hands on his legs and rolling forward to stand up. "Alright, Carter. About time to leave you to your evil lair once again."

Adele pours the hot water into her cup, slipping in a bag of tea to soak and work its magic. That done, she reaches for a tiny plastic straw and gets to stirring, glancing over her shoulder at the table she was just at. Noticing Zaharis standing, she decides to continue to wait.

Reed nods to Zaharis, "Okay, well, See you later. Let me know if you need anything." He smirks to the Doctor standing to leave, and sips his water.

Zaharis raises his arms up, stretching a bit. He squints at his cold coffee and seems to decide that's not worth it either. "Will do, Major." Turning then, he starts out. More bodies to poke. In a clinical way.

Zaharis leaves for Passageway [O].
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As if on cue, as soon as Zaharis departs, Adele strides back to the table and sits down with her renewed cup of tea. Taking a hesitant sip after blowing on the liquid to cool it a bit, she smiles tentatively at Reed. "I wasn't really asking about pets," she reveals after a moment's hesitation.

Reed looks to Adele, tilting his head, a moment later, he nods, "Inquiring from politeness or interest, Doctor?" He asks, kindly.

Adele sets her tea down, keeping her hand wrapped about the warm styrofoam for a moment as she thinks about how to answer that. "Um, more like sheer curiosity," she replies diplomatically, flicking her gaze back up to Reed. "Idle curiosity, really."

Reed nods, thoughtfully, "Fair enough. It's an interesting situation we find ourselves in. An isolated corner of Colonial Space, a giant station, mostly empty, a battlestar full of drivin people. If it weren't for all the wounded, it'd be terribly romantic." He looks at his water bottle sourly. "Not that there's anyone I could share it with." He smirks ruefully, and drinks.

Adele takes another sip of tea, as if the mildly caffeinated, hot drink might bolster her confidence. Setting it down, she punctuates the gentle impact of the styrofoam on the table with the question, "Is Dr. Zaharis seeing anyone?" Idle curiosity indeed.

Reed shakes his head, as if he fully expected that question. "No, not to my knowledge, which admittedly is not perfect, but I feel fairly confident he is not involved with anyone at the moment. Of course, there's one woman who would know definitively, we both know that."

Adele straightens out a wrinkle in the fabric of her pants, looking back up to Reed with the same sheepish look she had before, when she was talking about her cat. "I don't think I should bother Captian Zimmermann with a question like that, Major Carter. It might just spawn unnecessary speculation on why I'm even asking, which is - again - simply curiosity." She reaches for her tea again, but doesn't drink from it.

Reed tilts his head, "Alright, it's your curiosity." He turns the bottle in his hands thoughtfully. "So, How are things with the patients?" He tries for a subject shift.

Adele looks relieved, and she brushes a non-existent lock of hair away from her eyes, quite the odd habit. "Chaotic, of course, but things are going all right for a crisis situation, even with limited medically trained staff. Like I said before, it's kind of nice to be seeing patients again. But I admit I'll be happy when I can stick my nose back into my research." She smiles ruefully, then actually does sip from her tea. "What are your duties, exactly, Major?"

Reed smiles, "At the moment? Overseeing the construction of the station, trying to keep us on schedule, and in the last few days coordinating with the Genesis resources on handling the crisis. I'm Station commanding Officer, so there's different aspects depending on the situation."

Adele bobs her head in a nod, setting the cup back down. She obviously likes to have something for her hands to do. "So is it you I complain to about the lack of privacy in the contractors' quarters?" she teases, quirking one corner of her lips in a smile to show that she is, indeed, joking. But in case that wasn't clear enough, she hastily adds, "I'm kidding, of course." Just to cover all her bases.

Reed smiles, taking the joke as it's intended and nods, "I'm the person you come to to complain about anything you like." He gestures vaugely, "I can't do everything, but I can do quite a bit."

Adele looks pleased that her joke went over well (how could it not, with all the precautions she took?), dropping her hands to her lap and folding them there. "Well, I'll keep that in mind, Major Carter."

Reed nods, "Do so. I'll be around the station and you can come to me to discuss anything. If you need to contact me and cannot locate me, ask one of the military personnel to get me a message."

Adele smiles, moving to stand. "Thank you, Major, for making me feel welcome with little snark," she says as she rises, grabbing for her cup of tea. "I have to get back into the rotation and check on my appendiectomy patient, but it was a pleasure to speak with you again."

Reed chuckles, "You're quite welcome, Doctor. Meant in both ways. Always a pleasure." He caps his empty water bottle, and rises, himself, seemingly going for another bottle of water.

"Oh, please… call me Adele," Adele states with a smile, tugging at the bottom of her jacket to pull it down with her free hand before she turns to go.

Reed nods, "And feel free to call me Reed, Adele." He replies, turning to her with a pleasant half bow.

Adele dips her head. "Thank you, Major," she replies, before walking away with a purposeful stride.

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