Faith of Goodbye
Faith of Goodbye
Summary: Hazzard and Melia have a heart to heart.
Date: 1/21/09
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Hazzard comes in from Corridor 13B.

Hazzard has arrived.

It's afternoon in a quiet Sickbay aboard Genesis. Most of the patients had been given the last-call routine - don't care where you go but you can't stay here. Mellie's bouncing around one of the alcoves, remaking the bed to what appears to be absolutely exacting standards.

Through the hatch, using a cane to move about comes Sergeant Hazzard. There is a little twitch in the corner of his face, due to pain, every now and then as he puts to much weight upon his injured leg. There are still some bruising visible on his face as he offers a nod towards the desk nurse, before he nods his head over towards Melia. The desk nurse nods her head and gets back to work, as Hazzard moves over towards the bouncing medic. "Looking energetic as always Melia."

Melia skids to a stop, sheet held in both hands, eyes wide, then she grins. "Looking beat up as always, L.T.," she says with a wry smile. "Grab a seat." She nods to the chair. "What can I do you for today?"

"You would not by any chance, be going off duty soon, or have time for a coffee?" Hazzard asks as he leans on his cane and then grins just a little. "And I try soo hard to keep this rugged face beaten up..It's part of my charm."

She laughs softly and shakes her head. "Best not let my bosses hear you asking me for coffee while I'm on duty," she murmurs. "Not only will you get your ass chewed, the Major will have me by the throat. I AM off duty soon, yeah. But I was going to grab a bite in the Mess quickly before hitting my berth to study. It'd hurt less if you didn't keep getting beaten up. But at least you do it honestly and not from falling down steps." She grins up at him.

Hazzard grins and glances over towards the desk nurse and then moves over to the offered seat. "Well I guess I'm in dire need of a bandage change..If you dont mind." he says with a gentle smile on his lips. "It was worth the chance anyhow…" he murmurs to himself and then shrugs his shoulders. "Who is Ares?"

Mellie cocks her head to the side, toward him, and grins. "I don't mind at all," she says gently. "Let me get this sheet on so you can sit on a nice, clean bed, then I'll get to checking your bandages." There's something almost maternal about the little woman. "As to Ares, I'm assuming you're not meaning the Snipe PO2," she asks, quirking a brow.

Hazzard nods his head slowly, awaiting the bed to be finished so he can settle down on that instead. "Only PO I know is you Melia, quite enough if you ask me." he murmurs. Once the bed is finished he moves over and seats himself, placing the cane beside him before he reaches into a leg pocket of his hands and takes out a bobblehead figure, a little burnt and scratched. "No this Ares…Dane said it was Ares."

She drops her eyes to the bobblehead then smiles up at Hazzard, nodding once. "Ares," she says quietly. "The god of war. Many say he's the god of bloodshed, personified in a human-like form. He is said to protect warriors, and families who prize aggression dedicate their children to him. In mythology, he was rumored to have had a love affair with Aphrodite." She steps back. "Ok, which bandages need changed?"

Hazzard studies the bobblehead in his hand and nods his head slowly, before he pockets the comic idol once more. "Right leg." he murmurs. Wearing pants, no bandage can be seen and Hazzard furrows his eyebrows just a little. "Should I?"

"Let me pull the curtain," she says with a wry little smile. Poking her head around, she calls to one of the nurses, "I'm doing a bandage change on L.T. Hazzard," she calls. The nurse dips her head, studying Mellie. "Leave the curtain open a bit," she calls back. And so Mellie does.

Hazzard watches Melia as she closes the curtain and listens to the discussion between the two nurses. Finaly as the curtain is closed, almost all the way, he offers a little grin towards the energizer bunny. "Any reason, why the nurse doesnt trust you around handsome Marines?" he asks with a soft chuckle, as he starts to unbuckle his belt.

"That's -exactly- why," she says with a smail grin, turning her back to give him privacy. "Once your pants are off, under the sheet and just pull it up over your legs until I can get to the bandage." A folded sheet gets tossed unerringly behind her to land on the bed behind him. "Handsome Marine, Gemenese and I'm getting ready to start working on my MD. Reputation is important, especially to me, and there've been too many rumors about impropriety in Major Zaharis' sickbay. I'm not risking his reputation as a leader." Awww, fierce.

"You do realise I'm wearing underware." Hazzard murmurs as he drops his pants down to his feet and seats himself half assed on the bed. But since the woman asked, he takes a hold of the blanket and places it over his midsection to hide his boxers. The bandage is over his thigh, where the bullet struck. "You have my word Melia, I'd never do anything..I respect your gemenese, and compared to me, strict uprising..and I'd never try to rick either your or Doc Z's reputation."

"I know," she says quietly, glancing over her shoulder at him. "I just refuse to take any chances. I also refuse to lead you on." Then she's turning, carrying cleaning supplies, sterile bandages and tape. "Let's see how this wound looks. You haven't gotten the bandage wet, have you? The nurse mentioned that you're not supposed to shower or get it wet for a few more days. Did they teach you the bag trick?"

"Not the first time I've been shot Melia..I've done this job for quite some time, sad to say." Hazzard murmurs as he places his hands behind him for support to lean against. "And I never expected you to lead me on, I've stated my case..let you know where I stand, what the future holds..I guess only the Gods knows." he furrows his eyebrows. "I guess, since your Gemensese, you could say I'm Ares..where you are Aphrodite."

The poor PO's head snaps back, eyes huge as she looks at him, blinking. Sadly, she was in the process of gently pulling the bandage off his leg. Only one side of tape had been loosened, which means the other three sides come off clinging to every stray hair they came in contact with. Waxing, medical style. "I'm -dedicated- to Aphrodite," she tells him, shaking her head. "But also to Asclepius. I serve both. You know my answer's no, and will likely be for quite some time. I just…I can't, L.T.," she says softly. "I can't." Her characteristic smile is gone, leaving her looking stricken and almost near tears.

"I'm not asking Melia..I do not demand or ask anything from you.." Hazzard keeps his voice low before he glances down at the half finished job of the bandage. Finaly he looks back up and arches an eyebrow. "I could offer you a hug though, wipe your there if you need me, as a friend.." he keeps the smile on his lips. "Not your fault, I fell for you Melia..Not your fault, that a marine that can't handle emotions well, trained to kill and without any religious upbringing took fancy to you..So dont blame yourself for it ok, I'm quite fine being just your friend."

Fingers go lightly to the side of the wound, as if she could soothe the ripped out feeling. She swallows hard, shaking her head slightly. "The thought that I might have hurt you, even inadvertantly…I can't deal with that," she says quietly, not looking up now. She goes about investigating the wound then cleaning it. Her touch is incredibly light and gentle. Professional? Yes. Utterly professional. But she's very careful so as not to hurt him.

Since Melia is not looking up, Hazzard takes the moment to reach into one of his chest pockets and pull something out while she works on his wound and bandage. All in all the stictches looks good, no infection to speak off just some crust from bleeding. "I didn't pay much heed to my heart before I met you Melia.." He reaches down with the item he pulled out of his pocket, the long dark slender for of a cigar. "Heard oyu liked these.."

Melia looks up as he moves, then blinks at him, blinks at the cigar. "I…Oh, L.T.," she says softly. "Hold onto it for just a minute while I finish with your leg, please." She's trying not to cry, she's really not. She's touched, she's exasperated, she's terrified. Looking back down to his leg, she continues to work, cleaning the crusted blood and adding a bit of ointment before reaching for the bandage. "Maybe you need to learn to listen to it a little bit?"

Hazzard places the cigar beside him, next to the cane and nods his head slowly. "Melia, I went out to get a cigare..when I heard a certain someone liked those..I do not smoke myself..It was not something my mind told me to do." he chuckles and watches with a gentle smile as the nurse tends to his wounded leg. Deciding to switch subject, before she starts to cry proper he takes a deep breath. "Soo Gemenese..does the Gods speak to you?"

The bandage is placed and very lightly taped in place. Despite he's a big, bad Marine, she's taking as much care with him as she would a child, someone she's afraid of hurting. "Do they speak to me? Not…in the typical sense," she says, blinking the tears back. "I pray. I've always prayed. I talk to the gods in my heart. Sometimes, when I'm truly listening, I find they give me the answers to the questions I have. I hear the answers in my heart. It's…the only way I can describe it is peace. I am never alone. No matter what happens, no matter how many of people are killed, I'm never alone. I always have the gods here." One hand lifts to rest over her heart. Like you know that your fellow Marines will always have your back, will never leave you behind, I know that my gods will never abandon me." Her faith seems to be one of those gently unshakable things. There aren't many times at all anyone has heard her talk like this, and it's the first time L.T. has heard her talk so openly. "There are times when I fall, when I live my life in a way the gods would object to. But they never abandon me. They wait, patiently, for me to come home again."

"Guess me and Ares has more in common then I thought then." Hazzard murmurs as he sits there, watching and listening with a gentle smile on his lips. The glittering of tears in her eyes, makes his reach into one of his pockets and pulls out a handerchief and offers it towards Melia. "Can I tell you a secret, doctor patient privilege.."

She takes the handkerchief with a small smile and gently dabs at her eyes. One might expect her to honk into the cloth, but she doesn't. Seems she learned some delicacy somewhere. The hanky gets tucked into her pocket and she nods, starting to clean up from the procedure. "You can put your pants back on," she tells him, then waits for him to continue.

Hazzard removes the blanket, for a moment revealing the marine/navy issue underware as he leans down to pick up his pants and pull them up. "He spoke to me.." he finaly says as he starts to buckle his belt. The fact that he is a marine and carried a handkerchief, that with closer inspections has the letters N.H stitched into one corner, and the fact that the nurse pocketed it is not something he mentions at this point.

"Ares," she asks quietly, head tilting a little to one side. The old bandage is disposed of and the tools put away as she listens, glancing over at him from time to time, attentive.

"Dont know..The Bobblehead." Hazzard explains as he adjusts his belt before he leans back against the bed he was seated upon, and picks up the cigar to twirl it between his fingers. "I knew the Toasters were coming with reinforcement before they were visible.."

"Some would call that instinct," she says gently, smiling up at him as she comes to stand next to the gurney. "Some would call that Ares speaking to you, guiding you. It's my belief that the instincts we're given are gifts from the gods. Our talents come from them. I know that's not what others believe. Do you think, maybe, you -want- to believe?"

"Your not listening..The Bobblehead spoke." Hazzard murmurs. "Hurry up, more toasters coming in less then ten minutes..That is not instinct.." he lowers his gaze just a little and grits his teeth. "Frak, I would have wanted to believe..I wish I were a believer, so I could share that with you atleast..but I don't, I can't believe in anyone that allowed billions to die..And I can't.." He offers the cigar over towards Melia. "And I'm not trying to buy you here, but as I said, I dont smoke and I bought it with you in mind."

She takes the cigar, smiling a little, but doesn't look away from him. "The ways of the gods are mysteries to us, L.T.," she says quietly, gently. "The gods didn't allow billions to die. They allowed us free will - all of us. The gods guide us, they're there to give us succor when we need. They're like parents who love their children desperately, but know when it's time to let go. To know the hurt of sitting back, watching their children kill each other. The gods guide us. And sometimes, yes, they speak through bobbleheads." The smile gentles a little and she reaches out to touch his hand, gently. "I think the want to believe, for yourself, to have something to hold onto, is there, L.T.," she murmurs. "When you're ready to accept it, when you're ready to let the gods speak to you, to dedicate yourself to Ares, He will be there. He will guide you." Her faith is simple and quiet, unshakable. There are no really fancy words, simply an inborn, ingrained belief.

Hazzard looks at Melia, trying to guage her stance, by looking at her eyes. A gentle smile lingers on his lips as he nods his head slowly. "Perhaps you can take me with you to the service at some point..I'm not saying I'm a believer, but I'm saying I'm willing to try and understand that part of your life."

"If you don't mind worshipping next to Dane," she says with a slightly wider smile. "I'd be happy to take you with me. Have you met Sister Greje or Brother Karan? They're…they're very gentle people." As always, Melia's emotions are written on her face - she's thrilled that he's considering going to services and there's the fondness one would have for a friend. "You don't need to be a believer to go to services, L.T. Before you could run, you had to walk. Before you walked, you had to crawl. Just relax and let things come as they will."

Hazzard grits his teeth and nods his head. "Ran into Lieutenant Karan while in the recovery ward." he explains and fights the urge to reach up and caress the nurse's cheek. "I'm soo barking up the wrong tree am I not?" he says after a moment and chuckles as he picks up his cane. "No I don't mind..It's what friends to right?"

Mellie's smile flickers a little and then she nods, once. "You are," she whispers quietly. "I'm sorry, L.T. I wish it could be different." Then she steps back, out of the way, still holding onto the cigar. "Don't…don't forget to keep the bandage dry."

Hazzard looks at Melia and smiles. "Had you been different, I'm not sure I would have loved you." he whispers and winks an eye and rises up to lean against his cane. "Bandage dry, you got it PO." he says in a somewhat louder voice, for the desk nurse to hear outside the curtain.

Her throat works for a moment and she gives him a small, tender smile. "Take care of yourself, L.T.," she whispers softly, then turns away before he can see her cry.

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