Family Matters
Family Matters
Summary: Ramiro stops in to get his bandage changed, finds Melia.
Date: Early 67 ACH
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Sickbay Genesis - Deck 13
67 ACH 23817 Souls

Sickbay is now quiet once again, spotlessly clean. Mellie's over at her usual post, quietly wrapping bandages. Well, quietly for her. She's humming under her breath.

Ramiro steps in quietly, favoring his stomach as he tries hard to not rip the quick stitching that was done on it. Clearly having a large bandage over his abdomen, he stops near the door. He looks to Melia and heads her way. "Hey there little sister…"

Melia looks over, smile brightening as she sees who it is. "Dane! How are…" Pause, she catches sight of the bandage and promptly loses all color in her face. "Sit," she orders. Bossy little thing. "When was that bandage changed last?"

"Right after I got back…" He says with a soft smile. He looks tired, but he doesn't look hurt too bad. "I took one in the abdomen but my rock hard abs stopped most of it. Don't mind the vest in the way." He says, moving to the bed and carefully lifts himself up onto it. "In all reality, I was lucky today."

She's on her way over to him, stopping to pick up a tray of supplies as she goes. Apparently she's not going to trust someone else's stitching until she -sees- the job.

Ramiro knows how this goes. Carefully, he lifts up his tank tops and sets them aside and stands up straight so that she can see her work. "You want me sitting up or laying down?" He looks over to her. On his chest are three circular bruises over where his sternum, left lung, and his liver would be. The sign that the vest worked for those.

"Sitting up," she says, reaching out to brush her fingers over the bandages. "Too frakking much tape," she grumbles softly, then reaches out to very carefully loosen the edges with her fingernails. She's got this down pat. "How many shots did you take?"

"Four." Dane replies, smirking a little bit. "Almost took another buzz-saw this time but I moved faster than it did." He lets his smirk fade as he props himself up on his hands that are slightly beside him. Careful to not move too much, he looks to her. "How are you?"

Melia humphs softly. "Better than you are, clearly," she murmurs. "The bruises don't look too bad. Colorful, but not horrible." Then the bandage is coming off. She's good enough that she managed to do it without him feeling that tell-tale rip. "Who sewed you up?"

"I can't remember who, I was too busy. Didn't get the name. It was a quick job because I was pretty low on the triage scale, was told to come in later. I had some reports to write." Ramiro replies, looking to Melia. "Think I look bad, you shoulda seen the vest."

She gives him A Look. It's one of those simple ones that says "Don't EVEN." Lips pursed, she reaches out for the sterile scissors. "I'll put a topical on," she says quietly. "Do you want something deeper?"

"What, like a poetic topical?" Ramiro asks, shaking his head. "No, topical's fine I don't want it to get infected. Vest stopped most of it, from what I was told." He watches her do her work. "So how have things been for you, Melia?"

He's given an injection on either side of the wound, top and bottom - two shots total, but they're enough. Once he's had a few seconds to let them take effect, she starts her work. For someone so small, for a medic, she's incredibly gentle as the old stitches come out. "Busy," she says, smiling a little. "But good. I'm keeping out of trouble, for the most part. Other than getting shot, how about for you?"

"I'm fine, really good actually. I feel like I'm exactly where I need to be and I feel like I'm walking the path." Ramiro pauses. "Things have been strange, but in a good way, even sometimes a terrifyingly good way." He pauses. "So, being your brother, I've gotta ask, there any guys around here I gotta shake down?"

Melia chuckles softly at that as she threads her needle. All of the other stitches are out. "Not unless someone forgot to tell me," she says quietly. "L.T. is trying to court me, but he understands the word "no." I've told him I'm not interested. Lance Corporal Meris is going to take me out, get me drunk and get me laid, according to her. I think Ver'Krugen would be the first to volunteer, though L.T. would smash his head in, if I'm not mistaken."

"Well L.T. and I are semi-tight. Let me know if you need me to talk to him allright? You know my style, I'm not overbearing and I wanna see you happy, but if you need help with something I'm here for you." Ramiro replies, looking down as she does her work. "What did you do, take the wrong walk through Marine country? Sounds like alot of marines you know there. Gotta watch out for us, yanno, we're a bunch of dogs."

Her cheeks go a LOVELY shade of pink. "I've been offered a job in the Marines," she tells him as she begins the stitching process. Her stitches are tiny, very neat and precise. "Twice."

Ramiro blinks, thinking for a moment. "You were offered combat medic?" He looks to her, noticing the shade of pink on her cheeks. He gives her a knowing look, deciding it better to not tease her while she's sewing at him. "What were you offered?"

"Well, I'm not sure what Major Desusa was offering, but The Sheriff offered me an MP position," she replies, lips tilting upward a bit. Yep, she's amused. "Not offered combat medic - yet. My skills aren't good enough." Pause. "Yet."

"Well…what do you want?" Dane replies, looking to her face. "Are you content where you're at, or were you offered these jobs because you voiced an interested to get out of sickbay?" He asks, an honest question. Keeping his voice low as she works, he watches her face.

"It was offered after they watched me get beat up by a punching bag," she tells him with an impish smile and pink cheeks. "So I think they were kidding. Eventually, I'd like to do a little hostage negotiation work, perhaps. Or move up in the Navy. I'd like to become an officer, but that's…not likely."

"Why's that not likely, you're good at what you do, besides there's time and you're smart enough to do whatever you want." Ramiro replies, looking back down to her work. "From what I understand, we could use a little hostage negotiation expertise around here, more than one incident and you never know what low morale could do."

She sighs softly, gently. "It's a long road to officer, Dane," she says quietly. "And I don't have the education. I don't have the college degree. And I've got no way to get it now. It's not like I can do college by correspondence." She gets to the last stitch and ties it off carefully. MILITARY precision on that stitching job. Then a bandage, smaller than the first, is carefully applied. "You know the drill."

"Well yeah but it's not like anyone at the moment can go to college. People could probably advance to officers when the need arises and they're replaced with people that can fill the void. What about a husband or kids?" Dane chooses not to shrug to emphasize his point. He holds his breath while the bandage is applied.

"Eventually," she says quietly, a smile tilting her lips upwards. "My biggest secret is that I would love to be a mother. Despite my background. Despite joining the Navy. I've always, always wanted children and wanted a husband. That will come in time, if I live long enough. Right now, though, I'm focusing on my career."

"That's a good outlook." Ramiro replies, nodding to her. "Right now, focus on keeping every one put together, focus on the slowing down stuff later." Ramiro smiles. "Not a bad plan, hey you realize that when we're out of this we're gonna have to live in the same neighborhood for cook outs, right?"

Mellie laughs softly and grins up at him. "And let our sons play Pyramid against each other," she teases, taping the bandage in place and using MUCH less tape - more efficiently. "How about you? Interested in a wife and kids?"

"Eventually, yeah." Ramiro replies. "I mean, to me they're one hundred percent connected. I couldn't imagine having children with a woman that wouldn't marry me, you know? How can you protect the child like that?" He shrugs a little as she finishes. "Hey…I can even coach the youth league team…"

Her eyes crinkle at the corners as she starts tidying up. "Well, yes. One does tend to come before the other," she says, chuckling. But then there's a pause and she leans against the gurney. "What do you think about birth control, Dane?"

Dane looks to her, pausing for a moment as he decides the answer. "Well.." He grabs his shirts, resting for a moment. "It's not our place to decide when we're gifted with children, that is a gift from the Lords, but at the same time I can see where duty and keeping the fleet up is a priority. I think that as long as you accept the responsibility there's nothing immoral about it now. Before all of this, I'd have said that if you're not willing to accept the risks then don't. Period." He blushes. "But then I'd be a hypocrite if I said that nowadays."

She's quiet, mulling that over. "According to the Priestess, birth control is a bit of an abomination in the eyes of Aphrodite," she murmurs. "I've been thinking about the "what ifs." Purely theoretical, of course." Of course. She blushes a little, glancing away. "Just…some things Meris said got me thinking. I don't know how other people can do casual sex. It just seems so alien to me."

"Well, even though I have differences with the practices of the priests and priestesses of Aphrodite, that still didn't stop me from taking a pilgrimage to the temple on the Destiny and accepting xenia from them with an open mind. Granted, I didn't partake in the blessings of Aphrodite, but yes to them it's an abomination." Ramiro replies. "If the Lords seek to bestow me with a child, one will come." He simply says. "I can't really understand the concept either, but remember, we are devout Gemenese. Children are not only the responsbility but the property of their parents. Failing to raise and educate a child property should be punished. It's our way. So…when we choose someone to risk the facts with, we shouldn't do so lightly. That is…if you believe this." Ramiro replies. "It's not fair to the child, nor to the blessing of birth."

Mellie listens and dips her head, though gives him a little grin at the mention of the pilgrimage. "I'm dedicated to Aphrodite," she reminds him quietly. "So it's…difficult for me to consider things. I honestly wouldn't object to a child. I could see the child raised properly, even in this environment. But I don't know. I just…don't."

"I almost said this to someone else I know around here that's pregnant." Ramiro replies. He turns to let his legs dangle over the side of the bed. "Before the new exodus, children were cared for, yes, but there were heretical parts of society that were okay with aborting children, or even neglecting them. People actually starved their children for narcotic habits. There were people that forgot the importance of being humane towards eachother." Ramiro replies. "Perhaps it's my never ending optimism, but I see alot of people around here willing to fight and die for every child. Do you really think that a newborn baby around here is going to be neglected? I know easily ten couples on the Carina who have taken in at least two wayward children and feed the children before themselves. Sure, it's a hard life right now, but we're finally focusing on keeping eachother safe for the better. Nomatter what happens to me, I know my child would be cared for."

"Exactly," Mellie says with a soft, wistful smile. "Of course, it would kill me to give up my child. I would, if it was in the best interests of the child. But to give up my own baby?" She shakes her head, arms wrapping protectively over her stomach. "no."

"I'm sure the Chaplains or the other brothers and sisters of the temple could arrange, if that was the way to go, but even then…" Ramiro trails off, looking to Melia. "…what better a place to teach a newborn child about the sanctity of life and the proper way to treat a fellow human being?"

Melia chuckles softly and dips her head, one hand lightly brushing over her stomach, absently. "Exactly," she says again, nodding. "Do you think you'll stay in the military for awhile?"

"Yeah…I do." Ramiro replies. "I'm considering asking the Chaplains if there is a way to properly request the teachings of Chiron, although there's a long line of tragedy associated with men who have received that teaching." Ramiro pauses. "I'm a warrior. I've seen way too much to tell me that I'm on the right path. I wouldn't retire until the coast is clear."

She nods her head slowly, considering that, eyes going a bit distant. "I want to work toward being an officer, but I don't…I don't know if I want to stay in. I've been thinking about what it would be like to go civilian. Just idly. Right now, I'm in the right place."

"Don't be afraid to meet with Sister Greje or Brother Karan. They're very insighful." Ramiro replies. "There are a lot of things that we tend to overlook that are signs that we are following the right path." Ramiro replies. "For example, why would you become a civilian? What would you achieve through this that the military life cannot offer you?"

"A husband and family," she says with a little smile. "If I were still in the military, well, I'd likely end up with a military husband. I wouldn't want my child to lose both parents. The civilians need doctors, too. Right now, the military has all of the -good- doctors. There aren't many civies left. Military doctors and staff tend to have military as their first priority. yes?"

"True true…" Ramiro replies. "Counter-point? You can marry and have children within the military. It's also sad but true that while the Genesis is the most likely target for attack, it's also the most capable of withstanding attack. You could then, in turn, volunteer while on shore leave at the civilian clinics." Ramiro pauses, he lifts an eyebrow. "You could marry an elisted, that is." He slowly smiles. "Unless of course you have your eyes on an officer, it'd be more tricky. Then again, sooner or later those rules are going to go a little bit more gray I'm sure."

Mellie's eyes crinkle at the corners. "No, I don't have my eye on L.T. as a potential father for my children," she says with a laugh. "Though, a Marine wouldn't be a bad choice, biologically. There's an imperative to choose the best protector and provider. I don't think ANYONE can argue that Marines don't fit that." A pause. "Better than, say, pilots."

"L.T's a Sergeant, not an officer." Ramiro replies, giving her a strange smile as if he's assuming something that he probably shouldn't. "But if there were an officer in the Marines you had interest in. I'm pretty sure I'd approve. It's the enlisted that I worry about." Ramiro says vaguely, looking to the floor. "I guess it really depends on the pilot. Marines are a little bit of a pain too. Right behind pilots, we probably have the second lowest life expectancy. That's only because we get combat medics. But we're big and strong."

"He's a sergeant, therefore, enlisted and eligible," Mellie says with a wry little smile. "He actually saved me from PFC Ver'Krugen. I swear, if that man hit on me any harder, I'd have bruises." She pauses and glances down. "Actually, I think I DID have bruises after that one. I had to order him away from me and to the punching bag." She grins, though. "Very sweet, but that boy needs…something." She looks up at him, head tilted to the side a bit. "Yeah, you're right. I should probably stick with Navy or civvies. No pilots. Pilots are a little…too emotional for me."

"Well don't me wrong, Marines are the way too go. You Naval folk don't know how to rough it like we do." Ramiro smiles, marine jarhead pride coming out. He gives a soft little chuckle. "Hey…" He says, lowering the tone of his voice. "…I know it's not my place and you're an adult just like me, but you're also my blood, my sister now, right?" Ramiro replies. "You let me know if they make you uncomfortable. They hang themselves by their own nooses enough from time to time that I can slip in a conversation about how to treat a lady that doesn't implicate you. You're my sister. Not some floozy trying to sell her eggs to the highest bidder to try and secure better rations."

Melia shudders delicately at that mental image, hugging herself a little more tightly. "There but for the grace of the gods go I," she says quietly. "Just that thought absolutely terrifies me." Given the way her color fades - yes, it does. "I've been able to take care of myself so far. They've been good about understanding the word no." She seems sincere about that, and naive as hell. "And if they try anything, well, my knees work and I know ways to cause pain like they couldn't imagine." Maybe her brothers DID teach her well? "Even after being in for a couple years, I'm still not quite used to the…the openness, I guess."

Ramiro slowly, carefully rolls his tank tops back on and slides off of the bed. Looking around, he gives Melia a warm hug and kisses the top of her head. Squeezing her softly, careful of his bandages, he pulls back. Holding her upper arms lightly, he smiles down to her. "Marines and pilots don't have time for flowery language and figuring stuff out. L.T.'s a good guy. He's SST like me. Not too keen on the Sacred Scrolls and scripture, but if he's willing to go to a chapel service with you and not do it just for you, or any man is for that matter, they're good in my book. Just please don't be afraid to keep me informed allright?"

For a moment, Mellie just curls against him. He's offering something she misses, badly, and has missed since she left home. "I don't need flowers," she whispers quietly. "Or flowery language. I just want a man who's ok with me taking care of him, who'll let me be who I am. I want someone I can share with and fuss over, just a little bit." She grins and leans up to kiss his cheek. "I'll keep you informed if anything major happens, I promise. Hell, when the time comes, you'll likely be the one walking me down the chapel aisle. Speaking of, I'll meet you next week for services? We can have lunch afterward.

"Let's do that. I want to have coffee with the Chaplains at some point too to bless our family merging." Ramiro smiles. "Hey, and you never know, maybe someday you'll be there to stand in for my family if I ever get married." He grins. "You'll find him, Mellie. I know you will. Have faith that you will. I'll keep an eye on Ver'Krugen and don't go anywhere alone with him. Marines talk in the bunks, I'll be listening." He smiles. "I have MOUT training after sleep, which I've been ordered to, so I have to go. Sleep tight when you do, sis. If you want to get some breakfast in the morning, I'll be down that way." He gives her one more hug, and then turns to leave. "Oh…and thanks for the stitches and the bandages. I feel much better now." He beams and then leans out the door, looking both ways, and then heads towards the aft of the ship.

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