Family Reunion
Family Reunion
Summary: The twins reunite after Lily's release from Sickbay.
Date: 1 BCH
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You head towards Medical Bay.
Medical Bay Support Station PAS - Deck 2
1 BCH 2235 Souls

Rather than the normal sickbay found on most Colonial ships, the stations medical facility is more reminiscent of a full hospital. The front area is a cool blue color with several on duty staff here organizing patients and logistics of medical supplies. Areas branch off into full wards including, surgical, emergency treatment, quarantine, and others. The facility is quite advanced and while still quite new, can be said to still be having work done to make final adjustments to get everything working.

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"Yes, well, my job is to get you as close to original as possible," Reighner says easily. "Let me know if you change your mind." He picks up the folder and smiles. "Have a good day, lieutenant. Say hello to Captain Zimmerman for me." He and Lily are standing at the reception area.

Lily's smile shows her small teeth. "I will. And thanks. Captain…?" Infernal uniforms don't have name tags. Who had THAT bright design idea?

Reighner nods. "Captain Reighner. You can call me Matt."

Nigel bursts into the reception area, his long arms fussing with the door while his legs continue to hurry forward. Not the most graceful of entrances, but by the wild look on his face, he's not attempting to impress anybody. Without a glance around the lobby or the people inside it, he hustles towards the reception desk, slapping his hands onto the surface as he catches his breath. To a startled nurse, he breathes, in all caps, "LILY STEPHANOS, PLEASE."

Lily smiles, about to reply to Reighner when the human bullhorn bursts into the place. She nearly jumps, completely forgetting to salute the superior officer as she turns away, searching for the source of the voice. And upon seeing it her mouth opens slightly, shocked into complete silence.

The ensign at the desk is speechless, and he just points to Lily, over Nigel's shoulder.
Reighner lifts his eyebrows. "Interesting."

Lily's desc:
A woman in her mid-twenties, standing out in neither height nor weight. She has a tomboyish figure, not much of anything to stare at. Straight hair is a light reddish-blonde that falls to mid-back, most often pulled back in a ponytail or a twist. She has a short nose and a smile that she isn't afraid to show, and her light green eyes are sharply intelligent but have a playfulness about them that never quite seems to go away. Her left hand and the left side of her neck bear some deep, ugly burn scarring that's only recently healed. The damage spreads all the way up to her left ear, the lobe of which is almost gone.

Lily is dressed in Colonial Fleet fatigues. The olive green shirt is tucked into matching trousers, with a subdued black web belt around the waist. The trousers are in turn bloused into black combat boots. A softer, lighter green fabric decorates the shoulders of the shirt, and the buttons up the center are hidden by a flap. Black quick clips, rather than buttons, secure two large pockets on the front of the shirt. On her left sleeve is the black, gold and white Genesis patch. The pins on her collars show a rank of Lieutenant Jg.

Nigel blinks twice at the ensign, his red brows descending into an expression that says 'I will punch you if you are screwing with me.' With a measured slowness, the young man swivels on his heel and stares at the space before him, his jaw dropping as his eyes settle on Lily. "Shit," is his first word to his sister as he closes the distance between them and carefully wraps his lanky arms around her, mindful of her neck and ear. "What the frak. What the bloody frak." His voice is choked, and tears stand in his eyes.

Lily is shorter than the man that's suddenly hugging her, and her hair is lighter, but there's no mistaking the resemblance between them. She's still so shocked she can't even speak for a moment or two, and then all the words come rushing out. "Oh my gods, Nigel! What are you -doing- here? I thought you were on the Pacifica! What did you do, invent the personal FTL drive?"

Reighner smiles. He pats Lily on the shoulder as he passes by the two. "Take care." He drops the folder off at the nurse's desk, picks up another chart, and disappears through the back.

Reighner has left.

Nigel steps back, hands firmly on her shoulders as he gets another look at her. A frown is leveled at the burn on her neck and ear, and he takes a moment to stall a response, checking over the rest of her body carefully. He stares at her bandaged hand for far too long, then finally lifts his gaze to the eyes so like his own. "I got transferred." He explains no further, but the pin on his fatigues speaks volumes. He is no longer a Specialist.

Lily combs a few strands of hair out from behind her ruined ear, covering it. She doesn't even realise she's doing it, and she presses her hand over her mouth as she just stares at him. "Transferred…to the PAS? To the Genesis? They didn't even tell me! Or I would have…" She lets her hand drop and just gives a soft laugh, ended in a light sniffle as she blinks. "I can't believe you're here…I…" She's just stunned. She holds up her left hand a little and tries to grin. "Don't look all worried like that. It'll heal before the charity wank-a-thon."

"Gross," Nigel mumbles, letting his own hands drop from her shoulders. "I tried to get in contact with you, but the damn ship is on lockdown. I couldn't get a message out. When I heard about the Pandora, I went frakking ballistic. I'm surprised they didn't cart me off to the psych ward." He scratches at the side of his jaw. "What happened? All they told me was that you were all right. They didn't even frakking mention your burns." He casts a scowl in the direction of the ensign who pointed at Lily earlier, as if it's his fault.

Lily blinks slowly. "The ship is on…" She doesn't finish it, deciding mis-sentence that she just doesn't care right now. She glances at her hand and wrinkles her nose. "We were trying to get to the hangar bay to get off the Pandora and we got trapped in this corridor…the door was stuck. I had to hack it. Something on the other side blew up, I don't know…I don't remember a lot after that." She looks back at him, noting the glaring, and reaches up to grab his chin and turn it back towards her. "I'm fine. See?"

Nigel's face is jostled back to Lily's, and his glare fades into a fond expression, tinged with worry. "Yeah, but they could've said something. I just figured you were in here for standard physical stuff, I wasn't expecting all this." He gestures at her hand, then her face. "So… wait. Are you saying you're a hero?" He backtracks to her story, brows arching expressively.

"If I hadn't, I'd be dead too. That's not 'hero', that's wanting to not be dead." Lily wrinkles her little nose. "I don't want to talk about the Pandora, though. How long have you -been- here? I mean, what…" She gestures helplessly at his insignia. 'What did you do?' is the unspoken question there, but she never says it like that out loud.

Nigel glances away from Lily, turning his head down and to the side to stare at the colorless tile on the floor. "I messed up, Lil. There was whiskey, I knew I shouldn't drink it, but I did anyway. I roughed up another specialist - he was really frakking with me. I had to shut him up." He looks up at her, his gaze pleading. "It worked, I guess. I broke his jaw and they had to wire his mouth shut." Despite the sad attempt at humor, he doesn't grin.

Lily chews on the inside of her lip, then shakes her head. Had their mother made the same gesture it would have been one of passive-aggressive disappointment, but when Lily does it it's somehow not. "Well," she ventures. "If you hadn't…you wouldn't be here. I wouldn't get to see you. So. Frak 'im. Maybe the gods meant for someone to finally shut him up."

Nigel's jaw tightens as Lily gives him that look, and at her words it looks like he might burst into tears. He does not, having met his sensitivity quota for the day. "That's what I figure. And it's not like I was knocked back down to recruit or anything. I hated the Pacifica anyway. It'll be better here, with you… and Captain Zimmermann, the Chief Engineer? She's actually not a frakking slave driver." He finally smiles again. Everything is going to be JUST FINE. He's fixed, see?!

"She's not?" Lily phews, audibly, then perks. "Think she'll let me keep my own computer in my bunk? Oh, I had so much stuff on my old one and now it's all gone. I'm so mad! They made me just lie there in a stupid bed with nothing to do. They wouldn't even give me a handheld. Even after I took that heart machine apart. I probably shouldn't have done that…but you'd think they'd get the message. Ugh, I hate doctors." She tugs on his lapel. "Did you bring all your art stuff?"

Nigel runs a hand through his short hair, grinning impishly as his sister rattles on. "Yeah, I bet she'll let you. She said something about hating Navy-issued automotons. She's all about the work, so I figure if you're not using your computer to blow shit up in her department, you're golden. And yeah, doctors can kiss my ass." He says that rather loudly, and more than a couple people turn to look for the source of the insult. "I brought my art stuff, yeah. Been drawing a little."

"Be nice." Lily admonishes the man in front of her that shares her exact eye colour and some of the planes of her face. She pokes his shoulder with her good right hand. "There's a lot of places they can stick a needle when you're not looking." The LTJG stands with Nigel somewhere in this reception area, talking. Discharge papers and a bottle of pills of some sort are tucked into the front pocket of her fatigues. "And I'm not going to blow anything up. Waste of good machines to take apart if you blow them up. You were supposed to teach me how to draw, you know. You owe me."

Reed comes into Medical. wincing and pressing the bandage on his temple. He stops, carefully, removing his fingers from the bandage, which decides to fall halfway off, and Reed grits his teeth, pushing the bandage back into place, continuing in to the front desk. He looks to the Nurse on duty who looks up, "Oh, Major, how-" Reed releases his bandage which falls back halfway down revealing spark burn pattern and he points at it. "Need a new bandage." He says. The nurse smiles, nodding, "Yessir." She rises, "Any more problems with your burn?" Reed sighs, "No, just an uncooperative bandage." The Nurse nods, "would you care to come to the back?" Reed sighs, "If it's not necessary, I'd rather just get another bandage." The Nurse smirks, "If you'll wait?" Reed nods, pushing the bandage back up, and holds it there.

Nigel smirks at the woman in front of him, the movement of his shoulder exaggerated as she prods him. "They can stick a needle in it after they've kissed it," he counters, glancing askance as Reed enters. Green eyes flick over the man quickly, then turn back onto Lily. "I'll teach you to draw if you teach me how to download free porn that doesn't frak my entire system up." He's always been a clicker of the popups, even though the rest of his computer skills are pretty good.

"Sorry, that's a female secret only," Lily's small teeth show as she smiles. "We can't show guys that kind of thing, come on. We'd never get any use out of you ever again if we did." Bing, her Brasswatch (tm) goes off as Reed passes by as someone goes 'Major', her shoulders unconsciously straightening.

Reed turns, looking at the pair talking in the reception area. He takes a slow blink and continues watching them as a male nurse wearing gloves with a fresh bandage comes out, "Major Carter, sir." The man salutes, which Reed returns absently. The male nurse says, "I understand you need your bandage changed." Reed removes his fingers from the bandage and it falls halfway down. The male nurse nods, "I see, sir. Any other problems with your injury?" Reed leans to the male nurse and says "Let me check." He approaches Lily, nodding in return to her, "LT JG." He replies, looking between her and the man she's talking with. "Are you two related?"

Nigel makes a face at Lily, looking mildly affronted. "Fine, fine. I'll still give you a lesson in advanced stick figures, since I'm such a nice guy." He gives her a grin, watching her straighten up. Turning his face to glance Reed's way again, he follows suit when things click into place. He lets his sister answer the question, however.

Oh, there's a Major coming over…and he's talking! A brief 'Crap, what'd I do?' expression flickers over Lily's face, as she folds bandaged and non-bandaged hand together at the small of her back. "Yes, sir, he's my twin brother."

Reed looks at Lily and nods, "Twin siblings." He nods, latching onto this, "Excellent. Excellent." He turns to look at the Nurse, "I am not, in fact, hallucinating. So I've been having no problems with my burn other than this bandage." The Nurse smirks, "Aye sir. Good to hear it. Could I ask you to sit, please?" Reed turns back to the twins, "Excuse me a moment." He moves over to a chair and sits, letting the nurse get to work changing the guard on Reeds temple.

Nigel glances between Reed and Lily, then at the nurse, then back to Lily again, giving his sister a grin. "Lieutenant JG," he says, his voice quieter now, though still audible to those in their immediate vicinity. "That's new." One might think he would've noticed it when he was looking her over so carefully earlier.

Lily tilts her head at Reed's departure, smiling at the Major's back. Then she rubs her nose and looks back at Nigel, looking embarassed for a second. "They stuck Jig pins on me while I was unconscious. Pretty dirty if you ask me. I bet they still won't let me play with the good stuff. Probably one of those battlestars where I have to suck up to the Marines again just to be able to show them I can rig their security better than they can." She pffts, making a puff of air that disturbs a few strands of hair. Then suddenly she glances back Reed's way. Then Nigel's. "Did they say Major? Do you think that's Major Carter?"

The operation takes little time and Reed rises, nodding to the nurse. "Thank you. Have the bandage Court Marshalled." The Nurse rolls his eyes, but only behind Reeds back, snapping off the gloves around the old bandage, "Aye, sir." He says, moving to the back as Reed returns towards the twins. "That's better." He says, looking between the two, "Major Carter, PAS CO." He makes the basic introduction of himself confirming Lilys worst fears. He seems apparently interested in the pair of Navy twins, Crewman and LTJG. That's something worth note, family serving in the same project.

"Yeah, it—" Nigel is answering as Reed makes his way back to the pair and, indeed, confirms Lily's hunch. He turns to Reed, offering up a salute. "Crewman Nigel Stephanos, sir," he returns the introduction.

Lily takes a breath, almost dancing from foot to foot on her toes as Nigel makes his introduction. Excitable thing when she's on to something. "The FTL jump!" She blurts out, instead of giving her name. "It was you, they showed us the vid."

Reed returns the salute, lowering the hand to offer to Nigel to shake, "Crewman." He greets with a smile, and looks to Lily as she blurts, and smirks, "Ahh, yes, you saw the vid. Pity you missed the actual event, it was worth it." He watches her dancing about, and looks back to Nigel, smiling a little amused.

Nigel's expression is fond as Lily begins bouncing around, tinged with a bit of brotherly worry. "Lil, geez, have you been cleared for hopping?" He nudges her shoulder, giving Reed a slight grin, looking the man over up and down after returning the handshake.

"Well, you should have told them that you were going to make an FTL jump with the largest structure ever tried in the history of man," Lily tells Reed in an admonishing tone. "Because you know, sir, they don't let you just walk out of your little holding pen in Sickbay when they think it's just an overblown cocktail party." She grrs. Really, she does make that sound. "I missed the biggest engineering event this side of the millenium, I couldn't believe it! And then they brought us back over here to -sit some more-. It was such a tease. I swear I could still smell the lingering FTL vapor in the air. Damn it." She whacks Nigel in the shoulder for good measure, because he's there and he's her brother. Then she gestures to Reed's temple. "Oh, you got hurt."

Reed blinks, staring at Lily as she sort of bubbles over like a pot of milk. He blinks, and starts out of his staring, "Uh, yes, Weapons wiring was not rated for an FTL jump, minor fires and a console exploded-SO, what department are the two of you in?" He looks between the pair of them, possibly wanting to know where to send the tranq darts.

Nigel sucks his lips through his teeth, watching his overly-enthused twin admonish the major. He's trying, it would seem, not to laugh. He succeeds, in that he doesn't actually make a laughing sound, but his eyes dance and his cheeks redden. At the whack to his shoulder, his mouth opens in a "HEY." Rubbing at the spot, he answers Reed. "Engineering, sir. I was transferred from the Pacifica, and Lily here," he jabs his thumb at her, "materialized during a coffee machine malfunction while I was standing nearby. Exposed wires and a coffee spill resulted in a burst of raw, unbridled energy that synchronized with the nearest source of DNA." So they're both a little strange.

Lily is trying to calm down, really she is. She resorts to chewing on a thumbnail to hush herself up, at least until Nigel says -that- and she crinkles her nose. "Engineering too, sir. Computer systems and security. I was…" She clears her throat. "…on the Pandora."

Reed looks to Nigel and nods, "Ah, I see, one of Captain Zimmermans snipes." He nods, finding some firm ground there. He looks to Lily, and pauses, "I see. There were a lot of good people lost on the Pandora. I'm sorry." He then asks, "So are your release orders to join the Genesis Engineering department then?"

Shifting his gaze from Reed to Lily, Nigel grins goofily at his sister while he waits for her to respond to the major's question. His expression is unmistakeable: he is grateful that she is here, regardless of the circumstances surrounding her reassignment.

The explanation of Lily's previous posting explains her wrapped hand, and the disfiguring burn on her left ear and side of her neck. She absently dislodges a little hair from behind that ear, partially hiding it as she smiles. "Yes, sir. It'll be nice to get back to work. I've never really gotten to see the systems on ship that class, just code snippets from the mainframe security systems from the older models. No offense to the great Colonial Navy, but if things still look like that? I've got a -lot- of work to do." She glances at Nigel. "Speaking of which, we should head over soon. I don't want to be late."

Reed nods to Lily, "Quite right. I won't keep you two, you have some settling in to do." He tells Lily, then he turns to Nigel, "Congratulations," He tells the crewman directly, then looks to Lily, "Both of you." He says looking between them, "You've gone through hard situations, but have come through it with each other. That's worth quite a bit. I suggest you enjoy your good fortune. If you'll both excuse me, I'll not keep you any longer." He says, backing from them.

Nigel glances away at the offer of congratulations - if Reed only knew the reason he was transferred. "Thank you, sir," he says nonetheless, before lifting his head to nod at Lily. "All right, c'mon. We'll get a shuttle and I'll show you where the big beeping things are, LTJG."

Lily smiles at Reed. "Congratulations on the jump, sir. You went through a hard situation and came through it with a big frak-off station. That's pretty damn cool." She's ready to follow Nigel then, giving Reed a quick salute before she starts heading after her brother. "You know, they didn't even give me a lollipop…"

"Because you're fat," Nigel quips to his skinny sister as they move through the exit.

Lily kicks the back of Nigel's leg!

Reed returns the salute casually, turning and moving out. He didn't get a lollipop either, hmm.

Reed leaves for Passageway [O].

Lily leaves for Passageway [O].

You head towards Passageway.

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