Old Dog
Sam Elliot
Sam Elliot as Victor Farkas
Name: Victor Farkas
Callsign: {$callsign}
AKA: GranPa
Age: 57
Branch: Military
Faction: Marine
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Marine Detachment
Position: Unclear
Rank: Sergeant
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Sagittaron
Actor: Sam Elliot

Brief History

First Cylon War

Master Sergeant Victor Farkas has a career dating back to the last year of the first Cylon war.
As a young teen, at the age of 16, Victor Farkas cheated on the entry forms and enlisted in the Marines to fight the Cylons in the first war.
He recieved his first military award during his brief encounters with the Cylons, due to the injuries he recieved during the boarding of Battlestar Deusus.

Inter-War Period

During the time of the Colonial Conflicts, Infantryman Farkas remained within the Marines, serving in the many skirmishes upon and around Sagittarion.

35 Years BCH
For heroic actions during Operation Widow Maker, Specialist Farkas earned himself a promotion to the rank of Lance Corporal.

33 Years BCH
Corporal Farkas, meets Estella Richter Captain aboard a freigh trader, and later that year marries her and moved to Caprica. Thus ending Corporal Farkas first enlistment in the Military.

30 Years BCH
Victor Farkas, leaves his wife and son (Daniel) on Caprica and returns to the Armed forces. This time he joins the Caprican Marine Department, as a specialist to handle Sagittarion terrorist activities in the region. Victor Farkas is due to his previous expertice granted the rank of Corporal.

6 Years BCH
Gunnery Sergeant Farkas is aboard the Battlestar Valkyrie, under the command of Commander Adama, serving in the Military Police aboard the ship.
Upon return after a mission behind the Arm's Line, Gunnery Sergeant Farkas is relocated to Battlestar Galactica.

1 Month BCH
Now Master Sergeant Farkas is given orders to leave the Galactica and relocate to Caprica for further orders.

18 days BCH
After the Pandora incident, now Master Sergeant Farkas, is transfered to the Genesis to take up the title of Master at Arms.

During the Second War

Master Sergeant Farkas, injures and puts Ensign Micah St Germain aka Crow in the brig for attacking a Marine in the firing range.

Master Sergeant Farkas is thrown in the brig, on the accounts of Sedition, Disobediance, resisting arrest after a meeting with the JAG officers onboard the Genesis.

Viktor Farkas is released from the brig, given 30 days of house arrest, demoted 3 ranks back down to Sergeant.


  • Scaring Marines 5/5
  • Being blunt and gruff 5/5
  • Lady Killer 1/5
  • Busting Marines 4/5

  • I'm to frak'ing old for this.
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