Father Figure
Father Figure
Summary: After Rhea's son, Reece, is finally told about Rhea and Reed's relationship, Zaharis helps pick up some pieces.
Date: 77 ACH
Related Logs: Happens directly after Pyramid Event

OOC Note: Reece is played by Rhea.

CMO's Quarters Genesis - Deck 13
77 ACH 23817 Souls

The quarters of the Chief Medical Officer are a spacious area, with large inset bookshelves holding Medical Texts, Biological works, and papers on advanced surgical procedures. A table surrounded by chairs is in the main section of the room, ashtrays on the table rest beside a few open books. A small personal head is located off the main room through a doorway. A rack and bed is set into a wall, neatly made. In the rear of the quarters is a desk with a locked file cabinet behind it and chairs placed in front of the desk, while behind it is a nice chair with lower back support. A computer terminal is on the desk with a number of security protocols on it to prevent unauthorized access.

Guest quarters is right next door, though Zaharis has decided to let the spawn run amok in the swankier ones assigned to him instead. He swipes his keycard and lets the kid in through the hatch, stepping in stiffly after him. "Not as cool as yours, I know." He smirks. "But make yourself at home."

Reece slouches into the quarters, taking a long look around. Going over to Zaharis' bookshelves, eyeing the texts, then looking over the stuff on the tables. The curiosity seems natural. He's not looking for anything specific. He hasn't said much during the transit back to the Genesis. "They look like Mom's. Only with less tech stuff. Why'd you guys get your own rooms, anyway?"

Zaharis moves over towards his big chair, on which he's arranged pillows to make the most of distributing pressure the way he needs it. He sits down carefully, pained tension in his face relaxing a little bit. He lets his head rest back and glances around the room. "Well. We've got a lot of work to do. Nice to have a quiet place to think, perk of the job. Haven't seen your mom's yet. Sort of imagine she's got cables hanging from the walls and circuitboards for pillows."

"Nah, it's not that interesting," Reece replies. He picks up a random surgical book, leaning against the table as he flips through it. Flipping without paying much attention to what he's looking at. Then he looks up at Zaharis. "You…okay?" What with all the burns and all.

"Yeah, I'll be okay." Zaharis nods, glancing at the book Reece picked up. He continues to talk, keeping it casual for now. "Your mom said you might be interested in taking a first aid class over on the Carina."

Reece eyes Zaharis a moment longer before looking back down at the book. Flipping some more. He shrugs. "Yeah. I guess. I mean, it'd be useful. Stuff happens, y'know?" He does not elaborate on what 'stuff' he means. "Maybe if I knew what to do…it might come in handy, I guess."

"Sure might." Zaharis stretches his legs out, working off his shoes with his feet. Bending's not an option. "Doesn't take an M.D. to help people sometimes. Just quick thinking and knowing what to do on the spot." He pauses a beat. "And yeah…stuff does happen, doesn't it."

"Yeah, it does," Reece agrees in a low tone. Flip, flip, flip. Random surgical drawings. Flip.

Zaharis lets Reece have some silence to flip through the book. Shoes off, he nudges them under his chair with his heel. "So what's up, Reece?" He asks, in a quieter voice. He doesn't often use the boy's actual name.

Reece's eyes lift from the random flipping when his name is used. It's unusual enough that it gets his attention. He shrugs. "Nothing." Zaharis is /eyed/ some more. In a 'Like /you/ don't know' sort of way.

"Nothing?" Zaharis gives Reece a slight smile. It's not a 'this is funny' expression. "Come on. Your mom's not here." He pauses, then adds, "Reed's not here, either. It's just you and me."

Reece frowns at that. Toying with a page, though he doesn't even bother to flip it this time. He shrugs. "Major Carter's a fraktward, anyway." Reed's lost his first-name privileges, apparently. Though the exciting new names he's gained will more than make up for it. "So, what? He's, like, her /boyfriend/ now?" More than a little anger there. Also, ewww. It is his mom. Nobody wants to think about that.

Zaharis has always left the soapy mouthwashing to the parental units. The swearing doesn't look like it even registers on his radar. "Ah…yeah, that's what I guess you could call him." 'Boyfriend', such a prom date term to be using with a man who's nearly 40. "They are in a relationship."

Reece's eyebrows go slowly up. 'In a relationship,' 'boyfriend,' whatever. It's all pretty bizarre. He does some more shrugging. "Yeah. Whatever. I don't want to /call/ him anything. But it doesn't have anything to do with me, does it? So I guess it doesn't matter." He rather brats.

"Nope, you can call him Major Carter or whatever you want." Zaharis shrugs one shoulder. The unburnt one. "It does have to do with you, Reece. As much as I know you'd rather it not. You and your mom are family." He exhales quietly through his nose. "It must piss you off a bit, finding all this out."

"I guess," Reece mutters, as to the being pissed off part. He puts the book down, crossing his arms across his chest. Looking away from Zaharis, down at the carpet. "I just…I don't get it. Why does she have to be…whatever, with anybody? Dad's only been…" He trails off. "So, what? You die and you just get replaced, like that?"

Zaharis shakes his head. "No. It's not about replacing anyone. Your dad's never going to be replaced. She misses him, Reece. She misses him a hell of a lot. Reed's not about your dad, or any place your dad had for your mom. It's…that your mom is still alive. She's trying to keep living, with all her feelings and what she needs. And…she's found someone that makes her happy. Not that he takes your dad's place, but that he makes her happy. That's all."

"He's a fraktard." Apropos of nothing. Reece seems to consider it an excellent point, though. "And he's /definitely/ not replacing Dad." This seems an important point for him to establish. He so does not even touch the part about his mother's feelings and needs. Seriously. Gross, dude. "I just…" He shrugs. "I wish things were like they used to be. But that's stupid, right? I mean…they're not. Stuff happens."

Zaharis doesn't bother trying to defend Reed at this point. He scratches his thumb at the top of his shoulder, over the burn itching away under the tan pressure garment he wears. "It's not stupid. Stuff does happen, but…you know, I think a lot too about how much I wish things were like they used to be. So does your mom. So does the Commander of this ship. We can't change things, but it doesn't mean we don't feel sad. Or that we don't feel cheated."

Reece looks up, eyes shifting over to Zaharis at that. "Yeah…I think about it a lot…" He's quiet a beat. Not really knowing what else to say on that. "So…you and Mom are okay now, right? I mean, you're not trapped in Sickbay anymore."

Zaharis smiles a little. "We're going to be fine. Know your mom's still in some pain…that takes a while to heal up, what happened to her. She needs people to be there for her…" He draws in a breath. "Whether she has Reed around her or not, Reece, the other person whose place he's never going to take? Is yours."

"Yeah. Okay. I get it." Reece tries to say it with a shrug, but it's apparent something in that penetrated his preteen brain. He's going to take awhile to chew on it. So he changes the subject. "You got all your games in here? I still haven't beaten your high score on the handheld you gave me." Not that his quest to defeat it will end.

"Still?" Zaharis grins slightly. "You'll be old and gray before you beat that." He lifts his chin towards his desk. "I've got a couple more loaded on my computer over there. What kind of games do you like these days?"

Reece shrugs. "Anything's good. Not like there's a ton of new stuff coming out. I got a couple RPGs that're pretty cool. At least they kind of have stories that're interesting, and you can do puzzles and stuff. And I'll take you down eventually, old man." He cracks a faint, crooked grin.

"Keep trying, grasshopper," Zaharis smirks at the boy. The young, nasty scarring on his face makes the expression look different than it used to. He glances back at his laptop. "Actually got a couple RPGs. You want me to make some copies for you? Not like anyone's going to sue me for infringing copyright law anymore."

"Yeah. Cool." Reece is always eager to pilfer more games. His eyes flick to the scarring on Zaharis' face. He doesn't seem put off by it, though it brings that rather somber look back to his eyes. Stuff happens. "Thanks, Doc."

Zaharis just nods. No more deep sentiments from him for now; kid's got enough to mull over. "Tell you what, come take our next first aid class over at the clinic, and I'll call it evens. It'd make me feel better, and that's worth a lot to me right now. Deal?"

"Deal," Reece says simply. "Whatever I can do, Doc." He seems to mean that.

"Awesome." Zaharis smiles. "I'll see you there, then." He taps his hands against the arms of the chair, as if starting mental preparation to get up. One of these days. "Feel okay to head back down to your mom's? Think I'm going to catch some rest. Us old folk need our naps."

"Yeah, I guess I should," Reece says. Perhaps a little abashed about his earlier sulking. Perhaps. He doesn't exactly apologize for it. "Later, Doc. Take care of yourself, okay?" And off he goes, leaving the CMO to creak as his old bones will.

"You take care of yourself, too." Zaharis turns his chair with his foot, watching the hatch till it closes. He presses a few buttons on his watch, setting his alarm for an hour before his next excruciating PT session, and rests his head back. Yeah, screw getting up.

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