Fights and Misunderstandings
Fights and Misunderstandings
Summary: The 1st half of Pilot Fight Night and a relationship rescue.
Date: 58-59 ACH
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((OOC Note: If I missed anybody from the scene, I'm sorry! There were a lot of people there!))

Battlestar Genesis, Deck 9, Gymnasium, 58 ACH

Workout areas are abundant here along with benches and water dispensers. Running machines, rowing machines and lifting. There is a place for sparring with lockers that hold the equipment. Off this area, there is an athletics court and a pool.

There's a good bit of noise and activity in the Genesis Gym this evening. The commotion it appears is centered around the sparring ring. Those gathered are in large part members of the Air Wing, here for something that will likely go down as Pilot Fight Night. A few others are no doubt watching from the sidelines to see the Viper Jocks and Raptor Crews duking it out. It's a strategic form of bonding, really. The family that beats each other up in the ring and gets out their pent up frustrations is less likely to… oh, who are we kidding. The whole Air Wing (particularly those in Gold) are about one match away from a good explosion of fists most days of the week. At least in the ring there are some rules to keep them from sending one another to the Infirmary.

Eli ducks into the gym, because s/he usually does that all dressed in sweats and not carrying Betty for once as she runs her fingers through her hair and slows to a stop as she just STARES at the abundance of people who fly. It is like… a hoard of violent fairies. MILITARY fairies. And she just stares a little longer and edges towards the area where the weights are, keeping her head DOWN.

"That was a good hook there… he'll have a bruise for a week," Rue comments from the sidelines, dressed up in her sweats and manning a little stand of bottled waters and towels.

Micah prowls on into the gym, dressed in the regulation t-shirt, tank top and sweats that most everyone else is sporting. Looks like he's here for the airy fairy party, as he angles toward the mats and the fight already in progress.

Present in the gym, Warwick looks around at the others for a few moments, shaking his head a little bit. Keeping silent for now.

Despite the fact that Jammer did a fine job of frakking up her hand a few days ago, she's still in here amongst the combatants, taping up with extra care. She's dressed in the usual dual undershirts and her fatigue trousers along with boots; this is no time for sweats and sneaks, yo.

"Alright… the ring is empty, who is going next?" Rue calls out, pushing to her feet and looking over the heads of the gathered pilots. "St. Germain!"

Orion wanders in with tape around his wrists. It looks… well, Orion's really not the big and brooding type. Leaner and a scrappier is a better way to put it. He doesn't look like a big threat out here, but he doesn't look like a liability.

Dynames has drifted in on scuttle that the pilots were congealing in the gym, tonight. Curious more than knucklelusty, she's nonetheless clad in her sweats in case it comes down to her embarassing herself, again. She hmmmm's and notes the crowd having a high Gold content and drifts in amongst the throng. Maybe she should go grab her swimsuit and play ring girl, she likes her face as-is.

Oh, frak. He's been spotted. So much for lurking and watching. 'Me?' mouths Micah, pointing at himself when Rue barks out his name.

Warwick considers for a few moments, "I'll go…" he offers as he hears Rue's call. Looking around for a few moments.

"Alright. Looks like we have Jailhouse and Hound for our next match," Rue calls, before settling back down into her seat. "Remember the rules. No hits below the belt or above the neck. Blood hits the mat, the match is over."

To say that Jocasta isn't terribly surprised when Micah gets tapped for the first round — in fact, she appears pleased, especially when his opponent steps up. This should make for an entertaining time as a spectator.

Kalypso is in the crowd, still the new girl on the block when it comes to this varied group of pilots. She's here to watch, mainly, and enjoy the spectacle. Of course, seeing Orion in the crowd, the woman can't help but slip her way through the group to fall at his side. "So, Flask, how's the date-finding mission going? Got Cornbread any good prospects yet?" she asks, looking towards the ring as Jailhouse and Hound are tapped.

Addie returns from a brief bit of duty. She wears her sweats, but the firearm is for once left locked up properly. She carries a bottle of water in hand, and a towel over her shoulder. She happens to draw up next to Kalypso as she asks this bizarre question of Flask. Pause. She just stands there then, eyes on the ring. Oh, yes. And listening.

Micah runs his tongue along his lower lip, wetting it as Rue explains the rules. Well, if that's the way it's going to be, he's sure as hades not going to back down from a fight. He begins shouldering his way through the people hemming the edge of the 'ring', eyes seeking Hound for a slow assessment of his opponent.

Orion rolls his eyes, "Yeah. Yeah I did, actually. She's hot as all get out, too." Lies. Such lies! He motions with his arms to indicate this mysterious woman's proportions which are… ok. It's in some strange 'guy language', but she's apparently.. very attractive? "Cutest thing you ever did see." He is going to have to do this FAST.

Warwick similarily makes his way into the ring, offering a bit of a grin to Micah. "Ready whenever you are," he remarks, with a grin and a nod. Studying his opponent rather carefully.

Eli stands off to the side, staring at all the pilots…and then she looks more alert upon seeing Micah, edging closer to the mob of winged beings of death. Then she folds her arms over her chest, eyeing Micah with a 'if you lose I will be disappointed' look of serious ice blue eyeingness.

It actually looks like a fairly even match, all things considered. Warwick's got about ten or fifteen pounds on the leaner, meaner St. Germain, but the kid's a tough little mofo. He also doesn't waste any time in throwing the first punch. It's a lazy swing intended to gauge the other pilot's reflexes.

Warwick takes a quick step to the side as that punch comes in, ducking a bit to avoid it as well. That done, he goes for a quick punch towards the stomach of the other pilot.

Ahem. A tiny pilot's eyes bore a hole into the back of Orion's head as he begins spelling out some buxom slut's dimensions in manualingo. Dyna's seen it enough to recognize it, and so… She forces a smile to, "Leto! Thanks again for the other night, I owe you!" then… she looks up… distantly, into Flask's face, "Doing recon, huh?"

Addison turns her head slightly to regard Orion for a moment as he does the ba-ba-BAM curves with his hands, illustrating some imaginary woman for Kalypso's benefit. She shakes her head slightly, notes, "What color were her eyes?" Her gaze returns to the ring.

"Impressive," Kalypso says with a smile that says she doesn't believe him. At. All. The woman's mismatched eyes go back to the ring in front of them. With all the pilots standing around to watch, she hardly notices that Addie is eavesdropping on their conversation. It's not like things stay secret very long with this bunch anyway, and Kaly isn't really trying. "You're not just going to be putting on a wig and a dress, now are you?" She winces a little as the fight begins, but her smile returns. Controlled violence. Gotta love it. "Because I've found him someone who's a real knockout, but figured I'd give you a fighting chance." Blink. She turns as she hears a shout of her name and grins. "Nah, Tempo. We're cool, unless you want to sabotage Flask's efforts at finding a date."

There wasn't much committed to that first punch, so when Warwick follows up, Micah's in a relatively good position to score. Hound's attack barely slips past, and St. Germain scores with a set of knuckles that clip the older pilot's ribs. It's a shoddy hit, but it's a hit. Grinning, he dances away and resumes circling, looking for an opening.

Warwick shakes his head a bit as he gets hit. Now things are starting to get serious, aren't they? He circles around as well, waiting for the next incoming attack.

"Are you dancing or fighting?" Rue taunts from the sidelines.

Whether by coincidence or design, Jocasta seems to have found herself seated apart from the other pilots, occupying a bench all by her lonesome — the lone countermeasures officer instead remaining alone, even in a small but considerable crowd of her peers. For what it's worth, though, she doesn't seem to mind. She's got her eyes on the fight and is probably taking mental notes.

Desusa is watching the fight from the farthest corner of the gym. He's been playing fern all along, and it seems he intends to keep it that way.

"C'mon, Hound, you frakking ponce. Hit me like you mean it." This time, Micah's moving in for a jab, and then a cross with more oomph, perhaps hoping to goad the bigger pilot into some real fighting.

"Hades, we're going to be here all night watching the old ladies hair pull," Addie calls, hands dropping to her hips.

Eli just cups her hands around her mouth, idly stepping behind somebody. "Dude! Sirs! I've seen people aim better in the head…they at least hit the bowl."

"It's the plan, right? Get the rest of them to knock themselves out with laughter," Warwick remarks as he moves to block the incoming attack, and then return one with an attempted left hook.

"Hey, Breit." Orion smiles warmly at, uh… well, Dyna seems upset about something, that much the rookie pilot can tell. "Yeah, a bit. I'll tell you all about it later. You okay? You seem kinda nervous." Those aren't nerves, Orion. It's death in a slim 132 lb package. He turns to Kalypso without noticing anything is wrong, "Yeah, that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna play dress-up. You just make sure you make my bed good and crisp, the way they done taught me at Picon." He points an accusing finger at the other rookie, though it's in good fun, if you don't mind the aggressiveness, "Nah. You should see her. She is -hot-. I mean, for real. She's got tits out to-" Something is about to interrupt him.

The hook's solid on its mark, though it doesn't seem enough to stagger Micah back. He retaliates swiftly, attempting to take advantage of the opening to sink a fist into the man's sternum. Hopefully, maybe, it'll take the wind out of him a little.

Rue pushes to her feet at the hit Warwick lands on Micah. "Nice one Hound!" A crooked grin is sent Jailhouse's way, then she adds, "HIT HIM BACK!" Like they need any more help.

Kalypso is oblivious to the relational undertones between the two Viper Pilots, but she's caught up in the fight now as Micah and Warwick start scoring hits on one another. Ouch. Wince. "Yeah, yeah… sure, sure," she's not even looking at Orion now as he continues to describe this mystery girl. She just cuts her eyes to Addie and rolls them skyward. Back to the match, "Come on Jailhouse, put your back into it!"

"Awww…c'mon sir…" Eli thumbs the side of her jaw before covering her mouth with her hand and looking away. Dooooooooh, dude just /doh/ or something.

Warwick moves forward for another quick punch, aiming this one for the stomach of his opponent.

Bayless strolls into the gym, clad in her off-duty apparel, blinking a couple times at the spectacle currently on display. She makes her way over to the crowd with a bemused smile, not necessarily announcing her presence at the moment.

Another solid hit. At least Micah's good at being a big, flashing red target tonight. Then again, when isn't he? It draws an 'oomph' from him, and a scuffle of feet, but there isn't any blood on the mat. Yet. St. Germain's made of sterner stuff than that! "Look sharp, Hound," he growls, aiming a hook for the man's ribs.

And… that's that. Jocasta's doing a fabulous job of schooling her surprise… until she catches sight of a swing thrown outside of the ring. She turns her head and pitches the pair, Dynames and Orion, a hiked eyebrow.

Warwick has already started stepping back as that hook comes in, and manages to sidestep it, before sending one in return for Micah's ribs as quickly as possible. "Sharp enough?" he mutters as he sends off that punch.

Dynames may find some primitive, never shaved secret giggle out of watching two men of breeding age beat the tar out of each other like primates in heat, but she's got a more direct distraction going on. As Orion so callously turns his back to her and spews on about this gorgeous 'date' he's working on, her expression goes from 'distant' to 'stormy', then as he gets to the tits, it goes flat out to 'apocalyptic' and she lashes out for a punch to the small of the back with a, "You bastard!" a shame she didn't have tone when she cut loose. Wiff trumps wrath!

Addie notes that last comment from Orion about tits, then Dyna's reaction. She shakes her head, changes position, and casually headslaps Flask as she walks by on her way up to the ring. Reality check style. "Seriously."

Rue peers back into the piling of pilots, CAG senses tingling, but not spotting anything untoward at the moment. Then it's back to the fight at hand, which she steps into the middle of, "Alright. I think Hound won this round, Jailhouse… But you'll have plenty of chances."

The sound of a woman scorned is what draws Kalypso's eyes around sharply. The sight of Tempo swinging and missing with Orion and the anger on her face draws her eyebrows up sharply. She takes one small step back from the pair. This is about to get ugly. "Woah! Hey guys, keep it in the ring," Kalypso suggests. As if that will work. Right.

Micah looks for a moment like he might drag this little fight into a real one, when Hound scores yet another hit on him. There's a glint of it in his eyes, and then a smirk when Rue calls the end of the round. "Motherfrakker," he mutters, eyeing Warwick a moment longer before backing out of the ring and ducking off through the crowd. Time to find something to break.

Eli steps in Micah's way for a moment, eyeing the man for a few moments before offering gruffly. "Sir. I think you could do with those work outs now. Good job." Then she gets out of the way, just shaking her head. Pilots are /amusing/. Her MaA senses go off though towards the scuffle of Orion and the women and she eyes it for a few moments. However! It might just be how Pilots flirt. She doesn't know!

Orion's eyes go wide as Dynames' eyes all but turn red and shoot fire, "The frak!!?" The short and furious pilot comes out him swinging and the man all but stumbles backwards, then sways to one side, absolutely putting up his dukes, "You're frakking…" And then Addie -nearly- thwaps him on the side of the head, but Orion seems to catch that out of the corner of his eye and ducks it as well. Good initiative. "Back the frak OFF!" He's had about as much of this as he's going to take. Right, wrong, he sees an opening and takes it, lunging to pop Dyanes right in the mouth!

Warwick steps back from the ring as well, glancing around for a couple of moments, before he disappears into the crowd as well, listening quietly. Blinking as he sees the scuffle going on. Shaking his head a bit.

Novella wanders into the Gym in her off-duty duds. But her hair is up and matted - likely just back fro ma CAP. The woman lifts her dogtags off her neck and looks for the box. "Alright, I'm ready! Who wants to dance?!" Its a jovial call as she moves towards the assumed table with tape for the hands.

Bayless blinks and catches Dynames taking a swing at Orion. She comes over to the pair of them, "Hey, hey, save it for the other side of the frakkin' ropes, you two..!"

This? Not really the sort of debacle that a pilot-filled 'fight night' is supposed to turn into… or is it? Jojo at least has the sense enough to remain outside of the fray, even if she does leave her seat and pitch a lean against the edge of the ring in order to have a better view of the scrap unfolding. This is how men and women of the air wing communicate when their hands aren't occupied with holding a stick, apparently. Tactile communicate.

"You guys did good. Alright who is up—" Okay, Rue definitely sees something this time. Shoving her way through the crowd, she says, "Pilots, FALL IN."

Addie glances over to give her full attention to Dyna and Orion, and she contemplates stepping in to pull them off of each other, assuming it gets that far. Luckily, the Sheriff is nearby and on her toes. Hands drop to hips and she falls back from the scuffle as Rue issues an order. It's from casual to attention in two point two. And that's why she's the Captain.

Hearing the call from Rue, Nov is halfway through taping her knuckles when it hits her ears. She spins to face the woman and goes to attention as the tape falls to the floor beside her. Damnit.

Micah was treading through the crowd of onlookers, on his way to Novella's side. When the call comes from Rue however, he's immediately straightening and snapping to attention without so much as a pause or a hitch.

SIGH. So much for a little aggression dumping. Jocasta finally joins her comrades, mustering up with a sudden snap to her posture.

Watching that happening a bit thoughtfully, Warwick snaps to attention at once when he hears the order.

Annnnnd flirting or not, there is a line Eli draws with fighting 'Thou Shalt Not Swing for Hot Chicks' - Unless hot chick is crazy and has a knife or is trying to kill you. In this case, not so much. So Eli turns away from where she was going to watch Pilots fight to turn and head towards the out of ring scuffle to reach out quickly towards Orion, quickly and efficiently snagging and arm, twisting it at a less than comfortable angle up and behind him. Then Rue is yelling so she just gently turns him in that direction, helping him stand up straight and all. Ya know.

Bayless is about to physically pull the two apart, that is, until Rue comes down with the Wrath of CAG. The newly-minted senior Raptor driver snaps to within a split-second.

Kalypso snaps herself to attention, eyes on the CAG.

POP! Dyna's head snaps back, her arms windmilling to maintain balance as her body suffers the unfortunate transferral of momentum. The good news? He's got breathing room. The bad news? She's got enough for a running start. Better news? Everyone's interceding before she can reengage. Jilted, yes, but still not so far gone as to go against her training, yet, the little pilot steps up into line, a trickle of red tracing it's way down her chin, the pupils locked on Orion may as well have reticles in them. Yeah. At some point, they're gonna have 'The Talk'.

Eyes wide, Orion doesn't need much restraining, here. The moment he's being pulled away from Dyna, he's ready to go slack. Of course, Eli restrains him good and plenty, "Agh." He stands as well as he can given the situation, glancing at Dyna like he thinks she's crazy.

"Explain to me… why when we have this lovely ring set up that we have a fight going on outside of it, Ensign Scala." It seems Rue has chosen Orion to be her focal point. Poor guy. Moving up to him, she stands there staring at him with her hands clasped behind her back.

Tiny twist of that arm, but Eli is invisible here, just…ya know…Restraining Orion and ducking down a bit behind him. S/HES NOT HERE.

Around the gym various pilots seem to be standing at attention. There's some tenseness in the air, like daddy just hit mommy and mommy just biatchslapped daddy right back.

Cav just watches a pipe on the far wall. Interesting pipe. All painted that grey-green color and such. Yep. Nobody else is here. Just the pipe.

Orion's expression: Bewilderment. He's got too much blood pumping through his veins to be nervous. "I… I got no idea, sir. She went all alpha strike l.." He stares at Dynames and swallows, "The frak, Breit!" He turns his head back to Rue, attempting to stand as close to 'attention' as the Eli he seems to be wearing will allow, "I ain't… I ain't gonna just get hit, sir."

Micah is busy doing his best impression of stick-up-the-ass while Rue reads Orion the riot act. A look's slid to Novella as he listens, then back to the little drama unfolding. This would be much better if people would get back to beating on each other, his expression clearly says.

Rue pushes herself forward, right into Orion's face, violating his personal space pretty profoundly. Her breath smells like pickles. "I did -not- give you permission to speak to Ensign Dynames. I did -not- give you permission to curse at Ensign Dynames. Now shut your mouth or I will have the Master At Arms shut it for you." Turning, she moves up to Dynames, noting her injury and asking, "Ensign Dynames, explain what happened."

Bayless keeps any and all comments to herself for the moment, eyes squared straight ahead as Rue lays down the law.

Eli just coughs softly and is invisible. Behind Orion. Praying he doesn't do anything like uh, back that thang up or anything.

Kalypso is watching dust-motes. Yes. Dust-motes. She won't look over at Dynames or Orion. Just keeping her mouth shut and staying at attention. She can maybe smooth things over with Tempo for Flask later, since it was sort of a misunderstanding. For now she silently urges them to explain themselves to Rue so that everyone else can get back to beating on each other civilly in a boxing ring.

Frak. There went 'discreet'. She lowers her chin to spit some of the blood out of her mouth before dribbling it all over the place, then, "I stepped in on something he said. Didn't like it. I took a swing, missed, he popped me, sir." She still sounds raw about it, but she's straight and steady as the CAG asks for the 411, "All me."

"Get yourself treated in Sickbay, then I want twenty lengths of the Genesis out of you. You'll start in fire control in the bow, finish is by the coolant reservoir in the aft. When you finish that, you will clean yourself up, then report to your bunk. Consider your flight status revoked for twenty four hours," Rue states loudly enough for all to hear, then lowers her voice as she leans in and whispers something to Dynames, before straightening up and heading over towards Orion. "Go to the nearest supply closet, bring back a mop and disinfectant and clean up the blood you spilled. When you're finished, report to directly to the Hangar, where you'll be serving as coffee bitch for every CAP the next twenty-four hours. Your status, of course, is revoked for 24 hours as well." Pause. "Go. The rest of you, fall out." A nod to Eli, "Thank you."

Novella watches that cute little pipe on the wall while Rue speaks, her eyes watching it with a blank expression. But once the order to 'fall out' is given, her eyes flicker to Dynames and Orion. Nuggets. Gotta love 'em. And one is her wingman. She eyes Dynames for a moment before leaning over to pick up the dropped tape. She continues wrapping her knuckles then before turning ot get a pair of gloves off the table and pulling them on her mitts.

Eli just looks to Orion and then to Rue. Okay…so s/he's a little turned on but shh. She just releases Orion with a tiny shove and raises a hand to thumb the side of her nose, eyebrows raising as she gives Rue a tiny chin-up. "Just doin' my job sir."

Micah's resumes his sullen lurking after the order to resume is given. Eyes on the ring, tape on his knuckles checked and re-checked, he waits to see who's called up next.

"Yes sir." Orion stares straight ahead and waits patiently for, you know, Eli to let him go. Once she does, he simply turns and heads for the door like there's a large metal rod going up his ass and into his throat. Once the shock wears off, it's going to be a real bitch.

Bayless shakes her hands out a bit as she falls back into a more relaxed posture. Her arms cross and her eyes drift back to the ring, also interested who else is next in line.

"Which I appreciate, Sheriff," Rue says, clapping Eli on the shoulder in passing. "Did you want to join us?" She indicates the ring with a pointing of her chin in it's direction.

Dynames lowers her eyes and sets her jaw at whatever the CAG whispers to her. There comes a nod, then simply, "Sir." A salute, then, she turns, glancing at Orion for a moment before she turns to do the walk of shame off to Sick Bay. And Later? Laps! Whee!

When the words 'fall out' tumble out of Rue's mouth — the only words that really much matter to Jocasta, at this point — the countermeasures officer allows herself the temporary luxury of sliding a look toward more familiar faces: Novella, Addie, Rue… maybe even Micah. Frakkin' nuggets, eh? So says the swarthy-skinned Ensign's eyebrows.

Eli eyes the ring and then eyes Rue. "Really sir?" On purpose? She just shrugs her shoulders. "Don't wanna rain on any parades, but you need an extra, I'm always games sir."

Kalypso winces in sympathy for the 'Walk of Shame' duo, but wipes her face back to her usual mask of indifference as she relaxes back. "All that over trying to get Cornbread some lovin'," Kalypso says, "Though he probably could have done without the hand gestures."

Novella wanders away from table and back over towards the ring. She gives a confirmation nod to Jocasta and moves to lean on the ropes. She's looking for a fight, lightly tapping herself in the cheeks to wake her up and get the blood flowing.

Micah's eyes squint up a little when Jocasta looks over at him. There's a quiet little guff from the viper jock in apparent agreement, and then he's ducking his eyes back to the ring. Fiiiiight, come on come on come on. Micah wants to see some BLOOD, motherfrakkers.

Addie resumes sipping her water from the bottle in her hand now that blindside Fight Club has died down a bit. She smirks behind the bottle, but graciously keeps the editorials to herself.

"Absolutely Sheriff." If there's a walk of shame, Rue isn't watching it. She just smiles at Eli, then heads on back towards the ring, "Alright folks, who is up next?"

Kalypso rakes her fingers through her hair and glances back at the door that Orion and Dynames just exited through. Another look is given to the ring, but she's not really feeling the blood lust any longer. With just a passing nod to anyone who cares to look her way, she's quietly making her way towards the exit.

Battlestar Genesis, Deck 9, Corridor 9D, 59 ACH

This corridor runs Fore and Aft, or front and back. The corridors curve with the ship structure and are low-lit with halogen. Crew and personnel of the Genesis move along on their daily routes and duties around the ship.

Kalypso isn't too long behind Orion and Dynames in exiting the gymnasium. She looks down the hall and frowns slightly. A quiet mutter under her breath is expressed, "…you are going to owe me for this, Flask." And then she's hurrying down the hallway in the direction of the Infirmary to catch up with Dynames. "Tempo! Wait up!"

Dynames is making her way toward the stairwell to get to sickbay for her patch job. She is seething, still, and decidedly not herself at this moment. For the moment, though, she's too angry to cry, so the only trail trickling down her face is red. As she's hailed, a hand settles on the wall and she sags for a minute before turning back to see who wants what. She doesn't brighten, even for the woman who'd saved her ass so recently, "Leto, hey…"

Kalypso slows down when she's closer and then comes to a stop next to the other pilot. She reaches a hand into the pocket of her pants, fumbling around until she pulls out a handkerchief. It's pretty, trimmed in lace, but… ah… screw it. Dyna needs it more. "Here," she offers it, "You want some company to the infirmary?" A beat. "Men can be idiots sometimes without realizing it. Wish you'd gotten the chance to punch him back at least once though."

Dynames looks at the hanky for a moment, cradling it in her hands before looking back to Kal, "I was stupid." she says simply, then, with some reluctance, dabs at her face. She sighs, "Thanks, again… I'll… I'll wash it for you." Her lips press into a line and she swallows before, "I shouldn't have gotten involved."

"Sure," Kalypso says, as to the washing. She runs her fingers through her hair and shakes her head. "Pfft. Shouldn't have…? Honey, if I'd been in your shoes, I'd probably have done the same thing. It's shitty you get a bloody nose and have to be punished for it though, but you know… he was saying that stuff about the girl for my benefit." Beat. That came out wrong. "Not like that," Kalypso quickly adds, "See, he and I made this bet this morning over who could get Cornbread a date. I think he's full of shit and hasn't found anyone yet, which means boy-o is going to be making my bed for the next week."

"Wh-what…?" Dyna starts as her brain rechains the sprocket, "You mean he was talking about…?" she starts, making big gestures. "And I just… Oh, Gods…!" Horror and shame run train on rapidly dissipating anger as the relizations dawn in on her, "Oh, Gods, I didn't think of… and I hit him… and we're both in trouble with the CAGandnowhe'sprobablyreallyreallypissedatme." She slumps back against the wall as though shot, "What'mIgonnado….?"

Kalypso frowns and shakes her head, "We all do and say things that we later wish we probably hadn't. Trust me. Personal experiences on my part abound. I think this one ought to be repairable. Just, you know, let him know it was a misunderstanding. Then it'll be his turn for feeling like an ass for hitting you." The blonde reaches out to place a hand on Dyna's shoulder, "And if he doesn't get over it, then he's the idiot. Besides, he probably could've done without all the oogling man-gestures." She gently tries to urge Dynames away from the wall, "For now, you're gonna go to the infirmary and get patched up." Kalypso has done her good deed for the day.

Dynames sighs and is drawn from the wall with relative ease, though now she's depressed and ashamed instead of betrayed and wrathful. She looks into the other woman's face a moment, nodding, then she reaches out for her shoulder, in turn. A swallow, then, "I.. I owe you again… thank you, Leto…" she says weakly.

"You don't owe me a thing," Kalypso says, her voice soft. See… she's not always a bitch. She continues on, walking along with a supporting shoulder for her fellow pilot. "I was looking for an excuse to avoid having to get into the ring anyway. I'd hate to break a nail." She delivers that last line so straight it's difficult to say if she was serious or joking there. "But maybe we could get a drink together some time when we're both off duty."

Dynames smiles a bit, just a bit, and nods, teeth dyed from the knuckle sandwich she ate, "I'd like that a lot, actually." she says in a quiet voice as the walk to sickbay begins anew. "I really… wasn't looking for a fight, well… not until…" ahem, "I should have looked into the situation a little more before I waded in swinging."

Kalypso smiles back. "Next time, challenge him to a round in the ring. And make sure he walks away with a limp," she says with a smile, "It's alright. I'm sure it'll work out. And if it doesn't, maybe I'll let him win the bet and just short-sheet his bed every day. Us fly-girls have to stick together." Kaly guides on, making casual small-talk the whole way to the infirmary, before heading back to her bunk for the night.

Dyna's small talk is freeflowing, and ranging on her inception to music, planetary sciences, boys, music, and home, should such guidance be allowed. In other cases, she answers as best she can in response to Kal's as they proceed to get her mouth looked at. At their destination, she gently clasps the woman's shoulder again with a 'Thank you' and lets her savior go on her way as she would.

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