Fire Bad
Fire Bad
Summary: Jocasta gets called on the carpet by the CAG. Fire bad, mkay?
Date: 5 ACH
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The Ready Room is empty of all, but one person: Major Rue. She's currently at the podium, reading through some papers and occasionally making a note with the red pen she has in her left hand. Under her breath she hums something that sounds deceptively catchy, or annoyingly unforgettable. One or the other.

Message received. As instructed, Ensign Jocasta Maru easily manages to track down the whereabouts of the CAG after her duty for the day has been served. When she steps into the ready room, she does so without hesitance or apprehension and announces herself with, "You wanted to see me, ma'am." Statement. Not a question.

"Yeah, let me make sure I have this absolutely clear," Rue says, not looking up from her papers, but being rather direct all the same. "You set fire to Lieutenant Junior Grade Reeves' bunk. Most likely because he came on to you and you thought he deserved a little comeuppance. Would this be a close to the truth?"

"I was advised that Lieutenant Reeves needed me to… keep his bunk warm, ma'am," replies the Ensign, seemingly capable of being just as nonplussed with the situation as the Major. "I was in the process of seeing to that when I inadvertently discovered that my lighter had a leaky seal." There’s such a fine line between truth and fiction but, odds are, it matter little either way.

"I'll bet." Rue smirks a little down at the papers she's still reading before looking up with a more sober expression, "You understand that there are many dangerous things aboard a starship. A lot of things can go wrong. Fire is one of the most dangerous things there is. It eats oxygen and can suffocate and it can burn." Pausing for a moment there, she continues with, "Let me be clear, myself. You are not in trouble for burning Reeves' bunk. The man is a notorious horndog and has shown that he has a hard time controlling himself. I'll be addressing that separately. The issue I have with you is your choice of prank, which while quite witty was also remarkably thoughtless."

Jocasta's choice of reply is a brief eyebrow twitch followed by an extended period of respectfully taciturn sentinelship. She stands there, hands clasped behind her back in a pose akin to 'at ease' though she keeps her feet shoulder-width apart. She won't argue about ship protocol safety training or anything in her prior life that might have given her some allowance of a bye on the thoughtlessness accusation. There wasn't one to be found. Instead, she punctuates the CAG's words with an acknowledging, "Yes, ma'am."

"That prank has already cost your fellows the privilege of smoking in the berthings…" Pause. "Thanks for that. Smoking is disgusting." Rue smiles and shuffles her papers into a neat pile before shoving them into a folder. "I'm letting you off with a warning. Next time think before you prank. Or just kick Reeves in the balls. That way the only person who might get hurt is him."

Alright, okay, so… maybe…. just maybe… Jocasta fishes up a little smirk in response to Rue's pronouncement of preferred retaliation for next time. (And there surely will come a next time, no doubt.) However, she stuffs down the snarky expression before she echoes another, "Yes, ma'am." lest she come across as disdainful. The ensign spares a glance down to the face of the Major herself instead of keeping her eyes on that spot just a few inches above her head like she had been earlier.

"You're dismissed," Rue says, looking directly into Jocasta's face. The folder is tucked under her arm and she clasps her hands in front of her. "Make sure you get solid rack time before tomorrow's raptor training sortie."

This time, Jocasta's obedient "Yes, ma'am" comes served up with a nod and a chin dip. She turns to head out of the ready room with just enough haste so as to seem perhaps a little bit anxious to be out of the other woman's presence but not quite enough to be dunked into full-fledged fleeing. It's brisk walkies to the door and no parting looks over her shoulder. She's got a lot of not smoking to do.

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