First Contact
First Contact
Summary: The Genesis Air Wing does its first dance with the Cylons.
Date: 1 ACH
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Docking Bay Pandora - Docking Bay
1 ACH 2235 Souls

The docking bay of the Assaultstar Pandora can hold atleast three raptors and a couple shuttles. This is separate from the Hangar Bay which holds the viper squadron.

As pilots and crew scramble around to varied statiosn and aircraft, "Cav" is already up the ladder and preflighted on Viper 1623. One of the Petty Officers is arming her ejection seat as she straps in.

Warwick is present near Viper 1743, looking over a few things very quickly before he prepares to move up the ladder. Looking around for a few moments.

Crow clatters down the stairs and strides deeper into the docking bay, boots resounding on the steel deck plating.

[VIPER_1623: Novella] Novella straps on her helmet in 1623 and slides teh cockpit back with both hands. The PO2 steps away with the ladder and Cav nods to the other woman. Crews come up and begin handling the aircraft into the launch tubes.

[Tac1] "PAS Actual" Reed says, "This is Major Carter. This mission will be a test of the Pandoras repaired FTL system. We will be jumping to Colonial Relay Buoy 2235, pinging the buoy to download its communications logs. Once we have completed jump to the Buoy, Viper and Raptor elements will launch and fly a close quarters 2-by-2 CAP until download is complete. Once download is completed, the CAP will return and we will jump back to PAS anchorage point. Debriefing will be handled through Genesis LSO. Jump stations. All hands to Jump stations. Jump will begin in two minutes. Mark."

[Tac1] "Genesis Actual" Regas says, "All stations. Ready for the Pandora to jump. Two Minutes."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Vipers, this is Cav in 1623. I'm forming Red Lead. Crow, you're on my wing as Red Two. Hound, form Blue Lead. We're out the tubes in thirty seconds. Good Hunting and keep your head on a swivel."

[Tac1] "PAS Actual" Reed says, "Jump complete, on target. Launch CAP."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy, Actual. Jump complete. We're makin' out of here on the speed of heat."

[Tac1] "Crow" Crow says, "This is Crow in sixteen-twenty-five, I copy, Cav."

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Will be good to see a bit more of space, right? Launching now."

[VIPER_1623: Novella] With the jump finished, Cav checks the HUD and her cockpit before nodding to the LT in the bay window. "Boards are five by five. All green." She throws a salute to the man and settles her helmet back against the seat as she's rocketed down the tube.

[VIPER_1623: Novella] Cav's Viper Mark 7 kicks out into space and she rights it, immediately breaking off to the aft of the Pandora.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Crow, this is Red Lead. Hug my wing as we move aft. Blue Lead, hang back in trail on us."

[VIPER_1625: Crow] There's a burst of thrusters from Crow's Viper, nose up, another quick flare as he tucks to the right and comes in at Cav's wing.

[VIPER_1743: Warwick] Hound's Viper gets out of the tubes, rolling around for a few moments before it gets into the right position, hanging back as instructed.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] The blackness of space becomes more real as the pilots launch off the Pandora. The FTL jump was rather smooth and they can thank Engineering for that. The buoy that they are heading too, is off their left. The Pandora moves along as the pilots make up the CAP crew for this visit.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Blue Lead here. Holding back."

[Tac1] "PAS Actual" Reed says, "This is Pandora. Pinging buoy, receiving signal and download beginning. FTL stable and spun up. Mission status green. Continue CAP."

[VIPER_1623: Novella] The Viper floats through the black, rocketing up to speed. She dives her head right and double-checks Crow's position. The woman's Viper rolls to port and heads towards the buoy as she makes her radio call.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy, Actual. Vipers, this is Red Lead. Two, stay with me into the buoy. Blue Lead, take up position opposite us and enter into a racetrack pattern around the Pandora just outside flak envelopes."

[VIPER_1625: Crow] Remaining in formation with Cav, Crow's bird performs the same roll to port followed by a quick overcompensation of thrusters to bring him level again, shadowing Cav's starboard side.

[Tac1] "Crow" Crow says, "Copy, Red Lead. I'm with you."

[Tac1] "PAS Actual" Reed says, "Cav,Pandora. Buoy logs show anomalies. Nothing for the CAP to concern about. Download complete, but log information malfunction. Reinitializing download. Maintain pattern."

[VIPER_1743: Warwick] Kicking the thrusters into motion so the Viper can get to the right spot, Hound smiles a bit as he looks around, beginning on that indicated pattern.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Blue Lead's in place, commencing with the pattern."

[VIPER_1623: Novella] The Mark VII floats out towards the buoy and fires reverse to slow the approach. Moving within half a klick, her helmet can be seen craning around the cockpit to check the black as well as the buoy.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy, Actual. Red Flight is moving in closer to the buoy for a looksee. Judy on the buoy, itself."

<Trait Roll> Novella rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Great (5).

[VIPER_1625: Crow] Crow maneuvers his Viper up alongside Cav's, locking the ship belly-up with a firing of the reverse thrusters for a moment to slow his approach. He turns to watch his wingmate briefly, then takes a gander at the buoy.

[VIPER_1623: Novella] The Viper suddenly kicks up and the afterburners glow bright blue, rocketing up to speed. It takes a lazy arc towards the buoy and sets up into a high-speed pattern.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] It never is easy, is it? As the CAP maintains their movement and keeping a watch. However, the fates of the Gods or something have decided to give them a shake in the force. Nov is catching some blips.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Actual, Red Lead and all Vipers! DRADIS contact! Pair of bogies! Other side of the buoy and closing fast. No joy at this time! Blue Lead, form up on us. Red team has lead on the intercept!"

[VIPER_1743: Warwick] Hound's Viper spins around to form up on the other Vipers, the pilot muttering something to himself.

[VIPER_1625: Crow] Crow guides his ship's nose level again, and guns it forward to follow Cav in a flare of arcing light from the 'burners, as the comm message is heard.

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "On my way, be there in a few moments."

[Tac1] "PAS Actual" Reed says, "Cav, Pandora. Negative transponder on incoming. Follow intercept protocol and transmit hostile challenge."

[Tac1] "Crow" Crow says, "Red Lead, Copy, this is Red Two, do we engage?"

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy, Actual. Pushing IFF now. <Pause> Red Two, combat spread. Blue Lead, roll in behind us. We'll bait the bogies and drag right. You roll in on their six, fangs out. Pandora, do we have permission to fire?"

[VIPER_1623: Novella] The Viper rolls direct onto an intercept course, engines firing at maximum output.

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] As the two blips close in, they look very much like … half moons. Pointy half moons. DRADIS is working overtime here and finally partial matches this to the old Cylon Raiders. They aren't here for coffee. As one is already firing and the missile is heading straight for that buoy.

[Tac1] "PAS Actual" Reed says, "Negative on fire permission, Cav. Do not fire until fired upon- Strike last, Vipers, Weapons free!"

[Open] "PAS Actual" Reed says, "This is the Assaultstar Pandora, to pair of-"

[VIPER_1743: Warwick] Heading towards the Raiders, Hound moves for one of the half moon things, moving to find a good angle to get the shooting done from.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "This is Red Lead! Judy! Judy! Bogies are hostile! Repeat, they're firing! All Vipers, cleared hot on the Bandits but do /not/ cross the Arm Line! Blue, mix it up!"

[Tac1] "Crow" Crow says, "Copy, Red Lead, this is Red Two. Weapons ready and- engaging. I am engaging."

[VIPER_1623: Novella] Novella's Viper pulls high off the plan of attack and then rolls over onto its back so she can keep an eye on the engagement. The Master Arm is selected off and she lines up the lead Raider.

<COMBAT> Novella attacks Raider1 with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to RightWing)

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "Engaging now. And the right side of the line's the good place to stay on, agreed."

<COMBAT> Warwick attacks Raider2 with Viper and barely misses!

[VIPER_1625: Crow] Crow fires a rapid burst to the boosters, rocketing his bird in hot on Cav's tail. Swinging off at the last instant, he lets loose with a battery of rounds from his ship's weapons.

<COMBAT> Crow attacks Raider1 with Viper and misses completely!

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] It's now a sudden dogfight, the missile scapes the buoy and veers off, explosing against some space debris, which looks to be another buoy. The Raiders are moving in, firing as they go. Real targets.

Pandoras engines flare as the ship turns, moving with power around to bring her weapons to bare in the combat.

[VIPER_1623: Novella] Cav pulls alpha and moves in dragging the tail, earning herself a nice deflection shot. Tracers arc out across the sky and stitch a neat line across the Lead Raider's wing.

[Tac1] "Crow" Crow curses, voice crackling over the comm, "Frak, missed the bogey.."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Guns, guns from Red Lead! Two, watch my six. Blue, you're on the southern Raider!"

<COMBAT> Raider1 attacks Reed with Raider and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Hull)

<COMBAT> Raider2 attacks Novella with Raider and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to Engine)

[Tac1] "PAS Actual" Reed says, "Vipers, be advised, Pandora is weapons up."

[VIPER_1743: Warwick] Firing off his shots, Hound curses a bit as he misses the enemy. Thankfully, he's made sure he wasn't transmitting that one. Following after his enemy, he moves to get into position for a new shot, keeping away from the line of fire of the Pandora.

[Tac1] "Crow" Crow says, "Red Two, copy that, you've got heat on you. I'll try to take them off."

[VIPER_1623: Novella] Novella's Viper slides in behind the lead Raider just as the second manages a grazing pass at her. He opens fire and his cannon blasts a huge chunk off her tail, sending the dorsal engine into convulsions. One of the fan blades explodes and rips through the starboard engine, knocking it out too. The Viper breaks off and slides in behind Crow.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "<Warnings in the background> Frak! Red Lead is hit! Red Two, take point, I'll cover your ass! Blue, move it!"

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "On it. You're still flying back there, Red Lead?"

[VIPER_1625: Crow] Crow swings his Viper in a quick burst to port again, then a roll back to starboard, slipping in ahead of Cav's in an attempt to fire again at the bogey and take lead over the damaged ship.

<COMBAT> Novella attacks Raider1 with Viper and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Engine) !!KO!!

<COMBAT> Reed attacks Raider2 with Pandora and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to LeftWing)

<COMBAT> Warwick attacks Raider2 with Viper and hits! (LIGHT DAMAGE to Body) !!KO!!

<COMBAT> Crow attacks Raider1 with Viper and hits! (SERIOUS DAMAGE to Cockpit) !!DOUBLE KO!!

<COMBAT> Raider1 attacks Reed with Raider and hits! (MODERATE DAMAGE to Hull)

<COMBAT> Raider2 attacks Crow with Raider and hits! (GRAZING DAMAGE to Body)

Pandora brings her guns to bare and fires, the large shell flying through vacuum to strike the raider target with full bore, spinning it into an easy target as the Raiders fire upon the ship scoring the thick armor.

[Tac1] "Crow" Crow says, "There's a whoop over the comm, followed by a crackle of Red Two's voice, "Got that motherfrakker right i' the noggin, that's a threp in't it?""

[Judge_Ship_206: Genesis] Well that was fun. The cylon raiders 2.0, it seems did some damage, but they also got their shiny new tails blown to bits. The air is full of flying debris and rolling flames which are snuffed out from lack of oxygen. But it makes a good light show.

[Tac1] "PAS Actual" Reed says, "This is Pandora. DRADIS clear and landing bays prepped. Get your birds back inside. We're going home."

[VIPER_1623: Novella] As Novella rolls over the top of Crow, the lead Raider flashes across her windscreen and she squeezes off a snapshot, firing a quick burst. The Raider's engine explodes, sending the frame tumbling into the black before a secondary explosion rips it to pieces.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Splash Two! Copy Actual! Red Two, Blue Flight. Land your birds first in case I foul the deck. All Vipers, RTB."

[Tac1] "Hound" Warwick says, "There. Target's all taken care of. Nice piece of fireworks there. Heading home now…"

[VIPER_1743: Warwick] After having sent the Raider2 off into every little direction, Hound turns his bird around and starts moving for the Pandora again. Looking around to see where the others are at the moment.

[VIPER_1625: Crow] Crow's Viper swings its nose lower in order to let Cav's slip overhead. It's a one-two punch of rockets that blows the raider to smithereens, but he doesn't stick around to watch the light show; flipping his bird on its back, he twists it into a barrel roll and jams the thrusters to head for base.

[Tac1] "Crow" Crow says, "Copy, Red Lead, returning home."

Docking Bay Pandora - Docking Bay
1 ACH 2235 Souls

The docking bay of the Assaultstar Pandora can hold atleast three raptors and a couple shuttles. This is separate from the Hangar Bay which holds the viper squadron.

Crow climbs out of his Viper, tugs the helmet off his head, and tucks it under his arm as he clambers down onto the deck. He immediately starts toward the injured bird that's just come down.

[Tac1] "PAS Actual" Reed says, "All Vipers on deck. Jump commencing in.. 5..4..3..2..1 Jump!"

Warwick gets out from his Viper, and leans towards it as he looks around the deck for a few moments. Closing his eyes very briefly, especially as he hears that part about the jump commencing.

Crow is striding quickly toward Cav's Viper, helmet tucked under his arm, and a serious case of helmet-head going on up top.

Novella doesn't event take off her helmet until after the jump finishes. Once it does, she strips the thing off and scrambles up into her seat. "FRAK YEAH!!!" she hollars towards Crow and Hound! "SIERRA-FRAKKING-HOTEL!!!" The helmet, held tightly in a fist, is pumped into the air. She doesn't seem to pay much attention to the fact that half her Viper is blown to hell.

Warwick grins, pushing away the Viper and heading over towards the others, grinning momentarily. "Trying to add some extra air conditioning in the bird?" he asks a bit lightly, nodding towards the shot up vehicle.

There's an answering whoop from the other end of the launch bay, though Crow's long divested himself of his own helmet. It's tossed inside as he hops down off the wing of his bird, both arms raised into the air in victory. "You'd better frakking believe it. Nice flying out there, Cav, wasn't sure if you were going to come back in one piece for a minute there." He grins broadly at her as he comes to lean against a smoking bit of hull from her ship, though there's a note of genuine concern beneath the bravado. Warwick is offered a gloved palm, too, for a high-five.

"Frak you, Hound! We were sammiched in there between 'em." She levels a finger at the JG before hopping down from her Viper with a grin. "Damned fine shooting, El-Tee! /DAMNED/ fine," she hoots, offering him a hand to be shaken. Looking back to Crow, her grin doesn't leave. "Thanks, Crow. Good hits on the bird as he spun away, too." Eyes lift to her own Mark VII. "Shit! I didn't realize this thing came apart so bad! Ouch! Yeah, good point.." She shkaes her head and quickly looks away. "Well Hound.. Crow? I think we should go get drunk. What about you?"

Warwick chuckles a bit, shaking that offered hand. "Not bad work yourself," he offers with a grin, before he shakes his head lightly. "Probably good that you didn't realize it. Would have scared you quite badly, I guess." Then he nods, "Never a bad time to get drunk."

"Sure, you buying?" Crow retorts easily, sliding Cav a wink as he slips between the two of them. "Let me go get un-suited, and I'll meet you in the taproom. Damn, I need a drink." His footfalls resound on the steel deck plating as he prowls off.

"Yeah, I'd rather not think about it. I'll let the Chief yell at me later or something." She just /beams/. Nothings ruining this day. Not even the paperwork she knows is coming. "You two grab showers and whatnot. I need to go debrief before we get slammed." She points her fingers at the pair like guns. "If either of you think I'm paying for a drink tonight, you're out of your MIND!" She winks and 'fires' her guns with a pew-pew noise. Her boots thunk against the plating as she heads for..the Genesis.

"You're paying for many instead, then?" Warwick remarks, with a bit of a grin, before he nods a bit. "Sounds like a plan." Also starting to move in the direction of home.

Crow's only answer is laughter, as he turns to walk backwards a few paces, and feigns being 'hit' by Novella's 'gun' with an exaggerated doubling-forward of his body. He's quickly gone though, to shower and change.

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