Fists of Fury
Fists of Fury
Summary: Castillo gives McKenzie her fist lesson in CQC.
Date: 73 ACH
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Genesis - Deck 9 - Gym

The gym's not as crowded as it can be. The crew working the night shifts have already completed their PT regimen and most of the off-duty personnel are either at chow or attending to personal business. Conveniently, the sparring mats are free, which allows Castillo to claim one as he waits for McKenzie to arrive. For the moment, he goes through a stretching routine.

Entering the gym, McKenzie clearly stopped to change as she is wearing the regulation sweats issued by the military. She may have done some stretching back at her digs for she moves across the relatively quiet gym at a jog-trot. When she reaches the mats, she tosses her hair out of her eyes and grins at you, "Hey, Castillo."

Castillo continues to stretch down on the mat; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of not getting laid up in sickbay. "Evening, EllTee," he replies in greeting to McKenzie. "I met up with Ensign Peters earlier. She had nothing but good things to say about you," he remarks then starts to roll up to his knees. "So, if I'm remembering right, you said you haven't done any of this in a while."

McKenzie grins, "Peters rocks hardcore. She's the most organized person I've ever met in my life. If you knew my mum, you'd know that is saying a bit." The smile fades however, and she nods, "Right. Haven't done hand to hand since just after basic. It's not all that critical for a weapons jocky, I guess." Though it clearly makes her uncomfortable, at least she's honest.

"No, I guess it wouldn't be," Castillo says as he stands up from the mat. "Normally, you'd have us Marines keeping everyone safe and sound, but it doesn't look like Hera's gonna have much, or any, of a CMC contingent from what I've been told." He rotates his head left and right while asking, "You already stretch out, EllTee? I'm not gonna throw you around the mat today, but I still don't want Major Carter busting my ass if you pull something."

McKenzie nods, "Yeah, true. And, believe me, I appreciate what you Marines do." Not something Marines hear enough, in her estimation, "So… Yeah, I did. Stretched out before the jog down here." A brow lifts, but she does not challange that asertion. Rather, she snickers, "Don't think he'd notice just yet, Castillo. He's too busy and I'm pretty low on the radar. But, let's get goin', yeah?"

Castillo nods his head at the sentiment of appreciation. He even cracks a little bit of a smile. "Alright, then. Let's see what I have to work with," he says and assumes a traditional stance. "Throw some shots my way. Don't worry about pulling any punches, alright?"

McKenzie watches you 'assume the position' as her old drill sergeant used to call it. She quirks a slight smile and drops into a similar stance. Maybe it's sense memory, or maybe she's been pulling your leg, but it's not bac. "A'right." Darting forward, she attempts a sort of one, two punch sequence with a kick to follow it through.

The MP deftly blocks the first two punches, but barely catches the kick in time. "That was a good follow-up, EllTee," Castillo says in earnest about the kick. He raises his hand in a halting motion to indicate not to throw any more punches. "The punches, though… you were telegraphing a little. Sometimes, people raise their elbows or twist their torso when they get ready to punch. That gives your opponent an early warning." He walks next to McKenzie, standing next to her and raises his hands. "Snap your fists forward, using your triceps to accelerate instead of your back and shoulders for a surprise attack. It's less power behind it, but if you crack someone in the nose, it won't matter how hard you hit them the first time." Castillo demonstrates by attacking the air in front of them; a few slow punches at first, then a few at high speed.

Well, she did say that she hasn't done this in a while, so the fact that the kick almost strikes is as much a surprise to her as to anyone else. She bounces back after the block, then pauses when Castillo raises a hand to hold. Dropping out of the position, she straightens to listen and watch. Lifting her arms, she nods and trist the snapping punch. The first few are still telegraphed in her shoulders, so she stops and shakes out her arms and upper back. Then, she licks her lips and tries again.

"Hold up just a sec, EllTee," Castillo requests. He stands in front of the officer and holds up his palm just an inch or two inside McKenzie's reach. "Hit the center of my hands - it'll be easier for me to see from straight on like this." A critical eye is turned towards her movements, looking for the proper execution.

McKenzie pauses as instructed. When Castillo is in place, she focuses on his hand and drops back into position. "K." She tries to do what he has shown her. Really she does. The first punch attempt misses his hand, but by only a little. She frowns and tries harder. Too hard. The second punch not only misses by a mile, but is thrown with enough force that the swing itself pulls the woman off balance. It is not her fist that strikes the man's hand, but her face. At speed. Just before she falls to her knees, "Ow. Owowow. Frak!"

Castillo winces in sympathy as the Lieutenant manages to face plant on his palm. He crouches down and offers a hand to McKenzie. "You OK, EllTee?" he asks with genuine concern. He cranes his head to get a better view of the point of impact as flashbacks of laying out his old Lieutenant dance through his head.

McKenzie nods, "Fine. Thanks." Her tone sounds angry, however, and a hair burbly. She takes your hand and stands, though lifts the other to touch her nose. The fingers come away reddened and she winces, "Frak." Turning, she lifts the edge of her sweats and touches her nose a bit. The redness wanes quickly, so no perminant damage resulted from her faceplant, "Fraktastic." Lowering the sweatshirt's hem, she turns back, "Okay. Other than swing like a frakin' idiot, what did I do wrong?"

"Yah, it doesn't look like you broke anything," Castillo agrees after a brief study of the Lieutenant's minor injury. He rubs his hands together, then dusts them off against his sweatpants. "It looked like you were trying to put too much force behind and that got you off balance. Try bending your knees more," he suggests and illustrates by lowering his stance some. "See, when we stand we're off balance. Our center of gravity is just above our pelvis. You need to lower yourself a little so that you can feel your weight below your pelvis - you'll be more stable." He grins a little and says, "On the bright side, EllTee, you learned why you don't need that much power behind a well-placed punch to the nose."

McKenzie inhales experimentally through her nose, her eyes crossing as though to look at the injured schnoz. She nods and looks back at you, "Ah, right." Once more, she settles into position, then deliberately sinks some. Her look is one of concentration and she occasionally sniffs, then nods, "Got it. If I don't go down too far and end up butt-planted in the mat." Licking her lips, she darts you a glance that blooms with laughter, "No shit… I did." It is almost a revelation, actually. She bounces a little, then crab walks forward and back, "This'll take some getting used to."

Castillo nods affirmatively, "It's a bit odd-feelin'. Definitely not natural, but with some practice, it'll start to be like second nature. In fact, that'll be one of the things I'll want you to practice - walking with that lower center of gravity." He raises up his palms again and grins, "You feel like wanting to give it another shot?"

McKenzie crabwalks forward once more, then back. Forward and back. She begins to bop her head, her hips taking on a looser, swaying sort of motion. Bee-bopping, she dips her head and swings her hair, then turns to grin at you, "Soot, Corp, I'll pretend it's a new dance step or something. Might make it easire." Turning, she eyes that palm again, then inhales, "Frak. Yeah, I'd better. Don't want to develop a phobia." Like falling off a horse. Lifting her hands, she remains in the lower stance, and takes a shot.

A slap rings through the air as McKenzie hits the target dead on and just like Castillo instructed. "Good job, EllTee," he says with encouraging enthusiasm. "We might just make a Marine out of you, yet." He lowers his hands and continues with the jaw flapping. "So, lemme ask you, what's your normal exercise regimen? Do you hit the weights much at all?"

McKenzie blinks as her fist comes into contact with the center of the man's palm, "Holy crap!" She blushes, perhaps for the first time in her adult life, "Frakin' A. I did it." Yes, she is just as startled as can be. "You're a good teacher, Corp." She beams, but, has no real delusions that one success means much in the grand scheme of things. Tilting her head, she turns to look for the weights, "Uh. Exercises. I do a lot of cardio. Dancein' and beeboping around. Jogging and running and shit like that. Not so much with the weights, though, no. Oh, a bit with my arms so I don't get flappidy near the pits, but not much else. Why? Should I?" As for being a Marine? She snickers and shakes her head, "Nah, dude. It'd take a frakton more than one successful punch to make me leave the Navy. But, it's nice'f you to say."

"Nah, you don't need to. I'm just getting a read on what your strengths are," Castillo answers. With a gesture to McKenzie's legs he continues, "I figured you'd have more strength in your legs. That's something we should look at exploiting. Launch in with a couple of quick hand strikes, to stun the opponent and then use your gams for a powerful follow-up. Especially with that strong showing when we first started." He pauses and then offers McKenzie a smile, "And thanks for the compliment. I try my best."

McKenzie nods, listening, "K. Just as well. Though frak, I dunno. Couldn't hurt to get a bit stronger too, huh?" Though she isn't going to be changing her life entirely. "Maybe down the road if this doesn't kill me." Tilting her head, she nods, "I can do that, yeah." She half smiles at the offhand compliment, then nods, "No sweat. I calls 'em like I sees 'em." She looks at the weights once more before abandoning that line of thought, "I hear that you all have a pool over here? I'd like to swim again. Maybe the Major'll give me leave to come over more often. Or, is it open to anyone in the service?"

"Well, I think with you being an officer and all that you'd have no problem getting a few laps in," Castillo answers. "I haven't been told one way or another, but seeing as they issued me some regulation trunks, I'm assuming that it's available to all servicemen. Plus, it makes for some good zero-impact resistance training, so I can't think of any reason why it would be limited access." He hooks a thumb in the direction of the pool, "It's back over that way, if you're wanting to check it out."

McKenzie rises from the crab stance and her eyes light up, "Seriously?" Turning to look in the indicated direction, she bounces on the balls of her feet, then calls, "Race you!" But, she does not wait for a reply. Darting off, she sidesteps another mat and leaps over a bench. Head starts are not necessarily fair, but… Neither, it seems is she.

Castillo squints his eyes at the sudden burst of energy the lieutenant exhibits in her race to the pool. Not quite willing to indulge in similar behavior, he is representing 'the law' even off-duty after all, the corporal follows behind McKenzie at a more subdued pace… even if it means he must concede defeat. An amused expression, complimented by a smile, does form on his face, however.

Reaching the door to the pool, McKenzie slaps it open, then lifts both hands above her head in a victory salute, "I win!" So, she isn't the law. She gets to be silly. She is also one of those 'free spirits' that drive a lot of people completely off their rocker. Stepping into the room, she lowers her fists to her hips and balances on her feet in an unconscious 'Peter Pan' pose. "Huh. Frak me. This is nice." Her voice echoes across the water and whispers back again.

You head towards Pool.
McKenzie comes in from Gymnasium.
McKenzie has arrived.

Castillo nods his head in agreement. "Huh," he remarks in a typical Marine way. "It's just like the one's you'd find planetside." He rubs the back of his head as he checks it out and adds, "I've never been in here before. I might have to test out those issued trunks when I have some downtime."

McKenzie shakes her head, "Dude. Forget planetside. This is a /space ship/… and they have a frakin' /pool/. This big! It's mind boggling." She steps in a bit farther, then moves to the edge of the empty pool." Kneeling, she leans over to dip her fingers into the water. "I mean… Really. Who would have thought that they would use this much water on a /pool/."

"Yah, well, I guess they figured there wouldn't be a problem of a water shortage when they built her," Castillo says. His brow furrows at the sheer volume, and weight, of water in the pool. "I wonder what kind of tricks the eggheads pulled to manage all this. Artificial gravity or something?" he asks. Not that they don't already have water storage tanks in the ship that hold a whole lot more than the pool - but Castillo's a soldier, not an aerospace engineer.

McKenzie shrugs, rising from where she knelt, "Frak, I dunno. I know weapons systems, not this kind of engineering. Probably, though. That'd make sense." Turning, she grins like a kid, "Oh, man, yeah. I'll have to see about getting a suit to muck about in this place. Maybe you should add it to the PT routine you're putting together for Major Carter. That would rock out." All the while, she has been walking along the edge of the pool, her gaze flickering over it's width and length, "I still think it's pretty frakin' amazing that it's here at all. Though, we had one on the PAS." For a moment, she looks faintly whistful, "That was a sweet ship." Then, she perks up again, "Though the Hera has better weapons."

"Oh, so that's where you came from?" Castillo asks. He's grabbed a seat on one of the benches and watches McKenzie walk the perimeter of the pool. "I haven't really figured out how to tell who's from where, yet. I thought you transferred to Hera from Genesis."

McKenzie nods, "I did, yeah. And, I did. Yeah." She darts you a quick smile for the cryptic reply. "See… I was on the PAS when it was attacked. Major Carter?" She shakes her head, her gaze lowering to the pool. "He saved my life, Corp. Gods, I'd die for that man… Y'know?" She continues walking, for the pool is goodly sized. "After the PAS died, I was transfered to the Gen. But, frak me, I don't fit in. I was miserable here." Shaking her head, she shrugs, "No one's fault, though. Just styles, I guess." Or something that she does not go into, "Anyway. When Major Carter got the Hera, he asked for me back. Me and Deavers. I swear to the Gods, Major Carter saved my ass again. Cause I'd've been up on insubordination charges or something in no time."

"So Major Carter was on the PAS, too?" Castillo asks. He's piecing everything together in his head, letting the bigger picture start to form. The corporal can't help it, it's engrained in him from years of doing this kind of thing. "It's good to serve with people you can count on like that. Probably better for you officers than for us knuckle draggers. We kinda stick together just by virtue of our good sense." There's a bit of a grin to show he's teasing - even if it is the truth.

McKenzie nods, "You have no idea." Or maybe he does. She finally makes it back around and swings to a seat, but not on a chair or a bench. She chooses to sit on the floor of the place. Licking a shimmer to her lips, she chuckles, "Oh, yeah, right. Knuckle draggers?" Laughter lights her eyes and she shakes her head, "Dude, that's harsh. Is that what you call yourselves? or is it something given to you by others?" Geek girl, head in her weapons systems. She isn't much for shipboard gossip. "But, I hear you on the sticking together deal. Not a bad thing, really. We kinda do in CIC. Hate cliques, but what the frak, right? Whatever works."

"Yah, I'm surprised you haven't heard that before. You musn't've spent much time around the enlisted," Castillo says. "Just don't call any of us that. Well, unless you're intending to take a jab at someone." He wraps his fingers against the bench and explains, "I'm sure there's a story behind it, but it's been around for so long I doubt anyone really knows. Most of us NCOs have taken a liking to it. Hell, I even have it tattooed on me."

McKenzie blinks, looking up at you from where she sits, "Ah, got it. Inside name only…" She winks, placing a fingertip next to her nose, "Won't use it myself." Leaning back, she shrugs, "I had a frakin' rough time as an enlisted, dude. Tend to try to forget it ever happened, y'know?" Her expression fades briefly as old memories surface. This does not last, however, "But, now?" She smiles once more, the expression sunny and warm, "I'm not there anymore. So, why dwell in it, yeah?"

McKenzie sidles a glance your way, "Tattooed? No shit? Do I dare ask where?"

"Huh. You were enlisted? What made you loose your mind and take a commission?" Castillo asks. He's pretty serious about the losing your mind, comment though. Perhaps he's skirting some dangerous territory by speaking too familiar with an officer in a public place, but it's a serious question that needs to be answered. "The ink… well, most of us Marines have a least one tattoo." Slapping his upper left arm, "This is my tribute to the corp and my duty stations." Slapping his right upper arm, he says, "This is my tribute to the MPs and my tally." Lastly, thumping his chest over his heart, he explains, "Here's where I have knuckle dragger, because whatever happens, I'll always be one at heart."

McKenzie shrugs, "Needed the money, for one thing. Ma was pretty frakin' sick and we couldn't afford the doctor bills. Dad?" She shrugs, "Meh. I never knew him." She pauses then adds, "And I had to be commissioned to take the weapons officer gig. Can't be a weapons officer unless you're an officer. Or, that's what my old CO said. But, he was a fraktard, so who knows if he was shitting me or not." Looking up, she watches the slaps and her grin warms, "Yeah? No shit? Three inks? Sweet. Didja go black on skin or colors?"

Castillo nods a bit as he listens to the short of McKenzie's story. He refrains from delving any further and continues on the topic of tattoos. "Just black. Basic, less maintenance and fading. Plus, I figure since they're works in progress, it'd be easier that way." He clears his throat and adds, "Maybe after I get settled into things better, I'll see about finding someone to add in the Genesis."

McKenzie is fine with leaving that tale unfinished. Unfleshed out. Rather, she nods and looks back to the water again, "Good thinking. Less likely to look fraked when you get old and wrinkly." Such a cheerful thought. Positive in the notion that the man will live that long. Less so with the wrinkly part. "Oh, hey, if you do find an artist, lemme know, yeah? I've been wanting to get a tat for a while now. Got it all planned out, too."

There's a bit of a chuckle from Castillo. "Old and wrinkly? Nah… I'm either gonna age gracefully or check out while I still have my good looks." He makes a gesture towards McKenzie and asks, "So what are you wanting to get done, EllTee?"

McKenzie flickers a glance your way, her grin impish and teasing. "Yeah? Sounds like a plan, Corp. I like it." Turning to look back at the water, she smiles, "An image of the Hera on my shoulder." She lifts a hand to rest where she wants it. "With her guns aimed at the exploding remains of a toaster's ship." Her hand moves over the shoulder and down toward the shoulder blade. "It'd be kickin'."

Castillo grins and nods his head at the explanation of it. "If I had an artistic bone in my body, I'd set up a tattoo shop. Maybe on the Carina," he says. "I'd make a killin'." There's a weird pause as he realizes that currency is pretty worthless now. "Or… uhm… get a pretty impressive stockpile of smokes and liquor."

McKenzie snickers, though she nods, "Yeah, you would. Lots've barter shit. Whatever you wanted, I guess, seein' as creds are pretty useless. Me? I can't draw for shit, either." She pauses to think about it, then laughs, "Actually? I suck at most of the arts. I daubble, though. To amuse myself and others. But, there's no real talent. How about you? Do you have a hobby?"

"Nah," Castillo says with negative shake of his head. "Being one of the galaxy's ultimate badasses pretty much occupies all my time." He grins and then shrugs his shoulders, "Even as a civilian, I still did the same kinda thing… most everything else bored me. I know the Corps is all big on that warrior poet thing, and hell, if that's for you, more power to you. But, the way I look at it, those are braincells you could be using for doing your job. A frakkin' toaster ain't gonna care if you can recite scripture and paint a portrait, you know?"

McKenzie laughs at that and nods, "Yeah, I hear ya, Corp. That's kinda why I have focused so strongly on the weapons. That and it just rocks my socks to be able to blow toaster's up by the shipful. Maybe that makes me twisted, but it's the way it is." Her smile softens a little, "But, it'd be kickin' to have someone recite a poem for me. Can't help it. I just like that shit. So long as I don't have to write it, I'm good."

Castillo chuckles, there's even a grin, but his eyes start to take on that thousand yard stare. "Yah, well, I guess that's why I'm not hitched." He looks past the water of the pool for a moment more, then shakes his head clear. "There's nothing wrong with enjoying your job, right? 'Specially when you can get a bit of payback in."

Looking up, the woman notes the stare and her chuckle fades a bit, "Meh. Never got hitched, myself. I figure that there're other things in life." She grins, though her tone softens a little, "Nah, there's nothing wrong with enjoying your job. I figure that's healthy. And…" She draws in a slow breath, her tone hardening just a bit, "There's nothing at all wrong with getting payback. I figure that's pretty frakin' healthy too." Her gaze flickers out over the water once more. It lingers for a while before she moves to rise, "Anyway, Corp. Thanks. I'll practice that shit. Want to meet in a couple of days and go over it all again?"

You train Mckenzie in Unarmed_Combat. You both gain .25 XP. Please remember to only use this command when it makes sense ICly.

Castillo nods and rises from the bench. "That'll work, EllTee." He pantomimes a few punches and says, "Practice those quick strikes in front of a mirror. Just don't punch it, alright?"

Once she is standing, McKanzie snickers a little, "Dude, that would so bite. I'd end up in the sickbay with Major Z. And until he's healed up, I'm not sure who else could fix it up. Oh, there are a number of doc's, but…" She shrugs, then mock punches a couple of times to be sure she still has the sense memory of it. "Right." Standing, she lifts a wave and turns to hop, skip and jog on out of the pool room.

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