Flash Knickers.
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Summary: Snatch and Adelaide talk about life, love and betrayal while Hoy works out.
Date: 150ACH
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The ship has been largely quiet since the decommissioning of the Solaris, and Ramiro has been keeping largely to himself for the last few days. Between trying to track various people down for work related business and trying to track people down for NON-work related business, he decides to head to the Gym to blow off some steam. Jacket off and thrown aside, he's been here easily an hour already, and is currently in the process of doing pull ups on one of the bars against the wall of the room. Sweating and breathing at intervals, he's mid workout.

Adelaide wonders into the Gym looking a little hungover, the consumption of alcohol was in plenty last night and all the girl wants to do now is stretch out on a lounger by the pool and suffer in silence…On her way through, though she passes Ramiro and gives him an absently wave, she moves her whole body to look at him rather then just her head, which she keeps perfectly still.

Snatch is in her full set of snipe gear, evidently not here for a workout. Her hand scratches isly at the itchiness of the scar at the back of her head. She spots Dane and heads quietly in his direction, not looking to interrupt his workout.

If Dane is anything, he's a multitasking. Lowering himself, he hangs from the bar for a moment to look at the two approaching near him. First, to Adelaide, he nods back to her. "Hey, how've you been, Yama?" Pulling himself back up, he's definitely making the push to get his muscles something more than they were before. Up and down he goes, breathing at the peaks and the lows. It's on one such low that he spots Mopsus approaching, and nods upwards to her as he keeps going.

Adelaide looks up at Ramiro, wincing as it causes her head to throb a little, she follows him for a few moments not really looking at him just placing her eyes somewhere. "Eh, drank too much." She mutters, lowering her eyes again. "Going to sit by the pool, and sleep the afternoon off, glad I dont have to be on the deck for a while." She hears Snatch approach and waves at the woman. "Hey, Snipe, how's the wedding plans coming?" She asks with a smile, just a quick one because even that sends pain through her head.

"Jus' faah'n, Ah reckon, Ape," Mopsus Doe replies to Adelaide, "We'ns got all our'n paperwork done fill't out. Bun we hain't bin able t' faahn'd haah'd nor hair a Fre'r Karan. Y'ns got som' idear whar he bin orff ta, 'Miro?" she asks him, before turning to look at the intercom speaker as it beckons him away.

"No…no clue. I've seen him around, last I saw was him heading over to the Carina." Dane replies. Then the announcement comes. Dane looks up to the sound of the intercom and his name. Dropping from the bar, he grabs his jacket and throws it on quickly, wiping down the back of his neck with the towel. He's going to be going sweaty to this one, no doubt. "Perhaps I'll head down that way later but that's my call. I've got to go." Dane says simply, it's something that he can't apologize for. Nodding to the two of them in exit, he jogs to and out the door, heading fast towards the Security Hub.

Ramiro leaves for Corridor 9D [O].
Ramiro has left.

Adelaide nods her head slowly and sighs as yet again it hurts. "Happy for you, nice to see some people can stay in love." She says absently, then looks towards the pool room. "I was going to go lazy around, your welcome to join me, but I can see you aint dressed right for it." She gives a half smile. "Need anything for the wedding let me know, I got some wine that should be ready in a week or so times. Depends when you guys tie the knot."

"The C'rina," Mopsus Doe muses to herself, "Ah'd bes' git min o'er yonder. What'cher makin yer waah'n of? Raah'ce?"

Adelaide blinks and looks apologetic. "Doe, hun can you talk a little slower you know how ignarant I am. I only caught half of what you said." She smiles shyly. "Sorry."

Snatch can do that. She crouches down nearby Adelaide. "Yer waaah'n," she repeats. "Back home they'ns made a grapes an' sich? Whan's -yer- waaah'n made of?"

Adelaide ohs and thought that's what she said, Adelaide goes to sit down also, resting her head against the wall. "What ever I can find, mainly got some grains and fruit off the Civvie ships. Stawberries of all things. Not sure how it'll come out but." She shrugs. "I know not everyone like teh 20/20 stuff…Strange."

"Strawb'rry waah'n gone be raah't tasteful, Ah reckon," Mopsus Doe nods her head. "Bun Ah don' reckon Aedon an' Ah'll be wannin' t' wait so long t' git hitched. We ain't… way-ull… we long t' bin close t' one another."

Adelaide laughs softly nodding her head she reaches out and squeezes the woman's arm. "I'm happy for you, Snatch." She says meaning it. "Getting married, then the babies, will make this place almost feel like home…And I'll see what I can do, that'll be my present to you guys. Can count on all the first batch as yours…And I have some fudge as well…Got it from the Hare's XO, she swears it taste just like it should. Enjoy that your wedding night." She winks.

Snatch smiles broadly, "Yan. It feels kinna -wehrd,- kenny? Settin' up household here i' th' dark. Bun 'at ain't gone stop uns none. We'ns done put thins off far too long, ou-ais. Ah's four-an-twenny now, ou-ais? Ah ain't gone be in mahn chaal'd-bearin' years much longer, ne pas."

Adelaide shakes her head. "Well we can have em for a long time, sometimes into our fourties." She comments idly. "But yeah, babies are great." She says almost forcfully. "Aint sure I want em but I know some people are fond of em. Got to meet the right guy first and keep him for more then a few weeks aye?"

"Ou-ais," Mopsus Doe replies, "Ah reckon y'maah't keep hold on'm longer 'fin y'ns didn' let 'em bin touchin' yin such-as, ou-ais?" she points out. "Ah'd ne'er let no man in mahn knickers lest he war fixin' t' marry min."

Adelaide can't help but roar with laughter at that. "Your telling me I'm too easy…" She hmms softly and nods her head. "Your right though, though the last one it was almost fourteens months….Didn't work." She shrugs, then, still blinking back the pain of her hangover. "But yeah I think your right, I'm not going to let it happen again I'm done with relationships if one comes along and the guy is nice I'll get to know em first take my time, don't rush let things happen as they will." She leans forwards and hugs the snipe. "Thanks Snatch." She says.

"Ou-ais, y'ns is," Mopsus Doe agrees, "No red-blooded boy's gone baah him th' cow whan he'ns gittin' himsailf th' milk fer free, ne pas. Bes' make 'im work for it, lest he'ns jus' gone take-an-take an' y'ns ne'er gone git hitched. An' iffin he'ns pledges himsailf t' wed yin jus' t' git in thar, y'ns jus' tell min, ou-ais, an m'a bring th' shotgun an' the preacher an' we'ns gone set him straight." Snatch says, "Ain't proper t' disrespect a woman laik-as."

Hoy enters the gym with his usual silent stride. He crosses the central mat, a towel over his t-shirt covered shoulder and makes his way towards one of the points the bulkhead is most accessible, and then begins to slowly warm up. Smooth careful movements with his arms and hands, then a crouch and an extension of each leg. Shifting back and forth on his heels and the balls of his feet. Then to curl forward onto his palms, sliding one leg far behind his form. It's a slow, careful extension of each muscle and tendon.

Adelaide sighs softly now, looking down at her hands. "I always was Snatch, and he loved me and wanted me and would do anything, not like the others and I got caught being." She sighs. "Being unfaithful and he dropped me like the rock I am." She's sat against the wall having a heart to heart with snatch it appears. "I'm over it though, plent more in the sea and I'm only nineteen to young to be getting married. Though us girls seems to out number the guys…Wanted to get one quick you know." She looks up then as Hoy walks in, she hasn't seen the marine trainer for a while. She doesn't greet him merely looks bact to Snatch. "You save that shot gun and preacher, I might need em one day…Not soon though, unless Phe…Unless he decides to come back."

"Ain't's young as all a than. Y'ns jus' gittin in yer best yaahrs fer bearin' chaahld. Aedon an' Ah war meant t' bin hitched up whan we'ns war ten-an-eight, bun Ah haid t' up wi' th' Navy fer t' sen' moneys home t' mamma an' pappa an' hailp 'em keep thar farm. We'ns gittin' a late start. Bun y'ns still got plenny a taahm t' drop som' youngun's," Mopsus Doe assures Adelaide.

Hoy brings his legs up and spread. Setting each foot against the wall to brace himself. Holding his body a t a near fourty five degree he keeps his bent arms beneath him to prevent his face from being the point on which his body orients. Then he begins to do inverted pushups, one solid breath before each fall. There's a chuckle from him as he grins over at the exchange, his face growing red with the exercise and the content being said near at hand. Small titters and snorts slipping out between increasingly difficult solid breaths.

Adelaide eyes wonder just for a second to the marine, watching him idly pulls her eyes away from the candy and turns back to Snatch. She grins knowingly then shakes her head. "Yes I'm young, and stupid to be worrying about things like this. I should just enjoy life…See what happens a few year down the line we made it this far, and we'll more then likely live a long…And…Well happy might not be the the word but a long life at…" She turns her head again to Hoy, trailing off as she watches the man train, she'll never learn will she.

Snatch glances over to where Adelaide is looking, then back to her, "Han, don' make min pull a hose on yin," she warns. "Ain't proper fer a lady t' bin flashin her knickers t' any man comes 'roun' doin' push-ups."

Hoy strains, his face quite red now. He's barely on his sixth pushup and he can feel his feet losing their grip on the wall. Tears start to form around his eyes as little hints of laughter squeeze out around his labored breaths. With small snorts and titters he's forced to close his eyes at the last barrage of words. Stopping mid-up to wait for the tremors in his arms to fade so he can continue.

Adelaide blushs softly and just gives Snatch an innocent look. "But…" She stutters then sighs. "You'll help me Snatch keep me right and proper, make sure I'm tucked into my bunk where I should be every night." She says pulling her wondering eyes back to Snatch, silly wondering eyes. "Cause I can see this being difficult." She says, and looks back at Hoy. "Damn." She says softly.

Snatch nods firmly, looking back toward Hoy as if he were the bane of her existance. "Com' on, than, let's git uns elt-swar, ou-ais?"

Hoy finally rolls off the wall, and into a ball on the floor where he lets out a few muffled laughs. Rising to his feet he snatches up his towel and shakes his head. Face beet red before he turns and exits the room. Seemingly giving up on being able to exercise this afternoon. A few more laughs echo down the hall.

Adelaide sighs softly at the retreating marine then looks at Snatch. "What?" She asks, confused again at what the woman said. "Sorry, your going to have to slow down girl."

"Ah'm jus' sayin'…" Then Hoy drops down from the wall and takes his leave of them. "Ah mean… ne'ermaahn'd," she concludes. "Y'ns got t' git hold a yersdailf, Ape. Serious-waah's."

Adelaide eyes the woman for a few moments then gets to her feet. "We can't all as lucky as you Snatch." She says absently then gets to her feet. "I did have a hold of myself, I was happy for weeks with Phelan…Then I screwed it up and now I'm back at square one…I will take your advice." She watches Hoy leave. "Doesn't mean I can't watch from a distance so long as it's a distance right?"

"Mayhaps y'ns bes' keep yer eyes t' yersailf," Mopsus Doe suggests. "Jus' take t' yer work in yer off-hours. It worked well-as fer min. Ain't had no taahm t' worry minsailf about men."

Adelaide kicks at the wall and sighs. "I know I know but I just can't help it. " She then grabs her stuff. "I'm going to sit by the pool for a few hours, and let my head get itself back to normal…I hope your wedding goes well, I know we're all excited for you on the Deck." She smiles and then waves, slowly walking towards the pool.

Snatch stands up, then, and nods, "Thank yin. An' sen' mahn thanks t' all th' Apes for min, ou-ais? They'ns good folk. Feel benner, ou-ais?" she adds as she heads out again.

Adelaide nods her head slowly at hearing the parting remark. "Oh I'll try thanks."

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