Fleet Police .. the beginning?
Fleet Police .. the beginning?
Summary: Salin meets with Regas about Marine MP's
Date: 51 ACH (2 Jan 09)
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Commanding Officers Quarters Genesis - Deck 12
50 ACH 6285 Souls

The CO's quarters are rather expansive. A large desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are kept neat and tidy.
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Contents: Regas Salin Wireless 1300

Exits: [O] Corridor

Salin had made his way to the Commander's Office / Quarters and finding him not available, he'd decided that the best thing to do would be to wait for the Commander to return. So, he's seated in front of the desk, his attache case opened on his lap and he's apparently reading something intently.

Regas manages to get the warning from the guard outside the door. Although, knowing Pepper, she set the JAG up with a drink and a massage. Opening the door, he steps inside. "Evening, Major. This must be important if you are willing to sit here and smell my old socks for over thirty minutes."

With the sound of the doorway opening, Salin's rising from his seat to offer a respectful nod of his head towards Regas. Then, he waits to reclaim it, though it does offer a slight smile, "Semi important, Commander. And, the smell isn't that bad, compared to the berthings." A hand's motioning towards his attache case, "I wanted to speak with you in regards to the Marine's MP Unit and the Civilian Security Forces, if you have a moment."

Regas continues across his office and to the coffee pot. A look goes over his shoulder as he shakes out some sugar and stirs the coffee. "It sounds like from the last command I've heard, Marines are in a on ships bivoac(sp?). That sounds like a cut in their security." He travels to the desk and sits down now. "Go on."

Reclaiming his seat once Regas' has, Salin gives a slight shake of his head, "'fraid I can't comment on that. Havn't seen the most recent issuance of orders." A memo is withdrawn from his folder and set atop the desk, "You've seen this no doubt. Major Gaelan's orders that the MP's and Marines are now cleared as a security force aboard the Civilian Ships." He's taking a pause, "I had the opportunity to watch two of them at work last night, during the festivities for Colonial Day on the Carina. In all honesty, it was shoddy. Walking into a civilian establishment and invading the privacy of booths and tables, peering at people's faces to see who they were." There's a shake of his head, "The MP's and Marines simply do not have the capability to act as a Civilian Police Force. They're rules and training is for wartime threats and internal warship security. All that they will be capable of doing on the civilian ships, is cause a rift to form between both the Ship Captains and Civilian Security Members, and the Military."

Regas raises the cup and as he does, his brows crawl up his forehead like a catepillar the longer Salin speaks. "They did what?" The cup is sat back down again. "Were they looking for someone? I mean was there some instance that it was needed? Otherwise they could have had the lights turned up and explained it."

"They went around, booth to booth and table to table, having a look around. From what I gathered, they were looking for no in particular. They even stopped at my table to talk with a fellow officer, indicating that the officer should get in touch with the lead Marine in the morning." Salin pauses, giving his head another shake, "Entirely unprofessional of them and clearly outside the confines of their duties. There is no need for them to be sulking around the confines of bars and resturants, unless they have valid cause to be there."

There is a small tic starting along his jawline. "Who was the Officer and why did they need to get ahold of the lead Marine in the morning?" Regas asks, since the JAG has tossed up that he was at the table.

Salin's eyes drift down to the desk, perhaps looking for any heavy objects that could be thrown his way. Then, he's looking back, "Ensign Peters. Unfortunately, I don't know exactly the purpose of the meeting, since it was not provided. I can assume, from running into the Ensign on my way here, that it has something to do with her being bared from Deck 14."

Regas reaches over into the Pepper Out Box to pick up a folder laid there and then notices a wrapped plate underneath. Pepper presents. Some pastries and food items she squirreld away from the celebration. Plus a small package. He takes it out and sets it aside as Salin replies. Nothing too heavy on the desk. He leans back in his chair with a leathery creak. "Correct, she should be. I'm sure that twisted her little bun into a tighter knot." He steeples his fingers, "As for the MP's and leading up to that point, that was wrong. I'll send out a Memo to the CO."

Salin gives a slight smile, followed by a slight nod of his head, "Oh, I think it did, sir." Then, he's giving a shake of his head, "With due respect, Commander. It's been probably after problem with the Marines and the MP's. Ultimately, I've lost faith that they can adequately act as an objective police force that the Civilians would feel safe around." He's pausing again, settling back into the chair, flipping a page on his folder, "I'd like to escalate plans and establish the Fleet Police, once again, without the assistance or interferance from the Marines, unless asked for." Another pause. "Secondly, I'd like to request a Naval Security Force, for purpose of case assistance and working with MP's, jointly, in the needs of cases."

Regas begins to chuckle somewhere in all that. "You really want to go up against Major Gaelan by taking his authority away of Ship security?" The cup is picked up, "That's a fight, I don't know if you want to get into, but I can see your reasonings. They are either too heavy handed or not enough. It's not running smooth. Colonial Forces may be something the ships need." A drink is taken and the cup replaced. "I'm not sure how you'll get around Shem though, with the security."

"I'm certainly not one to back down from something, Commander." Salin gives another slight smile, but he's shaking his head, "But, I'll concede something. The Naval Security Forces wouldn't be responsible for Ship Security. That role can remain in the hands of the MP's. The NSF would be responsible for assisting JAG and Command in cases, in which the MP's feel are … not worthy of their immediate action. On top of that, they would be subject to assisting the Civilian Fleet Police. I feel it prudent to have a security force that is capable of both a) Dealing with the sensative nature of cases we work on at times and b) capable of working freely, openly and amicably with Civilians. When assisting the NSF on a Civilian Ship, they would actually be subordinate to the section commander for that area." Another pause. "Let's face it, Commander. Marines are trained for war, not local policing and dispute monitoring. Major Gaelan made it clear in my last meeting with him that he doesn't have time to be dealing with those minor things. So, I'm solving the problem and proposing a situation that allows for him to focus entirely on the security of our Military Vessels as well as future away missions."

"I do agree that the MP's don't have the finesse to deal with the civilian population. It's all too literate. Even more so, that you've told me about what has happened on the Carina yesterday." Regas nods, "Alright, you have my go-ahead on both. I'll make it a point in that memo I'm sending Major Gaelan, but I'm sure to hear some flack from it."

Salin's giving another nod of his head, "Thank you, Sir. Feel free to send Major Gaelan my way. I have no problem explaining my reasoning for this, to him." The folder is closed and he's beginning to rise, "That's all I have for you, Commander. I'll go about drafting some initial points for the NSF and Fleet Police before I start sifting through those who are qualified on the ships we have, as well as those who would be capable of going through training."

Regas rises up, "I'll look forward to seeing it, thank you Major Altair."

Coming to attention, Salin is giving a slight bow of his head in lieu of a salute before he's turning and making his way over towards the door and slipping out into the hall.

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