Flickering Displays
Flickering Displays
Summary: A few of the displays on the main Combat Station console have been flickering since the last encounter, Zephyr calls for someone to fix it. Chase comes to the rescue. Drusus is just his usual self…
Date: 81 ACH
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BATTLESTAR GENESIS MUSH - Tuesday, February 03, 2009, 8:30 AM

It's another semi-bustling evening at CIC, people darting around the place as usual. Zephyr, the Tac Officer is in the centre of the room, looking up at one of the monitors above the table. It's dead. He'd already called engineering to send someone up. The young officer sighs softly as he waits. It shouldn't be too long, he hopes.

Genesis CIC Genesis - Deck 11
81 ACH 23817 Souls

The Combat Information Center is the tactical heart of the Genesis. This CIC is designed in a triangular formation, with one point pointing directly forward, while the other two point port and starboard. The forward point of the CIC triangle is where the tactical consoles are set up. Dead center, a large, clear display panel is suspended from the ceiling, green gridlines showing a map of nearby space. Under this, a large table is set, providing more tactical displays, a wireless handset, and a large, DRADIS console.
Both port and starboard other watch stations are set, in two rows of tiers like stadium seating, one above the other. Each station has a purpose - helm, weapons control, communications, navigation, damage control, and further tactical monitoring. More displays and banks of computer monitors line the walls.

----------------------< Condition Three --- Duty Area >-----------------------


Chase makes his way into the CIC, carrying a toolbox in one hand, a clipboard in the other. Dodging people, he looks for whoever seems to be most in charge. Zephyr's got just that right air of authority and frustration, so Chase heads over. "Someone call for an electrician?" he asks dryly.

Zephyr turns as he hears someone mention 'electrician'. The Jig nods. "Ah, yes. Thank you ahm…" he steals a quick glance at the man's collar, "Specialist." Zephyr nods in quick greeting. He motions with his left arm towards the large display panel, as well as a few monitors on the Command and Control station. "It seems we might have some loose wiring, the screens have been flickering for a little while now…" he explains to Chase.

Chase scratches the back of his neck, after putting the toolbox down. He makes a few notes on his clipboard, and eyes the panel thoughtfully. "Huh. Yeah. Could be any number of things, but some of these sensitive items, they can get a bit jogged when the ship takes damage. Flickering sounds like a loose connection, or something about to go bad."

Zephyr nods with a small smile. "Yes, which is why I requested some assistance. Think you could take a look for me Mister…ah?" the Jig starts, not knowing the man's name.

Drusus's console hasn't been giving him any trouble, but he doesn't have anything but the usual business to be about right now, anyway, so the deck man's arrival is a welcome bit of diversion. I spy… with my little eye… something bright orange in a sea of grey and drab.

"Alderman. Chase Alderman. Technically, I work on the Deck, but with so many things on the kerfritz, they have me seconded to other repair jobs to speed things up," explains Chase helpfully. "This is for you." He hands over the clipboard, which has all the usual maintenance disclaimers and sign-for-authorizations and whatnot. In triplicate.

Zephyr nods slowly as he takes the clipboard from Chase. The young officer flicks through the paperwork quickly out of ingrained habit, checking and rechecking. Like he needs to. "Nice to meet you Mister Alderman…I'm Lieutenant JG Darian Zephyr" he adds to introduce himself as he signs the few papers he needs to, then smiles and hands the clipboard back to Chase. "Do you mind if I sit and watch? Or would you prefer some space?" he asks. He's a right polite officer. Probably because of his youth.

Chase shrugs thoughtfully, already running over the various things that might be broken in his mind. "Nice to meet you," he replies automatically. "By all means, feel free to watch. Can't hurt for you to pick up some tidbits of knowledge." He rubs his chin, looking at the display panel, and then at the affected monitors. "Hmmm."

Drusus can't quite hold in an impish grin as the Jigger asks the techie if he can sit and watch him work, an innuendo-laden comment or two straining at the leash. But he restrains himself. It IS the CIC, after all. Still, the grin is there.

Zephyr smiles quietly as he stands up a little, he does notice a face at one of the back stations looking in his direction though. Is that, a grin? The Jig raises an eyebrow at Drusus. Oh yes, he recognises Drusus. He's still not sure what he saw though and turns his attention back to Chase. "Perhaps another time Mister Alderman. I'll let you do your job Specialist. I have something to check on…" he says, as he leaves Chase at the panel and begins to make his way to Drusus.

Chase draws mental lines from monitors to display panel, and finally settles upon a likely spot where common wires meet, cross, and split. And voila, there's an access panel, right where he knew one should be. "No problem," he says absently, as he heads for the wall to pop open the access panel. There inside is the expected tangle of wires and other such technical frippery, color-coded and tagged and tied together in a big old mess.

Drusus scratches the side of his neck briefly with the nicely-kept fingernail of his left ring finger, looking back to the screen and continuing to wait on the lastest decompilation, watching its progress, looking vaguely bored.

Zephyr comes up to Drusus at his station. "Mister Cato. How goes things?" he asks in a simple curt tone, hands behind his back. His eyes however flicker back and forth between the technician at the Command Station and Drusus.

"No basestars on DRADIS, sir," Drusus replies, eyes still on his screen, though they flicker toward Zephyr, "I call that a net win." A little smile.

Chase gets down to work, untangling wires and inspecting them with a careful eye. He may be a hazard when it comes to his social life, but he's all business when it's time to do the job. He whistles softly as he finds one particularly frayed-looking item, a wire caught against a sharp edge. "Going to have to shut down this relay for a few minutes," he calls out. "I can fix this, but unless it's an emergency, I'd rather not try to play with live electricity. Last time I did so, I forgot how to tie my shoes."

"Aye Cat--" Zephyr starts then turns as Chase mentions turning the relay off "—just a moment Alderman." The young officer turns back to Cato "Cato, standby will you, I'll be needing your computer-savvy" he says as he makes his way back to the central table. "How much do you need shut down exactly?" he asks Chase again for confirmation.

Drusus quirks both brows, tipping his head as he peers over at Orange over there. "Sure," he replies to the Jigger, looking back to his console, "This is still decompiling, if you need this all shut down just give me some warning so I can stop it safely."

Chase thinks on it. "5, 10 minutes, tops," he says. "It's actually a really easy fix, but it has to be done right if you want to prevent this sort of thing again. You should be fine going to the backups, there's a reason everything has redundancies built in." He digs in his toolbox, pulling out the necessary implements and tools needed to make things happen. "And it'll just be this affected area." He points out the cluster of monitors and display panel that were reported as flickering. "They all come off of junction 313-Q," he explains helpfully.

~ Chase had something to do OOC, we posed around him until he got back… ~

Zephyr nods as he twists at the waist back at Drusus, his hand outstretched. "Cato, your station is fine. Could you check on the backups and find a spare station to bring up the display or two for me? Just while we get this main panel fixed. Thank you" he quickly calls out the request-style order to Drusus. He then leans on the panel and looks to Chase, "Just give Mister Cato a minute to check on the backups and the spare station. Then you do what you need to do Mister Alderman…" he nods.

Drusus taps a quick succession of keys to switch access screens, shrugs a shoulder, "All the power backup is checking out." He looks around slowly, lips pursing together as he chews on his tongue in thought. Finally rising from his post he crosses the upper platform and leans over to tap out a few things on another keyboard with one hand while his other rests on his leg. "Which displays did you need, sir?"

"Give me DRADIS, FTL and Navigation if you can, DRADIS is top priority…" Zephyr calls out. He looks around. Comms are a seperate console all-together, so they should be fine. It's the main DRADIS display that he needs. He looks down as Chase is busy at work under the panel, then back up at Drusus. "Got them?"

Drusus smiles softly, lifting his other hand to let his fingers all clatter across the keys, making an awful lot of noise for such delicate-looking digits. "And I thought you were going to ask for something hard," he chuckles. "Okay, not your wide-screen, but here you go, you're set."

Zephyr makes his way over to the display that Drusus just set and nods as he takes a quick look. "Thank you Cato. I'll ask for something hard if we happen to run into something hard…" he smiles, "…just incase, can you prep a weapons systems display?" he adds a little more quietly. Just in case. The Jig peers over the console back down to the main panel and the wriggling orange figure. "I know I said I wanted to watch…but on second thoughts, he can do his job, and I can do mine…" he muses quietly, grinning at the corner of his lips.

"Sure, sug," Drusus puts on the secretary voice he sometimes uses over the wireless. His voice is usually pretty distinctively effeminate, but when he actually tries? It's eerie. You can almost see the long fake nails pasted onto his fingers. He leans over the chair to get weapons systems up on the side screen.

Zephyr lets out a small 'heh', then checks over all the displays again. So far it's all looking ok. A quick glance at the main panel, orange is still wiggling about. As Zephyr's eyes gaze at the main panel, his eyebrows come together ever so slightly. "Cato, is there a way we can check power levels and outputs from panels at all?" he asks, panning his head slightly, but still keeping his eyes on the main panel. "Also keep an eye out, make sure the backups don't lose any data or anything. I'm not sure when the backup system was last updated. Do you?"

Drusus gestures back across toward his own station, standing up, one hand draping on the back of the chair. "About twelve minutes ago, by the records. All backup signals are green, so nothing should go wrong. And if it does, well… it'd suck, but it won't kill us or anything."

Zephyr nods slowly. "As long as I don't hear any unwanted chirps from DRADIS…" he says, again with a slight hint of a smile. "You can shut the relay to the main panel now Mister Alderman!" he calls out to the Deck Technician, who holds a hand up in reply. The young Tactical Officer leans forward on the the station he's at, supporting himself with his hands as his eyes scan the rest of CIC.

Drusus goes back to his station and settles back down, crossing one leg high over the other and twisting at the waist to peer over the decompilation results that have come in while he was away.

Chase buries himself in the system, stripping out old wires and putting in the new ones, making sure everything is done just right. A quick test or two, and then he tidies the tangle up, filing down that rough edge that contributed to the problem in the first place. Precuse and businesslike, he makes sure everything seems just right. "Okay, going to fire it back up again… if I did it wrong, you may smell smoke as I catch on fire, but otherwise, I'm confident."

"Have fun— Don't die," Drusus suggests.

Zephyr walks back down to the main panel, stopping a random crewmember and telling him to find an extinguisher. "Whenever you're ready Mister Alderman. And I'm confident you won't catch on fire either…" he grins as he stands, an extra few steps back, even though he said what he said.

"That's what they all say," mutters Chase. But he's confident enough in his work to go ahead. The system fires up, the junction hums, and the various monitors brighten back to life as things back back to business. "That should have taken care of any flickering. I also got you the Carina's pay-per-view channel. Don't tell anyone," he quips.

Drusus grins. "I won't if you won't," he agrees, authorizing the final data from the decompilation and starting to set the new watch code.

Zephyr raises an eyebrow at the quip. "I do hope you're joking Mister Alderman…" he says in a slightly more stern voice. "This is CIC, not the Hole" he adds, crossing his arms on his chest. "That aside, I'd rather not the crew get -distracted-" He says this, throwing a slightly uncharacteristic-and-rarely-seen deadly glance at Drusus. "But thank you for fixing the flicker…" he finishes.

The young officer then looks back again at Cato, still with a slightly stern glance, "Recompile the back-up data and clear the displays Cato. Make sure it's all green." he says as he himself glances back at the main panels and all the displays. No flickering. They seem all good.

Chase says dryly, "My word as a tech, I wouldn't do such a thing without written authorization. Though I could upload a lovely fishbowl screen mod that renders ships as goldfish and Basestars as pirahna…" He closes up the panel, and puts away his tools as he talks.

Drusus bites in a grumpy look as the Jigger gets out the whip. He knows it gets them off at night, but honestly, he -just- started something. Still, multitasking is the name of the game, and he just keys open another screen to run recompile while he's -also- running the new watch code through krypter confirmation. "Yes, sir," is all he says.

Zephyr nods, satisfied that everything seems ok and smiles at Chase. "Thank you Specialist Alderman. That will be all." he says, a little more formally. "Good Work" he adds personally as he extends his right hand towards Chase.

Chase shakes the hand, and fires off a quick grin. "I aim to please. If you look at your copy of the forms, there's an optional survey you can fill out about me, which qualifies you for a free drink in the Mess Hall." Pause. "Budget cuts, you see. But anyway, you should be flicker-free from now on."

Drusus finds a split second to glance over at Orange again, offering him a flash of a cheeky smile in between his fingers' bouts of assault upon the keyboard.

Zephyr smiles as he picks up his own clipboard from the Command Station. "If you'll excuse me, I have a few things to check. Thank you again Mister Alderman", and with that, the young officer walks off to another station to speak to another CIC crew-member.

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