Flying The Flag
Flying The Flag
Summary: Major Reed Carter pays his respects to the newest of the wounded marines.
Date: 12 ACH - 11/24/2008
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D'artanion, Scipio, and Ramiro are in the recovery ward, alongside a few other marines from the away mission to recover the Tyllium. Ramiro's sleepy, but still awake in a bed next to D'artanion's. His right arm is bearing a massive series of patches on it and is immobilized to stave off any further injury. Also, Ramiro has a nasty bruise on his forehead.

Reed comes into the Recovery Ward, in his usual duty uniform, looking about and moving toward the Marine section, looking at Dart as he walks past, then, noticing Ramiro awake, he walks alongside the bed holding the man, "Hello, Lance." He says with a smile, hands clasped at his back.

"Major Carter…" Ramiro says with a sound in his voice that screams 'morpha'. He manages a weak salute with his left hand and offers the officer a small smile. "…they're gonna let me keep the arm but…this is gonna delay those shooting lessons." He adds, giving the officer a flat smile.

Reed shakes his head, returning the salute. "Well, we'll be able to reschedule for when you're back up to pipping the x-ring, Lance. You're on the same orders as Gars now. Mind the Docs, get yourself healed up." His voice is strong in a soothing way. "Your concern at the moment is your own welfare. You've given to duty, and now you get yourself back in fighting form." He nods, encouragingly.

"Well I'm not much use to the survival effort it I push it and ruin all the work the doc did…" Ramiro replies, having a good attitude about the whole thing. He gives a little shake of his head. "Much as it stinks, Major, I promise I won't give the staff here one shred of trouble." He smiles. "How's the PAS, Sir?"

Reed nods, "The PAS is fine. We're integrating the captured tech now, those tyllium tanks are going to increase the amount of fuel we can carry. That's important to the fleet, son. That mission made a real differance. Know that and be proud." He smiles a little, "But don't worry about the stink. You've been to Muskeg, you know about stink."

"Yeah…that was…terrible." Ramiro replies after failing to find a better word. His mind catches up to him. "Maybe gut wrenching…" He pauses, giving a little smile. "Well…with any luck it'll be quiet on the war front for a few weeks while I heal up and I won't miss anything." He nods to the Major. "I'm glad I could help with the tanks, sir."

Reed nods to the man, "Well, we'll try to keep the war from getting too interesting without you, but those Cylons, they just don't respect a mans right to get healed up." He smirks. "You need anything, Lance?"

"No…nothin…" Ramiro pauses as he shakes his head with a matter-of-factly look on his face. Then his shaking slows. "I think my prayer beads were on me when they brought me in, I think…well the nurse takes those right?" Ramiro asks, looking to the Major again. "Maybe if I could get a message to Harris, make sure he's allright, but really all I want right now is to make sure that I get my arm back." He smiles. "Doc says since I can feel it, it's a really good sign."

Reed nods, "Tell you what, you're on Morpha now, so you might want to wait on sending out a message, but you're right about your beads. You also have every right have your beads back. That's great news about your arm. Docs right, if you can feel it, your nerves are unsevered. That's the most important part." He lifts a finger, "One second." He moves back, summoning a nurse with the Glare of Command. After a few moments, she goes off to return with Ramiros beads, which Reed takes and brings to Ramiros good side, taking his hand and carefully laying the beads in his palm.

The beads are old, possibly purchased in Ramiro's early childhood. Ramiro watches them handed to him and smiles softly, clenching his fist around them. "Thank you sir, these mean alot to me…" He pauses, nodding slowly and lazily. Excruciatingly tired, he rests back a little on his pillow. "Thanks for coming to see me, Sir. Is there anything I can do while I'm in here to help? I can…I dunno…" He blinks. "…dictation?" He chuckles with a dopey smile.

Reed shakes his head, smiling, seemingly his voice becoming more soothing as he watches the Marine tiring, almost as if he were encouraging the morpha to drift him into peaceful rest. Which he is. "You have your orders, Marine. You've done well, now you get your rest and heal up. You've earned your rack time today."

"Allright, Sir…" Ramiro starts to doze off, his voice dropping into a quiet, sleepy tone. "…I think I'm gonna turn in now." He pauses, shrugging a little, at least he does the best he can with his stabilized arm. "I've got PT in the morning…" He says, finally falling asleep.

Reed backs from the bed as Ramiro drifts off. He looks from him to Dart, to Skip, and back, jaw setting and he straightens his shoulders, snapping a salute, then dropping it as he turns, lips pursed as he heads for the exit.

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