For Your Own Good
For Your Own Good
Summary: Zaharis goes back to Regas on the Pepper issue, and offers some advice.
Date: 65 ACH
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Commanding Officers Quarters Genesis - Deck 11
65 ACH 23817 Souls

The CO's quarters are rather expansive. A large desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are kept neat and tidy.

Knock knock, someone at the hatch. Joy.

Regas is sitting at his desk, at the moment. When the knock comes, the guard opens the hatch and lets the CMO inside. Coffee steams and the food in front of him is being picked at. One hand is on a file, as he half reads and half eats.

Zaharis is in his off-duties, even though he's come to see the ship's commander. He salutes, though it's just a formality gesture. "Sir. Have a minute?"

Regas raises his fork as he sees the Major, "Take a seat, there is some coffee if you want." Which the fork is pointed in the direction of the coffee pot. "I made it, so it may be a little strong."

"Thanks." Zaharis comes forward and takes a mug, gladly filling it. The stuff they're leaving in his office carafe is mostly water these days. He settles into the seat, pulling his ankle up over his knee. "I wanted to talk to you about yesterday. Without the Ensign in the room. Permission to speak freely, sir?"

Regas takes a stab at a piece of pancake on his plate. Atleast flour is still on the ship. He sets the folder aside, takes the bite and then puts the fork down to give his full attention to the CMO. Once coffee has been sipped, "I thought you might," wiping his hands on a napkin, "Your sickbay wasn't being called at fault, Major. But, I know my Ward. A little too much at times, I suppose." He indicates for Zaharis to continue.

Ward, that's a new term in the air. Zaharis raises an eyebrow at it, but he nods to what Regas says, taking a sip of coffee. "So yesterday you called me out of the only shore leave I had this week. Might've been the Ensign's too. Not for something official either, but for a personal matter that frankly didn't have to be addressed right that minute and shouldn't have been done in front of each other. You humilitated your aide, declared my judgment as a doctor to be inadequate in front of a junior officer, and had me perform the verbal equivalent of sticking my finger inside her to check if she was still a virgin. And all this because you heard some scuttlebutt." He pauses and spreads his hands, keeping his tone mild in its confusion. "To be blunt, Commander? What the hell."

"I think you are blowing that out of proportion just a bit. I asked you to be here because the scuttlebutt, as you call it, reflects on Command. Whether she thinks so or not. Playing in a private room with the JAG major, is not my idea of what my Aide should be representing. Nothing was that important, that it couldn't wait a day for her to see him in his office. She takes too much for granted." Regas pauses a moment, "I did not declare your judgement inadequate. But, that junior Officer, stepped over herself. By keeping her mouth shut and acting like I yanked her favorite toys away with those jaw grinding and eye glares to the wall, told me what I needed to know."

"And I pursued that myself, being as it was scuttlebutt that came out of Sickbay," Zaharis replies, after a sip of coffee. "If you had called me alone and asked me if I'd looked into it, that would be a different story. Though fact of the matter is, my concern only goes so far as to whether she had put his recovery in jeopardy, which she didn't. But as for her free time…she's what, twenty-two? Twenty-three years old? She's an adult. I mean, I'm just trying to wrap my head around this, here. Is it the fact that it's Altair?"

"Altair? Not necessarily. Although, when I mentioned him taking a watch to her. He balked pretty good that day on the Obs deck," Regas meets the doctor's gaze then, "I've known Pepper almost all her life. Her father and mother were my friends. They were rich. Had a place in the mountains near my home town. They even put up alot of money for the PAS project, wanting to see it through. When Pep showed up here, alive? I took her under my wing. As far as I am concerned, I'm the closest thing to a father she has now. I will take care of her, like I promised her father that I would. So, she is my Ward. She is my responsibility. And I apologize if you were dragged into some of that. But, I needed to know. She had you buffaloed as well, Doc. I just needed to see it myself."

Some things click in Zaharis' dark eyes as Regas talks. "Ah, I see." He's silent a few moments, processing that. "It doesn't change the fact that she's not a child. A twenty-two year old woman isn't a little girl. Even if her surrogate father doesn't like something she's doing. She's not a minor, and she's not exactly doing anything that violates conduct code."

"Lying violates all codes," Regas responds. "Insubordination violates even further codes. Unfortunately, now, Major Altair is compromised in making any type of a neutral position about her. So, anything will have to go to his Captain."

"Lying about what?" Zaharis asks Regas, sipping his coffee. "Nobody disputes she was in his room during visiting hours. As for the lying in bed, it's Altair's word against random scuttlebutt. You didn't ask about anything else, and if she's off-duty it's not exactly your business anyway." He's not being sharp, just matter-of-fact with the Commander. "You haven't heard Altair's word yourself either, I assume. Unless you spoke to him after us."

Regas frowns. "Thank you for your advice, Doctor." He doesn't sound too happy about it either.

"Sir, I had a daughter," Zaharis says, not looking away. He pauses, then continues. "She didn't get the chance to grow old enough to be at this stage of things, but sometimes I used to sit and wonder how I'd be when it did start. I probably wouldn't have been much different from you."

Regas watches Zaharis a long moment and then nods, "I had one too. She also won't get a chance to grow up." Something tightens around his lips and then he rises up to fill is coffee cup again. "But," he pauses there, pouring the cup, "I can't allow my Aide to speak to me in such a fashion, especially in front of a Senior Officer and now allow it to go unpunished. Although, I doubt AIQ in the Officers quarters is much of a punishment."

"It's a risk you take, you know," Zaharis still has half a cup of coffee, which he takes a sip of. "Crossing lines of her being your personal ward and your official aide. I'm not saying what she did was right, because it wasn't. But I think you know you're tempting a whole lot of fate with her assignment like this."

Regas glances over, "Her assignment as my Aide?" He questions and walks back to the desk to sit down. "I figured with her bouncing between the XO and myself, she would have plenty to do. She seems to enjoy the work."

"She's your ward," Zaharis replies, his eyes moving as Regas does. "You know well as I do that this is why we don't put any sort of family into each other's chain of command. Personal issues end up eroding official impartiality…or vice versa."

Regas frowns once more, "You make a good point, selfish acts we tend to do when trying to protect the ones we care about the most." He taps a folder, "I'm going to transfer her to Supply. That way, she won't report directly to me. I can't have my Aide acting in this fashion either."

Zaharis thinks about that for a moment, tapping his fingers against his mug. "What about putting her as Carter's aide, on the Hera? He could use one, and she is good at what she does…it'd just get wasted in Supply."

"I doubt he wants the trouble or responsibility," Regas smiles some, "You'l notice even Lt. Shem scattered the other way. You could use one too. I could also install her under Altair."

"Ask Carter before you assume. He might be happy to, you know." Zaharis smirks, then shakes his head. "And I'm out, I'd need someone that had at least some training in medicine."

Regas thinks on that a moment, "Excuse me a moment." He reaches for the comm, "Hera CIC."

"Sure." Zaharis takes the free few seconds to glance around Regas' table for signs of an ashtray.

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Hera CIC. Actual."

[Into the Wireless] Regas says, "Regas here, Major."

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Copy that, sir. What can I do for you?"

[Into the Wireless] Regas says, "I was told I should ask you before I make an assumption. Would you be interested in Ensign Peters as an Aide on the Hera?"

Zaharis smirks at Regas' phrasing.

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed pauses at that. "Peters, sir? Forgive me, sir, I want to ensure I heard you correctly. You wish to transfer Ensign Peters to the Hera?"

[Into the Wireless] Regas says, "Yes, Major Carter. Ensign Pepper Peters." He pauses, " She actually mentioned it yesterday. Not caring where she was billeted. But I thought I'd see if you wanted the responsibility."

Zaharis steals Regas' ashtray off the desk, replacing it with something else heavy. The CMO's always been bad about actually asking if he can smoke in a room. Soon a cigarette's lit and he picks his coffee back up.

Regas is waiting it seems, must have surprised the Major more than he thought.

Zaharis is trying to wipe the smirk off his face. Poor Reed.

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed considers, "I believe I can understand the difficulty in her current position, sir. I'll have to advise you that her being stationed on the Hera will be exactly that. A billet assignment. She's your Ward, and that isn't transferable.

Regas has to smirk now too, as he looks up to the Doctor.

Zaharis couldn't hear Reed's exact answer, but he can probably guess from the look on Regas' face. Don't laugh, Doc, don't laugh!

[Into the Wireless] Regas says, "I never figured it would be, Major. Right now she is in AIQ, I will have her transferred over. She can finish out her AIQ on the Hera. Don't go easy on her. If she tells you to get your head out of your ass at any time, feel free to pull out the stops."

Now Zaharis laughs. Oops. He clears his throat and slouches in his chair, smoking.

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Copy that, sir. What is the duration of the AIQ?"

[Into the Wireless] Regas says, "Three days."

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Off AIQ three days hence, understood, sir."

[Into the Wireless] Regas says, "Regas out."

"I'm not so sure he was actually wanting to. But, he didn't turn it down. Just that, he isn't taking Ward responsibility." Regas opens up the folder and begins making a couple changes.

"I wouldn't expect you to give that part up anyway," Zaharis sits up to ash the cigarette. "This is for the best. Now her professional work is separate from whatever's personal between you."

Regas nods in agreement, "Yes, you are correct. This is the best and Reed is a good man. He won't allow her to run over him either."

Zaharis nods. "Pardon if I'm overstepping, but if I were you I'd tell her the reason you're transferring her. She'll respect you more if you do and won't think that this is some sort of further punishment. Which in turn will improve her attitude towards Carter."

Regas makes another note. "No, I don't think I will. She made that bed, she can lie in it." The folder is closed and tossed into his out box.

Zaharis shrugs. He takes a drag off the cigarette, smoke slowly curling, and looks at the burning orange end of it. "Are you going to talk to Altair?"

"I'm sure Altair will be on my doorstep," Regas looks at the time, "As soon as she tells him she is being transferred. I'm almost surprised I haven't seen him here yet. Getting those stories straight, must take some time."

Zaharis flicks the cig end into the ashtray and sits forward in the chair. "Or he's being smart and just letting things cool down first. Assumption of guilt's a dangerous thing, sir." He stubs out the smoke after a last drag and glances at his watch. "I should get start getting ready for that staff meeting. Anything you need from me?"

Regas looks at the time, "Damn, time flies," he rises up, "No. For now I think that'll do. I appreciate some of the advice, even it we don't see eye-to-eye on the rest."

"If we saw eye-to-eye on everything," Zaharis replies with a smirk, "I'd be pretty useless on senior staff, now wouldn't I." He stands and raises a casual sort of salute — he's off-duty, after all. "See you then, Commander."

Regas nods and reaches over to the comm again, picking it up, he has someone from the galley come up and get the tray.

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