Forming the Team
Forming the Team
Summary: Ramiro starts to form his sniper team, another fight breaks out.
Date: 20 ACH
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Marine Enlisted Berthings Genesis - Deck 10
21 ACH 6735 Souls

Ramiro is in the process of moving his footlocker to near the back of the room. Both lockers open, he's transferring items quietly while taking pauses to look over a few assembled notes on a pad on his mattress.

Lakis is just walking into berthings, coming off duty, she is removing gear as she walks. A cigarette hangs out of the corner of her mouth and leaves a trail behind her.

The hatch to the berthings open and Corporal Gars steps on in and shuts it behind him. Glancing down the room, he simply says "Marines" as he heads on over to the table, unzipping his jacket as he sits down and fishes out his waterbottle.

At the sight of someone entering, Ramiro looks up to see the trail of cigarette smoke. Tilting his body a little bit to see who it is, he blinks and then nudges his footlocker closed with his boot. "Hey Lakis…you got a moment?" He asks, giving a "Hooah" to Gars' introduction of himself. Sitting on his bed, he takes the pad of paper into his hands.

Lakis pulls off the vest as she opens her locker. A glance goes over her shoulder to Gars, "Nat," she says around the smoke and then fixates a look to Ramiro, "I got lots of moments," and she begins putting away her gear.

Gars looks on over at Lakis with stern eyes, his face hard as rock, his bottle caught halfway on its journey to his mouth. "What did you call me, troop?" he asks, almost growls, eyes never leaving their lock on the woman.

"Well I think you'd definitely want to spare one for the conversation I'm about to request with you." Ramiro says, standing beside his bunk to close the notepad. He turns his head to look at Gars for a moment, smirking quietly. He steps over to Lakis and offers her a hand to shake. "Lance Corporal Lakis, I'm Corporal Dane Ramiro, SST. I'm forming a team and the paperwork I've received says you're SST as well."

Lakis has to squint slightly as she looks back over to Gars and two fingers reach up to take the smoke out of her mouth as she blows a stream of it, "Nat. Got a problem with that Corporal? Mr. Gars, if you think that is something better," she places the smoke in a tray insider her locker and begins pulling off the black clothing, leaving the tanks underneath." Turning her head slightly, "Nice to meet you, Corp. I am. Off the Pandora."

Gars puts the bottle down on the table, his stern gaze ever aimed at Lakis. "You better listen good, kid, cos Im only gonna say this once; Mouth off to me one more time, and I will rip that pretty head of yours clean from your shoulders. I am Corporal to you, troop. You dont get to call me by name, and you sure as hell dont piss me off without suffering for it. Consider yourself lucky that Corporal Ramiro has business with you, Tits, cos otherwise you would know what it means to have a boot up your ass." He keeps his eyes on Lakis for a brief moment before he looks on over to Ramiro, "Carry on, corporal." And with that, he finally takes a sip from his bottle of water.

"You call one of my snipers 'Tits' again Corporal and you're going to have a small SST squad's worth of feet up your ass." Ramiro replies flatly, looking over his shoulder to Gars. Smirking quietly, he looks back to Lakis and taps his pen against his notepad. "I've been given permission aside from my rank to handle an SST squad on an important away mission in the future, and I'm pulling together all of the talent that I can. You interested?"

Lakis reaches in and takes a last drag of the smoke before putting it out, "Sure, why not," she tells Ramiro. "Sign me up. Excuse me a moment," then she turns and makes a walk toward Gars. Planting her hands on the table, the dogtags dangling from around her neck, she eyes the Corporal. "It's Lance. Not tits. In this military, we have a thing called…marines. There is no he and there is no she. There is just marine."

Gars keeps his eyes locked straight at Lakis eyes, murder hinted in them. "Corporal Ramiro" he finally says, lips trembling a bit from the anger he keeps within. "Would you be so kind to remove your newfound pet from my close perimiter before I take action… I would hate to see a promising career to end so soon in the frakkin' morgue. I have no time for frak-ups fresh out of basics to earn my fist flattening their noses. Understood, Corporal."

"Stand down, Lance." Ramiro says with a scratch to the side of his face. Chewing his lip for a moment, he steps over to stand beside Lakis and folds his arms across his chest. "Let me get this perfectly straight, Corporal." Ramiro starts, narrowing his eyes a little bit. "Did you just refer to a new addition to my sniper unit, a Lance Corporal, as a pet? Then, did you threaten her with physical violence including mortality? I believe your words were that you'd hate to see a promising career end up in the morgue?" His eyes shift to Lakis. "Did I hear this correctly, Lance?"

Lakis watches that murder in the Corporal's eyes and there is just a very, slow smile that rises up. "I'm hades and gone from basic, old man. But, if you think you can put me in the morgue, you are far from wrong. Now, shut the frak up, before you end up looking out your ass after I shove your head up it." She straightens up and glances to Ramiro, "Heard the same thing you did."

Gars gets out of his chair and walks on over and places himself no more than two inches from Ramiro, eyes burrowing into the other Corporal's skull. If it was possible, steam would probably be vetned from his ears by now. "Now you listen to me, Corporal Frakkhead; You my share my stripes, but I still have the lifetime and the experience of a frakkin Staff Sergeant. What you think you know, dont add up to shit compared to what I know, corporal. Understood! Just because you earned your stripes for a dumbass move in a combat situation, which should have earned you a flogging if anything, dont put you on my level on experience and knowhow. You are a frakkin' maggot, the same frakkin magot when you were forced to call me Staff. Clear, Corporal Ramiro? What you add up to aint even worth the shit I spit on compared to what I've seen and what I've done. So you better frakkin Man Up, troop, and become a Marine, and stop acting like some peace luvin' liberal. You want nice and tiy, you run off and be a civilian… And take Lance Corporal Tits with you. Are we clear? Corporal?"

Ramiro doesn't budge one inch, he doesn't even blink. Standing directly in Gars' face, Ramiro's eyes narrow. "No…" He says with a cool, relaxed attitude. "…you listen to me Corporal." Ramiro starts, not backing down from the Corporal one inch. "Junior high math student trending quizzes show that by this time next week I very well may outrank you. You don't seem to understand that we're fighting a war against the Cylons and not ourselves. As far as I see, you also can't seem to figure out that unless you fix your frakkin' attitude, your experience is going to be well utilized while you're cleaning grease traps at the sports bar in the civilian sector." Ramiro pauses. "You are going to stand back, you are going to clear out of my sight, and you aren't going to say one more word to me or I promise you Corporal, your threats to Lance Corporal Lakis aren't going to be well received by either your commanding officers or the MPs that I am going to personally contact."

"I am a frakkin' MP. And I'm off duty at the moment. But if you call me tits one more time, I'm going to finish this," Lakis begins moving off to her locker again. "Asshole. Last thing I need is some handjob off a lunatic."

"Ramiro" Gars says, on the verge of exploding, yet he keeps it contained for now. "You're in dangerous territory, way behind enemy lines. And you're gonna make a poor NCO. You wanna know how I know? Because you run off to brass and the MP's at the first sign of trouble. Cant handle shit on your own. A weak, insignificant, useless magot who cant get shit done without running off to Brass. Because you're no Marine… You're a liberal frakkhead playing soldier, to fight the good fight. Well you just wait, Corporal. When then this war really kicks in… You just wait. And we'll see how long this polished exterior will make it." And with that, Gars takes a step back from Ramiro, his face one giant frown, and looks on over at Lakis. "Lance Corporal!" he calls out loud and clear, "If you wanna have a swing… Go for it. Atleast you will act like a Marine, and not hide behind Brass." He looks back at Ramiro, "Cos thats what Marines do; We dont back down, we step up." Looking back to Lakis, Gars removes his jacket alltogether, "So how about it, Tits… Wanna dance?"

"I warned you." Ramiro says with a shrug, shaking his head. "Lance, don't get yourself put in the brig. We're gonna need you out there." He says as he turns, heading towards the wall. "I am not dirtying my hands for your bullshit, Corporal. I've been on more combat drops in this engagement than you have and this supposed flak you toss my way is just an attempt to back me off of a promise I made to a fellow soldier. This weak, insignificant maggot has been rewarded, killed five cylons so far, and was a part of the away team that made sure we have the Carina." He pauses by the intercom. "I'm not going to wait for you to frag someone, not when we're this desperate. Go frak yourself. I'm sick of your shit." He slaps the button. "Available MPs to the Marine Enlisted Barracks."

"Mutherfrakker, I don't back down. And I don't follow Major Zeus because he's a pussy." Lakis looks at Ramiro, "Wait, Corporal. He wants an ass whooping? I'm the girl, we Saggies don't back down either." She walks back over to Gars, "So, dickless, what's it going to be. Five rounds in the ring. If you think your old ass can stand up that long."

Gars leans in towards Lakis, just about ready to go critical; the veteran riled up like an angry dog. "That's it, Marine. That's the spirit. Dont take shit and deal out harm. I say we go til one gives up. You wanna prove yourself, this is it. I can take a beating, cos Im a Marine. When we go down, we go back up." He nods as a feral smile begins to grow on his lips. "A Marine needs balls first and foremost… And you seem to have a pair, Lance… You ready to take it as far as need be?"

"Lance Corporal." Ramiro says, leaning away from the intercom and stepping over to them. "We have a sniper team to assemble and spotters to train. Only so many of us available and I have no turnaround time on when we're getting the call. I need you cool and frosty, Lance." Ramiro says, shaking his head. "I'd hate to deny you the asswhooping he's earned, Lance, but we've got alot of work to do and I'm going to need you as my second." He looks to Gars. "Your belief about what the corps is and isn't doesn't decide right and wrong, Corporal. You want someone to step up? I just did. I gave you a chance to back down, and like I said before, I'm not going to wait for you to frag someone before you get your shit straightened out." He pauses. "Now back down. This is over."

"Atleast, I don't have to suck mine up into my ass to talk. You ain't no frakkin' marine. You are a lit fuse waiting to happen, I just happen to be the only one that isn't going to take your shit." Lakis continues to meet Gars face to face and her voice lowers to a hard tone, her words fair warning, "Just remember /Corporal/ you are going to need a marine to save your ass one day, or haul it out of somewhere, and we won't be there."

Eli does show up with a couple other MPs, we'll call them Cheech and Chong for now okay? Or Mork and Mindy…it doesn't matter. Eli lingers in the hatchway for a few moments before she just draws her side-arm, flicking the safety off and holding it pointing down towards the floor as she just stands there and looks from person to person. "There better be a frakkin' good reason why a call went out for MPs or somebody's getting a lead colonic…" She does /not/ look happy.

"Mister Do-it-by-the-book" Gars says about Ramiro, eyes never leaving Lakis. "You know what my experience is from NCO's doing shit by the book… They get Marines killed." He pauses briefly as he studies the insides of Lakis eyes. "Backing down, is that it, Lance? Didn't have the balls after all… Just a clean shaved pu…" Gars is cut off in midsentance though as Eli makes her/himself known. Looking on over, Gars takes a step away from Lakis and seems to calm down a bit. "I believe the call was made by Corporal Ramiro, since he did not want two Marines to sort out their differences, Sergeant." He then reaches over for his jacket and pulls it on without zipping up.

Folding his arms, Ramiro turns to Eli and gives her a flat, apologetic look. He doesn't seem one bit phased by Gars' catcallings. "The expert on what gets marines killed here threatened the life of Lance Coporal Lakis." Ramiro says flatly. "His exact wording was that if I didn't take my new pet away from his perimeter that he'd take action, and would hate to see a promising career to end up in the morgue." He slides his eyes to Lakis. "…for starters."

"There isn't any NCO's in here, asshole," Lakis begins and then when he starts on that gender crap again, she's far too close. And raised in a world where your fists speak for you. So, as the Corporal is pulling on that jacket, her fist is lining up for his jaw.

<Opposed Roll> Lakis - Unarmed_Combat versus Gars - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Lakis: Fair <Roll2> Gars: Superb
<Result> Gars WINS by 3.

Eli keeps that gun out as she looks from person to person, those icy blue eyes flickering with all her retrained emotions, expression shifting from stony to incredulous and then back to stony as she sucks her two front teeth as just continues to stare and listen. "Did every person here miss out on that lovely speech talkin' about our duties and responsibilities and options that the CO gave? And the…what did…the Major say again, OH, RIGHT: Any form of disrespect to ranking members of the Navy or Marines, INCLUDING disrespect of FELLOW Marines will be subsequently punished with 48 hours in the Brig, charges of Insubordination and recommendations to JAG for one full rank level of demotion. Marines persistent in pushing this envelope will be considered in attempts of Mutiny and responded too accordingly. - " Whatever she was about to say is cut off by Lakis swinging and she doesn't raise her voice yet. "Lance. Please stand down. Corporal…" She nods firmly to the other two MPs she's with to move forward and try to get in between the two.

<Opposed Roll> Gars - Unarmed_Combat versus Lakis - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Gars: Fair <Roll2> Lakis: Poor
<Result> Gars WINS by 2.

Lakis's swing is noticed in the corner of his eye, and suddenly Gars swings out with an arm and catches the incoming fist and sweeps it aside. In the blink of an eye, the veteran has caught Lakis in a grip and slams her against the table, her arm twisted behind her back and her neck pressed down hard by the Corporals other hand. "Wrong move, Marine!" He growls as his eyes light up with the fierce fire of adrenaline.

"CORPORAL!" Ramiro growls, stepping to the side of the confrontation. Trying not to get fingered as an involved party by the MP's, he makes his best effort with his good left arm to try to ensure that the tangle-up doesn't turn to much more than wrestling. Sadly, he's handicapped in the situation or else he'd do more.

Lakis grunts as she hits the table and her arm is pushed up behind her back. She does manage to keep her face from hitting that faux wood though, "I've..had better..fraks. Without the ..lube. Is that all you got? Or is this what gets you hard? Is that it, Nat?"

<Opposed Roll> Eli - Unarmed_Combat versus Gars - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Eli: Great <Roll2> Gars: Superb
<Result> Gars WINS by 1.

Eli is holstering her side-arm quickly, swearing almost violently as she moves forward quickly, not before Gars can work on practicing making porn on Lakis's shapely (okay, not really it is kinda skinny) ass. And she reaches out quickly to try to pull Gars off of the woman, but the angle is awkward and it doesn't quite work as smoothly as she expected when she grabbed him by the back of his shirt. "Why the frak doesn't anybody frakkin' listen…"

<Opposed Roll> Ramiro - Unarmed_Combat versus Gars - Unarmed_Combat
<Roll1> Ramiro: Fair <Roll2> Gars: Fair
<Result> DRAW!

Stepping around the fight, Ramiro stalks in and wraps his left arm around Gars' elbow. Trying his best to keep his right arm out of the fight, he pulls and finds no purchase. "Break it up!" He grunts, entering the dogpile.

Frown on his face, eyes hard and alight with inner fire, Gars' grip on Lakis is ironforged, even as people begin to tug and pull on him. But with the MP's in the room, the fight was over before it even began; Allowing himself to be pulled back, he steps away from Lakis and the table, adjusting the fit of his t-shirt and tanktop after the little skirmish. "You just might make it as a Marine, Tits" he says to Lakis as he takes a few seconds to regain his breath. "Alright, sergeant" he then says and looks on over at Eli with eyes that could burn hole in a hull, "Get on with it."

OOf and OOf and..well, she is skinny. Skinnier than those guys anyway. There is a slight wince on her face as it gets a bit redder from her trying to breathe with the weight on her. Then he backs off and she remains there, still a moment and brings her arm around to get her bearings. But, he just can't let up, can he? She rises up slowly and turns around to look at Gars. There is some light in her eyes that is a little surreal at the moment, like when she sights a prey at a thousand yards. "Sleep with one eye open," and she steps up a bit closer.

Eli looks a bit like she might blow the frak straight up…it is all repressed inside, a glint in those ice blue eyes and she just takes a step back as her jaw sets. "No fighting in the berthings. People get fiesty with each other and rough house, but no fighting." She looks between Ramiro and Lakis. "I suggest all involved take a walk or hit the gym to calm the frak down." Then she turns on her heel and heads for the exit hatch. "Unless the Lance wants to say she was attacked or harassed sexually or physically by the Corporal, there is no grounds for arrest. This time." She pauses to look to Lakis questioningly.

"Cmon' Lance…" Ramiro steps back, checking to make sure he didn't pop any of the stitches in his right arm. Looking over the situation, he glances to Eli for a moment and nods. He opens his mouth, about to say something, but appears to change his mind. "…Lance you got your rifle ready for checkout and inspection? We need to find you a spotter."

Lakis rolls her neck a little to ease the tension and a soft crack is heard, "As an MP on this ship, I've been put into a position to become the law. I enforce it and protect people against assholes like you, Corporal Gars. I spoke to you like a marine and you spoke to me like some scum I'd scrape off the bottom of my shoe. You are up on charges. Enjoy staying in my brig, Corporal…"

"And what charges are those, Lance?" Gars growls. "Demanding a boot fresh out of basics to refer to her superior by rank, since her superior has earned that respect out in the field, neck deep in mud, blood and shit. You dont call me by name, Lance Coproral. Not until I allow you to do so. And I do believe that is what I asked of you, when you decided to mouth off in my face… So why dont I put you up on charges… Or do we settle this like Marines up in the gym? Well? How about it… Lance."

And…that is all Eli needs to hear, pointing to the other MPs and then to Gars with their cuffs and all. She doesn't trust herself to touch the man right now, fighting is bad! Nobody cuffs him quite /yet/. "You heard the Lance. Corporal, I'm going to politely request that you stop talking. Please. For the love of the gods, shut the frak up." She looks to Lance. "I heard that he physically threatened you, that is harassment, he put his hands on you…that is assault, but I need to know what you want him charged with." A questioning look to Ramiro. "I may need you for a witness statement seeing as I was not here."

"I'll stand as witness." Ramiro replies, nodding to Eli as he moves out of the way of the MPs. Folding his arms across his chest, he doesn't look to Gars. "You'll get everything you need from me, Sergeant." He adds, looking to Lakis and nodding approvingly.

Lakis has had it and that Saggie temper comes to bear, "Listen mutherfrakker, you don't know shit about me. Keep your opinions to yourself. Someone dropped you on your head too many times. You'll get respect from your squadmates, when you act like that smart old veteren you claim to be." She swings a look at the MaA, "All of it. Sexual harrassment, Assault, and diarreha of the mouth, Sergeant."

Gars looks on over at Eli with a huge questionmark on his face. "I am being arrested for telling a Lance Corporal to call me by rank? For clarifying to her that a girl fresh out of basics dont get to chew me off as she pleases? That is what I am getting arrested for? What kind of frakked up operation are you running here? What is this; The Marine Corps or a frakkin daycare-center run by wetnurses and liberals? What are you? Army Infantry?"

"No, you're being arrested for sexual harassment and physical assault…" Eli waves a hand vaguely and just looks fed up with the entire thing. "We'll take testimonies from all the parties involved and if by any chance there was some type of mistake and this is all some horrible misunderstanding and you've been misinterpreted somehow? Then it'll be cleared up now. Please put your hands behind your head, and allow the MPs to handcuff you unless you want to add resisting arrest to your list of charges as well? Which I highly doubt seeing as you are such a valuable member of our armed forces, it would be a shame for you to have to be brigged longer than absolutely necessary." She's angry. She gets more formal the madder she gets.

Ramiro turns to Lakis, reaching to the side and grabbing his notepad and pen. "You'll have my report ASAP, Sergeant, CC'd to my CO." Ramiro says, looking to Lakis. He nods to her quietly and silences out the background noise for a moment. Keeping Gars within his peripheral vision, he starts to act like this was a minor distraction. "Allright, Lance, if you're in then I'll send the right messages out. I plan to have us prepping within the week…"

"Yeah," Lakis comments to Ramiro and heads back to her locker area. She is already reaching for her smokes and lighting one up. "I'll be there, just let me know when."

Gars moves his hands to the back of his head and clasps his fingers together, looking less than pleased about the situation. "Go ahead, Sarge; Wont get any trouble from me." He lets out a sigh as he watches the MP's… The man has no illusions that the CO will probably pull out a gun when he comes to see him tomorrow.

Eli bows her head, looking a bit relieved. Or maybe her eye just itches…either way she gestures for the MPs to lead Gars out once he's cuffed and she steps aside so they can lead him out of the hatch. Then she nods firmly to both Lakis and Ramiro. "Evening." And turns to prepare to follow.

Taking his pad of paper over to his bunk, Ramiro nods to Eli and turns his back on Gars. Stepping over to his bunk, he pulls out some paper to prepare for a formal report and sits down. "Allright I've got two to write now…" He looks to Lakis. "You have a spotter in mind or will we need to find you one?"

Lakis sits down on her bunk to pull her boots off now and she fiddles with the laces, glancing up. "My spotter was killed on the Pandora," she tells him and takes another drag off the smoke while she finishes untying her boots.

Ramiro nods quietly, making a note as he starts to file his reports. "I have one other on the short list coming our way so far, I have yet to verify if his preference is as a spotter or a shooter, but I'm hoping for three teams." He looks up. "You heard what the boss said about future missions at the all-hands right?" He pauses. "We're going to probably get alot of terrain to scout."

"I heard," Lakis pulls one boot off and then another. The socks get balled up and tossed into her laundry bag. "I'd rather have my ass on the line with some cylons than half the frakkin' marines in this unit. I'm about to go back to the Pandora and stay there instead."

"Allright, but I may have you come back. I want to get the unit together in one place, move the bunks all together. Work, train, and eat together so that we're cohesive." Ramiro pauses. "I'm not looking for loose cannons, I need people that see the bigger picture…" He thumbs towards the door. "So don't worry, your spotter won't be like that."

Lakis raises her head up to look at the hatch and then she stands up. Who knows what is in her head about that. She pulls a towel from the locker and clean clothes to sleep in. Which consists of a t-shirt and shorts. "I can do the job. Just ask Zeus, if you need the reference."

"No I'm not talking about you." Ramiro replies, looking over to her. "You had a right to be mad. I'm eventually going to clock that frakker in the face…" He motions to his healing right arm. "I'm just letting you know that I'm focusing on making sure we're all in the right mindset. We're going to be way far ahead in danger-zone, I'm assuming. Prep for isolation." He smiles. "The smoke gonna make you cough on the line?"

"Don't worry about me. I can take care of myself," Lakis stubs the smoke out, "No." She then shuts her locker and begins heading to the showers.

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