Frakkin Fuel Fiasco
Frakkin Fuel Fiasco
Summary: Chief Tauro and Crewman Adelaide begin to uncover and discuss a fuel mixture problem on deck.
Date: 123 ACH
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After the departure of Major Desusa, Chief Tauro leaves the maintenance bay and comes back into the main deck. He's got a bit of a clenched jaw and a serious expression as he scans the deck to make sure nothing has gone terribly wrong since he was in the other bay.

Adelaide is slambing around Wolf's viper and she doesn't look happy at all which is strange for the happy go lucky doesn't give a frak about anything crewman. She's had a rough few weeks and it's starting to tell on her.

The Chief spots the crewman slamming around in a Viper and sighs, looking like he's mad at himself a bit. He wipes that expression before he heads over to her. "Crewman, hitting the Viper won't make it work." He says seriously, but there is at least a hint of humor in his voice.

Adelaide looks up at the chief. "You know I don't give a frak what people think of me, but I get so pissed off when that guy can just start acting all very unprossional and then start spouting off at me about my mouth. Yeah my mouth is not what the military wants, but I don't care. chuck me out if you think someone can do my job better." she goes to slam down the wench. "I'll just go find a whole to call in drink myself stupid and stop getting rejected and treated like crap by officers because I'm a frakking enlisted knuckle dragger." She pissed.

The Chief lets her rant, because clearly she needs it. When it attracts the attention of some of the people on deck, he gives them a scattering look. When she's done, Tauro gives a few moments and then starts in. "I'm enlisted, Ade. I know what it's like to be bossed around by officers. Gods, a frakkin' nugget has got more pull than I do." He laughs and shakes his head at the very thought of it. "Getting yelled at by officers is what we knuckledraggers do best. I like the fact that my deckhands can tell me what they think, that we can be friendly, that on deck - we're a family."

Adelaide looks a little more calm now but it's apparent she's not happy. "He was cool one second then starts laying in. Lords of Kobol I'll never get a commission, next time I get that idea into my head just beat me around the head a few times…Now about this fuel stuff, you be seeing something not right also?"

"Ha, don't say that yet. Not like there's an Officer's school anywhere anymore. Might be seeing Captain Yama any year now," the Chief chuckles. On a more somber note, he nods at the fuel thing. "Been hearing that from a lot of hands. If we don't get this worked out, these birds aren't flyin'. Hell, they might just blow up on ignition."

Adelaide sighs softly as she goes to knee down and takes some of the fuel out of the tank with a little pan. "Might wanna get this down to science and see what they can make of it. Check the formula and stuff I don't know I'm just an enlisted nobody."

"Science might figure something out. But that won't come fast enough…" The Chief remarks, sighing again. "Can't have planes intermittently not having their engines turn on or exploding due to fuel mix."

Adelaide pauses her lips. "I don't know what to suggest other then we might need to talk to command and ground as many fighters as we can until we know what's going on. Then see if we have other fuel and just hope that nothing attacks us until we get over this."

Chief Tauro and Crewman Yama are crouched next to one of the newly returned Vipers, with a pan of fuel in front of them, presumably drawn from the engines. "I'm gonna get Major Zimmermann down here if she's free." The Chief tells his Crewman and heads for the nearest wall-mounted wireless. He picks up the headset and speaks into it, "Chief Tauro for Major Zimmermann. Page her to Hangar Bay B on priority." He hangs up and heads back towards Adelaide as a voice comes on over the ship, "Major Zimmermann to the hangar deck, Major Zimmermann, priority on the hangar deck." As he returns, Tauro hops onto a Raptor, entering the cabin to check a display on the fuel.

Adelaide hmms softly and nods her head. "Good idea, she's good people and I have worked with her a few times, engineers tend to have knowledge." She hmms softly and dips her finger in it. "We need to see what's in this crap, we also need to find out whom made it and see if there's a itemized list of ingredients."

Rhea comes as she's bidden not long after the page goes out. Likely straight from the main engine room or some other tech job, as her fatigues are in the standard mid-shift sweat-and-grease state. She's likely happier for it. "Chief!" she hollers, clomping over to meet Tauro. Her voice has a barking quality, but it seems more an attempt to project over the noise of the hangar deck than anything else.

"IN HERE!" the Chief booms out of the Raptor he's in with his thick, raspy Aerilon brogue. "We've got a serious problem 'ere. Fuel mix is all wrong in the birds we're looking at. Volatility could make 'em explode, or just make the stuff as productive as water."

Adelaide looks up at the Engineer and snaps off a salute just in case she wants to growl at her. "Ma'am, thanks for coming down. I'd like to get a sample to science and maybe also get the formula for this stuff see if someone placed in something not good." She smiles tightly.

Rhea heads straight over to the Raptor, slim frown coming to her face as Tauro explains the trouble. Any salutes are acknowledged briskly, and given an "As you were" just as quickly. She lays a hand on the Raptor's hull, giving it a once-over. "Fuel mix?" She makes a low "Hrm" sound. "I can rush a sample up for chemical work. This widespread, or just a in this particular bird?"

"That would be great if you could, thanks, Major. Don't have that many dealings with the science folk." Tauro tells the Major. "That's what we're trying to find out. So far, I count two vipers and this bird." He takes a step past the Major to Adelaide. "Crewman, can you gather some free hands for a spot check?"

Adelaide nods her head up and down a few times. "I'll get a list drawn up also Chief and check every one of these birds I'll leave it on the white board do everyone knows where we at. I suggest the flight crews check their own bird and then we can all pitch in with the Raptors."

Rhea lets out a low chuckle at Tauro's bit about the 'science folk.' "They're strange creatures, Chief, but there's nothing to fear about them so long as you don't make any sudden moves." Still, she's too concerned, and curious, to joke too much. She keeps her hands on the Raptor, hazel eyes still traveling over it. As if looking at the machinery helps her think. "When did you notice this? Just wondering how wide-spread it might be. If it's something funny with our refueling stations down here, that's one thing, and I figure we can suss it easy enough. Be a major frak-job if there's a problem with the fuel supply at large, especially if it got into the civvie shuttles. Not to mention Genny's own tyllium system."

And in comes darting a little medical officer, clipboard in hand, concerned look on her face. She pauses at the edge of the hangar bay, looking around curiously - as if she's searching for someone. At least she's out of the way. Up on tiptoes she goes, then she starts skirting the edges of the room, dodging people and equipment.

"Thanks, Ade." Chief Tauro quickly tells the crewman before turning back to Rhea. He offers a fleeting smirk at her crack about scientists, but is also too serious at the moment. "I've been getting a report here or there about it for two days, but I just figured the injection system was shot. It's not." He sighs and clenches his jaw for a moment. "Leave us sitting ducks without an effective CAP, let alone the whole squadron."

Adelaide nods her head slowly at the chief. "No problem Chief." She says going to wonder off towards the whiteboard, she grabs the marker from the top and begins to write down a notice on it.

Rhea doesn't notice Melia skirting about. She has eyes for the Raptor at the moment. She lets out another thoughtful "Hrmph" snort. "You ruled out a mechanical problem with your system down here, then? Well. We'll figure it out. Should be able to fix it once we know where the problem's originating. I'll get your fuel up to the aeronautics lab for analysis. I'll have them take a look at the fuel in the main engines, while they're at it. And I think I'll send out a wireless message to the other tech crews on the ships in the Fleet. Let them know it might be prudent to give their fuel stores a check. I'm getting a little paranoid about little malfunctions these days."

Melia makes her way toward the group thanks to the overland route, once she apparently spots who she's looking for. For whatever reason, Chief Tauro has the little woman's attention. Once she approaches, though, it's Rhea to whom she speaks. "Evening Major," she calls from safe distance out.

"Also need to get the CAG and the CO informed. Frak, I hope this is small." Tauro says as he walks out of the Raptor, plopping down onto the deck. He gives Melia a small, "what are you doing on the deck" face, but doesn't address her. "PEOPLE LET'S MOVE ON THIS CHECK! SHIP-BY-SHIP, LET'S SEE WHAT BIRDS HAVE WINGS." The Chief booms across the deck, seeming to make everyone in orange overalls double-time it.

Adelaide finishes writing on the board and wonders back to the Chief, Melia is given a quick nod before she starts to inform the Chief what's going on. "Ok listed all the vipers and I'll begin to check em tomorrow. If there's nothing else chief I'm going to clock off and get some down time unless you want me to stay I don't mind either." She nods towards a few people coming on the Deck. "My replacements are here."

"Hope so, too," Rhea says, giving Tauro a nod and leaving him to his work. "I'll send something out to the CAG and the big brass once I've got your fuel up for analysis. Small. We can hope." She goes to get a fuel sample from a deck tech. Spotting Melia once her attention's up from the Raptor. "Ensign?" she calls back. "Good evening." She sounds a little curious to see the medic on the deck.

Mellie dips her head to Adelaide before turning back to Rhea, smiling. "Sorry to bother you, Sir. I just need to talk with Chief Tauro whenever you all are finished what you're doing here. Don't want to interrupt." She tucks her clipboard under her arm, remembering to salute. "Major Zaharis' orders. But I can come back if needed."

"Get some rack time, Ade. If this problem is as bad as I think it is, you're going to need it." The Chief tells the crewman. "My shift is up too, but not anymore. Have a drink for me." He stomps a bit down the deck where a deckhand is mopping. "Specialist Zachy, we've got a major emergency on our hands, so if you could stop shining the deck!" He barks at the female mopper. She shifts here eyes innocently and moves to help the rest of the crews with the fuel check.

Adelaide nods her head slowly at the Chief. "Going to have a card game in the Ares bunks, come join us later if your stuff up. Got me some moonshine so we'll have something to drunk not much but enough to get us merry."

Rhea acknowledges Melia's salute with a faint, crooked smile. "No interruption, Ensign. We were finished for the moment, I think." She gets her fuel sample. "I can walk you over to the Chief if you like." To keep the ensign from tripping over fuel lines and tools and what-not.

Mellie looks clearly relieved at Rhea's offer and she grins, nodding. "Thank you, Sir. That'll ensure I don't end up tangled up in the lines or face down under a Raptor." She steps over to Rhea's side, prepared to follow the woman through hell - er, the flight deck. "I won't keep him too long, promise."

Chief Obelix Tauro isn't making it easy for the meek medic to make her way to him. He's moving as fast as he can across the deck, using his intimate knowledge of the deck to deftly dodge between ships, power cables, tool sets, to encourage, yell, and cajole his crewmembers undergoing the very necessary spot check of the entire fuel supply on deck.

Rhea strides across the hangar deck without fear. She knows how to avoid electrocuting or impaling herself on random machinery. She keeps an eye on Melia to make sure the ensign navigates it well enough. "When you've got a moment, Chief!" she hollers, finding a workbench to wait next to. She doesn't get in his way, though. Assuming he'll wind his way 'round to them eventually.

When in doubt, and when one doesn't have marbles to throw on the ground to catch a running Chief, use the CEng. Safe, fast, and no one dies in the process. Mellie peers around, trying to spot the fast moving target. "Thanks, Sir," she tells Rhea quietly.

The Chief continues doing his job, checking in on a number of workgroups running fuel tests on the many ships on the deck. When Rhea yells at him, he throws up a vague arm gesture to indicate he's heard her. He does, finally, make it around to them, ducking under a Viper ladder and over some thick power transfer cables. "What do you need, Major?" He asks simply.

Rhea waits patiently enough. She's not about to interrupt a working man. "Ensign Sullivan needed a word," she says, with a nod over at said ensign. "Some Medical matter, I think. I can leave you both to it, if you prefer." She's standing over by one of the workbenches on the hangar deck, with Melia. Tauro's just approached them.

Mellie gives Rhea a warm smile then turns to Tauro. "Sorry to bother you, Chief, but Major Zaharis wanted me to coordinate with you and the Gunny about medical supplies and restocking for the flight deck. Do you have an idea of what you need, or would you prefer I do an audit of the kits?"

The Chief looks at Rhea expectantly as she hailed him. "Ah, no, I'm sure it isn't private, Major." He turns to Mellie and listens to her request with his usual all-business look. He laughs a bit after she talks about the first aid kits. "Ugh, sorry, just tha' the gunnie did an inventory. I signed it." He offers with a slight grin and a Aerilon brogue.

Rhea leaves the Chief and Melia to talk of first aid kits and things. Though she does add, "An audit of what we've got in the engine room and the machine shop's likely in order as well. Don't want to let those things get low in case somebody loses a finger."

Melia just blinks at the Chief for a long moment then dips her head. "Alrighty, then," she says with a small smile. "Sorry to bother you, Chief. Major's orders. I'll track down the Gunny and see what's going on with that." Then she dips her head to Rhea, smile warm and bright, as always. "Will do, Major. I'll have the audit done by the end of the week and will leave you a list of what's needed."

"Uh, no bother. Just the list already exists." Tauro tells the medic as nicely as he can. Suddenly, everyone's left him, and he's looking around as if he's forgotten something. He runs his hand through his hair in fatigue, and starts stomping across the deck again.

"I'll get you the analysis results as soon as I've got them, Chief," Rhea says to Tauro as he heads off. Then she turns back to Melia. "You done here, Ensign? I can give you an escort out."

Melia dips her head to Rhea and Tauro, chuckling. "I am, thank you," she says quietly. "Thank you both." Then she moves to follow the CEng out.

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