Fritzy Fuses
Fritzy Fuses
Summary: Darius and Rhea jigger with electrical bits. Pepper observes engineers in their natural habitat.
Date: 50 ACH
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Main Engineering Genesis - Deck 8

50 ACH 6285 Souls

Main Engineering is staffed by the Chief Engineer and his or her crew. There are enough monitors, flashing lights, back-up generators, consoles and various other areas to man the battlestar and keep it in top form at all times. Storage areas, locked areas, pipes, machinery and tools are all around the area. The desk of the ChEng sits in an area where it is the quietest so work can be done.

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-

Contents: Darius Rhea Magic 8 Ball Marker_Four Whiteboard Wireless

Exits: [O] Corridor

Special: +detail - Details available


Engineers… engineer. At least, that's what this one is doing. He's hard at work on his console. WHile a couple weeks ago he was pussyfooting around, just studying the ship, he apears to be getting actual work done at this point, if the screens on his console are any indication. Part glorified technician, part system designer and part all around geek… well, he's engineering. If the look on Darius' face is to be believed, he's staring down the barrel of something that downright pisses him off. He even scowls at the screen, "You -mother-board." Such language. "Frakking thing's gonna make me go bald."

Rhea has been on duty for awhile, from the slightly smudged look of her, but she's only just now returning to Engineering proper. She tends to roam the ship, and its various blinking and mechanical nooks. She makes a pass around the place, as she often does. Stopping briefly to chat with the duty officers about how this particular watch is going. Checking the reading on various vital systems. Just general getting her fingers on the pulse of the ship. Her pass eventually takes her toward Darius and his motherboard. "Fighting with the console, Sagona?" she asks with a grin. "Who's winning?"

"Major, that would suggest I'm throwing punches. Try, it's wrapping me in a straight jacket and attempting to have me sent to a large padded room." He narrows his eyes at the screen, "It's fine. There's a problem with one of the power distributors… one of the junior engineers spotted it.. it's on deck 11. I need to take it offline so I can remove it. Won't respond. So I go to the cutoffs… no response. And the junctions.. no response. It's basically a runaway train and won't let any of its neighbors tell it to reason. I'll get it, but it's a stubborn stain and I'm not about to shut down power to eight sctors just to get at it."

Rhea goes around to console, to stick her nose in it, a slim frown coming to her face. Not that she seems terribly worried. The frown is a thoughtful impulse. "Some of the Genny's distributors are a little tempermental…you've got to know how to finesse them to get them to do your bidding. Well, it doesn't look too serious. No reason to force it. You could go up to Deck 11 and trick it manually but there's no reason it shouldn't work from here…"

Darius nods, "At this point, I'm more likely to go to deck 11 and make sure it's busted at all. Nothing on this section of the grid is listening to me." He points to the components that refuse to listen to him, "No longer sure it's an electrical problem. Could be our computer. Maybe getting bogus readings, not sending kill commands. Seen it once or twice. Would explain why nothing seems to fix it. We're banging on the source of the problem."

Rhea nods shortly to Darius. "Best go to the source. I'll grab a tool kit and join you. I like to roam. Gives the upper brass less opportunity to trap me with paperwork." She strides purposefully off, to snag said kit. "Good to see you're putting yourself to good use now that you've got both your wings. You getting settled in?"

"Sure. Could use the company. Yeah. Settled in, I suppose." Darius locks his terminal and then stands, stretching for a moment, "Few of the newcomers take one look at me and start thinking of a new career path. Can't blame 'em." He chuckles a bit at that one, then starts towards the toolkits and the PDAs, "Ensign Quill's not edgy around me, at least. Very industrious character, that guy."

"I like Quill," Rhea says with a wry grin. "I admire a man who can jump into the deep end and not drown. Plucked him off the Carina. Civilian. Was an engineering professor on Virgon, in a former life. I'm making a snipe out of him yet, though." She slings her toolkit over her elbow. It's an old thing, but lovingly maintained. The ChEng takes good care of her tools.

Darius leaves for Corridor 8D [O].
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You head towards Corridor 8D.
You head towards Corridor 11D.

Corridor 11D Genesis - Deck 11

50 ACH 6285 Souls

This corridor runs Fore and Aft, or front and back. The corridors curve with the ship structure and are low-lit with halogen. Crew and personnel of the Genesis move along on their daily routes and duties around the ship.

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-

Contents: Pepper Rhea

Exits: [F] Corridor [H] Head
[RR] Ready Room [SR] Situation Room
[ST] Stairwell


Darius comes in from Aft Stairwell.
Darius has arrived.

Pepper is standing in the corridor, off to one side, reading over an open file. She's out of the main pathway, luckily.

Rhea strides up the stairs with Darius. Both are armed with tool kits and look set to do some engineering. She stops when she reaches her destination. Snorting. "The Head. Of course. It frakking figures…probably some asshole being cute, frakking with one of the ensigns' heads…" The proceeds to an electrical console adjacent to the Head. Frowning. All of Disapproving Mother.

Darius tends to default to a mean disposition, "Hate to imagine someone doing that. It's not cute and it's not a game." Normally his tone of voice doesn't match this at all. Right now, the scowl on his face and the sound coming from his mouth are in accordance. The man is in more dire need of a cigar than any other, "Something nasty hits the stern, penetrating damage, and this is one more datapoint we don't have and can't give to dam-com."

Pepper looks up, blinking, as she hears the voices and quickly sidesteps. "Sir," she says quietly to Rhea, offering Darius a small smile as well. "Apologies. I didn't think I'd be in the way."

"I doubt anything's really wrong with this here," Rhea says as she pops the panel. "Likely somebody joking around with the console readings down in Engineering. Even the jokers aren't stupid enough to really frak with the electronics. I'll go over the access logs and nail the appropriate ass to the wall when we get it seen to." Pity the tech at the end of that nailing. She looks up, blinking at Pepper. It's clear she just noticed the ensign, never mind her being in the way. "Oh. Ensign Peters. You aren't. This'll only take a moment. Haven't noticed any problems with the lights up here, have you? No funny sparking?"

Darius salutes Pepper near automatically, "You're just fine, sir." To Rhea, he comments, "Yeah. That's what I was figuring, too. Only sane explanation. You would need a very, very large set of brass ones to actually… well, enough said. We'd better check it out anyhow." He listens to Pepper while setting the toolkit down nice and gently. He's clearly every bit as considerate of these tools as Rhea is, even if he does swear at them a lot. The abuse is apparently verbal only. Out comes the screwdriver.

Pepper shakes her head to Rhea, shifting her folders so she can salute as well. "No Sir, Major," she says quietly. "Of course, I've been working and haven't noticed much." She dips her head to Darius, making sure to be out of the way. Well out of the way. And observing.

<Trait Roll> Rhea rolls Engineering and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

<Trait Roll> Darius rolls Engineering and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

"Let's see what you're doing to us, here…" Rhea mutters. Talking to the wires in the console, apparently. She pokes around, still frowning. Her eyes widen a notch. "Ah…So this wasn't a joke…Doesn't look like an actual failure, though…" She gently prods a couple of wires apart with one of her tools, to get a better look at the guts of the panel. "The communication point between this thing and engineering fritzed. Looks like it just shorted. Not too uncommon, this close to the all those water pipes. You got spare fuses in that thing, Sagona? That's all it should take."

Darius nods, peering at the inside of the ship. Pepper will notice lots of warning labels in here which basicaly say 'Don't touch: You'll die'. Naturally, that's not what happens. Darius is right there with Rhea, looking at the equipment with his tools. "Yeah. Looks like it. It's down the hall about eight panels over, I think. And I happened to bring some along." He glances down at the toolkit as if to indicate that he stashed them there. Meanwhile, he's screwing the panel back in place, "Thought it was going to be something like this. Explains why we couldn't analyse it remotely."

Ok, so she's curious. No harm in that, right? She creeps forward just a tiny bit - not getting in their way, but peering over shoulders at what's going on. her lower lip disappears between her teeth.

Rhea grins, nodding shortly to Darius. "Usually best to go right to the source with these things. Dig your fingers in. Some of the juniors still think the computers'll tell them everything." She gets her fingers out of the way so he can re-fuse easily. Looking over her shoulder, grin crooking at Pepper. "Just a tripped fuse, Ensign. Nothing of any import. More of an excuse for the Senior Chief and I to stretch our legs. You know anything about electrical work?"

Darius lifts the toolbox, "Well they shouldn't." Mutters the grizzled not-very-old engineer, "Damned thing's tech like anything else. Breaks all the time. Should get that just from electrical 101. Don't trust your meter, don't trust your computer… usually they act like it's damned magic." He nods to Pepper, "One of computer control ports is busted, so it looks to engineering like this part of the ship is all screwed up. It's not. We're screwed up."

Damn, caught! She offers Rhea a sheepish smile and nods. "I know nothing of it, Sir," she says quietly. "My curiosity got the better of me. I'd…best get off and out of the way. I have some reports to give to the Commander."

"You're not in the way. I've worked around bigger things than you, Ensign Peters," Rhea says. "Don't let us keep you. I would not inflict the Commander's wrath on anyone. But feel free to gawk if you're curious. Second-best way to learn. Best is doing, but randomly mucking around in electrical systems is a fast way to cook yourself." She quirks a brow at Darius. "It was Ensign Mercer, I'm guessing? The ensign has a head for design. He'll make a hell of an aeronautical engineer one of these days. But I'm still beating the college boy out of him. I think a week on maintenance duty with the electrical techs would do him good."

"Was, actually. You know your staff." Darius says it with out any surprise, but more than a hint of respect, "A lot of them seem like they'll be fine engineers once they get all the packaging off. Too much bubblewrap, a lot of them." He smiles at Pepper, the two making their way towards the appropriate panel. Remarks he, "C'mon. We'll show you the node. It talks to the electrical systems on this deck and lets us avoid having to walk in here to check on things, among other duties. So when it breaks, we're ultimately going to be stuck coming down here. This time, it just broke enough to give us crazy readings."

Pepper hesitates, then moves along behind them. "I'll stay back, out of the way," she promises. "And I have utterly no intentions of touching anything electrical or engineering related."

Rhea nods at that. "A lot of young officers. Lily Stephanos is my most senior, and she just got her jig pips. And there's Quill but, he's his own animal. He'd be an LT with his education, if the world were still in its right state and he could've gone through OCS. Of course, if there world were still in its right state, he'd have never accepted a commission. I've been given some freedom on how fast to track him. May bring him up a few pips, if he takes to leadership as well as he does to the tech end. You can never tell how a person'll react to that, but he kept his head on the Persius. Highly encouraging." She chuckles at Pepper's hesitation over the shocky wires. "Probably wise, Ensign. What is your track, anyway? You Tactical? Dream of playing the DRADIS like a piano?"

<Trait Roll> Darius rolls Electronics and achieves a degree of Superb (6).

"A good group. Which does remind me." Darius pulls out the power screwdriver and stops at a wall panel, "I've been meaning to speak with you about Ensign Quill and a project he said you gave him a nod for. He's biting off far more than he can or even should chew at this stage of the game." The screwdriver.. more like a hand-drill, really, makes the appropriate wherring noises while Darius takes the panel off, revealing the guts of a computer system. It smells like ozone. He takes a good whiff, "Now you see… that's just irritating. Looks like it's more than a fuse." He plugs his datapad into the machine and starts typing into it, "Voltages are funny. This whole unit might be suspect. We have enough to just flat out replace it, or is this going to have to be an immediate repair job?"

"Command Track, Sir," she says quietly to Rhea. "I'm currently the CO and XO aide and am hoping to have a commission of my own one day." Let's not mention the fact that she's also the CO's adopted daughter and has been dared to get near any male on the ship.

"My preference is always toward repair these days," Rhea says. "No sense scrapping something salvageable when we aren't going to get replacement parts shipped from Scorpia. Though I'll leave that to your discretion. You're the Wirer. I'm a Clanky at heart. Which project is that? Quill's got his hands in a couple of pots right now. He's an industrious fellow." She nods to Pepper. There are no men in Rhea's tool kit to thrust at the ensign, so she's momentarily safe from that. "I always liked to get know the Tactical folks. We spool the engines. They plot the jumps. Best to know your right hand."

"Oh, sure. Eventual repair. I wouldn't throw this out if it was filled with liquid spite, which I'm still not convinced all electronics aren't filled with…. our life situation itself being exhibit A." Darius starts to remove the computer system itself, "I don't want no data on this deck. Something goes wrong, we have backup systems, but I want us blind for as short a time as possible, especially in a mission critical area like this. "I was referring to the FTL mating project. Did he give you full details on that? He was very enthusiastic about mating the Persius FTL drives to the genesis."

Pepper finds herself a nice, comfortable wall to hold up where she's got a decent look at what's going on. She studies the work going on, but something Rhea says has her blinking in just a tiny bit of confusion. She just shakes it off, though, as if something just soared right over her head, squealing happily as it goes.

Rhea gives Pepper a sideways look at the blinking. Brows arching. But Darius has her attention at the moment, so the ensign is spared questions. For now. She nods to him, on both counts. "Act as you think best. I can station an electrical tech or two on this deck to monitor and babysit it, if you need to take the link to engineering offline for proper repairs. It'll give Mercer something productive to do, anyway." As for the FTL. "He ran that past me, yeah. It's a good idea. Whether it's workable in current circumstances is questionable, but it's in the realm of the theoretical now. And I think it's worth pursuing. The Persius' old Mercury engine isn't immediately useable for spare parts with our Valkyrie anyway. It'll take some tweaking however we go about it. Quill was hoping to use some of the techniques pioneered on the PAS to increase fuel efficiency. He's got a spare engine. Let him play. If nothing comes of it, we're no worse off. He he manages to turn it into something tangible, it might just be worth pursuing."

Darius finishes pulling the computer out of the wall. A veritable tangle of wires connects it, and he removes them with seemingly little concern for putting them in the right place after it's time to put it back. Apparently he knows this by heart. "Back at engineering." is his only statement to Rhea on the matter.

Pepper listens to the technobabble going on around her, head tilted slightly to the side. The tangle of computer bits has her eyes widening a little, hold tightening on the file folders. Oddly enough, there's a smile on her lips as she studies the way the other two work. It's not so much that she's studying -them-, but the way they work.

Rhea watches Darius' work with evident approval, though not surprise. "Good. That's one thing taken care of," she says. She slips her tools back into her case with case, snapping it shut, and standing. Attention back on Pepper. The kid's not getting off that easy. "Did you have a question, Ensign? You looked a little perplexed before." Not that engineers aren't perplexing creatures in their own right.

Darius sets the computer on the floor, then starts to secure the panel. He can't help but smile at Rhea's question to Pepper, but he's otherwise occupied on his work.

"Oh, no," she says quietly, smiling a bit. "Something you said was twigging at a memory, but for the life of me, I can't figure out why. Now, that red wire there, is it true that when you cross red and blue, something will blow up? Or is that just with explosives?"

"Blow up? In this case, probably not," Rhea says with a smirk. "Though you might fry an internal organ or two if your work gloves weren't tightly in place. You into Demo, Ensign? I'm certified to play with explosives, but it's not my forte. I'm better are fixing than exploding."

"If you're lucky," explains Darius, "The colors mean anything at all. Sometimes the colors don't and they just used whatever colors they had laying around." He finishes drilling the panel back in place, then puts his equipment into the toolbox, "There. I'll repair this. Please get a snipe to stop in here asap and plug in another unit if we've got one. Even with this fixed, I'd rather keep a fresh one on this deck."

Pepper looks between the pair then laughs quietly, sheepishly. "My apologies, Sir," she says, eyes twinkling a little. "I guess I have a non-Engineer's view of things. Kind of like someone asking the Commander how he flies his ship."

"Commander Regas flies this ship with the power of yelling," Rhea says, with fondness. "No better form of propulsion. Anyhow, Sagona, I'll send Mercer up as soon as I get back to Engineering. He spotted the problem. After a fashion. He may learn something useful knowing what exactly it was he saw. I'll send some electrical techs with him to make sure it's plugged in proper. He's a Mechanical himself. Can't trust us alone with the wires." She winks. Turning her grin to Pepper. "No apology necessary, Ensign. Me and mine work best with an audience. Makes us pull out our most dramatic tool flourishes." It's hard to tell if she's joking or not. The ChEng is a dry sort.

"No arguing with that logic. Tell them that I'll calibrate it once it's installed if they can't or don't want to. It's a hairpulling experience until you get the knack for it." Darius squats to lift both the toolkit and the computer. He keeps the computer under his arm, securing it so it won't fall and become more messed up than it already is. To Pepper, he remarks, "I swear we don't bite. Even though I'm told I have a smile that could light up a slaughterhouse." Deadpan as usual.

Pepper laughs quietly and dips her head. "I'm sure you do," she tells Darius softly. "I promise to stay away from it." Then she straightens. "Thank you both for the demonstration and the instruction. For now, I'd best get these files to the Commander."

"Speak for yourself, Sagona. I do bite. But only when provoked," Rhea replies to Pepper with a crooked half-grin. "Give the commander my best, Ensign. Tell him we're keeping the ship running for him. For today, at least."

"Of course you do. You're the Chief Engineer. If I had a bullseye that big painted on my ass, I'd bite, too." Darius chuckles to Pepper, "Was a pleasure to meet you, sir." and then heads back towards the staircase, electronics and tools intact, "I wonder what the service record on this unit is, anyway."

And off Pepper goes, a spring to her step and direction to her feet.

Pepper leaves for Aft Stairwell [ST].
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"You can pull up the service log on the computer in Engineering if you're curious," Rhea says, heading back toward the stairs. Returning to their darkened engine lair. "I've trained the techs to keep the ledgers accurately. I have a deep respect for proper logistics."

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