Full Metal Geekery
Full Metal Geekery
Summary: Reed goes over his analysis of some bits of buoy with Rhea, and shows off his mad science skillz.
Date: 11 BCH
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Main Engineering Genesis - Deck 8
11 BCH 2235 Souls

Main Engineering is staffed by the Chief Engineer and his or her crew. There are enough monitors, flashing lights, back-up generators, consoles and various other areas to man the battlestar and keep it in top form at all times. Storage areas, locked areas, pipes, machinery and tools are all around the area. The desk of the ChEng sits in an area where it is the quietest so work can be done.

Intercom Attention, Captain Zimmerman, 1213

You call wireless receiver 1213. You must wait for someone to answer.

Someone answers your wireless call. You can now use the 'private' wireless channel to talk to them.

[Private] Reed says, "PAS Deck 2, Carter."

[Private] Rhea says, "Genesis Engineering. Zimmermann here. You wanted a word, Major?"

[Private] Reed says, "Captain, your Metallurgical analysis is complete, may I invite you to Science Lab One on the PAS, Deck 2 to receive your report on the findings?"

[Private] Rhea says, "Ahhh. Excellent. On my way. Zimmermann out."

[Private] Reed says, "Carter out."

[Private] Reed hangs up the wireless and ends the call.

[Private] Rhea hangs up the wireless and ends the call.

Science Lab One Support Station PAS - Deck 2
11 BCH 2235 Souls

This room consists of a computer lab and a testing area of various minerals and soils that have been brought up from the planet below. The lab consists of scientists in gray, lab coats and their assistants. Four stations of desks with testing equipment has been set up around the room.

Contents: Reed Rhea
Exits: [O] Out

It doesn't take Rhea long to transit to the PAS. She's used to making the trip. She's washed her face and hands but she came straight from Engineering, so she's not completely polished. A scientist presses a lab coat on her as she comes in, which she slips on rather dubiously.

Reed is sitting at a computer station in the Science lab. Other scientists milling about, but none seeming to be working in depth. Beside the station Reed is at is a Science Materials case, open, in the lower half is a collection of the sample boxes the fragments came in, as well as foam cut indentations with other small cases. Micro slide cases, specificly. Reed himself is wearing a science lab coat, and his duty uniform and is leaning back, looking at the screen. As Rhea comes in, he looks over, rises, and lifts a hand. "Captain Zimmerman, please come in." He looks around. "Give us the room." The Scientists seemed to be expecting this and start filing out.

Rhea makes her way slowly to Reed's station. Having a look around the place. She grins faintly as she watches the scientists mill. "Major. So this is where the magic happens." She idly adjusts her lab coat, not used to the things. She maneuvers herself to his station, her grin quirking crookedly as she watches Reed at his screen.

Reed smiles, "No magic, Captain, just Science. Which, by the way has been endlessly enjoyable after months of administrative paperwork. Thank you." He moves to the case, reaching inside to tap the sample containers the fragments first came in. "Your pieces you sent. I had to shave off pieces from the fragments, two molecules thick for the scans. Those molecular shavings are here in suspension cases." He taps the micro cases. "they're ready for you to take them back. The report.." He pulls out a file folder FOUR INCHES THICK, and thuds it on the station countertop next to the materials case. "Is here." He really went to town. He opens the folder, and pulls out an octagonal CD data disk. "Also in this format. Shall we go over it briefly?"

Rhea blinks at the file. Taken aback by the girth of it. "You did all *that*?" she asks, letting out a long, low whistle. "Very…impressive." She nods, when he offers to go over it. Better than trying to translate Science-speak by herself. "Yes, please. I'm not exactly fluent in mineralogist." She's still grinning faintly. "You look at home here, Major. The lab, I mean."

Reed smirks to her, "I feel at home in a lab, Captain. Very much so." He reaches over the station, pushing a button as the CD tray comes out, and he places the CD in it, sending it into the station to access the information. A few keystrokes, and data starts coming up on the monitor. Reed sits and draws over a wheeled chair, gesturing for Rhea to sit and see the monitor. "As you can see here, the breakdown of the molecular composition is fairly standard for worked metals of Colonial construction. Iron, chromium, nickel and molybdenum, forming carbon steel." He shrugs, "Nothing too surprising there." He taptaps on the keyboard and moves on to another set of data.

"It suits you," Rhea says simply, obviously enjoying observing the major in his natural habitat. She sits in the wheeled chair, leaning in next to Reed so she can get a good view. "Standard Fleet issue for buoy's like that…" she murmurs, watching the bit of the show.

Reed taps the keys, pointing to a graph, "No outstanding Radiological signatures on the atomic scale or electron alteration indicative of high energy exposure to fissionable materials, it wasn't nuked." He taps the keys, and the screen changes, "Now, Kinesthetic Alloy analysis reveals something much more interesting." He shows a representation of something, stripes running along the horizontal plane. "This is a cross section cut of the sample. These striations, here indicate layered tensile alloys. The exact number of layers, I can't determine with these fragments, but I would put it somewhere in the five thousand range. Now that's interesting."

Rhea's eyes narrow at the graph, intent as she works the analysis through her brain. "I suppose that's sort of good news. I don't care for the idea of somebody playing with nukes on the Armistice line…" Not that she seems to have any cause for joy out of this data yet. "Five thousand?" Even to her non-geology mind, that seems high.

Reed nods to Rhea, "This material was bonded, over and over to be incredibly resilient." He taps the keyboard, showing a similar, but different representation, shot through with veins. "There are flaws running through the fragments, as you can see here. If these flaws were not there.." He shakes his head, "I seriously doubt that you'd have these fragments at all. The structure would have held firm and the entire object would have remained whole.

Rhea leans in a notch closer to study the veins, a slim frown coming to her lips. "Do you have any idea what caused them? Those flaws, I mean."

Reed shakes his head, "Difficult to say really. Massive collision damage perhaps, shockwave from conventional explosive is more likely. The bouy wasn't strong enough in my opinion to cause this.."

"Shockwave…?" Rhea murmurs, turning over the implications of that. She doesn't care for them. "So this…whatever it is, likely went through some sort of explosion before it hit the buoy." After a moment she adds under her breath, pondering, "…or was fired at it…"

Reed nods, "Possibly, but it's theoretical. I remember Professor Harf was the real expert in carbides in metallurgical structures, and there may be something in his later work that gives more determined light on this. I made a notation of that in the 'Continuing Research' section of the report. I've also included a file for you with all the data in database search format for you to take the data and feed it into your computers for matches either alone or in conjunction with reports from your other specialists." He sits back, "Wanna hear the grasping theories I cooked up?"

Rhea shakes her head. Not that she's not thrilled at all the data she's got to play with. The sheer geeky effort has her in awe. "You really put this thing through the wringer, didn't you?" she notes, crooking another half-smile at the major. "Yes. Please. The grasping theories are always the most fun." *re*

Reed nods, "Frakkin-A right I did." He smirks, and taps the keys, changing the screen to a turning line representation of the fragment, and addresses it as he speaks, "This is not intentional Shrapnel, it's made to hold together, not to tear apart and cause damage. It's definitely not a natural occurrence, it's not asteroid that's been melted into fused metal. This.. is a piece of Hull. From a ship that blew apart from mishap or intentional combat. It's not definitely Colonial, so Non Colonial sources, I cannot rule out, but it -could- be from an experimental craft of Colonial design that I've never heard about. Something with a new type of armor plating that was being tested out near the Arm line. Something that was bluntly blasted to frak till it finally gave out."

Rhea gets a chuckle out of that. "Frakkin-a…" she murmurs, smirking. Though her expression moderates as she lets the rest of that sink in. "An experimental craft? Hmmm… That'd certainly be preferably to the idea of something non-Colonial sending shockwaves out along the Arm's line… Would you be able to recognize this plating if you saw it again? On another vessel?"

Reed looks at Rhea, "Well, not by sight, no, but if I could do a comparative analysis on another sample, I could give you a reliable match or non match, yes."

Rhea nods shortly at that. "All right. I may have something else for you to play with, Major. If you don't mind." She distinctly doubts he will. Her eyes linger on the computer screen. "I still don't understand what the frak this thing was doing mucking around with a Fleet buoy. Maybe if your contractors get…whatever this thing was spitting out, deciphered, that will tell us more."

Reed nods, "Of course, Captain. Any time." He taps the keyboard, and the screen blinks, then the CD slides out in the tray. He takes the CD, slides it into a case, closes the case, takes the hard copy report, puts both copies of the report in the lid of the Science Materials case, and closes it, clicking the latches into place. Standard Sci-Fi Metal Briefcase. Squee! He slides the case to her. "I have a copy of the data in the Station files, under my own password, if that's satisfactory. That set of files and what's in the case are the only copies in existance." Top Secret Cearance areas work like that. Compartmentalized information.

"Understood," Rhea says simply as she takes the case. She's worked in Secret Squirrel Land for long enough to /sort of/ get used to it. Sort of. "Thanks again, Major. Oh. By the way. Did you get those Weps you were hunting for the other day? I can't imagine our troops would pass up the opportunity to play with the big guns on this place."

Reed nods, "Oh, yeah, I got an even dozen from your XO. They're working on the installation now. I'll be getting a report from them sometime later." He smirks to her, "So it's back to administration for me till you get something else for me to put through the wringer.

Rhea offers Reed an expression of sympathy. "Careful. Those paper cuts can be murder." She stands, hefting the case and rolling the chair back from whence it came. "I'll see if I can dig up something to distract you from the tedium of leadership."

Reed rises, taking off the science coat and nods, "I'd appreciate that. So enjoy your analysis and you know how to contact me when you need more information wrung out of metallic objects."

Rhea offers Reed a parting salute then strides out. Shrugging off her lab coat and returning it before she goes. Still looking awkward with the thing as she disposes of it.

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