Fred Ward
Fred Ward as Johnathon Vesperia Fulton

Name: Johnathon Vesperia Fulton
Callsign: Bossman
AKA: Boss
Age: 54
Branch: Civilian
Faction: Fulton Industries
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Businessman
Position: Owner/CEO Fulton Industries
Rank: None
Ship: Hera
Homeworld: Scorpia
Actor: Fred Ward

Johnathon Vesperia Fulton was, before the attacks, the mutli billionare owner of Fulton Industries. One of the largest technological and industrial forces in the Colony worlds. Fulton Industries is one of the main driving forces behind the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards and Fulton industries had multiple contracts with the Colonial Navy, producing ships, armors, onboard systems and nearly every form of aerospace structural technologies known to mankind.

Himself, Johnathon is a strong business force in the world of high finance, and is known for a pro military attitude, his lobbyists working with the Military to keep the Colonial war machine well oiled and moving forward. Those closer to him know that while his family started the company during the first war, Johnathon himself always had a childhood desire to be a Viper Pilot and is enamored with the imagery of the dashing Viper pilot. He is known to own the Hera, a Viper training vessel made by his company, which has been modified to serve as a pleasure craft, and large space yacht. The Heras class design is that of a Battlestar flight pod, modified to be a ship in its own right and carries the launch capabilities of half a full modern battlestar. The Hera is a heavily modified craft, holding his personnel collection of vintage shuttles, all armed and he is known for going on extended retreats with friends and a crew of well paid ex Navy technicians to go out somewhere, party, and fly around blowing up asteriods.


Fulton Interview: Interview given on 55 ACH

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