Fulton Fireball
Fulton Fireball
Summary: Fulton launches to test his refit on his ship.
Date: 90 ACH
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Caprican_Cloudburster_721 Destiny - Docking Bay
90 BCH 23817 Souls

The interior of this ship is immaculate, right down to the black carpeting and black leather seats. The ship holds four passengers comfortably, one for the pilot and three for the passengers. The leather lounge chairs swivel and the ride is smooth enough that not even a drink is spilled when enroute. A small mini-bar slides out from the back for the passengers use.

The Destiny's docking bay had the ability to hold up to a dozen shuttles at a time, before the attacks. Since then, space is a priority. Crates are stacked everywhere, and people bustle to and fro, loading/unloading cargo or simply waiting for their shuttle.

Shuttles land on an outer deck, open to space, and taxi into large hangar airlocks. From there, they are towed into the docking bay proper by small service vehicles. There are also several airlocks with jetway mechanisms that allow docking with other larger vessels and spaceports. Around the top of the expansive area, an upper level allows visitors to walk or jog for exercise, or simply watch the action.

Ship has landed. Use +launch to take off or leave to disembark.

Players: Fulton

Contents: Wireless 1773

[Colonial] "Bossman" Fulton says, "This is Caprican Cloudburster 721, logging the callsign Bossman. Repairs completed, preflight completed. Launching test flight from Destiny. Only be a few minutes."
Fulton takes off.

Fulton flies the ship to Space.

[Caprican_Cloudburster_721: Fulton] The Cloudburster leaves the Destiny dock, banking, thrusters firing. The sleek ship slicing through vacuum as a red streak in the night. The Cloudburster banks and angles, taking a few turns amidst the fleet.

[FireEater_702: Roz] Fireeater's ship rolls into line with the normal CAP formation out this morning. Her bird is pretty easily spotted with the painting across the nose of the ship and along the wing.

[Colonial] Roz switches channel, "Cloudburster, Fireater, switching to Colonial band. Scrambled. We've got you on our DRADIS."

[Tac1] "Bossman" Fulton says, "Fireeater, Bossman, copy that. Just testing out the new NAV System. Not going to be long out here."

[Tac1] "Fireeater" Roz says, "Copy that, Bossman, clear skies ahead."

[Caprican_Cloudburster_721: Fulton] The Cloudburster, slips in and out amongst the Fleet ships, moving in a different pattern to the CAP. At one point when it appears the Cloudburster is clear of other ships..

[Colonial] "Bossman" Fulton says, "Control, Bossman. Manual handles like a dream. New NAV system test ready. We'll see how they did with the instillation. NAV systam online.. now."

[Tac1] Another viper rolls up as the shoot along the ships, keeping an eye on the Raptor doing its range scouting out there.

[Caprican_Cloudburster_721: Fulton] The Cloudbursters attitude control jets fire, banking the ship as the main thrusters fire, the ship rocketing off into the fleet, taking a bead on the Assaultstar, accellerating hard.

[Tac1] "Bossman" Fulton says, "Control, Bossman. Manual control down. NAV system has overridden ship control, I am on CBDR with Pandora. Negative on NAV shutoff. Manual override, negative. Declaring loss of attitude control emergency. This frakking system has my controls frozen. Getting creative."

[FireEater_702: Roz] Roz banks her bird as the wingman on this trip banks the other way and they begin crossing each other's streams to form a figure eight. At the sound over the TAC, she pulls up short and does a flip.

[Tac1] "Fireeater" Roz says, "I've got you a little close to the Assaultstar formation, Bossman. Sitrep on those controls, over."

[Caprican_Cloudburster_721: Fulton] The Cloudburster rockets toward the assaultstar, flying directly and still accelerating. After a few more seconds of flight, the Cloudbursters attitude jets fire as the main engines shut down, and the ship goes into a spasm of attitude thrusters, the ships course changing before the whole ship starts flipping, end over end, the SMASH, the built up velocity of the ship carrying it away from the rest of the fleet ships, out of control, dark, and powerless.

[Tac1] A grunt from over the Comm and a Bzzt, then, "Control, Bossman. Well, that seemed to work. Sort of, I have a fistfull of wires, no power, Headset Comms on battery power, and No longer on CBDR." A sigh, "Of course now, I'm heading into deep space. Krypter Krypter Krypter." A snort, "Some repairs, huih?"

[FireEater_702: Roz] Roz hits full thrusters and pulling in her wingman, they go rocketing toward where the Cloudburster has gone into a spin.

[Tac1] "Fireeater" Roz says, "CIC, Fireater, we have a civilan bird out of control. Clear of ships, moving to intercept. Hold on Bossman, we're coming."

[Tac1] "Genesis TO" Zephyr says, "Fireeater, Genesis. Copy. We're sending out SAR Raptors one and two. Over"

[Caprican_Cloudburster_721: Fulton] The Cloudburster continues flipping through space, moving away from the main fleet, but not that far that fast. She's still a bit away from the fast interceptor Vipers, making off to the middle of nowhere.

[FireEater_702: Roz] The two vipers keep up well enough, along with the Raptor that has joined them in this little chase. The TAC remains quiet for the time being as they retain their concentration.

[Tac1] "Bossman" Fulton says, "Fireeater, Bossman. Thanks for the assist, sorry about this. All systems offline, no power at all. Wait, strike last. There's a red light blinking under the dashboard." A grunt. "Something's got power here. I've almost gotten down to get a look. Maybe I can get the ejection system, online, if I can directly wire it to the power. Yes, I see it, blinking red light, it's a.. detonator."

[Caprican_Cloudburster_721: Fulton] The Cloudburster suddenly explodes in a MASSIVE ball of orange fire, the front of the ship going first, then the Tyllium tanks in the rear, the fireball expanding, consuming the fragments and matter of the ship, vaporizing the ship in an intense ball of superheated plasma gas. then, the fireball burns out, light fading to the blackness of space and vapors left behind.

[Tac1] "Genesis TO" Zephyr says, "All points, Genesis. Cloudburster 721 just disappeared from DRADIS. What's happening out there?"

[Tac1] "Genesis TO" Zephyr says, "Fireeater, Genesis. Do you read?"

[Tac1] "Fireeater" Roz says, "Copy that, Bossman….*the tac goes silent again as Space lights up in a firey arc ahead of the CAP and the SAR Raptors coming into the fray.* "CIC, Fireater, Cloudburster has exploded. I repeat, the civilian ship Cloudburster has exploded." She doesn't repeat what the Bossman said at the end."

[FireEater_702: Roz] The ships work to veer out of the flak that is thrown out before they fly right through it.

[Tac1] "Genesis TO" Zephyr says, "Fireeater, Genesis. Did you say exploded?"

[Caprican_Cloudburster_721: Fulton] The explosion burns out, leaving almost no flak behind, not much of anything, only a molecular cloud of gas, vaporized metal and exhaust.

[Colonial] The two SAR Raptors sent out to help with the out-of-control ship now have a completely different objective as they zip towards what's left of the Cloudburster. Even they saw the fireball.

[Tac1] "Fireeater" Roz says, "Scramble 25-28-F. CIC, Fireater on scrambled TAC. Cloudburster gone. Detonation…advise."

[Tac1] "Genesis TO" Zephyr says, "Fireeater, Genesis. Fly short radius. Protect the Raptors. Raptors are to sweep, standard procedure. We're sending some more vipers out. Over"

[Tac1] Roz listens to the sudden TAC chatter of surprised pilots and the heavy silence that follows. When CIC returns, her voice comes over the comm once again, "Genesis, no enemy contact. Raptors sweeping. Will debrief when back to barn."

[Colonial] Three vipers shoot out of Genesis, orient themselves and head straight towards the large cloud of gas."

[Tac1] SAR Raptors move in to sweep the area. General sweeps are completed and the Raptor crews report back in short order. "CIC, SAR on scrambled TAC. Negative eject, no survivors. Debris cloud scanned. Near total vaporization. Nothing else to do out here. Advise."

[Tac1] The CAP vipers and Raptor continue to do extensive sweeps, catching just a little flak in the space where the Cloudburster exploded. Roz continues her flight status, letting the SAR Raptors handle pulling in the smallest amount of debris that is left.

[Tac1] "Genesis TO" Zephyr says, "All points, Genesis. SAR team, keep one of your Raptors at the site. Fireeater, you and your CAP-squad return to barn. Vipers, One to stay with Raptor. Other two, Standard CAP. Over."

[Tac1] "Fireeater" Roz says, "Copy that, Genesis, Fireeater RTB."

Lost DRADIS Contact: FireEater_702 heads for Battlestar Genesis.

[Tac1] SAR comes back, "Copy CIC. SAR deploying as instructed."

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