Fulton Interview

News broadcast on 55 ACH

This is Tina Dram with Destiny News with an exclusive interview with Johnathon Vesperia Fulton. We caught up with Mr. Fulton moments after he landed on the Destiny on his Cloudburster after his shocking transmission that he was relenquishing command of the Hera to the Colonial Military. We apoligize for the quality of the interview recording as this was recorded during Mr. Fultons relocation to the Destiny.

Noise of footsteps, random voices. closer to the microphone Tinas voice. "There he is, there he is. Captain Fulton! Captain Fulton! Tina Dram, Destiny News! Can We-" Male voice closer to the Microphone. "No. Not now. Mr Fulton is in the middle of-" Fulton, farther away from the the microphone. "No, Frank.. Let them through." Footsteps moving closer. "Captain Fulton. Tina Dram, Destiny news, can we get a few words about your recent relinquishing of the Hera to the Colonial Military?" Fulton. If you don't mind talking on the move, I'm still relocating here."

Tina: "Not a problem Captain. You've transmitted that you're relinquishing command of the Hera to the Colonial Military. This comes after the tragic scene of bloodshed on the Nebula that ended witht he death of Captain Marsters, and the slaughter of thirteen civilian refugees at the hands of Genesis Marine forces. What do you say to the rumors that you were coerced into relinquishing command by the Military using strongarm tactics to consolidate its power over the Civilian fleet?"

Fulton: "Well, first of all, Tina. I was not coerced into anything. In fact I brought up the transfer of command of the Hera myself. The Hera is at her core a Military class craft. Hera should be in the best, most qualified hands to use her power to effectively to protect all of us. As to the tragedy on the Nebula, I have spoken with Genesis Command and have been assured that the needless deaths are going to be addressed and those responsible will be prosecuted under the fullest extent of military law. Also, Tina, as you've pointed out, I'm not a ships Captain anymore. Calling me that isn't accurate."

Tina: "Do you believe Genesis Command in their assurances, and more importantly, Mister Fulton, do you believe that they are going to look out for the welfare of the people of the Scylla Fleet?"

Rumbling sound begins, an escalator.

Fulton: "Absolutely, Tina. I've been to Genesis, and the Carina. I've spoken not only with Commander Regas, but also his Civilian Liason Officer. I've seen what's been done on the Carina, and know what's being done on the Destiny as well as the other ships that had their ships stripped by the Pegasus crew. The people of the Carina are well, in good spirits and have been protected by the military under Commander Regas, to the point of the sacrifice of Military craft to protect the lives of those under their charge. The people of the Carina have quite a story to tell."

Tina: "And what about the recent statement by Commander Regas about the idea of the humanoid Cylons?"

Rumbling drops out.

Fulton: Turned away from microphone. "Where to? Okay, lead on." Back to Microphone "Okay, Tina, let's look at this rationally. Everything the fleet knows, all the information about the skinjobs, even the term, and the idea of Cylons looking like humans, came from the Pegasus Crew. Pause. All of it Now at the moment, I have difficulty relying on that as a credible source, I'm content to allow the Military to do their jobs and trust them."

Tina: "Mr Fulton, what do you have to say to the anti military voices in the Scylla fleet who believe we'd be better off without them, that they're no better than the Pegasus?"

Fulton: "I'd say they need to open their eyes. The Carina was boarded by Cylon Centurions when the Genesis found them. they retook the ship with the loss of Marine lives. Right now, they're on that ship building a governmental infrastructure. They're overtaxed with restoring the FTL capability of the stripped ships, but plans abound for justice systems, civilian law enforcement. Tina, they're building schools. Education, for our childrens future. that sound like the Pegasus to you?"

Tina: "I have to admit it doesn't. There has been technicians from the Genesis that have caused speculation that the Destiny water park will be closed, do you have any information?"

Fulton: "Half the ships in this fleet are on Water rationing. The water park can resupply the fleet. Waterslides are a luxury, and this is about survival now."

Tina: "Half the ships? The ships from the Genesis fleet?"

Fulton: "There is no Genesis fleet anymore. No Scylla fleet, Tina. It's our fleet. We need to remember that. If you'll excuse me, we're here, and I need to go."

Tina: Lifting her voice "Mr. Fulton, who's going to command the Hera now?"

Fulton: Fading No idea, Tina, sorry.

Tina: "Well there you have it, Tina Dram, Destiny news with this exclusive. We now return you to the shuffleboard tournament in progress on the Lido deck."

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