Chance Kelly
Chance Kelly as Pietr Gaelan IV
Name: Pietr Gaelan IV
Callsign: None
AKA: Boss
Age: 35
Branch: Colonial Marines
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Marine Command
Position: Batallion CO
Rank: Major
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Caprica
Actor: Chance Kelly



Captain Pietr Gaelan IV is the acting commander for the Colonial Marine Corps detachment assigned to the Battleship Genesis. This is a temporary assignment while current command, Major Stiger, is off on assignment.

Distinguishing Features

  • Voice: Gaelan has a very distinctive and often offsetting voice for a Marine Commander. The voice is raspy and at normal conversation levels seems like a strained whisper.

Pre IC History

Family & Childhood

The first born of four to Admiral Pietr Gaelan III and Evelyn Gaelan on Caprica. Pietr was given the distinct tradition of taking his father's name and was raised to maintain the family tradition of being in the Navy. Playing football in highschool Gaelan followed his destined path and went on to the Colonial Fleet Academy.

Father - Admiral Pietr Gaelan III - Deceased 4 Years BCH
Mother - Evelyn Gaelan - Last known to be living in Caprica with Ariadne Gaelan under in-home medical care.
Sister - Ariadne Gaelan - 2 Years Younger - Last known to be living in Caprica as an 4th Grade English Teacher
Brother - Otis Gaelan - 8 Years Younger - Last known to be Active Duty Navy - Duty Station Unknown
Brother - Dion Gaelan - 12 Years Younger - Last known to be on Caprica living the life as a "musician" and "artist".


  • Caprica High School
  • Magna Cum Laude - Colonial Fleet Academy

Military Service

11 Years BCH — Entered service as Lieutenant JG. Assigned to 134th Infantry Battalion on Virgon
10 years BCH — Assigned to 102nd Infantry Battalion on Classified Outer Boundary Assignment. Served with Captain Raul Desusa
6 Years BCH — Promoted to Lieutenant. Assigned to Battlestar Pacifica as their Company Logistics Officer
4 Years BCH — Transferred back for Special Forces Training. All missions classified during assignment.
2 Years BCH — Promoted to Captain and assigned to Battlestar Genesis as Company Adjutant.
45 Days BCHMajor Rendell Stiger deployed by Colonel Tarik Regas on special assignment. Gaelan given temporary Command of Genesis Marine Detachment until the Major's return.

On the Grid


12 Days ACH — Promoted to the rank of Major.


Captain Raul Desusa — Served together in the 102nd Infantry Battalion.
Major Reed Carter — Growing up together on Caprica and kept in touch throughout the years of their military careers.


<Newbie> Marines > Navy Gaelan says, "Pilots have their own bar.. we call it the Brig in Marine Country."
<Newbie> Genesis laughs.
<Newbie> Zaharis says, "Rimshot."
<Newbie> Rooster says, "He calls it the brig, the rest of us just leave them under the table where they pass out."

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