Nathaniel Gars

Michael Ironside
Michael Ironside as Nathaniel Gars

Name: Nathaniel Gars
Callsign: {$callsign}
Age: 29
Branch: Marine Corps
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Colonial Marines
Position: Enlisted Marine
Rank: Recruit
Ship: Pandora
Homeworld: Caprica
Actor: Michael Ironside

The aging man, 29 being quite old in the eyes of most enlisted men and women, has a determined look on his face, no matter the situation. Even though he's quick to smile, one almost expects a frown at any moment. Gars is a robust character at first glance, with a firm handshake and a dark side hinted in his eyes. A scar runs down his mouth across his right cheak. Wearing Marine fatigues and the stripes of a Corporal ( formerly Staff Sergeant ), Gars certainly looks the part of a veteran.

Right shoulder; Skull with crossed assaultrifles, Text= Only in death does duty end.
Left shoulder; old Fort Leotychides branding ( a fierce flaming lion ), Text= Never Falter.
Right forearm; three grenades in a triangle, a brand taken by all who took part in Operation Bireme ( hard to see these days with the deep scaring ).

BCH Service:

Enlisted at the age of 20.

First assignment at Fort Leotychides, Caprica. Three years. Eventually earned the rank of Lance Corporal.

Stationed on Assaultstar Hoplon. 2 years. While on the Hoplon, Gars took part in Operation Bireme, assaulting the pirate-stronghold at Xerxes II, with 4 confirmed kills; promoted to the rank of Sergeant due to his combat record during the mission. Later, still assigned to the Hoplon, Gars participated in the Hermes Incident, reclaiming the hijacked penal-transport Hermes out of Sagittaron, with 1 confirmed kill.

Did a 1 year tour of duty at Laconia province, Gemenon, combating the disruptive elements of fundamentalist found there. Saw action 48 times ( 31 on patrol, 17 assault-missions ), with19 confirmed kills.

Aided in helping the flood-victims of Ionia province, on Tauron.

Served for 3 months on Sagittaron, Shakaar province, during the food riots, protecting the food convoys and maintaining security at food-distribution sites. Took part in the defense of aid-workers at the Thessios Compound, subduing the attack; 3 confirmed kills. Promoted to Staff Sergeant shortly after for his actions during the defense of the Thessios Compound.

2 months pror to CH, was transferred to Assaultstar Pandora.

Noticeable Wounds:
Left leg; 2 healed bullet wounds ( prior to getting wounded on D9 )
Shrapnel wound in right leg and right arm.
Knife-wound on his left shoulder.
Scar, backhead, after a falling accident during training excercise at Fort Leotychides.
Right hand; chipped little-finger.
3 healed bullet wounds, abdomen.
Right forearm, deep scars after a bar-fight with assorted weapons ( marines versus pilots, or so it's claimed ).
Burns on left arm after a fire-bomb attack by fundamentalists on Gemenon.
Facial scar, running up his right cheek from the corner of his mouth.

ACH Service:

D9; Tauron Space Complex, assigned to a unit out of Battlestar Genesis. 1 confirmed kill, wounded in the left leg ( two bullet-wounds ).
D12; Demoted to the rank of Corporal on charges of 'Insubordination'.
D14; Placed in the Brig on charges of Insubordination after a verbal skrimish with Captain Nikos and Ensign St.Germain.
D16; Released out of the brig and assigned to train local Engineers and Technicians in handling firearms by Major Gaelan.
D20; Placed in the Brig on charges of instigating a fight with a fellow marine, plus, sexual harrasment of a female marine.
D31; Released out of the brig and assigned to Sergeant Ramiro to train Marines in the MOUT.
D37; Assigned to the assault-team designated to retake the rogue Battlestar Persius. 3 confirmed kills.

Memorable Quotes:
You aint nothin' but a first-aid kit with tits as said to D'Artanion
Don't you 'Sir' me! I work for a livin'!
My job is to get the boys under my command back home and alive
Sir, yes, sir! In war, Brass has deemed it fit to pussify the Corps. Understood, Captain Zeus, sir! as said to Cpt Desusa and Cpt Gaelan
A small mind is easily filled with faith
Only in war does a man earn his right to live

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